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January 2000
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correctly and of the latter. Most people never make progress age of what could be) is a powerful motivator. burning desire springs enthusiasm. few want it bad enough strong and clear image of the finished physical product that they feel compelled to change things around in order to will discover motivation. nutrition. “I find that if I take care of myself first thing recuperation and target supplementation. rest and eat properly. Classically. A motivated individual who finds trigger the forced evolutionary process. pion bodybuilders are extremely organized and regimented. which you conduct your life in order to obtain it. You have aerobics. Too little attention is paid to the role of the mind in take in an after-hours jam session. The status quo is the enemy of progress. the blue print. imagine. things we love . That’s first change your mind. For real and tan. training and lifestyle were spot on. All this takes plan. Progress and change are ingrained old habits and replace them with new progress synonymous. and from enthusiasm springs action. like G. less sion of will. in his plain spo- tion of weight training. themselves in possession of Parrillo-style cutting-edge gible physical change to occur we need to blast our self out tactics is ripe for a successful self-renovation. You need to weight train. stretching. You need to incorporate finished product. of whatever habitual ruts and grooves we currently reside When pondering the Rubik’s Cube of physique renova- in. occur and not before. To change doesn’t possess an internal fire. Change is born out of fold before your very eyes. as the English map. I strength – can all be achieved naturally by proper applica. Then and only then will change Think about it. this strong internal mental this multitude of seemingly unrelated activities into your image motivates you. How do we do such a thing? First off. From a strong internal image deep. Gordon Liddy holding his hand over the it bowling or sex. to have a strong and clear mental picture of yourself as a ning. aerobics. Dissatisfaction (par- beneficial ones. we have the game plan. or a jazz musician staying up until 5 am to straight. you cannot achieve the former without a lot stimulating procedures. In order for physical progress to take root and by-product of that level and degree of motivation and en- then become a reality you need to perform certain beneficial thusiasm. if your current routine mation. For those who burn for transfor- Think about it (no pun intended). needs to be so intense that you will change the way in It all begins in the brain: If you want to change your body. greater flexibility and superior lighter flame to show a date his definition of willpower. burning desire. procedures over and over. where Parrillo comes in. While most every. From moti- badly enough they will change patterns and habits in order vation springs action and action begets change. People mistakenly feel that his . We will move heaven and earth in order to practice the They have to be or they don’t become champion body. to actualize the dream. to obtain the elusive it. do To change your body. Only someone tion. desperately desirous of physical change and possessing a one would like to look fantastic. People rillo John Par are surprised when they hear Bill Pearl gets up a 4:30 am to workout for three hours. determination and patience. The desire to be that which you everyday lifestyle then hold the course until the new activi. early morning training excursions are some great expres- sition that physical improvement – more muscle. a burning dissatisfaction your physique you need break old habits and establish new with their current physical status quo. Do them consistently. But knowing what then I am in a much better place to deal lovingly with those to do and doing it are two entirely different things and de. proper ken way said. know Pearl and I asked him about it. you need to burn for it. break some a radical physical renovation. consider the role of the mind in setting the whole delusional would think that they could hang onto all their process into motion. ately because we love them and cannot wait to do them. we do things passion- the process of building muscle and burning body fat. EDITORIAL: CHANGE YOUR NASTY HABITS The Parrillo Performance Press is dedicated to the propo. Give some serious thought to reor- convenient and easy lifestyle modes yet magically achieve dering the way in which you conduct your life. around me. regularly and watch the miracle of self-transformation un- Change originates in the brain. the treasure of diet. Cham. then you’d look like Arnold or Cory already. ity. From deep. Someone because they never change anything. diet. None of which matters a tinker’s damn if the reader say. Change is a natural builders.” Like the fisherman or hunter getting up at the pends on whether or not you have your head screwed on crack of dawn. you ticularly when combined with a strong internal mental im- need to get real motivated. turn it into a physical real- ties have a chance to take hold and trigger physical progress. better endurance. Bill. stretch. When someone wants something springs enthusiasm which begets motivation.

This year I price. in 1998 and coming into this year’s to those who truly understand the version of the Super Bowl of ama. Perfect preparation is a sique improved significantly as a result. I had done everything I could.) expounded nimbly along philo. word in the vocabulary of King Kamali. This that revealed a newfound balance seems like a small thing. “Dis- tered and confident?” knowledge that is then put into action.ceptually. art & science of competitive body- teur bodybuilding. So we asked things that can spell the difference be- into the contest was one of great confi.must pay tremendous attention to small in terms of training. 1999. In season I have Who could argue with such powerful At the highest levels the bodybuilder every minute of every day preplanned logic presented in such irrefutable fash. details. level and in addition to doing the big point and blew through the competi. It was Kamali’s third remains beyond the reach of all but a conclusion. though my game dition. are a (a well-to-do suburb of Washington better pre-contest food for a variety D. the toughest amateur national level of bodybuilding. for me. cipline is bodybuilding. im. Parrillo Featured Athlete by Marty Gallagher Shari ‘King’ Kamali overwhelmed his ion? Be perfect and be confident. who will take it to the next the man to beat. Con. the like. what is tween 1st and 5th. not that rice cakes are sophical lines. But there are differences in year and last year was my increased the two: food processing procedures. and low caloric count of the cakes. ence. and my phy- maybe 97%.” first time ever and since my preparation subjective thing: it means different Little things compounded equate to big was perfect. the little progress-retarding not follow my game plan 100% . I was seduced by the ease cise Kamali. things right. a small thing that can make a differ- titatively over his excellent 1998 con. Kamali’s approach is as easy fantastic progress . So the question then becomes. ing one great bodybuilding food for “The biggest change between this another. He did not disap. late 27-year old from Vienna. digestive rate. substitut- between body parts. do the small things tion like a Kansas cyclone through a right? Small things done correctly will trailer park.but you must do the weight division of the NPC national to grasp as picking an apple off a low right thing at the right time every single championships in Orlando. Discipline is a very big dence. was physically larger and leaner. ev- bodybuilding contest in the coun. “Last year. he was tagged as building. my mental attitude going things to different people. I opted for the ease and sliced with improved symmetry and convenience of rice cakes. plan called for potatoes as a pre-con- sique that was hard and dry and big test starchy carb. sleeping and 4 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • January 2000 Orderline: 1•800•344•3404 .” Asked to elaborate the con. confidence in myself and my meth. so why would I not be calm and cen. of reasons. Kamali offered a perfect example of proving both qualitatively and quan. sodium content. perfect preparation? “Perfect prepara. Practical application day.C. and ods. eryone gets the big check squares try. Florida on hanging branch. This year he presented a phy. a well-spoken and articu. This year I hit 100% for the disciplined few. eating. “Last year I broke a bad just that potatoes in this particu- few of the small rules and paid the lar instance are superior. Virginia The point is.King Kamali. He had taken 7th in 1997 and 3rd right.tion requires advanced bodybuilding It rules his day-to-day existence. potatoes.” At the national and inter- outing in this. So what accounted for produce a huge positive difference his remarkable improvement? Kamali in the physique of a champion. If you do it right the result is competition and captured the heavy. My condition was not 100% The King in his moment eliminated messing up in the small coming into the show because I did of victory! things. breaks in my discipline. Poser Supreme. from the start of the process to the October 15th.

is living on grilled chicken. fulfilled a serve my muscle mass as I shed fat. “After checking out the uses Parrillo’s Optimized Whey™ by the competition at the weigh-in. El Sonbaty 330.” King likes the various were mightily impressed and the real Parrillo Bars™ and affirms John’s con- contest was for the lower rungs on the tention that to be big and lean you must victory platform. when I need it the most. a card-carrying pro. Kamali and weigh-in.” One reason he wasn’t foods until right before the contest he worried was because during the weigh. King Kamali.” Train like a reputation as a Posing Master at last are Kamali trademarks! maniac. do aerobics by the hour and year’s NPC show when his 90-second eat perfectly. symmetry and eat big but I eat clean.” I had to go back to the hotel room. “No comment.” Kamali feels time I felt as though I would need fire. well. the King So where does his disciplined “mas- exuberance. Kamali cemented his shredded muscularity while shedding body fat. “I people be the judge as they compare the of Champions. The King was now charter member do. lean beef. “Parrillo makes quality products confident. eat like a lumber jack after a 12-hour Any lingering doubts regarding his shift. In the overall building muscle to lose it right before a at the contest. “In or- to meet the crowd’s expectations. I have used John’s prod- the moment the heavyweights strode ucts for years and can vouch for their onstage.” don’t possess perfect discipline you dream of a lifetime.” In body. but he struggled card. It was apparent the judges effectiveness. He felt the New York have a bit of a posing reputation to contest photos. Kamali is arguably is a real mistake and in diet-crazy the finest poser in competitive body. if you That night. I worked mightily to get down to that weight. He received don’t use anything that doesn’t work one callout and was the man to beat and work well. in order to pre- building at the highest levels. I felt real case. rather than like a super model on dominance was blasted to smithereens a vegetarian crash diet. “I of the muscle elite. was the highpoint of the whole Wheeler 265. I think Aaron ter plan” take the King next? “Wayne little too magical as Kamali felt pres. A big statement when you muscle mass as they drop too fast. The King weighed bodybuilding: He had won his IFBB pro will never go lower then 500 grams.UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR DESTRUCTION supplementing. He watched the other competitors strip supplements like a wild man. It’s all aimed at bring. Kamali had bulked to 300 pounds in the he might not be quite ready to jump into works to shoot out of my ass in order off-season. “Under-eating at the night show. very high. show. Lots of lean to include Vince Taylor. The prevailing wisdom at the the pro show circuit right away.” Not pro level is simple: get gigantic in the der to not get lost standing among the to worry as this year’s routine.” Kamali had a twinkle bodybuilding audience would love my live up to and leading up to this show in his eye as he made this comparative body and my posing. I lose muscle along with fat. I am considering waiting Info-Line: 513•531•1311 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 5 . If I 225 at the contest. It was a bad way to start but I competition he reduces his selection of wasn’t worried. Levrone 285. Kamali had “hung back” and broccoli and Idaho potatoes. tion for progress is brutal and unforgiv- torpid audience suddenly on their feet Asked for his thoughts on losing to ing but extremely effective. “I keep my shredded as I possibly can. Maddron is a great guy but I’ll let the DeMilia suggested that I do the Night sured to top last years performance. America too many people loose their building. protein high. By show To come in at a slice-and-diced 225. It was the widely held consensus 300) and then sculpt the mass down to ing onstage as big and symmetrical and that Kamali would win the overall title as its irreducible muscular core. King Kamali’s prescrip- blast of techno-hip-hop-funk had the other rising star for the overall title. in a supercharged state of revival-like Aaron Maddron for the overall. As he zeros in on a nose. accounts. and Dillet ing me closer to my ultimate goal: walk. I consider that any shortlist would have Size. put Praise the protein and pass me another on six pairs of sweat pants and sweat grilled chicken King! shirts and start doing jumping jacks Kamali has a voracious appetite and between trips to the sauna. contest. Ed Corney and protein is the secret to maintaining mass Flex Wheeler. dream for a decade and with this victory of protein everyday in the off-season For Kamali the “process” has a dura. IFBB giants. The class limit is 225 so pose down the King was edged by an. He had chased his How high is high? “I take in 700 grams will lose to someone who does. It took three can devour four steaks at a sitting when hours but I got down to 225 on the he weighs 300. It was magic! Maybe a begged-off. and as a professional bodybuilder I firmed at the pre-judging. the New York audience. too hard in the gym in the off-season weighed 229 the first time I weighed-in fessional bodybuilder. explosive approach would be perfect for were anticipating my routine.” His confidence was af. by all off-season (Yates 305. He said that my folks were telling me how much they point. he joined the most exclusive club in and right up to the day of the contest I tion of 12-16 weeks. ins.

the second after training. last two years he will be ready to go tinually for guest posing in order to shot-for-shot with the IFBB pros. Intensity is 70% to 80% of age related maximum. .” Not that he will be rest. To maximize my poten.” The King would opponents). “I have to do personal train. tional motto for this contest was “Un- sibilities for a champion bodybuilding der construction for destruction” (of are relatively limited. Kamali talked Kamali is one body. throughout the Process.BodyRock. his diet and Fairfax Hackley as an in- able factor in winning. you can. . is failure regardless the poundage. dispensable member of Team Kamali. about winning and losing. failure in the year 2001. Or. True. He can be reached at: King Kamali builders the difference between the appear” when displaying CO/BodyRock P. You You have to push past failure with need super arms to make an impact at partner-assisted forced reps. ing a living as a professional body.” but would allow me to get freaky-big – The trick is to push through the 250 with 3% body fat. twice a day. He told me that his motiva- ment contract but the marketing pos. Reps are 12-15 with his training partner providing 1-3 forced reps on the top set of each exercise. Batan Death March. “I have guest pos. Suitland. with a quickened pace. www. The the pro level.. First session is upon arising before breakfast. want to get what I call ‘pro’ arms. is smart and focused and a man to tial I would love to have a fat endorse. If he can continue to progress try and get into tip-top shape when at the rate he has exhibited over the you have to travel out of town con. King Kamali will be a force to be builder.” The King’s King Kamali expresses more than a voice trials off like a survivor of the little frustration with the rigors of mak. TRAINING SPLIT Monday quads Tuesday chest & triceps Wednesday off Thursday back & biceps & forearms Friday hamstring & calves Saturday off Sunday shoulders & triceps Aerobics: (pre-contest) 1 hour. Box 1033 winners and the also-rans is how in. The weight training and aero. his back.Com bics portion is pretty much level and not handle as much poundage due to Kamali will usually perform three exercises per bodypart using 3-5 sets. Maryland 20752 tensely they can diet over the last three constant and stays about the same 301-420-BROCK weeks. Waiting a year to de. It is tough to ture. He make a living.UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR DESTRUCTION until the Iron Man or Arnold Classic the weight loss. . I’d take a year agony of carb depletion while main- and bring up my arms and calves. poundage suffers and you offset this ing on his laurels. Kamali wanted to thank like to thank his training partner Sam profusely Chad Nichols for handling Ahad. watch. “I have a builder who doesn’t “dis- theory that among top amateur body. whom he felt was an indispens. reckoned with for the foreseeable fu- ing to make ends meet.O. but no matter. The carbs are ing exhibitions lined up from March depleted lower and lower as you ap- through Fall of next year!” proach the contest . I taining your weight training intensity.

REN maxi ise an CE: John mizin d nut in the g mu rition Parri world scle g geniu llo I S . This m next lev r anyone Reco i t i anua e l w mme ng • Pro on.”-M r owth s who the uscle THE Mag and losing knows m Inter P hensi ARRILL natio body fat ore about ve gu O NU nal than tritio i anyo n Pro de to strip TRITIO ne el se sique g ram p ing fa N P R to the inclu t OGR • Foo highe des e a n d add AM: d v in T • Par Compos st level. erything g muscle he most c rillo ition you . THE P Parri ARRILL llo d O DI “An iff FFE exerc erence. l cov ”-Todd S ho is ndati per P ers al winn THE ons osing l of th ey BOD • Per e bas e rillo Y STA f orma s B nce T when odyStat K T KIT: T ips • a more you need it will di ke contro Sets/ guess to m al yo l of y • Ski ake a u ou n-Fo work. N o urate Body fat G uide • . chan in by lett r physiqu Preci ld Calip g e or in e se Di if yo g you kn ! The Par rectio ers • Body u are ow e - ns Stat S right x heets on tr actly • Acc ac. The o Supp G leme uide • D need Parri mpre- t o take l l o THE TRA nt Gu i ide • et Trac S your Nu- serio 450 gm h eets • phy- us ab INING P D e C a p profe out ta ROG luxe T s ki R Food ri® Man and l sional fitn ng their tr AM: “A m Scale ual eaves ess c a i n u s •Fasc nothi onsu lta i ng to the t have i n fo Reps al Stretch g to ques nt.

vitamin B6 helps maintain the balance of sodium and potassium in cells . lentils. Ph. If you’re extra active.D. Remember not to nutrients play an indirect. In addition. neglect B-6 and remember that an you with the critical the-scenes role. broccoli. The best food sources of vita- min B6 include salmon. a measure- ment of the body’s ability to use oxy- gen. What could may make fat loss easier. The recommended daily intake for vitamin B6 is 2 milligrams for every 100 grams of protein you eat. B-6 your body needs. behind. Finally. Swings in Vitamin B-6 and other blood sugar can lead to food fat fighting nutrients. hali- but. you may be interested in knowing that extra vitamin B6 can help boost endurance. Supplementing with a and the author or co-author of 13 multiple formula such as this helps books in the health and fitness field. roughly the amount in a chicken breast.a balance nec- essary to properly regulate fluids. Each tablet of Parrillo Es- sential Vitamin Formula™ contains Maggie Greenwood-Robinson. vitamin B6 indirectly helps prevent water retention. help suppress the appetite. This nu.D. Essential Vitamin Formula™ tab. Ph. but confers benefits that this vital nutritional need. to brain neurotransmitters. tuna. Thus. vitamin B6 helps Broccoli is loaded with regulate blood sugar. 8 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 Orderline: 1•800•344•3404 . One of these is vi. tamin B6 (pyridoxine). by Maggie Greenwood-Robinson. be easier and more cost effective? trient aids in the conversion of the amino acids. tyrosine and pheny- lalanine. is a certified nutrition consultant 25 milligrams. Research has demonstrated that supplemental B6 may improve VO2 max. a condi- tion that can make you look and feel fat. It does not lets taken with each meal with cover burn fat. among other functions. many needs to burn fat. Behind-The-Scenes Naatural Weight Loss Miracles Players in Fat Loss cravings and low energy. white meat chicken. Atlantic mackerel. which. prevent deficiencies and ensures Essential Vitamin For- that your body has everything it mula™ will provide When it comes to fat loss. and brown rice.

All of this nutritional power combines to give you a powerful post-workout recovery bar or metabolic igniter be- tween meals. As the quest for portable.Parrillo introduces 4 brand new flavors in our world renowned line of Parrillo Bars™. and the most superior energy source ever invented. Vanilla Creme and Pineapple in the Pro- tein Bars™ and Peanut Butter Supreme and Chocolate Almond Coconut in the Energy Bars™. CapTri®. Parrillo an- swers the call. Parrillo’s very own proprietary brand of MCT oil. functional nutrition continues. The Parrillo Bar™ lines offer a superior blend of whey protein and calcium casienate. . a clean carbohydrate source of maltodextrin and brown rice syrup.

10 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 Orderline: 1•800•344•3404 . your heels. rather than a dumb- cage expands.Evil Russian The One Arm Deadlift This is a full body exercise with an effect you must experience to believe. One-arm deadlifts also Sit back on your heels. First. try a 15-pound “EZ” curl bar for starters. And the lift. the former is very diffi- the arch throughout cult to drop on your foot. Keep bell is used for two reasons. or your grip is too weak to control such a long bar. glutes. upper and lower back and thighs. taller by elongating important for back health and and arching your difficult to develop. a long bar will develop a spectacular grip. inhale lumborum. If a 45-pound Olympic bar is too heavy for you to start with. You will be amazed how difficult it is to control it and how hard you will have to squeeze it. by Pavel Tasatsouline Beyond Crunches: Beyond Stretching . a deep muscle on keeping your weight on maximally and “grow” the sides of the lower spine. spine as your rib A barbell. strengthen the q u a d r o t u s sticking your butt out and Look up. second. The day after you try it you will feel like you have been run over by a semi! You will especially feel your obliques.

or deadlift in a help to lift much weight and power-rack. Start with the bar at The How To Shrug your shoulder up and your knee level and lower it an Stand on one side of a loaded inch or so every third week. two sets of 12 reps each. which you had picked it up. your balance to imagine that your schedule is neurological you lift a barbell in each hand. They would lengthen the Look up. weight will take care of itself. distance of the pull.BEYOND CRUNCHES: THE ONE ARM DEADLIFT start the lift. have difficulty picking up a ing to tow a car with a slack weight off of the floor in good cable. It will make the strong hip muscles and put. don’t pull on the bar. Keep that in mind and make learn how to lift with their legs. It helps rate power-rack deadlifts in when you start the lift. Keep the arch Shrug your shoulder up the lifter would pull a full deadlift throughout the lift. This shifts exhale. Even- arching your spine as your rib tually the hole would fill up and cage expands. exactly the same spot from That’s right. torsos and short arms usually Consider the analogy of start. Just sit back. Make sure that your arm bend and not a twist. Yanking on the sized plates to vary the distance barbell or curling does not of the pull. top and exhale. to move only a few inches. your descent crooked and use ting unhealthy stress on your too much back. The knees. Set Consider using different rather than their backs and arms. it. stick. almost brushing it with the space in your rack is more your calf. People with long could injure your arm or back. and back as you reach the with a weight he used to be able Sit back on your heels. inhale maximally and movement by adding an inch of “grow” taller by elongating and dirt every few workouts. Grab the bar very hard-crush It is hard to set the bar down in it!-and push the floor away. the necessary correction. or straight and tense when you Consider using different deadlift in a power-rack. The center would dig a hole in the ground of the bar should be even with and deadlift while standing in the middle of your feet. If barbell. carryover. This is a neat trick two in front of where it should Olympic weightlifters use to be. stand on ply- pointed forward and your feet wood to make smaller jumps. Don’t think toes making it impossible to use of lowering the bar. form and should do most of This exercise is not a side their deadlifting in the rack. I ing your butt out and keeping recommend doing these in ad- your weight on your heels. your weight forward on your Inhale and sit back. The just push the floor away. lifters than your shoulders. as in a barbell tends to land an inch or leg press. it down a little further back sized plates to vary the Make sure that your arm is than you think you should. Your toes should be than two inches. should be a little closer together In the olden days. Info-Line: 513•531•1311 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 11 . Your body The coolest way to incorpo- is straight and tense should raise evenly. back as you reach the top and dition to the Ab Pavelizers for Don’t just go down.

I had puffy arms and was eating all my prepackaged body- the knowledge anyone would ever need saddlebag thighs and I was crazy to building meals during my workday. how could it be that I was overweight and out of shape? It was true. I felt ready and moti- to look physically fit. I in order to learn how to train correctly even think I could compete but some. sports nutritionist and as to get moving. I had ing patients all day. I finally had enough and decided to take some action: I vowed to change my phy- sique and set out to make it hap- Photo by David Patterson Photo by David Patterson pen. my husband David of the bodybuilding equation. carb powder. working knowledge of the training part opportunity to stop and eat while see- able. One immediate challenge I faced at my fingertips. it was a chore. bodybuilding dieting so I wasn’t too cookie and still keep the office moving 12 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 Orderline: 1•800•344•3404 . found if I didn’t have all my food pre- and eat right. With all these things available to me. and so on. I have all the latest information geous: I would compete in a bodybuild. vided me the ‘big commitment’ I needed sure what I’d end up looking like. I needed a goal. on for over 10 years so I had a good work in a medical clinic and don’t get an In addition. I wanted to look better and feel better. I am under scrutiny and pressure Classic Bodybuilding Championships to flex. I also have at my disposal all never done any serious contest-style oh so easy to just grab a doughnut or the fantastic Parrillo supplements: vita. In the past it was Patterson. by Jana Patterson THE INCREDIBLE TRANSFORMATION OF JANA PATTERSON “How I changed my physique and my life in twelve weeks” mins. I was an embar- rassment to myself. And it’s true. People feel I should that would be held less than three vated and there was nothing left to do have the perfect female physique since. months away! It was daring and outra. I had been weight training off and my Tupperware meals. and secretly I perceived myself as an embarrass- ment to my husband. excited me. I quietly looked Midway: The about it. but to do it. I decided to compete in hope was that after stripping off the the co-owner of a personal training fa. In order to get motivated I realized that due to my Before: Not to happy own psychological makeup. I fantastic facility containing thousands scared me and thrilled me all at the same never hit my target. I’d still have some muscle left cility. I can use at any time of the day or night. minerals. around and found something that changes are evident. I have all ing competition. effective trainer. protein powders. In around the time of my 38th birthday I started thinking about how old I was getting and how I didn’t want to be “typical for my age” any longer. I also have a key to a thing about the idea motivated me and pared ahead of time to take with me. I live with a very knowledge. Overall. motivated me and pro- As the wife of a professional fit. Even when I had all of dollars of exercise equipment that I time. the upcoming 1999 Northern Gold’s bodyfat. My ness trainer. after all. a professional in the business of renovating bod- ies. He is a great example to his clients in their own quest for fitness. My hus- band takes very great care in main- taining his physique. Worst of all.

to compete in and win three more shows outside the gym continually ask me ing looking like I was going on a week. had many internal battles going on in job and work in the new facility. I’ve developed a pattern of tion Manual.but my questions about how I did it and what end camping trip lugging all my food. I started preparing foods in bulk the contest drew closer I actually be. had a little saying I would use to keep far more difficult than eating a glazed tional caloric boost. quest wasn’t really about winning a my diet was like. Other days Plus. ing like I just crawled out of a cardboard My husband has followed John box from under a bridge. opening a second personal training and mid-afternoon meal. I will admit that on my feet all day at work. My husband is worked. such as my makeup. eating and consistent training. my mind. a young girl pared. ing their bodyfat levels. win later. to go to the gym that morning. sique without resorting to plastic sur- though I worried I was eating too much.” but some days of forbidden foods around the office satisfied my sweet cravings and I could I just didn’t want to go to the gym for tempting me to eat a quick fix and forget consume it on the run during the frantic that second cardio session after being the harder-to-eat bodybuilding food. my workout every day.” I doughnut! There were always plenty ment combination because it was quick. I would eat ½ cess when I felt I couldn’t keep it up. I’d just grab three pounds of lean muscle! I took wanted to become a bodybuilder. do it!” became my internal mantra. never really “suffered.400 calories daily . After my contest. but once ditional calories. “Suffer now. Other- That’s where the Parrillo Principles wise. I’m awake I really do look forward to of CapTri® it would have been impos. I will admit in fitness as well. My body composition determined mother said that when her daughter night and laid out my work clothes. but more im- Parrillo Food Guide found in the Nutri. If it wasn’t for the use makeover. I realized I sible for me to eat that many calories. Her tainers. two sets of workout bodybuilding competition as winning like to help others achieve their goals clothes. I’d leave the house in the morn. Using the Those words are very powerful. and my work uniform-but it the battle within myself. then I’d have cook. I everything for the day and head out the first place at the competition! I went on found that very touching. I’d get home around ready for the day. husband to pull me out from under which allowed me to intake 400/600 ad. gery! Does that mean I now find it he insisted I needed that many calories easy to get up in the morning and get to hold my lean mass. food plan based on the 2. at the conclusion of the the covers every morning. I would not eat at all or than cook my chicken and vegetables. to the gym before my workday begins? David ‘built up’ my calories by add. throughout the Northwest . could be an inspiration for others as The key for me was to always be pre. Women door. just while at the same time radically reduc. pace of the workday. eat whenever the time presented itself. in the morning. I knew from observation that about the negative aspects of the pro- Parrillo’s approach helped all types of cess of what I was trying to achieve. portantly. people maintain or gain muscle mass The phrase “Don’t think about it. I facility and I plan to quit my current of a Parrillo Protein Bar™ with an Opti. 9:00 PM.000 calorie Photo by David Patterson I won the contests. The customizing the plan so I was actually bonus was realizing that it was pos- taking in 2. gan to look like someone who worked brother to congratulate me. and hairdryer. that I’d lost 22 pounds of fat and added saw me on stage she decided she That way. When I wanted to give up.which I sible to dramatically change my phy- thought was a lot of food to eat. I and broccoli at the appointed times was spoon of CapTri® mixed in for an addi. for my mid-morning there were many days during the pro. I had to be very creative in trying to After work I’d go straight to the gym to think of ways to make myself stay on weight train and get in my second cardio track.THE INCREDIBLE TRANSFORMATION OF JANA PATTERSON along. The weeks went by quickly and as well. It still takes two alarms and my ing in 4-6 tablespoons of CapTri® daily. At work. I used this supple. I’d be forced to go to work look- came to the rescue. myself going. I repacked my gym bag every out. I figured out that if I left some session (I did my first before breakfast items at the gym that I needed to get in the morning). I realized that I’d my gym bag. Info-Line: 513•531•1311 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 13 . I learned that Parrillo’s innovative food plan for many it made a difference to avoid thinking years. if ap- Parrillo principles. someone always seemed to bring sometimes I ate the whole Parrillo Bar™ I wanted to stop on my way home at a in cakes and other goodies to tempt us at one meal! On the weekends I was able fast-food restaurant for takeout rather further. Initially. David modified it slightly. Trying to chomp down chicken mized Whey™ Protein shake and a table. and by then I was too tired to shampoo. came up to me with her mother and form and then placing them in small con. David mapped out my plied at the critical time. Conclusion: All smiles No. to eat my meals according to schedule. Al.

or the high-fat meal supple- mented with vitamins C & E. radicals. Investigators looked into the in each tablet. A high-fat if you’re active. The oxida. The build-up in the arteries according to a Parrillo Mineral-Electrolyte Formula study conducted at the University of contains 50 micrograms of selenium Maryland. team. Through the use of ultrasound technology the in- vestigators observed that the high-fat diet narrowed the diameter of the arter- ies for up to four hours after consump- tion. by free radicals. no such changes occurred following the low- fat meal. John Parrillo rec- sidered impolite . even a dedicated larly those high in long-chain. It appears that vitamin C and vita- min E blocked fatty build-up in the ar- teries. Or perhaps you are at an office or chemically altered. LDL cholesterol in the blood. ommends taking one or more tablets . mula. By Cliff Sheats. of the antioxidant enzyme known as search. LDL cho. let of the Parrillo Essential Vitamin For- function or at a diner party where not Free radicals are unstable oxygen mol. probably because fatty sub- stances called lipoproteins collected in the blood vessels. This enzyme Vitamin C & E when taken before a detoxifies cancer-causing agents and high-fat meal helps block abnormal fat can turn free radicals into water. The reason is that meal containing 900 calories with 50 exercise is among the prime factors grams of fat.if you eat a high fat meal there may be tion of LDL cholesterol ultimately leads with each meal.a re. ecules that attack bodily tissues . national Units of vitamin E in each tab- cream.S. Exercise places such a high fat meal (900 calories and 50 grams of demand on the oxidative energy sys- 14 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 Orderline: 1•800•344•3404 . However. Plus. particu. vitamin C and E before or immediately action of free radicals and halts this The mineral selenium is an impor- after a high fat meal will allow you to tant member of the antioxidant defense undo some of the nutritional damage. There are 200 Inter- day and you eat some cake and ice lesterol can be dangerously oxidized. saturated Vitamin C also keeps free radicals in Parrillo adherent. Each tablet also contains 500 mil- eating the provided food would be con.. dangerous oxidation from occurring. Clinical Nutritionist Science & Fat Consumption Lean Bodies What To Do If You Inadvertently Consume A Lot Of Fat fat) taken with one gram of vitamin C and 800 IUs of vitamin E. Nobody’s perfect. ligrams of vitamin C. it has the power to regen- a high fat meal . M.maybe it’s your birth. glutathione peroxidase. Vitamin E stops the destructive chic in light of this latest evidence. His advice on dosage a scientific method to cancel out most to the build-up of artery-clogging and frequency seems downright psy- of the bad effects. erate vitamin E (2). you should supplement profiles. a low-fat meal with 900 that can cause the formation of free calories with 0 grams of fat and a high. Supplementing with plaque. particularly administered breakfasts. Volunteers ate three randomly with antioxidants anyway. Its chief role is in the formation according to the latest scientific re. If you happen to eat fat will elevate levels of the bad-type check. Overindulging on fatty foods. Whether or not you effect of a single high-fat meal on 20 plan to indulge in a high-fat meal any- healthy people with normal cholesterol time soon. The reason for this was thought to be due to the antioxidant action of these two vitamins (1).whatever the reason action that leads to disease.

26: 1682-1686. Meydani. the Parrillo philosophy as we have al. vitamin a single high-fat meal. It is best absorbed in the pres.SUPPLEMENT SAFEGUARDS FOR HIGH-FAT CONSUMPTION tem that it produces a condition • Take your vitamin C in divided ing some fat in your intestine triggers known as “oxidative stress. Hav. Again. Info-Line: 513•531•1311 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 15 . It’s been estimated that if vitamins. If you’ve decided to supple. “Effect of anti- role in the health of skeletal muscle. the day. a higher percentage will be ab. the secretion of digestive enzymes that ates a situation in which free radicals ment with extra vitamin C. If you want • Vitamin E is one of the fat-soluble American Medical Association (1997) to squeeze every bit of nutrient power vitamins.” It cre. cuts absorption by as much half. Plotnick GD. cet (1995) 345: 170-175. sorbed. brachial artery vasoactivity following lipid peroxidation. here are two ence of fat. Without some dietary fat. All anti. Antioxidants can fend off exer. “Vitamin E. et al. you take a smaller doses spread over these vitamins can sail right through cise-generated free radicals. don’t take it promote the absorption of fat-soluble outnumber antioxidants. from your antioxidants.” The Lan- important tips to help you: foods containing a small bit of fat. Please don’t interpret this as tamin E is especially protective. but vi.” Journal of the E protects your muscles. M. In essence. So an excuse to eat a Big Mac! Known as one of nature’s most effec. this follows 1.000 milligrams at once sorbed. Taking 1. all at once. so it helps to take them with 2. your system without being well ab- oxidants have this capability. the lower the dose and spread it out to References tive antioxidants. doses. oxidant vitamins on the transient im- where it prevents free radicals from ways suggested that divided dosages pairment of endothelium-dependent attacking cell membranes causing improve assimilation. vitamin E plays a improve absorption.

It’s function is to help seems to be caused by a combination transport oxygen inside muscle cells. Iron deficient animals are characterized by in- . hypochromic (pale cells) had more of an increase in height and weight than the anemia. first thing that happens is iron is released from ferritin. body’s iron stores (70%) are con.. This compro. month I am going to talk about iron..of iron deficient children were treated with either just row can’t make as much hemoglobin as they need.. If iron intake remains inadequate performance. Most of the mia.. a try. It should be consid- anemia reduces athletic performance ered a core supplement for endurance and that correcting the anemia im. tained in hemoglobin. It occurs in endurance ath. result. thermoregulation (maintain- people worldwide are iron deficient ing body temperature)... seemed not mediated through increased food intake. common in athletes... Obviously heme important minerals for athletes.heme iron is found in plants and most iron supplements. Another cause of anemia in ath.percentile of weight for their age (4). a While it is clear iron deficiency negatively impacts sports protein that stores iron.. a training. If iron intake is inadequate the plays some role in modulating growth rates in children... Formula™ cient children were below the tenth then the hemoglobin lets go of the oxygen when it circu. Hemoglobin is advises supplement. one who doesn’t eat red meat. immune function. Then the muscle growth in adults. Interestingly.. It tabolism.. but it seems possible. for any- proves performance. The group receiving iron ing in microcytic (small cells). thyroid hormone (4). Vegetables generally are not very good sources of (4). This iron is iron that is already incorporated into hemoglobin.. mises the ability to provide oxygen to the tissues thereby Our Liver-Amino Formula™ contains liver extract and is reducing sports performance. this effect iting aerobic metabolism and work performance. Anemia can be one with a known anemia. It is well documented that an outstanding source of heme iron. Part III . Iron deficiency is surprisingly letes is hemolysis (4). iron. protein similar to hemoglobin that is letes such as marathon runners. Although spinach contains a fair amount of iron it is In addition to its central role in oxygen transport iron is not very bioavailable (not very well absorbed by the also important to many basic processes of energy me- body). John Parrillo vous system function. The fact that red women are particularly at risk for low iron status or iron meat is a good source of iron is no doubt one of the deficiency anemia (1-6). iron deficiency is also associ- nutritional deficiency in the world. A group new red blood cells which are maturing in the bone mar.. Parrillo Sports Nutrition Update by John Parrillo Vitamins and Minerals. regulation. Non- body doesn’t have enough red blood receiving only vitamin C. Endurance athletes and iron will only be found in meats or liver.” Heme discussed vitamin C.. calcium. This is the de. Iron deficiency seems to inhibit nor- an iron-containing protein in red ing with Liver Amino mal growth in children. and vitamin D. Anemia is a condition where your reasons for its reputation for making you stronger. In of iron deficiency and hemolysis. One study blood cells. struction of red blood cells by physi. This impairs oxygen delivery to tissues thus lim. It found in muscle. it is not known if iron deficiency hinders eventually body iron stores become depleted. and growth (4). The main biological function of To avoid sports ane. Iron has several other important func- cal stress. and any- caused by a wide variety of things.vitamin C or vitamin C plus iron. addition to decreased work perfor- Iron deficiency is the most common mance. It seems iron status lates through the tissues... If you including deficiency of iron.. “Sports anemia” refers to tions besides its role in hemoglobin. When the blood circulates demonstrated that 56% of iron defi- through the lungs it binds oxygen. sug- Good dietary sources of iron include red meat and liver gesting some direct effect of iron in regulating growth (2). folate. or seem low on energy it might be worth B12. ner- iron is to bind oxygen. No- anemia in athletes undergoing severe tably it is also found in myoglobin. thiamin.. athletes (particularly women). It is useful to consider dietary iron in two ways. glucose metabolism. It ated with impairments in cognitive per- is estimated that about 500 million formance.Continued from December Press 1999 So far in our series about vitamins and minerals we have can be classified as “heme iron” or “nonheme iron. one of the most This improves its absorption dramatically.

It tional Research Council.see your doctor to establish if there is another reason cient human beings are functionally hypothyroid. For whatever reason. Whey Powder™. aged to take extra iron. CRC Press. If after a ciency. and increased reliance on glucose as fuel (4). lower feed effi. the normal daily amount. Ira ance runner. Studies in iron de.mins. if you’re treating anemia the Hickson. store are ferrous sulfate – a form of Judy Driskell and Ira Wolinsky. protein. Besides iron. References tense. I usually recommend 10 to 15 2. If you have true anemia you should also take a multiple vitamin 5. Sports Nutrition: Vitamins and Trace Elements. Preg- to impaired thermoregulation second. about twice Not only does iron status affect exer. cold stressed these individuals fail to The recommended daily allow- adequately thermoregulate and core ance of iron is 15 mg per day (2). blood cells. female endur- metabolic rate. temperature drops. meaning in itself is a good source of heme iron. You may be wondering why with exceptionally high menstrual iron deficiency results in increased blood losses. through sweating. So I would suggest two servings a day of Hi-Protein Powder™ or Optimized 6. Only about 10% of nonheme iron ficient rats show they have half as is absorbed. if you have anemia. 1994. This is mediated by an ance athletes are likely to need increase in sympathetic nervous sys. VITAMINS AND MINERALS. Macroelements. CRC Press. or red blood cell portant. and B vita- they burn less fat. 1993. I would Kies and Judy Driskell. Normal thyroid hormone func. Sports Nutrition: Minerals and Electrolytes. it would appear in.5 mg of non-heme trol rats.3. nonheme iron. vide about 1. Nutrition In Exercise and Sport. month or two you still are fatigued you might want to Iron status also affects thyroid hormone. Also. Daily iron losses average tem activity and is thought to repre. CRC Press. iron status too. Take your Vitamin C at the same time you take your duced growth. poultry. but exercise affects RDA for children is 10 mg. National Academy Press. Na- tablets a day or up to 40 tablets for serious athletes. Nutrients as Ergogenic Aids in Sports and Exercise. any menstruating female and anyone who has anemia. prolonged exercise has a nega- tive impact on iron status (4. The cise performance. The mechanism behind need a higher intake because of it is not fully understood.™ That (4). iron. iron deficiency results in re. Constance decrease in performance. . rupture from footstrike (trauma). Overall. Recommended Dietary Allowances. doesn’t matter if you take them all at once or in divided portions. Other people who might benefit from it include Wolinsky and Judy Driskell. 1997. you also need folate and B12 Luke Bucci. adequate vitamin C intake is im- trointestinal blood loss. Parrillo Performance CRC Press. fish per day. increased metabolic rate. or globin. Symptoms of anemia include fatigue and weakness and a 4.) This is function. Vegetarians may tance runners. Of course. Liver-Amino Formula™ contains heme iron which is much more efficiently absorbed. Water. more. Also.iron. increased gas. (In comparison about 20% tion is required for growth hormone of heme iron is absorbed. When for the problem. 1995. the manufacture of nant women are generally encour- ary to low thyroid status. since Vitamin C improves iron absorption (2). and protein to make red blood cells. This seems to affect mainly dis. 1. 1999.4 mg per day in women. and Most iron supplements you see at the Electrolytes in Sports Nutrition. Some people the decreased availability of have suggested increased iron loss iron from those sources. PART III creased metabolic rate and increased glucose oxidation most important product is the Liver-Amino Fromula. about one mg per day in men and sent a compensatory step in response Protein powder aids 1. CRC Press. There is quite a lot of These guidelines are developed evidence showing that intense exercise for people who normally eat 30 causes iron loss and decreased hemo. They rely more heavily on glucose as fuel. so this would pro- much active thyroid hormone as con. This should be a core supplement for any endur. Also. to 90 grams of meat. This might be one reason thought to be enough for most of low iron status negatively affects the population except for women growth. Wolinsky and J. Iron defi. suggest eating red meat or liver once or twice a week. supplement.5). 10th edition.F.

lock value on protein. That backing is going to required to accumulate 10 points every 2 years to retain you certi- mean increased trust from your clients and improved word of fication after the initial 2 years of being certified. you have an instant ally in the manual or by mitting research for review by Parrillo Performance. will provide trainers with self-pro- The Parrillo Computer Nutrition Program.00 coverage. We recommend that all applicants to the Parrillo Certified Per- Once you have determined that there will be a testing site near sonal Trainer Program be insured. training techniques. reserves the right to refuse sales do not pass the first test.000. Inc. or by sub- unable to address. anatomy. graded by the tester and other staff. but by using the Parrillo line of tact with a company called: C. Insurance is an absolute must in the case that some- item so make sure that all of your questions are answered before one would be injured and blame you or your facility. etc. Meiers Company. purchase the program for $349. foremost authorities on sports nutrition. Each test will be covers nutrition. create and combine grocery lists Further Education for dieting. each month. years of training and research by John Parrillo and the Parrillo Performance staff. Easy compu. protein to carb ratio indicator. In addition. CapTri® cookbook recipes included on the food selection available for seminars and guest appearances. Parrillo Performance provides you with quality We have searched high and low for the most economical. Inc. as the trainer. If your client has a problem that you are completing and returning continued education packets. In addition to all of that valuable information. PARRILLO CERTIFIED TRAINING PROGRAM So what are you going to get with the Parrillo The Test Personal Training Certification Program? The Parrillo Certification Program test will consist of 10 sec- The Parrillo Certified Personal Trainer Manual: A comprehen.000. ets and Parrillo Performance skinfold calipers. The moting materials such as a Parrillo Performance T-shirt. In addi- and analyze results..00 for $1. physiology. This program may not be for everyone. pre-loaded nutritional supplementation val. tions and an essay involving 2 case studies. essay. If not by this company. CA 91316 Ph: 818-986-7105 Fax: 818-986-2828 the highest quality supplements available. body. customize daily. training and fitness. main office. your clients will yield results that were thought to Ventura Blvd.primenet. Because Parrillo Performance supplements are Encino. tion. will be able to sell to your clients for additional income*. Each section contains sive study guide to take the Parrillo Certification test. weekly and monthly diets then print cided by the individual trainer according to their needs. carb and calorie ingestion. food sort Parrillo Performance Press. . Results will be mailed to each type specific training. Call our 800 number at 800-344-3404 and ask to find out when the next testing appointments will be held and where. fat. A process of receiving there training clients and changing lives. Not only do you get the extra highest coverage available in the country. each tritional values and comprehensive caloric tables. Parrillo Performance. However. then by you. you every step of the way. Marketing Availability you get the Parrillo Computer Nutrition Program CD. as often as required to pass. If you Performance. but we are there with points by either attending seminars involving Parrillo Performance.M. Parrillo Performance.00. customization mode. LUTELY IMPERATIVE THAT YOU BECOME INSURED! By attending the seminar and testing site you will be eligible to become a certified personal trainer. YOU MUST PASS * Supplement sales are subject to approval by training facility and Parrillo THE TEST BY RECEIVING A SCORE OF 80% OR HIGHER. We have come into con- income from supplement sales. Inc.00 for $500. matching and definitions.00 coverage or How do I become a Parrillo Certified Personal Trainer? $149. Inc. This is a culmination of individual along with Parrillo Certification Program diploma. carbs when utilizing the curred by the trainer or facility that will be visited. Continuing Education As a Parrillo Certified Personal trainer not only are you out Continuing education will be required. the tation of daily protein. John Parrillo and other Parrillo Performance staff will be ues. Simple. Suite 201 be impossible. IT IS ABSO- your purchase of this program. you will be eligible to take the test again authorization. That 20 years of knowledge and research will be part of your arsenal. hats. an Adobe Acrobat® version of the Sports Nutrition Parrillo Performance will have a further education process. or Guide and the CapTri® cookbook and much. http://www. This is a non-refundable some company. metabolic formula customization feature. The quantity can be de- capabilities. The core of the personal trainer’s marketing. Insurance In addition. Masters program. This manual multiple choice. much more. CD version 2 is the most effective way to create diets for personal and client use. Inc. mouth recommendations. Fees shall be in- options.html The cost of this program is$170. Details of this program will be provided at each testing site and can be re- So why become a Parrillo Certified Personal Trainer? ceived upon request at any time by calling the Parrillo Perfor- You know that John Parrillo and Parrillo Performance are the mance.000. yet supplements that you . Version 2. jack- new version contains: Pre-loaded database with large food nu. 17555 supplements. stretching. You will be calling Parrillo Performance direct. fat. trainer will receive the marketing tool of all marketing

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A How To With Ed Coan THE METHOD Bench Press Techniques Coan is classic in both training and demeanor. He states: “Far too much variations of bench and curl move. His approach to bench pressing and pectoral building is disarmingly simple: basic exercises executed with pris- tine technique. these ath. Ed letes would end up a whole lot hour and a half. week. two hours is devoted training time is spent performing ments.” chest session three days later and proving the bench press: work less. time and energy were directed at get a big bench. He work harder and smarter. available training time to exotic weight trains roughly eight hours a ter results. He has a second Coan has a unique approach to im. If as much time left over for anything else. Ed Coan hits it hard along with curls. 20 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 Orderline: 1•800•344•3404 . stronger and bigger as a result. by Marty Gallagher THE MAN. Trainees dedicate most of their this takes about thirty minutes. The bench press is without doubt. which works bench presses and curls. Of that. To out to 25% of available training time. once a week-this takes about an free weight exercise in existence. the most popular training legs and back. get bet. THE MYTH. perfect concentration and lots of intensity. then mysteriously have no to chest and biceps.

this will stabilize you. He of the stroke. Exhale at the top and repeat. Talk about in contact with the bench at all times. Coan is classic in both Never bounce the bar off your chest. chest precisely and lightly before I ex- armingly simple: basic exer.THE METHOD Shoulders and triceps add two hours. mea- lotted to his upper body train. this has a certain rower grip if shorter. The hard part is continually ears. or 50%. He prints! Inhale mightily. Take a slightly and back divide the remain. bringing the Use a spotter at all times. Towards the end Both sets were paused. he made 400x1 in the press- behind-the-neck. cises executed with pristine technique. The total time al. incline bench press Dig your feet in hard. sured forefinger to forefinger. Your technique is your signature so make it legible. It really is weight to the bottom of his this easy. Arch your back but keep your butt also with a pause. The next day. How they misplaced monitoring these simplistic technical their denim bench shirts and guidelines and making the appropriate were forced to lift in a tank adjustments. con- tact the chest and explode up! Push narrow grip bench press. plode upwards. straight up-initially. His use a touch-and-go style. 45 degree incline press. top? How did the man built all wrong for benching learn to bench so much? Info-Line: 513•531•1311 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 21 . nar- row grip bench press with a pause. Ed performs three exercises for Grip the bar hard! Leave some finger- a mere seventeen sets. contacts the and pectoral building is dis. you think? On bench day. I training and demeanor. Again. both sets were paused. Use this identi- cal grip-width on the subsequent in- chronological symmetry. lower the bar slowly. weighing 225. don’t clines and Press Behind the Necks. Legs competitive bench press. the bar is approach to bench pressing taken down under control. basic. Coan does three exercises: competitive bench press. in the ing is four hours. arc the bar slightly back finishes with 435x2x2 in the to lockout. perfect concentra- tion and lots of intensity. wider grip if you are taller and a nar- ing 50%. I am 5’6” and use a 28-inch grip. push the bar off follows with 505x2x2 in the the supports.

heavy poundage. Having said that one size does rienced the same der to lift in a lower not fit all. I never run ing. John Parrillo to 181 from 195. Performance. my age. He called it “su- I went to work for John was that I was per fuel”. supplements that will make a CapTri® is great for stripping tive. considered coming to work for Parrillo know that my training sessions take ments should I use? It’s like some. are you difference. CapTri®. me lose weight in or- ments.where a new em. This is hardly the the world of hard training. I started ployee suddenly and miraculously taking it in 1991 and I do not think begins to sing the praises of his new there has been a day gone by in the employer’s product in a blatant dis. mean I dropped my tion for what ails you. in addition to providing me ask a bunch of occupation and fam. he could have excited about the idea of promoting said Dog Chow and I would have fabulously effective products. in at least 5 Tablespoons. tomers that had expe. At the time. Powerlifting is my had. he told me case. By that I tions could be the perfect prescrip. Lots of reps and one asking me what kind of car they miracles on me and that’s why I en. in ad- ily-related questions. The ones I use nutritional supple. Fortunately for me other way around . end- forte and I can share with you my fa. Health and Fitness Center in More products sold means more Newburgh. mance I encountered couple of instances in tor into a car purchase and the same a whole army of cus. I require nutritional dition to adding lean mass. starchy carbs out af- 22 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 Orderline: 1•800•344•3404 . and I think CapTri® is the reason. powerlifters in the country for clean calories to grow on. If the twin attributes of weight trainers in a up until weigh-in us- muscle and raw power are what you world where results ing the Parrillo ap- seek then read on. If I get asked the same question ev. I each and every day for acquiring size ments for serious was able to eat right and strength. In addition to fuel- should buy. In ’94 prescription for those who seek same products that I and ’95 I cut down strength and power. My recommenda. produces serious ing up at 5% body vorite supplements. There have been a personalized variables that would fac. which CapTri® helped holds true with your choice of supple. Parrillo Performance products out of gas during a training session and principles made me bigger. Not the bought into it. When Jeff Wade at the Edge Parrillo Performance is my employer. Are you a con. are everything! proach. Using CapTri®. single? There are a million different work for Parrillo Perfor. struction worker. fat. After I came to off fat while staying strong. do you have 10 kids. worked! Anyway. ing my hard and heavy training ses- hicle and needed my advice I would As one of the better drug-free sions. His stuff worked hours to complete. thusiastically came to work for John. past eight years that I have not taken play of self-interest and brown-nos. If you wanted a new ve. I used Parrillo products for about a supplement that would put seven years before I came to work for mounds of lean muscle mass on my Parrillo and the biggest single reason 130-pound physique. sales representa. let me offer a supplemental great results from the weight class. ger and trimmer long before I ever you read my column regularly you ery day of the week: what supple. stron. Indiana got me started in money for Steve. by Steve Hampton What Supplements Straight and Strong Should I Take? Serious Supplements For Serious CapTri® Results This is far and away the finest People think that when I talk-up supplement I have ever used in my Parrillo products I do so because life.

Plus. or even 3. Is this the Info-Line: 513•531•1311 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 23 . the pow. This take. into a small ders.5 grams of protein per glucose polymer. Great benefits are stantly when you combination has been unbelievably derived from taking add water and effective for stimulating results – but this inexpensive shake. In my opinion. der can be mixed mula ™ to round out my size and Plus. What a great deal. a serious Parrillo Protein and so should you. glove box or mate Amino For- lows me stay anabolic gym bag. cumulatively with water from the strength building nutritional program. maximum gains.5 grams of protein per ing (or two. Liver Amino while providing 1. bodyweight in order to stimulate with sugar to make it taste better. I powder can be put protein pow- will pop a handful before bed and im. anemic without knowing it. required to cook that *In addition to hard training athletes and Liver Amino much food. A surprising number of athletes of satisfying my the serious suffer from an iron deficiency and are sweet tooth. beef. Liver Amino For. when mula™. I would pit Parrillo Hi-Pro- see how anyone can ever. the ticket. chicken. grams of protein per pound of nies load up their protein powders stripping fat. for you as it has for me – write and let supplement so vitally diate consump. How. Can you Proteins contain hard. or provid. I don’t want any ably effective! pound of bodyweight for fat-promoting sugar (no matter what short periods. someone who pumps Sugar is the dirty little secret of the white chicken drenched in CapTri®. That’s why I insist on days in order to cut weight. important? tion. they add another 120 water fountain. Plus Parrillo it has been accompanied with lots of supplement. want to get fat. Formula™ and Essential Vitamin For- even while sleeping. Ulti- Liver Amino Formula™ al.5 to 2. I take about 80 tabs a day. vorite nutritional supplements. That it goes down so easy! powders are es- is my opinion but a lot of lifters and The fantastic taste sential core monster bodybuilders see it the same has the added benefit supplement for way.5 nutritional world. I use mediately upon awakening to fight off Tupperware® shaker. no weight trainer. Muscle Amino catabolism. For optimal fancy name it is called) in my protein Liver Amino growth and quick recuperation. me know. and the Mineral Electrolyte throughout the day and appropriate. Everyone else in my class Protein requirements for those of I may be a powerlifter. Formula ™ fights off sports anemia life thank you. or three) Formula™ tab- tablet. trying to eat that much tein ™ or Optimized Whey ™ against train hard and heavy fish. iron 3-6 times a week. I have a the CapTri ® . I will consume 3 ten they cleverly disguise sugar as a CapTri ® is unbeliev. have tried cooking and eating tency and taste-test comparison. requires 1. powder! Don’t believe me? Go to your Formula™ a high protein intake is. A serv. but I don’t was starving themselves for three us who train hard and intense are ex. or egg any other protein product on the mar- without using this whites is almost sadistic. It grams of high potency all springs to life So that is a short-list of my fa- protein to my daily in.WHAT SUPPLEMENTS SHOULD I TAKE? ter a certain time and increased my Parrillo Hi-Protein™ most perfect weight-training supple- usage of CapTri® to replace the lost and Optimized Whey™ ment of all time? calories. Parrillo’s mula ™ is the second drink 200 grams of Hi-Protein™ and Op- most important supplement protein per day and timized Whey ™ in our line. way do I have the time mia is a common malady among super. Sports ane. there I tremely high. and mixes in. right behind CapTri®. it is impossible! I will on the market. I ket in a head-to-head nutritional po- fantastic supplement. then thrown into your Formula ™ . Later. in my local health food store and compare I honestly do not experience. Supplement compa- Whether gaining size. 10-12 of Parrillo protein lets and Parrillo with each of my six/eight daily meals. For 700 grams of protein a day and have the absolute best protein powder me. We I can’t and won’t. Of- ing training energy. labels. I see why I consider no fat or sugar and hope this combination works as well this overlooked are ready for imme. hard power-style training. was eating huge bowls of salad with weight trainer.

or even the bodybuilder’s ubiquitous fashion statement: the fanny pack. 6-8 times a day. and that they’re ac. A bar should take no they’re still a bitch to carry when you more than three or four minutes to eat tually better than food. If you are a 200-pound In the real world we have to work.. by Ron Harris Real Food Food Hardgaining Bodybuilders Versus Supplements Q. usually only one A. cheap and good lean red meat can be or powerlifter builds on. During the eight owns a supplement company. lack the stomach for it). A shake can be either You know what? They’re right in many cases. tance traveling. I want to have a briefcase. we have lightweight insu. People die from salmonella and rest of the day you can ensure that supplements if they are not eating E Coli bacteria all the time. food or supple. gym bag. lighter and easier. Fish is never which a hard training bodybuilder breast Popsicle! Hands down. you know how expen- fish.” To answer your question A. Boneless/skinless This is the nutritional foundation on time. Carbohydrates are tremendous advantages to supple. chicken. glove com. One reason I have jor pitfall with food (and why supple. books. for a real food meal to be eaten. potato. dump it! Never meals a day. There are supplements beat food for long-dis. cold packs. Q. as I’ve written on those who say they wish they could previous occasions. If you’re working in the emergency room. kids. turkey. I’ve heard some people say that you don’t need to take any supplements Mobility and Convenience One problem with real food is that it takes up a lot of space and has there are a lot of interruptions and distractions. confused about this issue. Bars and shakes Cost up of nutrient-dense foods like take all that worry away. I’m sure you can’t the foundation and then you need made ahead of time or be kept in its tell some poor guy with a bullet to layer supplements on top of the powder form until you are ready to wound. plastic jobs we grew up with. “hang on. turkey burrito. keys. option is to load up your cooler with cery shopping. egg whites. supplements save the day as people say they practically live on to tote around than the huge Igloo they can be consumed far more rap- supplements. etc. I gotta go eat my pour water into the container. After the objection. can fit into a get in shape is “I don’t have time to pocket. They say Of course. his of. and a shake can be downed in a mat- get bigger and stronger.” the should I focus on. in one word: do both! Food should always be partment. especially protein. but I’m or God knows what else tying up your ter of seconds. potatoes and vegetables. bodybuilder trying to eat 400 grams expense and need be included in ev- run errands. on a perfectly timed bodybuilder meal. This is no using bars and shakes throughout the of money for someone to invest in joke. he has stated many couple hours. from a refrigerator for more than a break is given that allows enough time food. as high sometimes end up eating a chicken as four dollars a pound. Parrillo Sports next most common complaint from ments? Nutrition Bars ™. of fish (you’ll know it). relatively cheap by comparison. By times that he considers it a waste tracting food poisoning. Any time you have fish. In fact. A ma. Which hands. costly. but idly than food. which will buy you more sive meat can be. and you keep it away spends at work. and always diet. a purse. to munch away if you have a good diet. eat all that food at the precise times. Supplements travel a lot “I don’t have time to work out. Meals should be made risk food poisoning. 24 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 Orderline: 1•800•344•3404 . and broccoli. food is the best thing for you. to ten hours the average American emphasis is first and foremost on eggs or meat. it will end up ery serious bodybuilder’s program. Quality supplements justify their Speed will be. If you ever your muscles are never missing out five to seven quality bodybuilding sniff an “iffy” chicken breast or piece on key nutrients. you run the risk of con. The other For those of you who do the gro- chicken breasts. take care of kids. utes. but menting on top of an already healthy protein always has been. But you could swig a shake in a mat- such a great deal of respect for ments are often the easy choice) is ter of seconds if you had to (and had John Parrillo is that although he refrigeration – or more accurately.” food foundation. of protein every day. Other lated nylon coolers that are a bit easier Again. Beware of over-chilling: you chicken breasts can be pricey. very expensive. rice. Few people have the time to sit down and spend 15-30 min- to be kept in some sort of container.

. Last Word is to have about half of your daily allot. and Liver Amino tablets. the concentration of spe. ing rate. To get the amount of protein nutritional needs. fish Supplements are superior to real ents without having to consume an and eggs. automatically assume the supplements tato the size of your foot. gram per gram. If you take out your be eating more steak than Morton’s break it down with digestive enzymes for calculator and do the math using your serves on a good night. fish and fowl. Unless and complex carbohydrates found in ter the combination of real food and you just won a million dollars on one of five or six scoops of 50/50 Plus Pow. shopping cart. fuel and repair. totally secure. cific nutrients and substances. protein you know how much red meat you dation of your bodybuilding nutritional bars. Make food the foun- from quality protein powders. You can e-mail him at per-pound basis Parrillo Protein is far rough squatting session? Supplements RHarrisMSL@aol. on a cost. more economical! offer a very easy way to get large The world’s foremost authority on training and nutrition. do the place of food. and reap the full rewards that’s important to know as most folks to eat twenty egg whites and a po. der™ after a workout. you would have physical levels. you will find that you’d be eating a whole lot of fat and have made our lives more efficient. ungodly volume of food. Just as hi-tech inventions supplement labels. real food sources. Order on our on-line. supplements allowed us to improve our less expensive source of quality pro. No one else brings you in- formation and products like Parrillo Performance. for example. On top of that. Those of us who mas- tein than beef. Take In summary. REAL FOOD VERSUS SUPPLEMENTS being a significant expense. comes to potency. cost-effective way to get your protein tional density. that weight training has to offer. A more food when you compare their nutri. Our bod- Products are top of the heap when it five grams? Let’s just say you would ies are meant to digest and process food. supplements will perform at the highest these new prime-time Game Shows. training and stretching available on the world wide web today. nothing will ever take ment come from food and the other half Creatine Monohydrate. supplements are a far clogging up your arteries at an alarm. Parrillo would have to eat to simulate twenty. particularly Concentration amounts of highly concentrated nutri- if it all comes from meat. In fact. Who among Ron Harris is now a certified personal are more expensive. us has that kind of appetite after a trainer. You will find the absolute best information on program and supplement wisely. chicken.

80 percent of the chief anti-osteoporosis mineral. In fact. non-fat milk contains only women. in quarts by serious bodybuilders. people can’t digest milk due to a The easily absorbable calcium in But check out those old photos: condition called lactose intoler. and it’s caused by whole milk come from fat. One well- 26 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 Orderline: 1•800•344•3404 . and orange cream flavors contain 250 mg of calcium.50/50 Plus Powder™ is nature’s Their physiques were mammoth.gradual bone loss. as they age. find out a main bodybuilding food. like all simple sugars.but not get fat when percent. There’s no telling what will drink it too . Osteoporosis is a crippling bone The reason: Milk is high in fat. and percent in 2 percent milk. Each serving of Parrillo’s milk-flavored version contains 300 mg of calcium.just like real milk. John Parrillo formulated 50/50 Plus Powder™ to match the nutritional profile of milk. And until now. the enzyme required to women. So if you’re frustrated over your lack of sharp definition and inability to lose body fat. 37 digest a sugar in milk called lac. lose the ability to produce enough disease that afflicts mostly Forty-eight percent of calories in lactase. happen when fitness-minded you indulge! Used to be milk was Sure. Lactose itself is a simple sugar. 50-50 Plus has been one of our best-kept se- Now you can have your milk. And. swilled a trace of fat . and 26 crets. but without the threatening fat and fat- promoting simple sugars that can blur your physique. world’s population. ance. our vanilla. If you are a serious bodybuilder and insist on drink- ing milk you will get fat as a result – no doubt about it! Now you’re probably won- dering: What about calcium? Don’t I have to drink milk to get calcium? Not necessarily.but millions of about it! Demand could explode. This delicious product is a remarkable milk replacer and there’s no other supplement on the market like it! Want Milk? Try the Parrillo Alternative. chocolate. and 100 IU of vitamin D . it too is easily metabolized into In the Spotlight body fat. in one-percent milk. but smooth as a baby’s bottom. in particular. 500 IU of vitamin A. milk and dairy products may be the di- etary saboteurs behind your problem. by John Parrillo tose. Similarly.

particu.vanilla. That licious flavors .recommends that you avoid whey protein. but don’t want the fat or of physique-firming muscle.your order for 50/50 Plus™ of the most growth. four flavors of 50/50 Plus™ con. gener- from bones and the subsequent decrease muscle protein break. one serving of 50/50 Plus™ imme. vitamin A. One of these proteins is diately after you exercise. plus . OH Call (513) 531-1311 for more information Info-Line: 513•531•1311 John Parrillo’s Performance Press • February 2000 27 . your body into anabolic drive: Drink Our Nutrition Program . With 50/50 Plus™. and lead to a more favorable pro. With 50/ larly early adult years . Plus. All workout will automatically kick simple sugars these foods contain.helps pre. and this supplement is a lin. One dairy issue. with energy-giving glycogen. 50/50 Plus™ burning and muscle building.dairy products to avoid getting and protein synthesis and activate search demonstrate that consuming looking fat. it comes in four de- you can consume. muscle.unique. revolutionary product. not to mention a per- loss of bone. ing to resort to fat-forming dairy without drinking fat-forming milk! tein balance in the body. important bodybuilding nutrients nation jump-starts the body’s gly. Here’s why: cogen-making machinery. products. With 50/50 Plus™. Your active body ing a workout creates a hormonal more.(Remember. February 25-27 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Columbus. Bottom line? This supplement is nutrition throughout life . We invite you to try this needs additional protein to form environment (greater levels of insu. some of the best bodies in the tein. 50/50 Plus™ not fat storage. Why? world . with glycogen production). Guaranteed. this nutrient combi. enough for muscle building but great way to get it. Now women can down caused by weight training fect source of calcium without hav- get excellent calcium nutrition. We 50/50 Plus™ that counts in fat know that you’ve struggled with the But that’s not all. you have a powerful tool vent the withdrawal of calcium and not many people know this .followed tain 20 grams of high-quality pro.carb combo in shape of your life. quent workouts. ating energy. ercise (muscle damage interferes the answer to your needs. Carbohydrates restock the body means greater energy for subse. and growth hor. and vitamin you’re on your way to the best D are the PLUS in 50/50 Plus™! It’s the protein .and bone growth.can get everything you need . known to stimulate Because mounds of scientific re. You know you need the is a powerful tool for the support simple action after you finish your calcium. re. Call this quick toll-free num- contains 17 grams of complex mone) that is conducive to muscle ber 1-800-344-3404 and place carbohydrates . 50 Plus™.PARRILLO PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT known nutritional fact is calcium pair muscle damage following ex. you bone-forming cells that trigger a protein/carb supplement follow. for developing lean muscle. and milk). OH March 11 Parrillo Certified Personal Training Program Cincinnati. Calcium.

Ohio 45213 .S. OH PERMIT NO. 855 5143 Kennedy Avenue Cincinnati. POSTAGE PAID CINCINNATI. PRSRT STD John Parrillo’s U.