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Our Story 2009

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Chairman’s Message 7

GCEO’s Message 13

Board of Directors 27

Shari’a Board 33

Product Overview 35

Our People 41
H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
President of the UAE
H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai
Noor Islamic Bank 6

Chairman’s Message
Chairman’s Message 7

Financial services across the

Gulf and the wider Middle East
continue to offer tremendous
opportunities for innovation
and growth.
Noor Islamic Bank 8

Islamic finance is well positioned to take a leading The various timely and on-going interventions
role in shaping the financial landscape of the by the UAE Central Bank and other UAE authorities
region, especially the emerging Islamic insurance have ensured unhindered and categorical support
industry which is relatively underdeveloped. for both the overall market as well as individual
financial institutions.
The Noor group of companies continues to
take advantage of the current financial situation The instability caused as a result of the global
by raising the bar and setting the standard of economic crisis proved a defining moment for
personalizing customer experience and focusing Islamic finance as it validated what the industry
their efforts on supporting and nurturing has been saying all along: ‘Financial Services need
sustainable partnerships and relationships. not be about money alone, rather it is about the
Noor’s collective goal remains the same: to create balance between ethics, customer gratification,
simplicity out of complexity for its customers. social responsibility and our focus towards
It is a commitment towards this goal that drives achieving economic profitability.’
us to innovate and understand our customer needs.
Noor holds true to our fundamental values
As I, along with the Board look forward to 2010, inspired by the simplicity of Shari’a principles.
we are cognizant that the global economy has yet Our values define our moral approach to business,
to demonstrate a sustainable recovery. The UAE accountability to our clients and responsibility
is not an isolated or closed economy but rather to the community that we serve within. We pride
a part of the global economy and what transpires ourselves on being autonomous institutions
in the world around us, has a direct impact on that makes tough decisions daily to enhance
the UAE economy also. our clients’ experience by adhering to an ethical
code of conduct.
Chairman’s Message 9

We remain focused on building

a brand that has demonstrated
reliability, integrity, trust, care
and good judgment.

Islamic finance is an innovation

in itself with Noor at the
forefront of progressive
application of its principles.
Noor Islamic Bank 10

The present day economic crisis had already that is seeking access to products and services that
begun unfolding in the United States during 2007. comply to ethical and moral principles. Agile and
Having knowledge of the storm brewing across dynamic businesses such as ours recognize these
the continent neither diminished nor dissuaded market needs and are responsibly addressing the
us from addressing the underlying needs of demands through creativity and innovation.
an emerging and enterprising Islamic financial
services industry and the growing demands of Our business models remains valid and compelling.
an ever increasing customer appetite for Shari’a We are convinced that the decisive action that we
based financial services. The industry continues took to repositioning our business models for Noor
to forecast growth between 10-20% across to focus on demands and growth potential within
Banking and Insurance, with assets in excess the UAE and GCC markets will enable us towards
of US$ 1 trillion. Regardless of the challenges our path to profitability and confronting the future
confronting us during these times of economic with confidence.
uncertainty, Noor has a core purpose that fulfils
unmet and latent needs of a growing population

H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum

Chairman’s Message 11
Noor Islamic Bank 12

Group CEO’s Message

Group CEO’s Message 13

Our Strategic Advantage/Intent

Building an internationally recognized brand we consistently deliver against this promise,
requires a creative vision and considerable we will earn the benefit of more business
collective effort. Noor Islamic Bank and Noor and new referrals from our clients.
Takaful were born out of a vision to create Islamic
financial institutions that serve and fulfil the needs We are privileged to have the support of the
of their clients and spearhead the advancement UAE leadership and our distinguished Board
of the industry. Our vision drives us to recognize of Directors comprising business leaders and
that simplicity is the need of our clients and public officials that guide the direction of the
innovation is the means which will enable us to organization.
deliver uniquely personalized solutions every time
we interact with our clients. It is our belief that if

With the assistance of recognized leaders

in Islamic finance, we are committed to
redesigning the experience of modern
Islamic banking and insurance.
Noor Islamic Bank 14

The bank has a very healthy

and solid foundation with
US$ 1 billion in capital and
excellent capital adequacy
ratios of 22.09%, compared
to the industry benchmark
of 19.2%.
Group CEO’s Message 15

Our Financial Health

There is no doubt left that the current global A review of the bank’s financial health, as it
downturn is fundamentally and structurally completes its second year of operations, will
different from all other recessionary events of highlight robust yet prudent performance
the past. Solutions and decisions employed in management of the fundamentals. The bank
earlier recessions may not be completely relevant has a very healthy and solid foundation with
to the current challenges faced by us. Likewise, US$ 1 billion in capital and excellent capital
businesses will need to adapt to the new financial adequacy ratios of 22.09%, compared to the
and economic landscape – leverage and easy industry benchmark of 19.2%. Similarly, our
credit will no longer be readily accessible. balance sheet leverage ratio is a conservative
6.8x again reflecting in low risk aversion of
The current financial and ensuing economic crisis balance sheet management when compared
has reminded everyone of the pivotal role that against other Banks across the region.
the banking and financial services industry plays
within the global economic system. As such,
banks and financial services companies need to
be secure and stable as their performance have
a substantial impact on the overall well being
of economies and humanity.
Noor Islamic Bank 16

Revenues have recorded a respectable growth The timely interventions by the UAE Central
of 13.4% compared to 2008. Despite market Bank and other authorities ensured support for
conditions, Net income from investments grew the overall market however liquidity, though
by 31.2%, whilst various efficiency related improving, remains under pressure thereby
programs implemented across the bank realized resulting in price distortion between a steadily
an improvement of 15.3% in costs over 2008. declining EIBOR and rising customer deposits.
Rising cost of funds combined with a prudent Notwithstanding these circumstances, the
approach in asset growth due to deteriorating bank managed to maintain a regulatory ratio
credit quality kept spreads under severe pressure of 104% which was exactly in line with the
throughout the year. Restrained activity due to market average. Again, for a two-year young
low transaction volumes across Wholesale, Capital business, this demonstrates the trust the market
Market and Consumer business lines resulted and our clients have placed with us and we
in a 5.4% decline in fee based and other income. will endeavour to ensure that we work hard
at retaining and building upon this trust and
Recognizing the difficult market conditions, responsibility that has been placed in us. We
the bank has been guardedly conservative in are aware of the mandatory compliance ratio
its loss coverage and has adequately provided requirements and I can confirm that the bank
AED 414 million, amounting to 3.4% of its total has initiated measures across all its business
customer financing. We feel that our decisions lines to bring this ratio within and below the
on the provisions are cautiously conservative and mandatory compliance levels as we move
at par with the expected industry average. Given into 2010 and beyond.
the overall pressures that the market is subjected
to and which may in turn affect our client
segments as well, we feel that these provisions
along with a 48% coverage will enable the bank
to withstand any shocks moving forward. Having
said this, strong risk, debt and client restructuring
management capabilities within the bank will
continue to ensure that we protect the interests
of both our clients as well as shareholders.
Group CEO’s Message 17

During 2010, the bank will continue

on its path of remaining prudent during
its business activities and will continue
sourcing new business opportunities
whilst leveraging and extending its
existing platform across the UAE.
Noor Islamic Bank 18

What sets us apart from the

competition is the intellectual
expertise and strategic
direction of management and
their ability to inspire all Noor
associates to reach new heights.
Group CEO’s Message 19

Our Professional Management

& Entrepreneurial Culture
The inspiration of Noor was conceived in the What sets us apart from the competition is
spirit of entrepreneurship. To create a brand that the intellectual expertise and strategic direction
signifies innovation and simplicity1 to rival the of management and their ability to inspire all
most innovative companies anywhere. To this Noor associates to reach new heights. We are
end, the goal has always been to establish an proud of the 35 nationalities that comprise the
organization that cultivates its entrepreneurial Noor family and diligently contributing their
roots and nurture talent from the around the collective experience4 to defining the Noor
world.2 This is why when all were rethinking brand. I remain confident in the capabilities
investments at the height of the economic crisis; of our organization, management team and
we never compromised on continuing to invest the wider Noor team to remain responsive
in our learning and development assets.3 to the needs of our clients and shareholders.

1. Innovation and simplicity: 3. Learning and development assets:

We know our clients time is precious. That’s why we We launched initiatives such as the Noor Leadership
designed our account opening process to take no more programme for Emiratis, as well as training programs for
than 15 minutes and allow new members to the Noor all our staff amounting to approximately 16,000 man
family to walk out of our branches with their debit card hours and conservatively valued in excess of 2.1 million AED.
and cheque book in hand.
4. Collective experience:
And because we know that our clients also want a smart The collective know how of our senior management
way of secure and easy banking, anytime, anywhere exceeds 285 man years of banking experience from
or whilst on the move we developed our mobile internet across the Middle East, Africa, South and South East
banking solution. All our clients need is their mobile Asia, Pacifica Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.
phone for simple, immediate and secure access to their money.

2. Nurture talent from the around the world:

As an organization where innovation is a cornerstone
of the organization, we are always open to new ideas
and learning from other cultures. That’s why over 35
nationalities have chosen us as their employer of choice.
Noor Islamic Bank 20

Our Accomplishments over 2008, reflecting both the opportunity within

this segment of the market as well as unabated
As we entered our 2nd year of commercial
demand for basic and transparent Shari’a
operations in 2009, our primary objective was
compliant wealth products.
to re-calibrate the bank to be positioned for the
opportunities presented in the “new normal”.5 An example of our client centric and holistic
relationship management approach is evidenced
We immediately streamlined our business
through our approach of bundling services and
model to strengthen the bank’s capital base and
products7 so as to provide greater ease and
diversify revenue streams through opportunistic
convenience to our clients. This is an approach,
yet sustainable growth. We postponed our
where we have re-calibrated our business model
international expansion and focused on bolstering
to address the demands of the market and our
the UAE economy through expansion of our
clients across our business lines from Wholesale,
delivery channels, introducing new business
Personal and even between the Bank and our
lines and investing in talent. We also introduced
Takaful Company. This is truly unique and a key
innovative ways6 to create value for our customers
competitive differentiator.
by enhancing existing services and introducing
new platforms that address customer needs. This The bank continued to build on its regionally
has resulted in a 100% increase in our client base, and internationally recognized track record and
over 2008. Similarly, the size of our client base expertise by lead-managing and book-running
and volume of activity in our wealth management corporate finance and capital market deals valued
segment grew by 38% and 79% respectively in excess of USD 18 billion. In a short span of
2 years, the superior knowledge of the local and

5. New normal: 6. Innovative ways:

“We recognize that creating shareholder value is our principal From providing internet banking functionality on mobiles
objective. In the new normal, it has also become evident that in the Arabic language to structuring corporate finance
for economic prosperity to stage a sustainable return, bank’s deals worth 18 billion USD to allow our client greater
need to focus on attaining a balance between maximizing access to funds during trying times.
shareholder return whilst simultaneously fulfilling their social
responsibility and role within their communities and economy 7. Bundling services and products:
at large. At the same time our clients expect us to provide Bundling Shari’a compliant cover from NOOR Takaful
them with solutions and advice, and to satisfy these needs with our Noor cards and auto financing products to
in the most simplest and convenient way possible.” provide our clients a more cost effective solution and
greater peace of mind.
Hussain AlQemzi
Group CEO’s Message 21

regional markets has provided the bank with the Transactional volumes on this enhanced on-line
unique position of being able to arrange, execute product platform alone generated volumes
manage and distribute multi-currency mandates in excess of AED 35 million.
across the breadth of both the public and private
sector. Over the past 24 months, total mandates The bank also introduced a unique offering9
executed and distributed by the bank are well through a strategic alliance to provide remittance
in excess of AED 66 billion, which is a truly and foreign exchange solutions leveraging off the
phenomenal achievement earning the bank well UAE’s first 24x7 branch. We recognize the strength
earned praise from reputed industry analysts such that lies in entering into strategic collaboration
as Reuters, Bloomberg and Financial Times UK with other market leaders to fulfil our promise of
to name a few. enriching our clients’ experience, convenience and
accessibility to us.
Being aware of the vital need for attaining
efficiencies within our clients’ businesses or At Noor, we have been very clear in defining
personal wealth management, the bank introduced and assessing our target market and the
multiple products and services8 across sectors and preferences that shape their dynamic lifestyle.
industries that aim to serve the entire working Hence, investments into next-generation mobile
capital cycle of our Wholesale and Personal clients and on-line based delivery platforms are core
to help them more efficiently manage and improve innovation enablers in how we aim to fulfil our
their financial health. These cash and payment client experience promise. As an example to this
management solutions are on-line enabled commitment, the bank has launched the world’s
and offer seamless straight-through-processing first Arabic enabled internet mobile solution.10

8. Introduced multiple products and services: 10. Arabic enabled internet mobile solution:
Key solutions include the corporate online banking “For future generations, mobile internet banking
platform providing a single window for payments, will be the accepted and preferred method of
receivables, liquidity management, and trade service personal banking. For many young people today
solutions. Additionally some customized solutions mobile banking is becoming a key criterion for
include Escrow services for real estate and the WPS where they choose to bank. With the launch
(wage protection system) payroll for blue collar workers. of the world’s first Arabic enabled mobile
internet banking service, we again demonstrated
9. Unique offering: our leadership in the provision of innovative,
Apart from providing 24x7 FX services at Dubai Airport, technology centric, personalized banking products.”
Terminal 3, the alliance allows us to compete with high
Hussain AlQemzi
street remittance houses.
Noor Islamic Bank 22

The ‘Noor’ brand is in a unique

situation to collaborate with
new industries and sectors that
emerge from this crisis.

11.Unique situation:
As a young bank we have the benefit of not being
weighed down by legacy. Our relatively small size gives us
the ability to be responsive and agile. Add to that our low
balance sheet leverage ratio and high capital adequacy
ratio (CAR). All of which places us in a unique position
to meet the realities and needs of our “new normal”.
Group CEO’s Message 23

Our Plan for 2010

While the economic landscape continues to opportunity where a balanced approach of risk
shift, our strategy remains clear. Our mission is management, ethics, transparency combined with
to be recognized and regarded to be amongst measured financial returns will lead the way
the leading innovative financial brands. We were in shaping the framework of the industry.
established as a client-centric institution and that
will not change as we strive to enhance The ‘Noor’ brand is in a unique situation11
the experience across multiple platforms. to collaborate with new industries and sectors
that emerge from this crisis. The strength of our
Our strategy going forward is to create value in platform and resources combined with the support
Islamic banking and insurance as a seamless and from our shareholders, partners and regulator
convenient experience for our clients. Regardless positions us to embrace change and face the future
of how the new economic environment shapes with confidence. While 2010 will continue to be
up, there will be new opportunities that will be a challenging year, particularly with regards to
created and new possibilities that will emerge liquidity and cost of funding, we believe that we
for those who will be well positioned and geared remain well placed to achieving our near-term goal
up to realize them. of profitability by 2012. Every single associate at
Noor is acutely aware of the objective of attaining
Noor Islamic Bank is an agile and responsive entity, profitability whilst remaining committed to the
easily able to adapt to the dynamic financial highest standards of ethics and fulfilling our
landscape of the region. We are well positioned clients’ highest expectations.
to take advantage of the new opportunities
presented by the current economic environment. I extend my sincere thanks to all our clients
The financial crisis has provided us with an for their continued business and trust, all Noor
associates for their dedication and the members
of the Board, the Fatwa and Shari’a Supervisory
Board, the Central Bank of the UAE and all Public
bodies for their unwavering support.

Hussain AlQemzi
Group Chief Executive Officer
H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum
Hussain AlQemzi
Group Chief Executive Officer
Noor Islamic Bank 26

Board of Directors
Shari’a Board

Board of Directors

H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Sheikh Ahmed’s other portfolios with
Al Maktoum the Government of Dubai include:
Chairman of Noor Islamic Bank PJSC • Chairman of the Supreme Fiscal Committee
• Chairman of the Supreme Council of Energy
Chairman of Noor Investment Group LLC, Noor
• Second Vice Chairman of the Dubai
Takaful General PJSC, Noor Takaful Family PJSC
Executive Council
• Member of the Board of the Dubai Council
Chairman & Chief Executive, Emirates Airline
and Group for Economic Affairs
• Vice-Chairman of the Dubai World Trade Centre
• Board Member of The Dubai Corporation
H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum for Government Investment
is the younger brother of the late Ruler of Dubai, • Chairman of the Supreme Committee –
H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Dubai Shopping Festival Committee
Along with his role as Chairman of the Board of and Dubai Summer Surprises
Noor Islamic Bank, Sheikh Ahmed is the President • Board Member of the General Civil Aviation
of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Authority of UAE
Dubai Airports and Chairman and Chief Executive
of Emirates Airline and Group. He embarked on Chairmanships include:
his journey in the aviation industry in 1985 when
• Dubai National Air Travel Agency (DNATA)
he was appointed President of DCAA. At the
• Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
same time the national carrier Emirates was also
• Dubai Aerospace Enterprise
launched and he was appointed Chairman.
• Alliance Insurance Company

Sheikh Ahmed holds a Bachelors Degree from

the University of Denver, Colorado, USA.
Noor Islamic Bank 28

Lt. Gen. Musabah Bin Rashid Al Fattan H.E. Mohammad AlGergawi

Director of the Ruler’s Office – Dubai Minister of Cabinet Affairs of the Federal
Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Vice Chairman of Noor Investment Group LLC,
Noor Islamic Bank PJSC Chairman of Dubai Holding

Vice Chairman of Noor Investment Group LLC

and Noor Islamic Bank PJSC

Lieutenant-General Musabah Al Fattan is part H.E Mohammed A. AlGergawi holds the following
of one of the first generations that joined Dubai prominent positions:
Police as a Police Officer after successfully
• Minister of Cabinet Affairs of the Federal
graduating from the Police Academy, in 1971.
In the following year,1972, he subsequently joined Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
• Deputy Chairman of the Ministerial Council
the first Police College in the Gulf region in Kuwait.
for Services
Lieutenant-General Al Fattan worked for Dubai • Chairman of Emirates Competitiveness Council
International Airport and was then appointed • Deputy Chairman of Emirates Investment
as the Head of the Police Centre of Marqabat Authority- the Sovereign Wealth Fund of the
in Dubai. Federal Government of the UAE
• Chairman of Dubai Holding
Lieutenant-General Al Fattan was appointed in
1974 as the Director of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed H.E. AlGergawi was born in Dubai, in 1963.
bin Rashid Al Maktoum - Vice-President, Prime He is a graduate of Business Administration,
Minister and Ruler of Dubai - Office and continues from the US.
to run this position to date.

In addition, Lieutenant-General Al Fattan owns and

heads Al Fattan Group and Al Fattan Properties,
one of the leading and largest property developers
in the UAE.
Board of Directors 29

Mr. Soud Ba’alawy Mr. Essa Kazim

Executive Chairman of Dubai Group Chairman of Borse Dubai and
Chairman of DFM
Chairman of the Board Executive Committee
of Noor Islamic Bank PJSC

Mr. Soud Ba’alawy is the Executive Chairman Mr. Essa Kazim is Chairman of Borse Dubai and
of Dubai Group, the leading diversified financial Dubai Financial Market (DFM). Prior to these
services company of Dubai Holding. It focuses appointments Mr. Kazim held the position of
on Banking, Investments and Insurance, both Director General of DFM.
at a regional and global level.
Mr. Kazim began his career as a Senior Analyst
Known for his strategic insights and with the Research and Statistics Department of the
entrepreneurial vision, Ba’alawy was previously UAE Central Bank. Following this period Mr. Kazim
CEO of Dubai Investment Group and played a joined the Department of Economic Development
key role in its foundation and growth. He has where he held the position of Director of Planning
more than ten years experience in banking and and Development Division.
investment with Citigroup, and was the Vice
President of Gulf Treasury in Citibank Dubai. Board memberships include:
He has also served as Chief Investment Officer • Dubai International Financial Centre Authority
of Dubai Internet City and Vice President of • Nasdaq Dubai and Nasdaq OMX
The Executive Office. • Emirates Industrial Bank

• Dubai Statistics Centre

Mr. Ba’alawy is a member of the Executive
• General Pension and Social Security Authority
Committee of Dubai Holding and Chartered
Institute of Management Accountants, UK.
In addition to his Board memberships Mr. Kazim
Board Membership and Affiliations: is a member of the Dubai Council for Economic
Affairs, the Economy and Trade Committee and
• Chairman, Marfin Popular Bank the Financial Advisory council.
• Chairman, TAIB Bank
• Vice Chairman, Marfin Investment Group Mr. Kazim graduated from Coe College in
• Vice Chairman, Dubai Bank 1985 with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics,
• Board Member and Chairman of Executive Economics and Computer Science. Following this
Committee, Noor Islamic Bank PJSC
he obtained a Masters Degree in Economics from
• Board Member Noor Investment Group LLC,
the University of Iowa, USA in 1987 and a Masters
Noor Takaful General PJSC, Noor Takaful
Family PJSC Degree in Total Quality Management from the
• Board Member and Member of the Executive University of Wollongong, UAE in 1998.
Committee, Emirates Investment Authority
• Board Member, Emirates Telecommunication
Corporation (Etisalat)
Noor Islamic Bank 30

Mr. Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem Mr. Bin Sulayem is a Board member
of the following:
Chairman of Dubai World
• Head of the Board of Directors of Dubai World
• Member of the Board of Executive Council,
Mr. Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem is the Chairman
Government of Dubai
of Dubai World, one of the world’s largest holding
• Member of the Board of Executive Economic
companies, which manages and supervises
Council, Government of Dubai
a diversified portfolio of businesses in Dubai and
• Member of the Board of the Investment
across the world in a variety of sectors, including
Corporation of Dubai, Government of Dubai
Transport & Logistics, Urban Development,
• Member of the Board of Dubai Chamber
Drydocks & Maritime, Investment & Financial
of Commerce
Services and Energy & Natural Resources.

Mr. Bin Sulayem has spearheaded a number In addition, Mr. Bin Sulayem is Chairman of the
of groundbreaking developments and initiatives merged Ports, Customs & Free Zone Corporation
such as: (PCFC) and a member of the World Economic
Forum and Advisory Council of Environmental
• Global marine terminal operator DP World’s Institute for Golf.
acquisition of the P&O group
• Development of Jafza, the Jebel Ali Free Zone; The awards and recognitions Mr. Bin Sulayem
• Establishment of Dubai World’s master has received include:
developers Nakheel and Limitless, and the
• Honorary Doctorate from UK-based Middlesex
investment house Istithmar World
University in 2008 in recognition of his dedication
• Formation of Dubai Multi Commodities Centre
to excellence and commitment to the economic
(DMCC), which established a commodity
development of the UAE and the Arab World
marketplace in Dubai
and his inspiring community leadership
• Establishment of Dubai Natural Resources
• Elected as “Global Leader for tomorrow”
World, an initiative designed to provide
by the World Economic Forum
extraordinary returns across the natural
• Named “Chief Executive of the Year 1991”
resources value chain
at the Gulf Business Awards
• Awarded “Al Majalla Business Personality
of the Year 1992”
• Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award at Lloyd’s
List Middle East and Indian Subcontinent Awards 2006

Mr. Bin Sulayem graduated in Economics at Temple

University in Philadelphia, USA, in 1978.
Board of Directors 31

Mr. Mohamed Alabbar Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Mohammed Al Habbai

Chairman of Emaar Properties Chief Executive Officer of the Engineers Office

Mr. Mohamed Alabbar is the founding member Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Mohammed Al Habbai is
and Chairman of Emaar Properties PJSC since the currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer
company’s inception in July, 1997, Mr. Alabbar of the Engineers Office, a position he has occupied
is also Chairman of the Bahrain-based Al Salam since 2005 when he was appointed by His
Bank, an Islamic bank with operations across the Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid
MENA region. Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister
of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.
In recognition of his vision and achievements, FDi
magazine, published by the Financial Times Group, Mr. Al Habbai began his illustrious career with
named Mr Alabbar “Middle East Personality of Dubai Municipality where in 1988 he served as
the Year.” Arabian Business, the leading regional the Head of Property Unit. Mr. Al Habbai was
business magazine, ranked him second in its 2009 subsequently promoted to the position of Head
list of the 100 Most Influential Arabs in the World. of Survey Section in 2000. In 2004 he became
Fortune magazine, in their issue of December the Assistant Director for the Planning and Survey
2007, named him among the top 30 in power Department.
positions globally.
Mr. Al Habbai currently serves as the Chairman
A sought-after speaker at international forums and of Meraas Holding and the Industrial & Investment
on broadcast networks worldwide, Mr. Alabbar is Lands Committee, while he holds the position
an articulate spokesman for the region’s economic of President of Business Bay Affected Plots
renaissance. Compensation Board Committee.

Mr. Alabbar is a graduate in Finance and Business In addition to his roles defined above Mr.
Administration from Seattle University, USA. Al Habbai is an active member of a number
of Board Committees including:

• Dubai Equestrian Centre Board Committee

• Sheikh Mohammed Housing Program Board
• Dubai Urban Planning Board Committee

• Dubai Humanitarian City Board Committee

Mr. Al Habbai holds a Masters Degree from the

University of East London UK obtained in 1993
in Cadastral & Land Information Management.
Noor Islamic Bank 32

Mr. Abdulla Mohammed Rashid Al Huraiz Mr. Hussain AlQemzi

Director of the Financial Affairs Department Group Chief Executive Officer of Noor Islamic Bank
at the Ruler’s court PJSC , Noor Takaful Family PJSC, Noor Takaful
General PJSC and Noor Investment Group LLC

Mr. Abdulla Mohammed Rashid Al Huraiz joined A seasoned banker with over 26 years of extensive
the Ruler’s Court– Government of Dubai In experience working with the leading financial
1994 . With proven leadership skills and strong institutions in the UAE, Mr. AlQemzi now helms
administrative and operational controls, he Noor Investment Group, and its flagship entity
was appointed Director of the Financial Affairs Noor Islamic Bank as its Group CEO.
Department at the Ruler’s court within a short
span of time. Mr. AlQemzi is an insightful leader with proven
experience of incubating, leading and managing
During the course of his career, Mr. Al Huraiz strategic ventures and business transformation
has demonstrated excellent ability mainly in the initiatives.
Finance and Administration fields and managed
to utilize the same to enhance his awareness Prior to this Mr. AlQemzi was the Chief Executive
simultaneously. of Sharjah Islamic Bank and a former Board
member of Dubai Financial Market (DFM), and
Mr. Al Huraiz graduated from Al Ain University Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX).
in 1994 with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting.
Mr. AlQemzi also served as Chief Operating Officer
Current Board memberships include: of DIFC, and is credited with laying the ground
for a World Class Financial Centre.
• Noor Islamic Bank PJSC
Current Board memberships include:

• Emirates Institute for Banking & Financial

• Emirates Media
• EMAAR Properties PJSC
• DIFC Authority
• Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation
• Noor Islamic Bank PJSC, Noor Investment Group
LLC, Noor Takaful General PJSC, Noor Takaful
Family PJSC

Shari’a Board

Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Ali Elgari Sheikh Dr. Mohamad Daud Bakar
Chairman Member

Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Ali Elgari is an expert of the Sheikh Dr. Mohamad Daud Bakar is the President/
Islamic Fiqh Academies of Jeddah and the Islamic CEO of the International Institute of Islamic
World League. He was Professor and Director of Finance and Amanie Business Solutions. He was
the Center for Research in Islamic Economics at the Deputy Rector of the International Islamic
King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah. University of Malaysia.

He is a member of Shari’a Boards of many He is a member of the Shari’a Advisory Council of

institutions including International Islamic Financial the Central Bank of Malaysia, International Shari’a
Market, Dow Jones Islamic, Citi Islamic Investment Research Academy for Islamic Finance, AAOIFI, BNP
Bank, AAOIFI, Merrill Lynch and many more. Paribas, Morgan Stanley, Islamic Bank of Asia and
many more.

Sheikh Dr. Abdul Sattar Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Abdulrahim

Abu Ghuddah Sultan Al Olama
Vice Chairman Member

Sheikh Dr Abdul Sattar Abu Ghuddah is a member Sheikh Dr Mohammad Abdulrahim Sultan
of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy of Al Olama is currently an Associate Professor
Jeddah. He was a visiting professor at Saleh of Islamic Jurisprudence in UAE University, expert
Kamel’s Center for Islamic Economics, Al Azhar of the Islamic Fiqh Academies of Jeddah and
University. the Islamic World League and member of Council
of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Dubai.
He is a member of Shari’a Board of many
institutions including AAOIFI, Al Baraka Banking He is a member of Shari’a Boards of many
Group, Dubai Financial Market, Central Bank institutions including AAOIFI, Mawarid Finance,
of Bahrain and many more. Minhaj Shari’a Advisory, Al Jazira Capital and
many more.
Noor Islamic Bank 34

Product Overview
Product Overview 35

Noor Islamic Bank offers

a comprehensive range of
products and services for
your growing needs and
Noor Islamic Bank 36

Personal Banking
with Noor Islamic Bank
Noor Islamic Bank offers a personalised portfolio of products and services
for your growing needs and expectations. This is reflected in the long-term
relationship and trust that we have with our customers.

Be it Personal Banking or Wealth Management, we differentiate ourselves

with the most comprehensive and innovative set of Shari’a compliant
products and services with the convenience that you require.

We bring you a one-stop banking partner with unlimited possibilities.

To discover more visit any of our branches or contact us on
800-NOOR (800-6667).
Product Overview 37

We bring you a one-stop banking

partner with unlimited possibilities.

Accounts and Services Wealth Management Solutions

A choice of Shari’a compliant transactional Our wealth management service caters
accounts and deposits that meet your everyday to all money matters throughout all phases
banking and long-term savings needs. of life, from wealth management, creation,
preservation, financing and lifestyle.
• Addvantage - A bundle of products
and services in one package • Relationship Managers
• Current Accounts • Investing for the Future
• Savings Accounts • Day-to-day banking needs
• Current and Savings Hybrid Accounts • Financing
• Term Deposits (Mudaraba Investment Deposits) • Plan for the un-planned
• Wakala Investment Deposits • Services & Benefits
• Payroll Solutions (WPS –Wage Protection
System Certified) Banca Takaful Solutions
• Safe Deposit Lockers We aim to go that extra mile in providing you
• Exchange Services a new paradigm of convenience to meet all
your takaful requirements including your savings,
Card Solutions investments, life protection, valuable assets,
Our unique range of Shari’a compliant cards lifestyle, travel and medical.
promises to exceed your expectations in terms
• Travel Takaful
of features and value added benefits. As a Noor
• Individual Medical Takaful
Cardholder you are automatically entitled to
• Homeowner’s Takaful
a range of exclusive and attractive benefits,
• Motor Takaful
features, and programmes.
• Group Medical Takaful For Labour Workers
• Tawarruk Credit Cards • Group General Accident Takaful
• Fixed Fee Cards • Investment Plan
• Charge Cards • Retirement Plan
• Children’s Future Plan
Finance Solutions • Savings Plan
• Universal Takaful Plan
We provide an innovative range of financing
solutions for all your lifestyle requirements.

• Auto Finance Solutions

• Home Finance Solutions
• Personal Finance Solutions
• Secured Covered Drawings
Noor Islamic Bank 38

Wholesale Banking
with Noor Islamic Bank
Noor Wholesale Banking provides a comprehensive suite of Shari’a
compliant solutions for our Institutional, Wholesale and SME customers.
We offer solutions that meet the requirements and challenges of your business
through a strong focus on your requirements and driven by industry insight,
technological innovation and highest commitment to service quality.

Our solutions cover wholesale finance, real estate, investment banking,

contracting finance, trade and cash management, capital and debt market
products, treasury products, and international banking services. Also,
our business relationships go beyond merely offering products. At Noor
Wholesale Banking, our vision is to partner with you - to help identify
areas for your growth and efficiency while suggesting practical,
cost-effective ways to make the most of the opportunities that arise.
Product Overview 39

At Noor Wholesale Banking,

our vision is to partner with you.

Corporate and SME Banking Solutions Treasury Solutions

• Corporate Finance Solutions • Foreign Exchange Solutions
– Goods/Commodity Murabaha – FX Spot
– Ijarah – Islamic FX Forward (W’aad)
– Islamic Covered Drawings • Liquidity Management Solutions
• Corporate Deposit Solutions – Commodity Murabaha
– Wakala Investment
Global Transaction Services • Hedging Solutions
• Cash Management – Profit Rate Swap
– Liquidity Management – Islamic Cross Currency Profit Rate Swap
• Investment Solutions
– Collection Services
– Payment Services – Dual Currency Murabaha
– Escrow Services – Islamic Structured Deposit
– Information Services – Sukuk
• Trade Services
– Import Services Investment Solutions
– Export Services Noor Islamic Bank provides a range of structured
– Documentary Collections Guarantees investment products.

Financial Institutions Solutions • Corporate Finance

– Sukuk
• Letters of Credit (LC) Confirmation – Syndication
• Back to Back LC Issuance – Securitization
• Back-to-Back LC Financing
• Issuance of Guarantee against Counter- • Structured Finance
guarantee – Aircraft Financing
• Risk Participation Agreement – Transport / Infrastructure Financing
• NOSTRO Accounts – Structured Trade Financing
• Syndication Origination – Structured Leasing Solutions

• Project Finance
– Project Feasibility
– Limited or Non-recourse Financing
– Export Credit Facilities

• Advisory
– Mergers and Acquisitions
– Capital Structuring
– Restructuring Advisory
– Valuation and Financial Modelling
Noor IslamicBank
Noor Islamic Bank 40

Our People
Our People 41

A Adeel Uz Zaman Safvi Aliya Khan Atul Kundra Dhilip Kumar

Aamer Zaidi Adnan Hussain Aliya Mughal Ayesha Ahmad Mohammed Dinu Daniel George
Aamir Naveed Adnan Zaheer Allan Lound Dirar Ali Saleh Obeidat
Ayesha Saeed
Aayat Jafer Ali Mansoor Ali Adrie Els Amal Salmin Abdulla Salem Ahmed Al Janahi
Al Madhoob Ayman Elsayed Al Boraei
Aftab Ahmed Bhutto Amani Rahim Jassim Ali Farrukh Zahir Kidwai
Abbas Ali Mehdi Hassan Ayman Haj Awad
Aftab Ahmed Khan Amanullah Khan
Ayman Ismail Salah El Abd
Aftab Alam Amany Mohamed Mohamed Ehab Hussein Madbouly
Abbas Ali Mokshed Ali Ibrahim Ayman Sami Homoud
Ahlam Mahmoud Samara Ehsaan Uddin Ahmed
Abdel Rahman Ahmed Amar Javed Aysha Ahmed Ramadhan
Elnagoumi Ahmad Khalifa Abdulla Emad Baligh Abdel Hafez
Khalifa Bin Seraei Al Mehairi Amber Sabah Azza Adel Alian Aboukoush Maklad
Abdul Fattah Ghassan
Hussein Ahmad Mohammed Ambreen Azmat Khan Azza Hamad Suroor Emad Essam El Din
Ababneh Mohamed Sultan Al Kaabi
Abdul Ghaffar Amer Bashir Emad Hassan Abu Sammour
Abdul Hameed Sayed
Ahmad Mustafa Al Shareef
Amin Hashmi B Eman Haj Yousef
Ahmad Kabbani Babu K B
Abdul Haseeb Amin Younus Emeel Wasif Mohammad
Ahmad Yousuf Salem Badia Bouhaddou Fares
Abdul Haseeb Khan Amina Ismail Mahmoudi
Ahmed Abdulrahman Badreya Ali Al Dashti Eslam Musa Ali Yassen
Abdul Kader Kane Amine Meliani
Ahmed AlMahmoud
Abdul Kareem Sayenna Ahmed Adel Salman Al
Amir Baig Balaji Muthu F
Mohamed Mohideen Heweiti Amir Umer Balaji Saranathan Fabian D’souza
Abdul Mateen Ansari Ahmed El Abbady Amira Emselmi Basel El Gergawi Fadi Al Safi
Abdul Monem Al Abdullah Ahmed Ismail Mohammed Amira Mohammed. Al Basem Mohsen Shagera Fahd Reaz
Abdul Nasser Mahmoud Ahli Dhaheri Bashar Khalil Al Jayyousi Faisal Ali Mohamed Bin
Mohammed Ahmed Kalim Amit Giri Ghareeb Shehhi
Bassam Mohammad Al
Abdul Qadir Ali Lootah Ahmed Khalid Ahmad Amjad Fareed Khan Bawayeh Faisal Faiz
Abdul Rahman AlSagaf Abulhoul Al Falasi Biju Arackal
Amjad Hasan Abdullah Naser Faisal Hussain Al Raisi
Abdul Rauf Ahmed Rafat Mustafa Biju Nair
Amr Abdel Fattah Farrag Faiza Ali Abdulla Alzadjali
Abdul Salam Sanoj Ahmed Sayed Metwally Biju Pola
Anfal Abdulla Mohammed Faizan Ahmed hashmi
Abdul Vajid Muhammadali Ahmed Zaki Mahmood Bilal Moin Farah Ahmed
Abdulaziz Dhiyab Aziz Al Ahsan Fazili Angelina Lim Hui Hoon Byju Joseph Farah Naz Ibrahim
Abdul Salam Ailya Kazim Anglita Puedan Sollano
Abdulgafar Mohamed Adam
C Fares Abdul Aziz Yaseen
Aisha Yousuf Al Muhairi Anil Khuwaja
Awaleh Carlos Dalisay Farhatullah Shad
Akram Siraj Anila Ali
Abdulla Ali Mehrab Al Chandrasekhar Farid Ahmad Arboudi
Balooshi Alaa Jihad Saad Anjum Zahid Hussain Ramachandran
Fariha Fatma
Abdulla Bin Ahamed Cheriya Alain Marckus Anubhav Kochar Chandrasekhar Thangaraju
Farrah Nasir Khan
Thaithodarhil Albert Anthony Soosay Anupa Remesh Thawani Cheryl Nesamani
Farwa Imran Malik
Abdullah Omar Suleiman Aldrin Gerard Earl Aravind Ramkumar Cibu Francis
Al Jabai Fatemeh Malek Zadeh
Alfonsa Heredia Aref Yousuf Abdulrahman Claire Yap Cababat
Abdulrahman Abdulla Ismail Al Attar Fatheya Abdulrahman Al
Ali Abdulla Ahmad Abdulla
Al Mutawa
Alamoudy Arshad Khan
D Hammadi

Abdulrahman Dost Dahlia Mohamed Ahmed Fatima Baqir Qurban Ali

Ali Darwish Ghuloom Arun Seetharaman Abdulla
Mohammed Saleh Zayan
Ahmed Baqer
Asad Batla Fatima Salem Khamis Salem
Abdulrahman Mahmoud Al Dalal Al Safadi
Khatib Ali Khalid Ali Sharaheel Al Al Saadi
Asadullah Shaikh
Kathiri Dalal Mohamed Salah
Abdulrahman Mohammad Ashish Patel Fatin Sufian Arnaoot
Ali Mahmoud Moustafa Ali Damir Galiullin
Amin Fekri Fatma Abdulla Abdul Wahab
Ashraf Alullah Kandy
Ali Mohammed Hussein Daniel Koval
Abeer Ibrahim Al Awar Fatma Abdulla Al Zarooni
Dallal Asif Nabil Albarghothi
Danny Ramadan El Natour
Abeer Ismaeel Ahmed Al Fatma Abdulrahman Mousa
Ali Raza Asma Mohammed Essa
Marzouqi Darakshanda Khalid
AlHeloo Fatma Faisal Abdul Khaliq
Abeer Mohammed Rashid Ali Raza Ratnani
David Burn Mohamed Ali
Asma Rasheed Ahmed
Abhijeet Awale Ali Salim Dakroub
Deepak Basandani Fatma Ismail Moosa Ismaeili
Asma Sheriff
Abhijit Sarkar Ali Sultan Rakkad Al Amri
Devendra Ailani Fatma Mohammed Noor Al
Aswathi Vijaya
Abrar Hussain Alia Khalifa Obaid Khalifa Khaja
Deya’a Abu Taleb
Jadah Al Ali Atis Bagchi
Adeel Tufail Chaudhry Dhanasekar Subramani Fauzia Hammoud
Noor Islamic Bank 42

Fauzia Vohra Haris Kachancheri Iman Yousuf Al Sayegh Kasim Ali Shabbir Maha Youssuf Awida
Fawzia Ibrahim Al Awazi Harish Chandran Imran Ahmed Shaikh Kavita Jawahar Lal Dangrani Mahamoud Aidid Nur
Fazal Durrani Harmendra Prakash Ojha Imran Akbar Kazim Ali Mahasin Ismail Tarish
Fazal Naeem Hasan Askari Zaidi Imran Murtaza Khaldoun Al Khalidi Maheen Amin Mohammed
Feras Bin Eid AlHussaini Haseeb Ahmed Malik Imran Saleem Shaikh Khaldoun Jamal Ahmad
Maher Issa Hasan Farraj
Fraz Uddin Chishti Hasina Patel Imthiaz Ahmed Khaldoun Saad Baradan
Mahesh Kumar Chaturvedi
G Hassan Abdelaziz Hassan
Abdelrahman Almidfa
Imtiyaz Ahmed Killedar Khaled Ahmed Sarhan
Mahesh Sanka Fonseka
Galal Ali Ghanem Kulaib Indu Jai Narayan Pandey Khalid Ahmad Ketait
Hassan Ali Abdulla Yasin Mahmoud Abou Adla
Ganesh Sivaramakrishnan Ishaq Dhafar Ali Mohammed Khalid Iqbal Butt
Hassan Naim Al Homsi Al Bloushi Mahmoud Al Laham
Gautam Jayaraman Khalid Khan
Hassan Raza Kazmi Ishtiaq Ahmed Mahmoud Ibrahim Saafan
Gautam Sreedharan Khalifa Sultan Mahboob
Hayfaa Mohammed Saleh Ivan Rosario Dmello Farhan Mahmoud Mohamed
Geeta Sanker Mohamed Saleh M Saeed
Gev Cyrus Ayrton
Hazem Hassan J Khalifeh Jalal Al Musa
Al Ali
Hend Mohd Taleb Khasif Jabran Wali Muhammad Khawla Abdullah Salem Al
Ghaleb Hossein Mahvish Hammad
Aljaradi Khan Saadi
Ghalia Omar Bushnaq Maisam Ali Contractor
Hend Rashed Ajil Jae Seung Kim Khawla Eissa Al Mansouri
Ghinwa Ahmed Safa Maisoon Thani Al Marri
Henna Charles Jahanzab Asif Khawla Mohammed Darwish
Gibu Thomas Mathew Maitha Saied Al Qaheri
Hesam Shokrollah Jalal Sabah Al Saadi Kholoud Mohd Ali Al Wawi
Gis George Abdulhamid Yekehsavar Majid Al Banna
Jamal Mohamed Bahrudeen Koel Gupta
Gokuldas Panicker Hessa Ahmed Ahmed Majid Maqbool
James Edwin McPherson Komilla Punjabi
Mohammad Bin Yousif Al
Gopal Lalwani Makali Kobeissi
Shehhi Jan Peter Kirchhoff Kotaiba Al Sammere
Gopalakrishnan Nara Simnan Malik Khurram Shehzad
Hessa Ali Al Joker Janakiraman Lakshmanan Kulthoum Samir Shasha
Goran Bajo Malik Muhammad Asim
Hind Al Attar Jane Indhrani Naidoo Klinke Kumaravelan Longanathan
Govindharaj Rengaramulu Hisham Mirghani Gawish Javad Khan L Malka Saif Al Marri
Graham Stanley Hughes Hisham Qadri Javid Ali Anwar Lagghil Seong Manal Munzer El Shanti
Gulraiz Khan Hosad Nagaraj Jawad Haider Laila Mohammad Mubarak Manif Rifat Saeed
Gurvir Man Singh Hosam Hussien Al Refay Saeed Al Balooshi
Jawad Qurashi Manoj Balani
H Hossam Al Deen Mohammad Jayabharathi Nithiyanantham
Lamya Saleh Farid Mohamed
Manoj Kumar
Raje Al Jabour Al Awaliq
Hala Abdulla Saeed Jazeel Jalaludheen Manoj Reveendran
Abughazyain Houda Dergham Leena Shah
Jesusa Santos Arriola Manzoor Ul Haq Khattak
Hala Reffat Mohd Mansour Houssam Ramzi Al Shaikh Leila Noor Ali Ghulam Shah
Jithesh Kumar Sudhakaran Maran Soundararajan
Hala Younes Huma Naz Liaquat Ali
Joginder Singh Maria Annette Suzara
Hama Hakimi Husam Mohammed Hassan Lin Jing
John Chang Kheng Hoi Mariam Abdulla Sai Ameri
Hamad Ahmed Almulla Husein Kakajiwala Lina Ismail Al Nashash
John Jose Mariano Fernandes
Hamad Hasan Ibrahim Hussain Ahmad Al Qemzi Lina Mohd Ahmed Al Buhaisi
Mattar John Paul Jabatan Opao Marii Abdullateef Bin Brek
Hussein Adel Hussein El Aref Liyakath Ali Khan
Hamad Jasem Al Housani Jongsun Kim Mark Wilcock
Loida Mandac Raval
I Joshlay Johney Marwa Khadr Ibrahim Abou
Hamad Mohammed Ahmad Lokesh Kumar Bhavnani
Ibrahim Abdulrahim Ali Eida
Hamed Saif Ali Malalla Ismail Mulla K Lord Rajpar
Marwa Omar Al Zarouni
Hamid Abdullah Khamis Ibrahim Khalil Kurkar K.V. Aboobacker Luai Sadi Husaain Al Qadri
Mohamed Marwan Salah Mohamed
Ibrahim Sobhi Mohamed El Kamran Abdul Karim Lubna Mohammed Al Farsi Abdulla Al Mehari
Hanaa Zaid Jasseem Shami Kanwal Zaman Malik
Hanadi Abdallah Al Qaroony
M Maryam Abdulla Almehairi
Iffat Hussain Khan Karim Atef Ibrahim
Mangalpady Janardhana Maryam Amiri
Hanan Ahmed Khouri Ihab Mostafa Hammad Karim Hani Farid Abde Aziz Shanbhogue Maryam Hassan Idd
Hanan Ali Abdullah Imad Kamil Yousef Sawalha Karim Hossam Badr El Din Maged Makram Bekheet Maryam Mohammed Bin
Hanan Izhiman Imam Elias Naseem Faris
Kashif Ali Hashmi
Hanan Qadir Imam Hidayat Bin Suhadi Maha Ali Ibrahim Ali Ahmed Mayur Gada
Kashif Amin Thakkur
Haneen Al Khatib Iman Abbas Ahmed Maha Hashim Abu Fool Mazen Wael Al Khatib
Kashif Razi
Haneen AlAila Iman Bader Habib Hassan Maha Mahmood Ahmad Medha Prashant Deshmukh
Kashif Salah
Ibrahim Al Rustam Abdulrazzaq
Hansa Belani Medhat Maher Anis
Kashif Zia
Our People 43

Mehsa Sheikh Mohammad Yousef Aljamal Muhammad Kashif Aziz Nadia Aurangzeb Khan P
Mejo Jhonson Mohammd Danish Ali Nadia Naeem P. Ismayil
Muhammad Murtaza Khan
Melad Zaid Al Asmi Mohammed Abdullah Nahid Ali Al Majidi Pankaj Sharma
Mohammed Al Eidroos Muhammad Naeem
Merlyn D’Cruz Naila Saqib Parveen Habib Ali
Mohammed Ahmed Muhammad Rizwan Khan Mohammed Kokar
Mian Shahnawaz Ali Najeya Al Qubaisi
Abdullah Kodrazi
Muhammad Saleem Amir Parvez Baig
Milind Salvi Nancy Ghazarian
Mohammed Alaa Eldin
Muhammad Shahbaz Pervaiz Akhtar
Mirza Mahmood Baig Nancy Taniegra
Mohammed Asfaq Ali
Muhammad Shakir Poobalaganapathi Ayyadurai
Moaza Juma Khalfan Al Narayani Arunkumar
Mohammed Azimuddin
Shamsi Muhammad Siddique Shahid Pooja Jatwani
Naren Chandra
Mohammed Ghazi
Mohamad Abbas Ghunaim Muhammad Tarique Rehmat Pottiyangattil Hakeem
Nargiza Karimova
Mohammed Jawad Akber
Mohamad Bilal Al Habian Muhammad Umar Khan Pradeep Kumara
Khan Naseeruddin Sher Ali
Mohamed Abdalla Hussain Muhammad Umer Weerasinghe
Mohammed Khader Nasrin Nouroozi Ghoreishi
Al Sahlawi Pramila Chandrakant
Ramadan Muhammad Usman Amin
Nasrulla Sultan
Mohamed Abdel Kader Fathy Prasad Balachandran
Mohammed Mufid Khalil Muhammad Usman Khan
Nasser Salem Nasser Al
Mohamed Abdulazim Osman Qundah Prasanna Rao
Muhammad Usman Khan Nahdi
Mohamed Abdulla Ibraheem Mohammed Qadeer Khakwani Prashant Anand
Nauman Ahmed
Mohamed Alaa El Din Muhammad Waleed Ashraf Prashant Sarwade
Naveed Rashid
Mohammed Mohammed Qasim Agha
Muhammad Waqas Prashant Sitlani
Nawal Kebouri
Mohamed Ashfaq Shafee Mohammed Rajeeb Hassan
Muhammad Yousaf Prema Noronha
Nawal Said Laouar
Mohamed Gaber Abdelaziz Mohammed Said Al Tamimi
Muhannad Abdul Rahman Puneet Batra
Nada Nay Nasser
Mohammed Said Nasr
Mujeeb Khan Puthenpurayil Cherian Binu
Mohamed Gamil Sherif El Nazeer Ahmed
Mohammed Tariq Alattar
Helou Mukund Jagannathan
Mohammed Wajid Ahmed
Nazha Ahmad Q
Mohamed Hachich Mumtaz Abdullah
Nazish Hussain Qaiser Hayat Khan
Mohammed Younis Jamal
Mohamed Hady Mumtaz Ali Khan
Mohammed Alsayed Neeraj Rathi Qusay Jaffar Abdulaal
Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim Muna Abdullah Galadari
Nevin Ehliel
Mohammed Zacheria Fazeer
Muna Ahmed Al Jaber
Mohammed Ziauddin Nile Rabbani Awan
Mohamed Nasim Mohamed Rabea Essa Saif Al Ali
Kareemuddin Muna Ali Hussain
Hussein Niraj Kumar
Raed Omar Abdellatif
Mohannad Zohair Darwish Muna Ibrahim Al Mazem
Mohamed Rizny Ismail Nishad Yahiyakoya Sabbah
Mohammed Nazri Bin Chik Muna Mahmoud Hasan
Mohamed Salum Said Abeid Nishat Ahmed Rafaqat Ali
Moin Akram Nithin Charles Rafeeq Purayil
Mohamed Zahir Sameer
Munawar Ali Alvi
Mohamed Mona Badih Houri Niyaz Halid Rafi Ul Haq Mobin Ul Haq
Munazza Waqar
Mohamed Zaki Hamada Monocheher Mehdi Noman Ahmed Gill Raghavan Selvamani
Muneer Thayal House
Mohammad Abdel Moniem Moutaz Blaa Ahmed Noora Fadhel Rahim Padinjare Chalil
Abdel Wareth Mohammed Munzir Mohd Altayeb
Ahmed Ali Noora Ibrahim Ali Hassan
Mohammad Abdulkarim Moza Yousuf Mohammad Albalooshi Raja Mohammad Saeed
Makki Jaffar Saleh Mubarak Murad Farid Yousef Al
Takrouri Noora Nasib Saeed Rajan Purushothaman
Mohammad Ali Bakri Mubarak Chaudhry
Murshid Sabar Hussein Al Noora Youssuf Al Gargawi Rajesh Paman Menghani
Mohammad Anwaruzzaman Mudit Pant
Noureddin Al Khaldi Rajesh Panjunal
Mohammad Atif Khan Muhammad Adnan Ramchandani
Murtaza Ali
Muhammad Asrar Nuha Othman
Mohammad Bassam Al Baz Rajesh Poddar
Mustafa Yousuf Dhilla
Muhammad Ahmed Nuha Saleh Abdulla Saleh
Mohammad Dawood Al
Awadhi Muhammad Asif Haroon N O
Rajiv Patil
Marfani Nabeel Ali Khan Rakesh Thekke Thalakkal
Mohammad Ghazi Olin Maria Lasrado
Mahmoud Abu Amer Muhammad Asim Khan Nabeel Zuberi Ramanathan
Omaima Mustafa
Mohammad Imthiyas Muhammad Azeem Nade Ali Kazmi Ramanathan Kannaiyan
Omar Anwar
Mohammad Irfan Khan Muhammad Bilal Nadeem Ahmed Ramesh Gopal
Omar Hayat Rahman
Mohammad Kaleem Muhammad Fahad Siddiqui Nadeem Akhtar Ramkishan Jakhmola
Omar Mohamed Abdulr
Mohammad Lateef Muhammad Faisal Talib Nadeem Mohammed Rahman Mohamed Al Blooki Ramnath Divakaran
Mohammad Shadab Ashraf Muhammad Farooq Nader El Sayyed Osama Ahmed Mohammed Ramnath Venkatraman
Mohammad Waseem Muhammad Fayyaz Nadia Arfauddin Osman Malik Ramzi Al Rimawi
Mohammad Wasim Raja Muhammad Irfan Ul Haq Ramzi Hassan Younes
Noor Islamic Bank 44

Rana Fallaha Salimuddin Kasam Shaikh Shehbaz Khalid Butt Syed Moosa Kaleem Al Falahi Vishnu Gokuldas
Rana Muhammad Abdullah Salwa Mohammed Qahtan Shehnaz Zahra Syed Mubashir Hussain Vishwas Bhatia
Rana Ratib Khalil Dalani
Sameera Abdulaziz Al Jallaf
Shehryar Iftikhar Syed Nadeem Hasan Rizvi W
Ranchu Nair Sheik Siraj Ahmed Syed Najamul Hasan Wadhha Bakhit Salem
Sameera Abdulrahman
Randa Hamada Shirin Noroozi Syed Qarar Hasan Wael Sami Mohamed Saed
Mohamed Omar
Rashed Mohamed Al Humairi Shoaib Saleem Syed Raheel Hashmi Mohamed
Sami Ahmed
Rauf Arshad Shweta Sagar Obhroi Syed Raza Abbas Rizvi Wael Samih Samaha
Sami Ainous
Rayance D’Souza Siham Bengrine Syed Salman Mehdi Wael Samir El Naggar
Sami Ibrahim Al Awadi
Raza Ali Rashid Skander Ben Omrane Syed Shoukath Hussain Wafa Muhsin Jasim Ali
Samir Mubarak Alalawi
Reem Mohamed Ahmed Slim Bouker Syed Tariq Ali Wafa Sultan Al Olama
Samira Mohamed Al Nusairi
Abdalla Wajih Ahmed Qureshi
Sobia Khalid Syed Yahya Sultan
Sana Amjad
Reem Yousuf Mohammed Wajih Hansmukh
Sohail Akhtar Satti Syed Zaheer Ahmed
Al Wari Sanam Ali
Somasundaram Iyer Syeda Misha Ahmed Walid Ahmed Ahmed Saad
Reyadah Mohammed Al Sandeep Dung
Walid Ahmed Sherif Hafez
Sanjeewa Asanka
Sonia Ismael T Abdel Moneim
Richard Puttick Sreedevi Mani Tabrez Abdullah Shaikh
Sankar Ganapathy Walid Mahmoud Abdulla
Riden Canonigo Sridhar Sankarasubramanium Tahir Mahmood Sail Hassanin Abou Khodeir
Rim Abdullah Naseer Alafif Srinivasa Desikan Taline Ousana Pamboukian Waqar Ahmed Sharif
Santosh Kumar
Rishee Passi Srinivasan Tamsil Iftikhar Waqar Jameel
Sanwal Qureshi
Rivi Wickramarachchi Sriram P Tapasya Acharya Wasim Mohsen Najjar
Sara Ba’alawy
Rizwan Shakoor Srividhya Erugula Tarak Bouattour William Sean Higgins
Sara Akkila
Ro Eve Baluyot Stephane Taleb
Sara Mustafa Karam Tariq Mohamed Wali Abdulla
Roger James Warnock Subramanian Nandakumar
Saroj Dhal Yang Jin Kim
Rola Seifeddine Sudhakar Laxman Suratkal Tariq Murad Abdulla
Sathik Batcha Mohammed Yaqoob Fadhul Rashid Al
Ronald Hullana Suhail Salem Masood Doseri
Saud Yousuf Ahmed Al Tarun Sethi
Roopa Sivakumar Khoory Yaser Abdul Kareem Ibrahim
Sujata Varma Tatum Dennis De Souza Abuquta
Roudha Mohammad Ibrahim Sayed Aziz Hussain
Bilal Al Daisi Sukumar Nanwani Tehmina Yakoob Yaser Abdulrahman
Sayed Sarfaraz Nawaz
Rowena Bhurjee Sulaiman Mohammed Al Tejas Sampat Mohammed Al Shaikh
Scherezade Razi
Hargan Thafshid Hashim Yasir Arafath
Rupina Abdul Hamid Salim
Seham Abdulrahman Al Cheekylodan
Sulaiman Sait Yasir Hanif
Rushani Thanishka Thejasiri Zarouni Cheriyakuwereyil
Sumaya Haji Hassan Yousuf Yusuf Zakir Ahmed Darwish
Shabeer Buruhanudeen Thomas Paulose
Al Balooshi
S Shadi Samir Kandil
Sumeet Vasandani Thomas Poovatil Z
Sudarsan Shafaqat Ahmed Thuraya Mohammed Suhail Zabir Ahmed
Sundareswar Ganapathy
Saad Abdul Rahim Lakhani Shahbaz Khan Toqir Ahmad Zaheeruddin Ahmed
Suniti Tiwari
Saadaat Yaqub Bajwa Shahid Ali Trevor D’Souza Zahra Dorri Nogorani
Suresh Subramanian
Sabine Kouyoumdjian Shahid Hussain Randhawa Tuan Ahamath Zahra Qamber Al Mazem
Suroor Ahmed Khan
Shahid Latif Khan Zakaria Kanineh
Sabreyah Habib AlAwadhi Sushen Acharyya U
Sabrina Tariq Shahzad Ismail Zeeshan Zafar
Swatee Hemant Wagh Ubair Mohammed Butt
Sachin Joshi Shahzad Ul Haq Siddiqui Zena Nabih Darweesh Brake
Syed Abidi Haider Abbas Umer Jawad Zuberi
Saeed Amer Al Ghaferi Shaik Khaleel Ullah Zohra Arif Sayed
Syed Ahmed Unnikrishnan
Saeed Matar Al Marri Shaima Ibrahim Zuhair Bin Redha
Syed Asam Raza Usman Ahmed
Saif Mohammed Qambar Al Shakeel Akhtar Zulfikar Ali Memon
Syed Aziz Haider Naqvi
Baloushi Shali Parakkot Aboobacker
Syed Hammad Karim
Saira Altaf Variyambath Bhaskaran
Shamila Christine Perera
Syed Hassan Abbas Naqvi
Sajjad Ahmad Satti Vikas Misra
Shams Ul Haque
Syed Hussain Shirazi
Saleem Nawaz Meran Vikas Sawhney
Shariq Hussain Naqvi
Syed Ibrar Ali Kazmi
Salem Saeed Salem Bin Daar Vikrant Maurya
Shatha Syed Mohammed
Syed Mazhar Ali Shah
Salha Malalla Mohammed Al Reza Al Hashimi Vinod Babu Premakumari
Hammadi Syed Moazzam Ali Kazmi
Shayma Mohammed Hassan Vinod Puthran
Al Redha Syed Mohammed Jafri
Our People 45