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Wade (6e) Study Problem

1-25 Draw a Lewis structure for each species.
(a) N2H4 (b) N2H2 (c) (CH3)4NCl (d) CH3CN (e) CH3CHO (f) CH3S(O)CH3
(g) H2SO4 (h) CH3NCO (i) CH3OSO2OCH3 (j) CH3C(NH)CH3 (k) (CH3)3CNO
Your Lewis structure may look different from these. As long as the atoms are connected in the
same order and by the same type of bond, they are equivalent structures. For now, the exact
placement of the atoms on the page is significant.

1-26 Draw a Lewis structure for each compound. Include all nonbonding pairs of electrons.


1-27 Draw a line-angle formula for each compound in 1-26. the second structure is a more correct line formula. they will take shortcuts where possible. the first structure in each pair uses a common abbreviation. either COOH or CHO. Solutions In each set below. 1-28 Draw Lewis structures for (a) two compounds of formula C4H10 (b) two compounds of formula C2H7N (c) three compounds of formula C3H8O2 (d) two compounds of formula C2H4O Solutions 1-2 . Likewise for CHO. Make sure you understand that COOH does not stand for C—O—O—H. Since chemists are human(surprise!).

Solutions 1-3 . it is a different structure. If any atom moves position.Solutions Resonance forms must have atoms in identical positions.

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