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Ref: 06-F-1532

D a Mr. Barstow: er
Enclosed is an interim release of material in response to your April 28,2006, Freedom of Information Act request, as modified by your letter dated February 13,2007. of The Office the Joint Staff has provided the enclosed documents as responsive to your request. These 42 pages of Joint Staff Public Affairs e-mails have been 'Bates Stamped' from 4155 to 41% to assist you in reviewing this response. Please be advised h. that this office referred three pages to t e Defense Intelligence Agency for consultation. We will respond to you regarding these pages when the review process has been completed. Mr. Mark Patrick,an Initial D d Authority for the Joint Staff, has determined that same of the redacted information is exempt from release because it pertains to internal matters of a relatively trivial nature that do not shed significant light on an agency personnel rule or practice. In this instance, the redacted informationconsists of ~on-~~blic Dmartmenl of Defense (DoD) tclmhone and room numbers. Additionallv. portions of thewithheld information are specifically exempted by 10 U.S.C. 5 130b, ' which applies to personally identifiable information of p&onnel in overseas:sensitive or mutinelv deolovable nositions. Finallv. some information is withheld because release would constitute a clearly unwarrantedinvasion of the personal privacy of individuals. The redactedinformation under this exemption consists primarily of homde-mail addresses, social security numbers and pmonaUy identifying information of DoD ~monnel.11 has been DoD nolicv to withhold lists of names and other ~crsonallv D identifying information of D ~ pksonnel since the President declared ;nationals followingthe terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001. Consequently, thk information is denied pursuant t 5 U.S.C. 5 552(b)(2)(low), o (b)(3)and (bX6).

Please note that two sections on page 42 of the enclosed documents have been withheld because they non-responsiveto your request. As you reqwsted, we are providing the information to you in hard copy and on the enclosed compact disk. Sincerely,

Will Kammer Chief Enclosures: As stated

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