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re Worch 18, 1946 ur, Pronk Ve Allen 2025 Deloware Avenue . 7 Buffalo, Few Fore Dear ur, Allens reod your letter of March ond I do want to expresa my wore epprew otation for your comaendotion af FBI oad my administration of tt ap Directors I accepted the Medal fi It gave me real Re Soca, fi @21 the lol and cons: i the Federal Bureau of Investigation 0 have atded eo motertally tn mokia: thie Burecu whot it hae proved te bes It te my earnest wish thot we ef the FBI shall continue te mart your eenft= dence and geod wtll. With best wishes and Biee t Gains regorde, ke. t E 2025 Deloware Avenue BUFFALO, NEW YORK March 13, 1946 P. mo Mr, J, Edgar Hoover, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation U. S. Department of Justice Washington, D. Co ly dear Ur. Hoover: I was very happy to learn that on March 8, 1946 President Truman awarded you the Medal of Merit at the White House. It was o well deserved honor for your excellent leadership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the war years, Without you and the maobers of your organization working long and hard to prevent subversive activities in this country, it would have been impossible to keep our armies in the field well supplied with the necessary tools to finish the job at an early date, With kindest personal regards, I am GAPR 4 1946 : FEGLRAL Lusi, 0 tS) poe oe Z - ‘L: bb ui TR A) BP LER March £0, 1966 Mr, Janes A. Donoven Federal bureau of Invest tgation * 2430-37 F street, 3, ¥. ngton, D. Co Dear ir, Donovan: I want to thonk you for your lett of March 16, in connect he eotton of the President tn pre: the Medal for Merst. meing I om very hoppy about hte eereecteas thon because J consider st Stten of the fine work ond contribution of eeok and every member of the FBI. With best wishes and kind regards, Stn rely, a Rapes Hooves