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Wizard of Oz
Why The UCC Filing?
Understanding The Present Legal Back By Popular Demand
Meet Your Strawman Status of Americans Today
Secured Party Creditor
Prisoners in America Secured Party Creditor
Amazing Health Foods When you were born, you were born a Live - living,
Jim Humble's
breathing, flesh-and-blood human being, and
Miracle Mineral Supplement considered SOVEREIGN! You were only “subject” to
your parents at that moment in time. Then one of
your parents entered (signed) their signature onto a REDEMPTION 4 MANUAL
(with CAFV disc)
“birth record.” That birth record was the preliminary Requested donation of $215
document that was then soon after converted into
and became your “Live Certificate of Birth” (a/k/a THE REDEMPTION SERVICE
#1 Patriotic Newspaper
your Birth Certificate!). It was also a “contract”
with the State government between your parents
and the State – inadvertently, unknowingly, made
by your parents THROUGH their signature. Through
the parent’s signature all Title to the child is
“released to the State” (signed over to it). The State
then assumes commercial control over the contract
(birth certificate) and processes that contract more-
The Incredible or-less as if it were “Articles of Incorporation.” In
Miracle Mineral
Supplement doing so, they ultimately change all letters within the
People's Lives birth certificate “contract” entirely into all “UPPER-
...and Counting! CASE” letters, whereby they establish an ens legis
“strawman” fictional commercial debtor corporation YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION
Estimated $40 value
(the child’s name in all-caps), legally representative Requested donation of $40

Mega Multi 100 of the child. Legal fictions – such as that of ( FREE for ALL members
whom make a minimum
The ONE and ONLY corporations – being artificial persons, are lawfully donation! )
100% Certified Organic
100% Certified Organic
Whole Food Supplement restricted from “entering into contracts” with “Live the World! flesh-and-blood human beings,” and are lawfully
restricted to using only “UPPER-CASE” letters with
regards to their Title identification upon all contracts
and legal papers. This was founded and based upon
the (original) ancient "Doctrine of Parity," for to
legally/lawfully distinguish corporations from Live
flesh-and-blood “people,” so as to prevent them
from ever imprisoning human beings as slaves. This
has remained well grounded, well established
mandate for hundreds of years.

An early landmark Supreme Court case from the year

The Strongest, Most 1886 further defined this grounded fact that
Balanced, governments are corporations when the Supreme
Longest Lasting Energy the World! Court of the United States confirmed it in the
following decision:


U.S. 151 (1886): [SOURCE]

In the words of Chief Justice MARSHALL: "The United

States is a government, and consequently a body
politic and corporate, capable of attaining the objects
for which it was created, by the means which are
necessary for their attainment. This great corporation
was ordained and established by the American
people, and endowed by them with great powers
for important purposes. Its powers are
unquestionably limited; but while within those limits,
it is as perfect a government as any other, having all
the faculties and properties belonging to a
government, with a perfect right to use them freely,
in order to accomplish the objects of its institution."
U.S. v. Maurice, 2 Brock. 96, 109.
(emphasis ours)

Based upon the ancient (original) Doctrine of Parity,

we prefer to define governments more succinctly:
“ Governments are corporations.” Inasmuch as every
government is an artificial person, an abstraction,
and a creature of the mind only, a government can
interface only with other artificial persons. The
imaginary – having neither actuality nor substance –
is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with
the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that
no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect,
court, etc. thereof, can concern itself with anything
other than corporate, artificial persons and the
contracts between them."

One might immediately dispute this statement by

pointing out that people are acted upon by agents of
government and are regulated, fined, imprisoned,
plundered, brutalized, and killed by government
officials every day. True, but let us step back from
the fray and take in the whole macrocosm that we
call “modern civilization.”
So governments, being corporations themselves, and
themselves having “Strawman” Titles in all “UPPER-
CASE” legal format [at least the present day local,
state and federal entities as we know them today do
at the time of this writing] can only interface and
interact with others of “like-kind” (others existing as
a legal fiction in a corporate capacity). The Masters
of the New World Order (International bankers, royal
families, their secret societies, and the tens of
thousands of agents and attorneys they employed
throughout history to assist them in doing their
bidding and carrying out their last 200 years’ plans
and agenda) have understood this limitation very
well from the beginning. They have been extremely
careful, and incredibly cunning, in maneuvering their
legal manipulations of subversive tactics, which they
have employed so effortlessly, hand-in-hand, in
corroboration with one another, to bring about such
scheme as now exists on such a wide scale and so
concealed in its appearance today. Thus, the average
American is completely unaware of even the slightest
inclination of their “handicapped sovereign status”
and how it exists with and extends from this (their)
completely unknown to them “Strawman” legal
fiction (ens legis) unincorporated corporation. “It”
having only “limited” rights (“privileges”) as are
“granted” from the State. A legal creation of the
State, always “subject” to the State, always owing
duty, service, and tax “to” the State. All of this - in
place and active - because of one contract
“signature” originally placed upon and still existing
with the child’s birth certificate record… (as well as
“other” adhesion contracts since).
This corporate strawman is supposed to serve as a
commercial “transmitting utility” and buffer for the
Live flesh-and-blood human being – for conveying
goods and services in commercial activity to the Live
flesh-and-blood human being, for when dealing with
all commercial activities and affairs, and all future
activities and affairs, involving commerce. Thus, the
Strawman functions as a conduit for the transmission
of goods and services from all derived sources of
business and commercial exchange as involved and
connected with all business transactions between the
Live flesh-and-blood and these other entities
involved in commerce - as relates to the Live flesh-
and-blood (or their transmitting utility “Strawman”)
moving in commerce and involving business
transactions related to commerce at any given time
and on a day-to-day basis. What is also not revealed
to anyone, is how the Live flesh-and-blood human
being is also made an accommodation party and
surety (Debtor) “to” their commercial Strawman
through that same birth certificate “contract.”
Through this birth certificate “contract,” all Title (and
property) of the human being is surrendered over to
the State. The State, itself being a sub-corporation
and sub-agency of the federal government, is also
contractually bound to the debts and obligations of
the “United States” government. As such, the State
then forwards the birth certificate to the Department
of Commerce in Washington, D.C. for to “register” it
with the DOC (thus establishing secured interest over
it). From there, the birth certificate is then sent to
the Department of Treasury. The Treasury then
opens a UCC Contract Trust Account (very much like
that of a bank account) for the corporate Fiction
named on the birth certificate, and a 9-digit
“number” is then assigned to that account. This 9-
digit account number is what later on issues as the
corporate fiction Strawman’s SSN number. The birth
certificate is then sent to the Federal Reserve, where
it is then converted into a “one-million dollar” bond.
That one-million dollar bond is then sent back to the
Treasury where it is credited “to” the Debtor’s UCC
Treasury Contract Trust Account. This one-million
dollars, as deposited, is for commodities, necessities,
schooling, and other like things that the child will
need throughout the child’s life from womb until
tomb. However, it doesn’t work anything like that
(like a bank account that can be leisurely drawn from
at any given time). Instead, the Social Security
Administration controls and regulates that account,
for the child’s Strawman, throughout the life of the
child. Meanwhile, that one-million dollars is then
“debited” from that same account, by the
government, and is then invested elsewhere in
“stock” for profit and gain to the government (none
of which is for or ever goes to the child, nor is ever
returned back to that same account). Instead, the
child goes on to serve as a guarantor and obligation
to the child’s own strawman corporate legal Fiction –
which in turn is thus obligated to the “Debt” of the
fictitious bankruptcy of the United States. Thus the
child grows up always subject to and always owing
some sort of tax (“interest” on the fictitious debt!).
All property is maintained in the strawman Debtor’s
name, with the Debtor always subject to and
obligated to the government and its financial
obligations, and therefore with the Debtor only
holding “certificates” of Title to property; but not
“Title” itself!
Then there is the matter with the “State” itself! It is
not the “state” as most would presume. Rather, even
the “state” is not what it appears; and to the
contrary, is itself – at least since the 1935 Buck Act –
is just another “fictional” corporate creation of the
Masters of the New World Order and are not the
original “States” as were established from the
national and state constitutions. The New World
Order “ALL-CAPS” fictional “STATE(S),” are also in a
fictional “state” of bankruptcy “to” the new world
order International Bankers gang! The fictional
corporate de facto STATE/STATES have no money of
exchange (silver or gold); but rather, only use “units”
of measurement of human energy, being another
fictional creation: “Federal Reserve Notes” (units),
electronic/paper numeric “debt” dollars. The
manipulators’ tools of control over Live flesh-and-
blood people’s human “Energy” – and the people’s
entire lives, freedom and happiness. The United
States and its sub-corporation States use this fiat
fractional reserve banking system, along with their
artificially induced “bankruptcy,” to configure and
extract large, massive amounts of the human being’s
“energy” from the human being, over a period of
time throughout the human being’s life. It does this
in many various forms; mostly taxes, but many other
subtle ways, as well; including: employment tax,
sales tax, property tax, license renewal and
registration fees (a subtle form of tax), through
traffic tickets and court fines (a stealthy way of
taxing; but still “tax!”), gasoline tax, tax on bank
accounts, etc. When someone is taxed from their
employment, it is usually around one quarter of their
earnings (or more). When they then shop and make
purchases from their remaining income they usually
pay out another 6% to 8% more, from their
remaining income, in sales tax (depending upon the
State). Property tax is absolutely unbelievable –
especially when it is supposed to be home and land
“owned” by the people. A sad fact is that most of this
heavy, burdensome, so called “tax” does not even go
towards financing government, agencies, defense,
law enforcement, education, welfare, nor the
maintenance of roads, highways or facilitation of
transportation, etc. Rather, most tax is only applied
towards the so called “interest” on the “debt” of the
United States government – and “NEVER” even
applies towards the so called “principal.” All this
manipulated Debt and Taxes! It’s all about human
Usually when the Live flesh-and-blood man or
woman is discovering for the first time the truth
about this great deception and the mechanisms and
system that were used to entangle them in this
massive web of deceit, they are usually, at the same
time, also being introduced to and learning about the
available “remedy” for it all. Understanding the
remedy is a matter of understanding the laws of
cause and effect – whereby practically any problem
can be completely reversed through the simple
solution of figuring out the cause of the effect and
then reversing the direction of the effect back to the
cause, through the nexus. The same here! The cause
was the contract put into place via the parent’s
signature upon the birth record. The effect was that
of “another” having gained “property title” to (thus,
enslavement of) the Live flesh-and-blood (like taking
possession of “property”), resulting in another’s
beneficial use of the enslaved flesh-and-blood’s
“energy.” The nexus (system) in-between, that
connected the cause with the effect, was the
“Uniform Commercial Code” (UCC). Thus, the cause
was the contract, and the contract was the parent’s
signature upon the birth record; that birth record
(birth certificate) being the tool used that established
the cause. The Solution: reversal of the same UCC
system (nexus) “backwards” from the effect
(enslaved flesh-and-blood) to the cause! (the
contract). Simply reverse the positions of the cause
with that of the effect, through the nexus, and the
result is the remedy! Convert the enslaved flesh-
and-blood (effect) into the new CAUSE (signature
contract), and at-the-same-time convert the birth
certificate contract into the new EFFECT (enslaved
property). Now the Live flesh-and-blood is the
“contract” (through their signature) and the previous
birth certificate “contract” is now the “enslaved
property” (secured property title) of the Live flesh-
and-blood. Now the Live flesh-and-blood has
complete control over their own life and full 100%
gain from 100% production of their “own” energy!
And the nexus is still the UCC! What is this specific
reversed cause and effect solution called? In this
case: The UCC Secured Party Process! And more
particularly, this new “ADVANCED” Secured Party
Process… The Redemption Service proprietary
“Secured Private Title Bond Process!”
A Secured Party, having regained control of their life
and their sovereignty, is no longer subject to the
same controls as existed prior to their UCC secured
party process when they were unknowingly an
accommodation party to, and guarantor for, the
fictional corporate entity debtor “strawman,” that
functioned as their name in all upper-case caps, and
existed from the time of their birth certificate – as
well as other adhesion contracts. One such reason
that the Live flesh-and-blood no longer has so much
external control existing over them after a UCC
Secured Party Creditor process, is because they are
no longer obligated to the fictitious “bankruptcy” and
“debt.” The Secured Party Sovereign’s medium of
exchange is that of silver and gold coin under
Original Law (common law) and Original jurisdiction.
The Secured Party is completely “exempt” from any
government bankruptcy, debt, tax, interest, or any
other type “liability” (especially liabilities that can
only be paid in “Federal Reserve Notes”). Sovereign
Live flesh-and-blood people can not be forced or
compelled to even “use” valueless unbacked Federal
Reserve Notes (FRNs). The Sovereign Live flesh-and-
blood Secured Party can not be forced to “pay” in
FRNs for any debt or liability incurred (or supposedly
incurred). Thus, they are exempt from any and ALL
payment demands made in or subject to FRNs. At
the same time, with there being no lawful money of
exchange (silver or gold coin) readily available - due
to the manipulated bankruptcy and the government
having removed all gold [and silver] from the supply
of the American people [see HJR-192] - and this
being the reason that the government uses unbacked
valueless commercial paper (FRNs) in the discharge
of all its debts and obligations in commerce,
therefore the Secured Party can not even be made
obligated to pay any debts in “silver or gold,” as well.
There is none readily available! It is therefore only
under “NECESSITY” that a Secured Party flesh-and-
blood even uses FRNs as a medium of exchange
throughout their daily activities. Even then, and
because it is only by virtue of “NECESSITY” that they
do use FRNs on a daily basis, they are still “exempt”
from any type of “bankrupt government” FRN debts
or liabilities. Besides, the STATE – being a bankrupt
“debtor” – can not compel anything upon a Secured
Party “Creditor.” It was YOUR “energy” that was
credited to them! Thus, they borrowed from YOU!
They are, always have been, always WILL BE the
actual “DEBTOR” to YOU! Always owing YOU!
When the Secured Party Creditor (SPC) is confronted
with any type of debt, obligation, liability, service,
contract, etc., be it from a bank, government
agency, public official, credit bureau, utility
company, or any other type agency or entity that
functions exclusively with use of FRNs – and/with
these very commercial entities and transactions
being based in bankruptcy and commercial “debt” -
the SPC, through “exemption,” is thus able to
“discharge” the above type debt. Through an
“Acceptance for Value,” the SPC “Accepts the debt for
Value!” (the “value” being “DEBT!”) - with the SPC
being exempt from such “debt.” The SPC simply then
has only one remaining option, and that is to
therefore “discharge” the debt!
The purpose for doing this “Chargeback” to the
Secretary of the Treasury is for to create and
“charge up” a whole new UCC Treasury Contract
Trust Account in order so that you can discharge
debts and obligations and thus handle the
commercial affairs of your strawman Debtor – all
from a brand new account that you are now creating,
and all without interference from any third or outside
parties. In the beginning, when you were a newly
born infant, your parents – through their signature –
at that time created and “charged up” an all new
UCC Treasury Contract Trust Account for you! You
are now doing this exact same thing – only you are
creating and opening up a whole new account, with a
number that is based upon your registered mail
“tracking number,” - and unlike your parents, you
are doing exactly what they DID but only YOU
understand so; they did not!
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