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Black Diamond Orbit Lantern

Black Diamond Orbit Lantern

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Published by: threstdada on Nov 03, 2010
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Black Diamond Orbit Lantern

A bright, non-glaring, pocket-sized mini lantern, the ultra-lightweight Orbit is perfect for trekking and backpacking. Designed for long-distance trekkers and backpackers, the Black Diamond Orbit lantern stands a mere 4 inches tall when compacted, making it ideal for anyone who wants to shave a few grams off their load. The Orbit is equipped with a DoublePower LED bulb with 45 lumens intensity (max setting) enclosed inside a frosted globe. The Orbit lantern is small enough to fit inside a pack's front or side pocket. The resulting light is bright yet non-glaring, making it a good choice for reading or cooking in the dark. The light also includes a dual reflector system that captures and maximizes light output, along with a unique dimming switch that provides adjustable brightness. Best of all, the light is tinier than most other lanterns, with a lightweight housing that can easily fit in one of your pack's front or side pockets. The Orbit--which operates on an NRG2 rechargeable battery kit or four AAA alkaline batteries--extends as tall as 5.5 inches and weighs 0.3 ounces. It also includes a collapsible hanging loop so you can suspend the lantern from a tree branch or tent pole. About Black Diamond What began with a backyard anvil and a hammer has grown into a global company with offices on three continents. Black Diamond's roots extend to 1957, when an 18-year-old Yvon Chouinard started pounding out hand-forged pitons. To support his climbing habit, Chouinard traveled to Yosemite National Park and sold gear from the trunk of his car. His intelligent designs were quickly recognized by climbers as among the best available. By 1958, when Warren Harding completed the first ascent of the Nose on Yosemite's El Capitan, Chouinard's chrome-poly steel pitons had become an integral part of his rack. Chouinard Equipment, located in Ventura, California, was born shortly thereafter. Through the years, the company introduced such innovative gear as redesigned carabiners, the world's first rigid crampon, the first curved-pick ice axes, and the XCD binding, a strong, heat-treated aluminum telemark binding that stood out compared to the flimsier bindings of the time. In December 1989, the company became the first employee-owned entity in the climbing industry and rechristened itself as Black Diamond. The company is now based in Salt Lake City, Utah--within minutes of great rock climbing, ice climbing, and backcountry skiing--and includes offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company continues to release award-winning products as Black Diamond, including the world's first plastic telemark ski boot, AvaLung packs that allowed the user to breathe when buried in snow, carbon-fiber ice axes, and the HotWire, the world's first wire-gate carabiner. Lowest Price - Too Low to Display Click to See!

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