Dear colleague, More than 160,000 European enterprises are cooperatives.

There are clear advantages of this type of undertaking: sustainability, employment and solidarity. Although cooperatives make profit in order to reinvest in their business, they don't see profit making as their primary objective. The economic crisis has shown that more than ever cooperatives have an important role to play. Therefore I would like to invite you to: A Competitive Europe? The Case for Cooperatives Kick-off event 16 November 2010 9.00-12.00 hours Room ASP A1G2 European Parliament, Brussels With participation of a broad range of sectors, including European cooperatives and cooperative enterprises from the banking sector, the retail sector, the housing sector and the pension sector. Please e-mail your name, date of birth and full address to, when you need an access badge, before November 9th. Looking forward to see you. Best regards, Dennis de Jong