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aq sey Minneapolis Minnesota deted May 6 7..psm, Dear Mr. Fort = : ‘ I want to thank you for bulléing the Tora, we as fast and as sturdy a ear as you Wid, ‘ctherwise. r'weihe’ dt : have gotten away fran the coppers in that Wisconsing Minnesota, — * case, ‘Yours $111 1 have the pleasure of -sciithe qu: #0 ea Sohn Dillinger 2.517 7-733) oa [BEOORDED WAY IRIS hie MAY 15 1934 Go yo nar Detroit, Michigan May 21, 1934 J. Bagar Hoover, Director Division of Investigation ‘ U. S. Department of Justice Washington, D.C. i ‘My dear Mr, Hoover: I am enclosing herewith in coloppane conteiner, letter mailed on May 16, 1934 at Detroit to Mr. HenryWora Dearborn, Nichigan and signed "JohngDillinget*, I received this letter this morning frobokr. Harry Belnett of the Tord Motor Company, uv It te Mr, Bennett's desire thet when you bave made photostatic copies of this letter and you no longer need the same for your Miles, that it he returned. I would ep- preciate your sending it to me end I will forward 1t to hin. Will you kindly advise me imedintely as to the results of your leboratory teste regarding fingerprints, hand~ writing, ete. Nith kindest personal regards, I an o truly yours, Donald S. Leonard Commanding Dist, No. 2 f Michigan State Police b2-29777-167% 1986. my %,