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A Unique Fish Tank by Michelle Jackson-Mogford

A Unique Fish Tank by Michelle Jackson-Mogford

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Published by Purple Cows, Inc.
Fabulous, imaginative way to create a display for photos using the Purple Cows Laminator. Great gift idea!
Fabulous, imaginative way to create a display for photos using the Purple Cows Laminator. Great gift idea!

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Published by: Purple Cows, Inc. on Nov 03, 2010
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A {Unique} Fish Tank


Purple Cows 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer #1040 Purple Cows Click Blade Colonial #2810 Purple Cows Freestyle Mouse #6040 Purple Cows Click Blade Score #2811 Purple Cows Hot & Cold Laminator #3015/3025 Purple Cows Click Blade Straight #2801 Purple Cows Click Blade Wave #2803 Purple Cows Click Blade Victorian #2809 scissors

A Purple Cows Designer Project


Purple Cows Hot Pockets 8.5"x11" #4040 Purple Cows Hot Pockets 12"x12" #4050 Purple Cows Hot Pockets 11"x17" #4090 Cosmo Cricket Snorkel crafting kit Clear snaps cats eyes ink stacker - chocolate and blueberries Clear snaps Smooch Spritz ink in blue Clear snaps glitter Clear snaps smooch inks Helmar scrap dots and 450 quick dry adhesive Alcohol inks, white card, colored pencils

by Michelle Jackson-Mogford http://mjm-thearttart.blogspot.com/ http://mjm-thearttart.com

A {Unique} Fish Tank
Step by Step Instructions:
1. Using the Guillotine on the Purple Cows 2 in 1 combo trimmer trim the sides and back for your fish tank from Cosmo Cricket beach towel paper. The front and back will be 10'' x 12'' and the sides 10'' x 7''. 2. From some scrap paper trim 2 more rectangles 1 @ 8'' x 10'' and 1 @ 8'' x 5''. Centre these rectangles on to the side and front and back pieces you have just trimmed (the one at 5'' wide for the side pieces the one at 10'' wide for the front and back) and mark around them with a pencil. These pencil rectangles will act as a guide for you to cut out the apertures.

3. Using decorative click blade #2803 in the rotary side of the Purple Cows 2 in 1 combo trimmer, cut out the apertures from each piece. As the blade doesn't make contact until you press down on it, you can position it to cut an accurate and perfect aperture every time. Ink the apertures when you're done to bring out the lovely scallop edge using the clearsnaps blueberry ar Ye ink.
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4. Put the sides and front and back of your fish tank into some #4050 Purple Cows Hot pockets. Centre the pieces lining them right up to the top to leave laminate available for the folds later. Once all the paper is in place give the apertures a good spritz with the smooch ink spritz and leave the pockets open to dry. 5. While the fish tank pieces are drying fill a # 4040 Purple Cows hot pocket with a mix of blue and green alcohol ink to create a random pattern. Leave the pocket open to dry (don't close the pocket while it is wet as it will ooze ink when it goes through the laminator!)

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A {Unique} Fish Tank
6. While all the Hot pockets fillings are drying, using the guillotine again trim 2 rectangles for the top and bottom of the tank. I used Cosmo Cricket carbonation for this. Both rectangles need to be 12'' x 7''. Put one rectangle into a # 4050 Purple Cows hot pocket and the other one in a # 4090 Hot Pocket, centering it so we can fold edges over later to create the lid. 7. Switch on the Purple Cows #3025 hot/cold laminator and while it is heating up sprinkle some clear snaps glitter into the now dry hot pockets (the ones with the apertures and the alcohol ink one) and then close them up. Get a spare piece of 12'' x 12'' card ready at this point to use as a feed guide for your hot pockets to support them as they go through the laminator (you don't need to use this method for the base and lid pieces as they are solid paper pieces) 8. Laminate all your pieces and when you're done don't forget to switch off the machine (unless you've been collecting things to laminate, don't forget you can have a laminator session for up to 2 hours before you need to give the machine a rest!) 9. Now you need to cut all the pieces to size with the guillotine and score folds using click blade # 2811 in the rotary trimmer of the 2 in 1 combo. Trim the 12'' x 10'' front and back pieces to the 12'' width (remember to allow a small margin at the sides of the 12'' to contain the lamination) and trim it at 10 1/4''. Score along the bottom at 10'' and fold the extra 1/4'' to allow this to adhere to the base. Trim the 10'' x 7'' side pieces to 10 1/4'' x 7 1/2'' then scoring the height at 10'' and 1/4'' on either side folding them over to create the fixing tabs for the box. Trim the base up to the sides of the paper remembering to leave that lamination margin and then trim the lid piece with a 3/4'' lip all the way round (making it 13 1/2'' x 8 1/2'') score Year these 3/4'' lips and fold over. Cut into the corners n te e as you would when making a box so the flaps sit inside each other.

10. Now you have all the box pieces ready the next job is to cut the 'sandbanks' for the inside of the tank. Choosing different patterned papers from the Cosmo Cricket snorkel kit cut some sand banks using decorative click blades #'s 2809 and 2810 in the Purple Cows freestyle mouse # 6040. Make 2 12'' wide and up to 4'' in height and 2 6'' wide up to about 5'' high. Using the freestyle nature of the mouse you can create some lovely curved pieces for your tank. Using the rotary trimmer and the score blade, score at 1/4'' up from the bottom of each piece, make the fold and make a small cut upwards along this tab about halfway along.

Purple Cows Inc. 3210 North Canyon Rd. Suite 307 Provo, UT 84604 USA www.purplecows.net • information@purplecows.net

A {Unique} Fish Tank

11. Next using the straight edge click blade # 2801 in the rotary trimmer cut some slits in the base piece, evenly spacing them along the width and cutting 2 slits at 11'' and 2 at 5 1/2''.

12. Thread the sandbank tabs through the slits in the base, fold one bit of the tab one way and the other half the other and glue in place under the base using Helmar 450 quick drying glue. Folding the tab 2 ways like this will make the sandbank stand up. 13. Using the Helmar 450 glue again, glue the tabs on the bottom of the front, back and side pieces to the under side of the base (so the sides will stand up around the base. 14. With the sides pushed upright use the tabs on either side to glue to the front and back pieces on the inside to create the box for the tank. 15. Glue the corners of the lips on the lid together using the Helmar glue.
r Yea 16. Cut some seaweed shapes from the alcohol ink filled pocket and some fish shapes. Glue the seaweed shapes to the n te e front of some of the sandbanks using the Helmar glue which dries clear and add in some shells using Helmar scrap dots. Glue the fish to some strips of waste laminate and fold over a tab at the end to glue into the inside of the lid.

Purple Cows Inc. 3210 North Canyon Rd. Suite 307 Provo, UT 84604 USA www.purplecows.net • information@purplecows.net

A {Unique} Fish Tank

17. Cut out a mermaid body from some white card and color with clearsnaps smooch ink and colored pencils and then cut the head from a photograph of the person you'd like to capture in this fishy setting and glue in place. Glue scrap strips of laminate to the mermaids and in the same way as the fish glue these into the inside of the lid. 18. All that remains is to put the lid on the box, place somewhere to display and enjoy your fish and mermaids bobbing about in their glittery, fishy world. What fun pieces of home decor will you create with your Purple Cows tools? Thanks for playing along with me on this project, happy crafting loveM x

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Purple Cows Inc. 3210 North Canyon Rd. Suite 307 Provo, UT 84604 USA www.purplecows.net • information@purplecows.net

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