Usage of Software in supply chain management

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Supply Chain Management (SCM)
‡ Managing flow of information through supply chain in order to attain the level of synchronization that will make it more responsive to customer needs while lowering costs ‡ Keys to effective SCM
± ± ± ± information communication cooperation trust

Supply Chain Illustration .

8-4 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY¶S ROLE IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN ‡ IT¶s primary role is to create integrations or tight process and information linkages between functions within a firm .

Business Process Integration ± Supply chain management (SCM) ± provide a direct electronic connection with suppliers ± Enterprise resource planning (ERP) ± integrate all the internal processes through a common information system ± Customer relationship management (CRM) ± information system to manage all the functions that deal with customers .



customers. instantaneously .Information Technology: A Supply Chain Enabler ‡ Information links all aspects of supply chain ‡ E-business ± replacement of physical business processes with electronic ones ‡ Bar code and point-of-sale ± data creates an instantaneous computer record of a sale ‡ Radio frequency identification (RFID) ± technology can send product data from an item to a reader via radio waves ‡ Electronic data interchange (EDI) ± a computer-to-computer exchange of business documents ‡ Internet ± allows companies to communicate with suppliers. shippers and other businesses around the world.

Online Sourcing/ Procurement Process .

Online Sourcing/ Procurement Process (cont.) .

) .Online Sourcing/ Procurement Process (cont.

Relationship between Facilities and Functions along the WalMart Supply Chain .

A WMS 10-13 .

sample CDC Software CGram Software Epicor Software Microsoft Dynamics GlobalTranz ‡ .SCM Software ‡ ‡ Software Providers for Large Corporations (more than 1000 employees) sample E-Business Suite Peoplesoft SAP TradeBeam ‡ Software Providers for Small and Medium-Size businesses (from 10 to 1000 employees) .

Linking Supply Chain with SAP .

Supply Chain Management Architecture 9-16 .

Software Components .

Inventory Management Architecture .

Interfaces and Services 9-19 .Components.

9-20 .An Example: Java Enterprise. Corba and Web Services.

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