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Electric vehicles provide good solutions for environmental and energy crisis. If
Steer-by -Wire system (SBW) is adopted in electric vehicles, which provide good
solutions for environmental and energy crisis, both energy efficiency and automobile
handling and stabilities will be higher. Traditional steering system has a mechanical
connection between steering wheel and steered wheels, so it can’t overcome the inherent
contradiction between steering saving labor and steering agile. SBW adopts a road feel
motor to feedback road feel to the driver hands and a steering motor to steer actively
according to different driving status and driver’s desire thus cuts off the traditional
mechanical connection between steering wheel and steered wheels. Motor choice
involving motor type and motor parameters match and motors layout in SBW are
discussed. First motor control system hardware and software are presented. PID
algorithm is adopted in lower control strategy. SBWECU controls the steering motor to
steer front wheels actively so as to improve handling and stabilities and active safety, and
controls steering wheel motor to supply the driver with ideal road feel according to
vehicle motion status, road and driver’s preference. Only when SBW shows more safety
features and is cheaper than traditional steering systems, will SBW be put into large
production and replace traditional steering systems. So motor motion control of road feel
motor and steering motor and large quantities of hardware-in-loop test before running on
actual roads are crucial. Finally hardware-in-loop bench test, which can simulate steering
resistance that car meets when steering on actual road, is conducted to evaluate motor
control validity of the two motors.