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May 28,1940 sceluuoes flee: Vela Boke re ow York NeYs H tie facon a , Ne, uf : Dear Sir, aot ovening"T rend in yopgedummauhich is publinhed datly oxcert of oor loca! reper, MN oor critiecsn of ergh 4 opinion is that your criticism was unfair and uncalled for but just about what might be expected from you.Some of the recent radio speeches by "tin can"Senators criticising the Colonel had about the 19 odor as your sitielesthe stench of politi Why thie sudden hysterical preparation for war by our government? Why the rediculous fear inspiring speeches by our Hebrew Winded President? Politien aguine ‘ould you even suggest that Colonel Lindberg failed to impart to our Qovernkont all’ the information he had on Cernany's preparation for war whon Mevcelurnad' from ahrond7Mny @id not our nit wit President act then?Suroly our goverment had infarontion on Garanny and know what Bitior wee plenning end a EFWey"lant they should pevestasteed of accopting Lindborg's tnfornation tnd raking se of Mt and at doset felloriag sone of bie suggestions he was May 28,1940 i iter Winchell, ridiculed and scoffed at.Now ho is boing persocuted.Verily the pover and influence of the Jewish controlled press and redio is enormous.It is truly @ cenace to our country. Despite your criticiom and suggestion I think Lindberg has more real, sensible wobinsed,unselfish,Anerican Patriotien in the tip of his little finger than you can possibly ever hope to have in your whole body and the quicker this country follows Hitler's example and ride itself of you end the other Leeches the quicker this country will be more livable. — br ee 7 ANONYMOUS COMMUNICATION SEP ENVELOPE ATTACHED x “ Yow about England paying her War debts before give the old Great Bendit more money or a save her cswari eck again ? F. D.R’s Air Program ISOLATIONIST LANDY ; Brooklen:Tfaney that soceh of Worthy OF Movies, Lindberg} ‘wil hal he ware Al Williams Says Bea sho put chp on Une WASHINGTON e-P)—sajor alien eronauica ge tha nia acted the ad sean in nen i's Shoulder and then kick dist Helping it roverements in the shina ith, jrbal attacks. Brarb.* Presbyte ROCHE: (> Slenall power potics ind aid) ALL CROOKS TOGETHER? ersi ane ee Sever trar! Mitts Tahoe may So ‘worthy ot Helivwond (Me "Reacevlés eel you diferent aS rH BREE el aroha Re |) someanog They never intend to pay us and only regard us as silly esses at they called our soldiers when we went to thetr rescue last time, England has been a theif and fraiter for 1000 yeare yread it in history ,stop crying for the Helprand of a uittie ror the one third of our own people . (Dogrm hrt So ye Recorven ¢ isvaxan |4/20% god] CORRAL 'BURDAI OF INVESTIC BAT HOR a s . 18 1940 a Ce 6 JUN 2 DETART NEST OF JUSTICE = \ L oe \ 6 .