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1 We Teans= 2 Kansas city=. Werark-1 -Pe etter from the Bureau to Washington Picld Division dated October 4, 1941 Report of Special agent ©, KAHRHOFF of ‘Washington Field Division a so/eayle of Report of Special agent ©. &. KAHRHOFF : the Field Division dated 10/25/42. fits 4a the Joint report of Special Agents tae, B. TORARE, 0. B. TALBURCT as '. BILLINGS, T. 8. COUNCIL tna Tom York that tho besror be 2d to the garden on this/evoning.It | on F— should be mentioned thsé at this particular da! Cctober W0th, CHARLES A. LINDBIRGH and SENATOR! guost speakers at ark{iGRICA FIRST PA LY. stated he id not reed] thie persons nane told him that | 96 the letter would not adaif hin to this porformance end m ceosted that he co to the 40th Street ontrance of Madison Square Carden and talk with’ who is a Special Guard handles all special requests andpagses for admittance to performances such as these. Agent Talburtt proccoded to the 49th Strect entrance end obscrved the sanc unidentified white man talking with jand aftr this person had left contacted in fort to find out the name of this individual. inforacd agent Talburtt thet he had triod to gain admission to the gardon this evening on the strongth of having « letter Sioned by CHARIS 4» LIVER, howsver, he would not aéait stated that he did not recall bic name but in tho em same individual roturned ha would meke an effort to obtain his full nancy address and the content of ths letter. tee of EOE intoreation, pa gorten of a roport datas rita; be 1, I by the ® Bureau froa an outs: confident 9,309 AL waroeston cONTAMES “0 tne fT TACIRBG. eh % SEP 29 1942. Plt \ rete Fuge CF Lv TGATION PRR Ge } ‘i 7 # z August 20, 1962 : Ke a ti ae ( = is On the west coast of Florida for the past 10 years Qe there's bem a bend of smgglers operating from Terpon Springs on dow to Cape Sable. The three main points of contact with this gang of smugglers have been in the vicinity of Punta Gorda Harbor, Pine Island and Big Hickory Pass, out from Bonita Springs, Florida. The group is so tied up with commercial fish z men in thet area that the fisherman have openly declared that ag, Lb Corfe Ming there are not enough coast guard boats and seaplanes to keep track of them because there are so many places they can operate from. Before we go further in this situation, there is one angle that seems quite strange and that is that part of this. group of smug lers have on several occasions been talking 1 SI y " Ay ate. TAINED a EEO ‘ y a TPE JOR as which 4s seven miles noth the roadhouse know as "Pho\Tower: Cr “eA HY, 3e2 ELS one ALL INFORMATION coNTs ft Le of Punta Gorda. They were wondering (m it was on three occas HEREIN sions in the past three years Cherles}Lindbergh quietly visited an island located very near Fish Island and Bird Island, at are located twelve miles out in the gulf off of Fort seul copies Desrrovep Understand that the "Towers" has been one of tl R8780cr 6 9G 186 Places and one of the leaders of this group of smugglers s who drives a big Packard car (nafie ae This garg of smugelers started enerally hangs _ CS B31 Hes pest in bhinese wa 1942 Lyell arouni this roadhouse. - ” cEmAN S70 jew York, N. ¥., July 51, 1922, ‘Regarding the Germans coming into the U.s.a, 4 confidential contact seid that from F, ort Meyer to Bonite Springs on the Gulf Const of Florida you will find hundreds of Selands, : Gols Lindbergh visited sone of these islands four times since 1989 end it wm te these delands the smgelers use to bring the Conmnists, now the Serums are usis = the seme point, “RZ | 2 & The coast Guar € 4 does mot have enough boats to watch the territory, watch the fisher ‘Why not A boat goes out with only one nen, but vi + at Einos heve two end three extra, tunga hee the nose prosiesh actinstys _ Lhe en Joavirig Tor the nots. they come beck, Pi partment employee $1.00 for confidential in- formation relative to 16,000,000 paire of shoes for army and denied an: war plang Bureay. (Encs) 2 - qaahington Field wn \toecereoeomnnesee! i eae DETAILS: AT WASHINGTON, D.C. / This investigation 1 profitcated upon information received 3. Director, to the effect that AF.D.1% Secret ‘Nar Plan Revealed," arrying the by-line "Copyright 1941 by = 4 eh appeared on December by 19hL, in the ines Herald, Washington, D. Ce, on page 1, a send is continued on page 6-A, colums 1, 2, 3, and 4, and page 7, Colum 1, which itea mentioned that the document (secret war plan) becane available to the ashingten Tines Herald and the Chieago Tribune on Decenber 3, 1941, was the result of « leak. The orizinal of the above war plan, or Apay and Navy estiaate, is dated Septenber 11, 1941, and was prepared by the’Army and Navy Departnents in compliance with a letter from the Preoiden€ dated duly 9, 1542, covering over-all production requirements to defeat the eneades. ’ which int "Sr, Tans , vas interviewed by and Lieuter J. SRADSORD on December 20, 1941, erview is hereafter set out: publication of intinate details of a secret plan of the ar Dezartcent, and in connection therewith we were advised that you were the source or the authority for a story indlcating that a congressman from Missouri had paid an amount which is described a3 3400, 3600, and 3800 to a clerk in the Yar Depart~ s faent for information which the congressmen subse- F ently used in a speech. Our interest is to see = if there is any connection in that particular picture that we can run back to tie up with the bigger picture that we are interested ing WU oe eye 2 von se te ater . ry in hicazo Tribune that dealt with the ! i =3- COND AIRTIAL "RK. No—-do I know anyone vho would have access to those different safes? "Yes, "K, No, I thoucht they were all indivicual. 1 think that is + Mk. Mo, T still adhere to my original idea about that thing, whether it is right or wrong. = "0, I mean as to any personal, not to any political, status it might have-— "AL Now "Q. You have no idea how any such a plan or tabulated series of papers could be-- "k. I don't knor whether there wes such # plan or tabulated series of papors. I just don't know thats I have seen nothing. io one has told me that there was such a plan. i hove heard this said in conver- sation among officers that that was a part of a plan--1 don't renenber the designation; this was afterwards. Here's something I have heard of. Ihave heard of an all-out effort, end in the ciscussion of personnel for that all-out effort I have heard that we would have somewhere betneen 600,00_and a million ren in the amy air forces. If you checked that thing Out that means that we are going to have anywhere fron forty to a hundred thousend officers. We hed eighteen tnndred, I velieve, three years ago, 50 you can see what @ tremendous expansion it vould wean, "G, here did that knowledge come from? "A. I don't know, Mg, TAD: The allegation is made from somo source that this plan was not handled ty soneone in the War Lepartzent direct to a news- paperman, but that it went out through chamels on the basis of a personal iiaison betyeen soreone rather prominent in the isolationist group who had connections in the Uar Department and other connections on the hill or in newspaper circles, Naturally in an inquiry of this kind the nane of Colouel LINDB:ROH comes into discussion and I wondersd if you “new ; anything about Colonel LINDBS.CH's connections in the Air Corps--rho he : might have a business association with, what his associations there vere. ‘friends, I mot Colonel LinDBSTGH through Colonel LOVE. Colonel LINDBCRGH “has been to my housé three tines to see Colonel LOVE when Colone? LOVE happened to be visiting me here in Washington and Colonel LIXD! happened to be here, The first tire wag about three end a hglf_years ago. He was on active cuty at that tine ix the army. The next tine wes about tro years after that—about two and a half years og tro years ago. 45 2 matter of fact, he vas not at ay house at that tine, he was only at uy house twice, I am trying to figure out the approximate dates. I shoule say it wes sbout two years ago this past fall. HARRY iLL MIGHT, ‘who was one of Coionel LINDEKGH's buckers in the Spirit of St. Louis {Light, was visiting ne and Colonel LINDE'GH! wes at the Hay-Adars Hotel, we went to soo Kin thet afternoon for about an hour. The third tine mr Colonel I should say, about een months ago and ns active Suty, aad fie wie on octive duty last Septoaber or totter, soceshere around there, Colonel LINDB/RS'i was in town and Colonel LOVE it acd called him anc he care on out and chewed the fat. ‘ NLEEUTENAUT BRADFORD? Tou aaté you hol pe SD 7 Yes, hnyvay, he cane Ren Corns LawWbern fOr ae to tis cow what his connectisns in the war Lepertnent are. i have heard vossip, you know, that thor. vas—thet he knew a frieng of Colonel Siitits. Iwas never told anytising about it. . : "UR, Thi2's You haven!t seen LINCS. Det in thé-last ethteen months? I asgume thet when he was in town it was iis custon to cone into the War Iepartmant te the Air Corps? : *h, I won't on active duty thon 89 J don't know. "3, Since you have Leen up there the past fow monthe? In : other words, has Colonel LINDBERGH cope inte the tar Department in the 7 Aar Corps sinceayou have beon on duty? “A. I haven't heard from Colonel LuTD' ai! since thot night - ae é I RR 1 RE EER TREE TNE PT OE