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Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts Release of FRANK SINATRA File # 174-304 Federal Bureau of Investigation jal Tf it has not a submit an LEM suitable for éis fen concerning, thas t appropriate of Kidet mun peer ane ten eo ‘i 180 p: and not Pies Siete reported until 101! tend si, dee RHA:hw : CR EES NOTE: Miami Beach Police Department advised anonymous telephone call |, received indicating tmt hand usee would be thrown at Frank Sinatra, sometime during the show 3-1-6 + cep REC: 99) of BY i yor, — SBeme 11 Li i end Mau, ROOM ae one] D a {FS an ated Se avy fa e. FBI we Date: 3/2/66 ‘Transmit the following in Viype in plaintext or coded Vie AIRTEL FONTAINEBLEAU HOTEL, MIAMI BEACH, FLA. 3/1/66 (CQ BOMBING MATTERS - THREATS [(_] RACIAL MATTERS Re Miami teletype to Bureau dated 3/2/66. Enclosed are eight copies of a letterhead memorandum. Miami will maintain liaison with the Miami Beach Police Department tegarding this matter. Q)- Bureau dene 1 - Miami LLW:s11 @) * : mein CONTAINED HORE IB amps i Specighggent in Charge ite