Wellington College Year 9 English Practice Examination.

Time: 2 hours. This exam is in THREE sections:
Section A: Close Reading Unfamiliar Texts and Languuage Skills Spend about 60 minutes

Section B: Response to Texts answer on ONE text studied

Spend about 30 minutes

Section C: Formal Writing Write an opinion essay

Spend about 30 minutes

Answer on your own paper

Write your name AND your teacher s name on ALL your sheets.

Section A: Close Reading Skills
To practice this aspect of the examination, please go back to your English Basics book, and ensure that you know all the material from it. The format of this section will be as follows: y Read and answer question on 4 texts: o 2 poems o 1 piece of writing (like a newspaper article) o 1 static image y Short answer questions to answer covering aspects of the homework books.

Section B: Response to Text Essay
30 Minutes
INSTRUCTIONS y Write ONE essay about ONE text type (novel, short stories, poetry, film, play) y Use evidence such as quotes to support your points. y If you write about poetry or short stories you may write about TWO or more poems or short stories in the same essay. Spend 30 minutes on your essay.

Choose ONE essay topic from the list below. Copy out the question you have chosen at the top of your answer sheet. 1 Describe an important topic or issue that you have studied. Give three situations from the text where the topic or issue was shown. Describe a character that was interesting in a text you have studied. Give THREE detailed reasons that they were interesting. Describe a text you found interesting. Give at least THREE detailed reasons why you found this text interesting.



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YOU WILL B MARKED ON: y Structure: Use a number of well-organised paragraphs (perhaps one reason in each paragraph) with an introduction and a conclusion. y Accuracy: Use correct spelling and punctuation y Style: Use interesting and e pressive vocabulary.

Some of the following might help you.

I was disturbed to read about the number of young New Zealanders who are now overweight. I blame this on gaming consoles. When I was young, we were out running and playing. This kept us healthy and fit, and prevented us becoming obese. When we stop sitting inside playing xBox, then we will become far healthier. G. Anderson, Mt Cook I was sad to read Mr Anderson·s ill-informed letter. His letter displayed a total lack of knowledge about gaming consoles. Recently, both PS3 and Xbox have put out interactive games, which encourage people to exercise while playing. Maybe Mr Anderson would be fitter and healthier if he spent less time writing ignorant emails, and spent more time actually playing games. Barry Smith Johnsonville

Some suggestions for topics MIGHT be: y Young people relate more to screens than people y Visual images on screens stop us from reading, which is healthy y Gaming consoles stop people from doing e ercise y Gaming consoles give people s ills that can be used in the real world
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S e 30 minutes writing an opinion essay suitable for a sc ool magazine You can agree OR disagree with the topic Use the information on this page to help you.




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