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Aa of late 1940 or early 1941 the mane of Joke ; Steinbeck woe contained in the cotive tndices of the Battonal \ Fecerattom For Constituttona] Liberties (estes by the Attorney General). (dnonymowss 100-1170-49, p. 157) York fines” of Fedrucry 21, York Ctty ef a new cooperative publishing concera, aceely, Associated Magazine Contrébutors, Inc. The initial Itat ef ouner-centributors included John Steinbeck» Associated Mayazine Contributors vas ctted by the Caltforata Counitres ox Un-Anertoan Activities when tt reported thot "the Comuntat tafluence $s estcblished through exch mene servi (223-11€74-13) In preparctton for @ reception to de piven ot the Foldorf~astoria, New Fork Ctt:, on May 5, 2346, bd. the Batsonsl Counct! ef anerican-Sovtet Frieadatp (XCASP - oitec by the Attorney General) for three vtetting Soviet literary figures, the assiscont to the Erecutive Director of the BCASF contacted Howord Fost, well-known author and probable menber the Cultural Section of the Conauntat farty ta Hx York City, for hte approval of a Iter ef ctetingutahed writers, putltahers, ortists, and other personalities to be invited to the affair. Fast declared thot naturally anti-coutets and frotskyites should not be invited @s they wile acke things “very uncensortable.” According to the informant the aane of John Stetndeck wos those read off to fast which met with Ate approval. ly 1002165505726) On Way 27, 1946, Hrs. Martel Draper ef Hew York, the Chatrucn of the boxen's Section ef the Anerscon ECASF, Spi be at a meeting of the Lenocratic youen's International Feceration fm fone, Italy. In her apeech she hartily e;rged xith the Soutet representative who had attacked United States sereton policy and reported that the Anericon people were being given @ dose of anti-Soviet propaganda mrse than that against Germany before the Second forld Bar, She stated thet @ umber of indtviduals, tneluding Steinbeck, had recently been converted to “the conp of wor anc antt-Sovietian.” (5-18-48, “Nex York keralc rribune;" 100-34¢442-4) A olt,ping from the “xe 1946, reported the foraatton Buresu ft: Feflect @ mumber of tnstances sre 1945 through 1950 wheretn Ste ek vas approached dy ucricus ether Comnuntat Part; {rent orzantzcttons to support thetr causes 0 ms to enlist the : widest possible mass support for thetr eompoigns. There ta no tadtcatton that he complied cith these particuler regrests. (100-7061-923, p. 19; 100-334496-1521; 200-185087-7712; 100-370500-48) Hr re EMSTANOES 45-REIN AVERIOA'S ENEWINS WAVE ‘QE ATV PELL To Oi ST:IFBFCK'S WRITINGS FAFUTATID. TO FURTALR THEIR CAPSBS? Bureae files reflect thot because many of Stetadect 's wrttinys portrayed an extrensly sordid end poverty-stricken side of Anertoon life, they were reprinted te beth German ead huss usec by the saris end Soviets es propaganda egetast Anertca. (sunerous refere An tndtuscual who had been explo ed Curing 1937 pleyeright on the Federal Theater Project, Ferks Progress Acatutetration, testisted before the Lies Comntttee that the Fort, tele her shat to write aad furnishec her with resesroh material obtatned from the Simon Lubin Soctety (previously She acutsed tict this mctersal tacluded sone Gheld notes ,tn Ate handwriting, for hie bo Of Wrath.” (restineny, Reno Fole on 7-22-40; Diea Co Execctive Hearings, Volume 3, Poze 1219) “grapes ittee Stetndeck's beok, “Grapes OF Broth,” wos among the pertodteals 5 books sole from the literature table at o tet Party way Da; ting helo on Hcy 1, 1940, tm Les » california. Ce ©!~" 552-7225, pe) oe ‘A booklet announcing the couracs of the Horkers School of Hew Yors City, effictal Comauntet Party echeol, Gor the winter term, 1943, stated that the werka ef leading Gronatic writers, sucluding Steindeck, would be aed tn the Gtsqusatons of history ef soctol inatit: tions ae they hac been reflected by writers of Gll tine (1Pd40 Report, coliforata Coanitvee on Dn-amertoan Activities; 100-15252-39, p. 440) During Wsrch, 1965, © copy of @ recomaended reading 1tet used by the Ausrican Teuth For Lenocracy (cited by the Attorney General) indicated thot Itetec boeks cere avatichle {rom the Few Jersey Stote office of that ergantzation ot & =t8 list tncluded Stetnbeck's “The Moon Is Down.” ‘tcte headquarters 0,’ the Comauntst Polstsca2 On, Kevark, Kew Jersey; Cl-777~S1-60, p. 24) ASSOCIATION t ITH COMMUNIET PATTY MILPT ES eo TREC Te SY tT ss, COPS IST PALLY? On June 2, 1953, an adnitted forner Comzuntet Party menber (about 1937-1939) testified before the House Comnitter on Un-Amertean Actinities that although ctetabeck hac .done ce more through Ale novel about the agriculture! workers then anyone else for the Conauntst Party couse, de eppearec to be Gt odds with the Comnuntst Party durtag that pertod although the witacas could not state just how. (Kelond Billiton Ktbbee, Executive Session teatinony since publicly released; 61-7582~ 24 1975, p. #330) In letters written by Sox Dorc,; to Ella Finter (both Comauniat fart; functtorartee in Caltforata) during Murch, 1937, @nc Kovember, 1940, Darcy dnctcated thet Htnter wos well ecquatnted with Steindeck and might have ccnaiderchle tafluence vith hin. On March 7, 1937, he wrote “Keecless to soy, J an glad to Acer about Steinbeck's nex book. I Acpe tt fulfills what you say. There $8 ne reason why tt ehoulc act. Ke On write, Gnd, wtth the educoticn I am told you and our friends have deen gtviny Rim he ought to moke the grace better thin he did 4a Ate earlter ook.” Another undated Jetter of:atned early tn 13¢4 from Finter to Steinbeck indicated that Steinbeck had previously ertttetzed Winter, fats letter which waa porttally obscene attacked Steinoeck cad sndiocted tict he cnc Hinter we at odds. (Highly cenficentta? source; 100-18610-56, p. 23, 38, 2) PU On June B3, 1950, Lots Bucenz, former sonaging Kcttor of the “Iotly worker,” east coost Coununtst newspaper, and ax admitted forser fonnuntst Party menter, acvtees ae follows: "Carey Mc7illsoms 18 @ writer, particularly aotes Ga the author ef "Factories In The Field,” publisied tn 1959, teh was the foundation of John Steinbeck 's ‘Grapes Of brath.” When thts book was publistes, J vos ec.taed by Alezander Trachtenterg ona Jack Stachel (both Comauntat Forty functtoacrtes)} that McbilIfams cas under Conauntet ciscipline. hie hid © great deol to co with the woy we hondled this book end alee John Stetubeck’s boot because ot trot tine Wovill$cms wus aupposed]y acktag @ Communtst of Steinbeck.” (Interview wtth Bucenz; 100-938-92) 3 -