Livestock Production Sector: The Largest contributor of Carbon Dioxide Emissions: 51% of all Anthropogenic green house gas

emissions from livstock sector, more than transport, energy and all the others COMBINED! and all of the other green house gas emissions (World Bank's 'Livestock & Climate Change' report 2010). The largest driver of deforestation: 70% of the Amazon gone, 70% of that area for growing feed or grazing cattle. (FAO's 'Livestock's Long Shadow' report 2008) The largest polluter: average pig farm produces as much pollution / day as Dallas, America's second largest city (FAO's 'Livestock's Long Shadow' report 2008). The largest consumer of fresh water: (FAO's 'Livestock's Long Shadow' report 2008). The greatest driver of bio-diversity loss: (UN's 'Global Biodiversity Outlook 3' 2010) The response / solution: work with the livestock producers and their own best interest creating many more, higher quality skilled jobs producing plant based meat analogues resolving the above problems the sector creates to their immediate profit. This is explained in more detail in the 'Livestock and Climate Change' report here 'We could feed the projected 2050 population with our current food production today! However much of that food and water is fed to livestock which is a catastrophically inefficient use.' - Dr. Robert Goodland, retired World Bank environmental adviser.

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