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I have provided these slides for my friends to help them with their English. I hope these slides will be useful for them. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all my friends for their kindness, affection, patience, encouragement, and their tolerance. Time goes, we also go, only kindness and affection is everlasting. Behnam. You… 30 June, 2008

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
Used to say that you should not criticize someone for having a fault if you have the same fault yourself

She always criticized her friends for driving too fast, but she herself used to do it. At last I told her, "People in ."glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Can't hold a candle to somebody/something
If something or someone cannot hold a candle to something or someone else, they .are not as good as the other thing or person

You can’t hold a candle to me when it comes to playing the .piano

Rain cats and dogs
Rain very hard

It is raining very hard. You will get all soaked the minute you .step out

?Cat got your tongue
Used to ask someone why they are not talking

Why did you come home so late last night? Answer me! Cat got ?your tongue

Out of the blue
If something happens out of the blue, it is very unexpected

Do you remember Jane? Well, she phoned me yesterday, .completely out of the blue

As like as two peas in a pod
Exactly the same in appearance, behaviour etc

The two sisters are as like as .two peas in a pod

Bend over backwards
To try as hard as possible to help or please someone

For passing all the exams successfully, her parents bent .over backwards to help her

Under the table
Money that is paid under the table is paid secretly and illegally

They paid him under the table so he wouldn't have to pay .taxes

Let the cat out of the bag
To tell someone a secret, especially without intending to

I'm sorry. Jim knows about last week's party. I'm afraid I let .the cat out of the bag

Hit the nail on the head
Used to say that what someone has said is exactly right

A:I guess we need a lot of money to .carry out the plan B: You’re absolutely right. You’ve hit .the nail on the head

Go into a nosedive
A sudden very large fall in the price, value, or condition of something

The economy went into a .nosedive

Save somebody's neck
To help someone to escape from an extremely difficult or dangerous situation

Thanks for not letting the boss fire me. You save my neck in .time

leave somebody/something high and dry
If someone is left high and dry, they are left without any help or without the things that they need

She promise to help me with the dishes after the party, but she .left me high and dry

Let sleeping dogs lie
To deliberately avoid mentioning a subject, so that you do not cause any trouble or argument

The best plan is just to let .sleeping dogs lie

A horse of a different colour
Something that is completely different from another thing

I was talking about trees, not bushes. Bushes are a horse of .different colour

Like a bull in a china shop
If you are like a bull in a china shop, you keep knocking things over, dropping things, breaking things etc

Each time you enter the room, you knock something down. You’re .really like a bull in a china shop

Be/get carried away
To be so excited, angry, interested etc that you are no longer really in control of what you do or say, or you forget everything else

Calm done! Don’t get carried away. We have to sit down and

Speak of the devil
Used when someone you have just been talking about walks into the room where you are

Speak of the devil! We just mentioned your name before .you stepped in

Get out of bed on the wrong side
To feel slightly angry or annoyed for no particular reason

Why are you so grouchy today? Did you get out of bed on the ?wrong side

Keep your shirt on
Used to tell someone who is becoming angry that they should stay calm

Keep your shirt on! You’re next .in line

Can't make head or tail of something
To be completely unable to understand something

I can’t make head or tail of what you’re saying. Why don’t you ?speak more clearly

Be/feel like a fish out of water
To feel uncomfortable because you feel you do not belong in a place or situation

I felt like a fish out of water in .my new school

Keep/put something on ice
To do nothing about a plan or suggestion for a period of time

I'm putting my plans for a new .car on ice until I finish college

Pass the hat around
To collect money from a group of people, especially in order to buy someone a present

No matter how hard he tries, he won’t be able to pay his debts. I guess we’ll have to

Dog eat dog
When people compete against each other and will do anything to get what they want

It's a

dog eat dog world out there.

Keep your ear to the ground
To make sure that you always know what is happening in a situation

I haven't heard any more news, but I'll keep my ear to .the ground

Shake a leg
Used to tell someone to hurry, or quickly start doing something

It’s getting late. Come on, !Shake a leg

Drag your feet/heels
To take too much time to do something because you do not want to do it

If you keep dragging your feet, .you’ll miss the train

On its last legs
Old or in bad condition, and likely to stop working soon

My car is its last legs. I have to .get rid of it as soon as I can

Not have a leg to stand on
To be in a situation where you cannot prove or legally support what you say

If you didn't sign a contract, you .won't have a leg to stand on

Cock and bull story
A story or excuse that is silly and unlikely but is told as if it were true

Who the hell do you expect to ?believe your cock and bull story

Make a mountain out of a molehill
To treat a problem as if it was very serious when in fact it is not

She was only five minutes late! You're making a mountain out .of a molehill

Throw the book at somebody
To punish someone as severely as possible or charge them with as many offences as possible

If you get caught they'll throw !the book at you

Be up to your ears in work/problem/debt
To have got a lot work/problem/debt

.I’m up to my ears in debt

The coast is clear
If the coast is clear, it is safe for you to do something without being seen or caught

Okay guys, You can come out of your hiding place now. The .coast is clear

Snow job
An act of making someone believe something that is not true

That car dealer did a snow job on me by selling me a car that was a .piece of junk

Pay lip service to somebody/something
To say that you support or agree with something without doing anything to prove it

Don’t sit and pay lip service to !human rights. Get busy

Put your heads together
To discuss a difficult problem together

The next morning, we all put our heads together to decide .what should be done

Look daggers at somebody
To look at someone angrily

Why are you looking dagger at me? Have I done anything

Be going to the dogs
If a country or organization is going to the dogs, it is getting worse and will be difficult to improve

Our neighborhood has really been getting to the dogs since a bunch .of drug addicts moved in

Step on somebody's toes
To offend or upset someone, especially by trying to do their work

I hope I have not stepped on anyone’s toes by what I said at .the meeting

Catch somebody red-handed
To catch someone at the moment when they are doing something wrong

Earl was caught red-handed .taking the money

Go bananas
To become very angry or excited

Mum went bananas when I said .I was going to leave nursing

Be at the end of your tether
To be so worried, tired etc that you feel you can no longer deal with a difficult or upsetting situation

I had no money, my husband was sick, and I couldn't get a job. I was .at the end of my tether

Be/get on your high horse
To give your opinion about something in a way that shows you think you are definitely right and that other people are wrong

Don't get on your high horse .with me

Be (living) on easy street
To be in a situation in which you have plenty of money

Everyone has got some problems, even people who live on easy

At sixes and sevens
Disorganised and confused

When the visitors arrived we .were still at sixes and sevens

Be a pain in the neck
To be very annoying

There’s something wrong with my car almost every day. It’s really become a pain in the .neck

Get the hang of something
To learn how to do something or use something

It seems difficult at first, but .you'll soon get the hang of it

Make waves
To cause problems, especially when you should not

Lora can do what ever she wants at work as long as she .doesn't make waves

The ball is in somebody's court
It is their turn to take action or to reply

I've emailed her - now the ball's .in her court

Pay through the nose
To pay much more for something than it is really worth

Catherine, paying through the nose to search for fun and

Get off somebody's back
To stop annoying someone with a lot of questions, criticisms etc or to make someone stop annoying you in this way

Do me a favour and get off my back!

Fly off the handle
To suddenly get very angry

Calm down - there's no need to fly .off the handle

Touch wood
Said just after you have said that things are going well for you, when you want your good luck to continue

I've never been in trouble with .the police, touch wood

Big mouth
If someone has a big mouth, they say too much or tell another person's secrets

Don’t tell her any secrets. She .has a big mouth

Pass the buck
To make someone else them responsible for something that you should deal with

It's easy to pass the buck and blame someone else for your .failure

Cross my heart
Used to say that you promise that you will do something, or that what you are saying is true

!I didn't take it, cross my heart

The fat is in the fire
Used to say that there will be trouble because of something that has happened

The fat’s in the fire! There is 100,000 $ missing from the .office safe

Make a splash
To do something that gets a lot of public attention

Russell's new show made a big .splash in New York

Henpecked husband
A man who is henpecked is always being told what to do by his wife, and is afraid to disagree with her

I respect my wife’s views, but .I’m not a henpecked husband

A shot in the arm
Something that makes you more confident or more successful

The new factory will give the local economy a real shot in the .arm

A shot in the dark
An attempt to guess something without having any facts or definite ideas

My answer to the last question was .a complete shot in the dark

Make ends meet
To have only just enough money to buy the things you need

Things are so expensive nowadays that it’s very difficult

Grease somebody's palm
To give someone money in a secret or dishonest way in order to persuade them to do something

Joseph was able to grease a few palms, thus helping his .brother to escape

Get a jump on somebody/something
To gain an advantage, especially by doing something earlier than usual or earlier than someone else

I want to get a jump on my .Christmas shopping

Money talks
Used to say that people with money have power and can get what they want

Money talks, and poor working .people are ignored

Monkey business
Bad or dishonest behaviour

Stop the monkey business! This .is serious

Sitting duck
Someone who is easy to attack or easy to cheat

Out in the open, the soldiers were sitting ducks for enemy .fire

Laughing stock
Someone who is a laughing stock has done something so silly that people have no respect for them

We can't do that -we'd be a !laughing stock

Neck and neck
If two competitors or groups are neck and neck in a competition or race, they are level with each other

There were coming toward the .finish line neck and neck

Somebody is no spring chicken
Used to say that someone is no longer young - used humorously

I’m not as agile as I used to be. I’m .no spring chicken

Play gooseberry
To be with two people who are having a romantic relationship and who want to be alone together

I think you two want to be left alone; I’m not going to play .gooseberry

Bite off more than you can chew
To try to do more than you are able to do

Many kids who leave home to live alone find they have bitten off more .than they can chew

Bite the bullet
To start dealing with an unpleasant or dangerous situation because you cannot avoid it any longer

It's not easy, but as a manager, sometimes you have to bite the .bullet and fire people

Be in the doghouse
To be in a situation in which someone is annoyed with you because of something you have done

I'm in the doghouse for forgetting .Valentine's Day

Beat around the bush
To avoid or delay talking about something embarrassing or unpleasant

Don't beat around the bush. Ask for your account to be paid, and paid .quickly

Be full of it
A rude expression used to say that someone often says things that are wrong or stupid

.Don't listen to Jerry. He's full of it

Pardon my French
Used humorously to say that you are sorry for using a swear word

He is really a bastard, if you .we'll pardon my French

Be a piece of cake
To be very easy to do

?A: How do you do that !B: It's a piece of cake! Watch

Have a bone to pick with somebody
Used to tell someone that you are annoyed with them and want to talk about it

Betty, I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Why didn’t you come and see me yesterday? I waited .for you for hours

Test the water
To check people's reaction to a plan before you decide to use it

We have to test the water, .before we make a final decision

Stick to your guns
To refuse to change your mind about something, even though other people are trying to persuade you that you are wrong

Many people tried to change his .mind, but he stuck to his guns

Bury the hatchet/bury your differences
To agree to stop arguing about something and become friends

You’d better bury the hatchet before things get worse between .you two

Have a frog in your throat
To have difficulty in speaking, especially because of a sore throat

Excuse me, I can’t talk clearly. I .have got a frog in my throat

Give somebody the slip
To escape from someone who is chasing you

The street was really full of people that the thief managed .to give them the slip

Put your foot in it
To say something without thinking carefully, so that you embarrass or upset someone

I've really put my foot in it this time. I didn't realise that was !her husband

Stick/poke your nose into something
To become involved in something that does not concern you, in a way that annoys people

Why don’t you stop poking your nose into my business? You’d .better mind your own life

Hit below the belt
To be unfair or cruel

The comments hit below the belt.

Break the ice
To make people feel more friendly and willing to talk to each other

I tried to break the ice by offering her a drink, but she .said no

For a song
Very cheaply

He bought the house for a song .five years ago

Cut the crap
Stop saying something that is not true

Cut the crap! Talk straight or !buzz off

Hit the roof/ceiling
To be very angry

Ritz returned, saw the mess, and .hit the roof

Pull strings
To secretly use your influence with important people in order to get what you want or to help someone else

Is it possible to get anything done around here without ?pulling strings

Bark up the wrong tree
To have a wrong idea, or do something in a way that will not give you the information or result you want

You're barking up the wrong tree if you think Sam can help .you

Put the cart before the horse
To do two things in the wrong order

Hey, tom! Why are you eating your dessert first? You’re putting .the cart before the horse

Burn the midnight oil
To work or study until late at night

I’m going to go home and burn the midnight oil tonight. I have .to take a big test tomorrow

Chalk and cheese
Completely different from each other

The two brothers are as different as chalk and cheese.

Rain or shine
Whatever happens or whatever the weather is like

Don't worry. We'll be there .rain or shine

Get/have cold feet
To suddenly feel that you are not brave enough to do something you planned to do

The plan failed after sponsors .got cold feet

Smell a rat
To guess that something wrong or dishonest is happening

I smelled a rat as soon as I saw a strange man walking on our .farm

Ring a bell
If something rings a bell, it reminds you of something, but you cannot remember exactly what it is

Her name rings a bell but I can't .remember her face

Pig in a poke
Something you bought without seeing it first and that is not as good or valuable as you expected

I won’t buy your car without checking it. I can’t buy a pig in a .poke

Rock the boat
To cause problems for other members of a group by criticizing something or trying to change the way something is done

He kept his feelings to himself, .not wanting to rock the boat

Follow your nose
a) to go straight forward or continue in the same direction b) to go to the place from where there is a particular smell coming

A:Excuse me, where is the nearest gas station? B:Just follow your nose!

Get off my case
Used to tell someone to stop criticizing you or complaining about you

!OK, OK, just get off my case

Be walking on air
To be feeling extremely happy

Bob was walking on air on his .graduation day

Rub somebody's nose in it/in the dirt
To keep reminding someone about something they did wrong or failed to do, especially in order to punish them

I know I made a terrible mistake, but there is no need to rub my .nose in it

Have a screw loose
To be slightly crazy

He never talks sense. He seems !to have a screw loose

Twist somebody's arm
To persuade someone to do something they do not want to do

Daady won’t buy me the car .unless I twist his arm

Hold your tongue
Used to tell someone to stop talking or to not tell someone about something

Hold your tongue, Steve! You .can’t talk to your sister that way

By the book
Exactly according to rules or instructions

Rules are not to be broken - Barb .does everything by the book

Strike while the iron is hot
To do something immediately rather than waiting until a later time when you are less likely to succeed

Don't wait until tomorrow before you tell him, strike while the iron !is hot

String along
To deceive someone for a long time by making them believe that you will help them, that you love them etc

Bob doesn’t want to marry your sister, he is just stringing her .along

Hold your horse
Used to tell someone to do something more slowly or carefully

Hey, don’t get so mad! Hold your .horse and let us explain

Talk somebody's ear off
To talk too much to someone

My grandmother takes my ear .off whenever I see her

Talk turkey
To talk seriously about details, especially in business

Let’s stop joking around. We’ve .got to sit down and talk turkey

The salt of the earth
Someone who is ordinary but good and honest

Everybody knows that Jim and his old lady are the salt of the .earth

It's (a case of) the tail wagging the dog
Used to say that an unimportant thing is wrongly controlling a situation

Nowadays, children control parents. It’s a case of the tail !wagging the dog

Bite the dust
To die, fail, or be defeated

My old car's finally bitten the .dust

I'll eat my hat
Used to emphasize that you think something is not true or will not happen

You’re not studying hard enough, I’ll eat my hat if you

Be in the same boat
To be in the same unpleasant situation as someone else

If marriage is a boat, then many !of us are in the same boat

Get somebody's goat
To make someone extremely annoyed

Relax - don't let him get your .goat

Jump out off one’s skin
Very shocked or frightened

Don't shout. I nearly jumped out of my skin.

Be all fingers and thumbs
To be unable to do something in which you have to make small careful movements with your fingers

She was all fingers and thumbs .- and worry

Take somebody for a ride
To trick someone, especially in order to get money from them

I'd just begun to realise he was .taking me for a ride

Sell somebody/something short
To not give someone or something the praise, attention, or reward that they deserve

Don't sell yourself short - tell them about all your .qualifications

Shoot from the hip
To say what you think in a direct way, or make a decision very quickly, without thinking about it first

Don’t pay any attention to him. It’s just his nature to shoot from .the hip

Wet blanket
Someone who seems to want to spoil other people's fun, for example by refusing to join them in something enjoyable that they are doing

You shouldn’t invite him to your party. He is such a wet !blanket

Go fly a kite
Used to tell someone to go away, stop saying something, or stop annoying you

Stop bothering me! Go fly a !kite

Split hair
When people pay too much attention to small differences and unimportant details, especially in an argument

Let’s stop hair- splitting. We should look at the problem as a .whole

Call a spade a spade
To speak about things in a direct and honest way, even though it may be impolite to do this

Grandfather hates fancy words; .he always calls a spade a spade

Pull somebody's leg
To tell someone something that is not true, as a joke

Don't worry. I was just pulling your leg about moving - I'm not .going anywhere

Give somebody(a )five
To hit the inside of someone's hand with your hand to show that you are very pleased about something

!Hey man! Give me five

Level with somebody
To speak honestly to someone, after hiding some unpleasant facts from them

Come on Bill! I want you to level ?with me. Did you do that

Cut corners
To save time, money, or energy by doing things quickly and not as carefully as you should

Don't try to cut corners when .you're decorating

Put/lay your cards on the table
To tell people what your plans and intentions are in a clear, honest way

Come on, lay your cards on the table. Tell me what you really .think

Hit the road/trail
To begin a journey

It’s getting pretty late. Let’s hit !the road

Feel like a million dollars
To feel or look very healthy, happy, and beautiful

?How are you doing Rosa !I feel like a million bucks

Lead a dog's life
A life that is difficult and unpleasant, with very little pleasure

I’m going to get rich soon. I’m quite tired of leading a dog’s .life

Lay an egg
To fail or be unsuccessful at something that you are trying to do

I hope I won’t lay an egg, when !it’s my turn to sing

Off the record
An off-the-record remark is unofficial and is not supposed to be made public

The Prime Minister's remarks .were strictly off the record

Make no bones about (doing) something
To not feel nervous or ashamed about doing or saying something

Mary made no bones about .enjoying a drink

Blow the whistle on somebody
To tell someone in authority about something wrong that someone is doing

He blew the whistle on his .colleagues

In the bag
Certain to be won or achieved

The governor's advisors believe .the election is in the bag

Paint the town
To go out to bars, clubs etc to enjoy yourself

Tonight we're going to paint the .town red

Play something by ear
To decide what to do according to the way a situation develops, without making plans before that time

We'll see what the weather's like and play it by ear.

Be sitting pretty
To be in a very good or favourable position

We've paid off the mortgage, so .we're sitting pretty now

Rock the boat
To cause problems for other members of a group by criticizing something or trying to change the way something is done

As long as you don't rock the .boat, nobody cares what you do

Be/fall in love
To have a strong feeling of liking someone a lot combined with sexual attraction

I think I'm falling in love with .Rosa

I provided these slides in the hope that they would be useful. I have selected them from some dictionaries. Please forgive me for making mistakes. All the best, Behnam. You… 30 June, 2008

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