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    I don͛t think I know anyone who didn͛t love it. The hikes, the activities the
surprises, what more could you ask for? The low ropes course was fun and even if we do fall
down a few times. The hikes may have been long but they were worth it. Many students that
while the 2 hour hike was long and tiring it was diffidently worth it to see the beautiful views
and the cable bridges where so fun. We also had a night hike. Our counselors took us into the
dark woods where we tested our bravery and our night vision by wring in the dark and walking
alone in the woods. It was so cool. Another night activity was the game show with a grand prize
of EXTERA COOKIES!!! My team may not have won but even when we were in last place we
were still having a blast. The 2 choose your activities were so much fun. There was Leap of
Faith, Water Ecology, Flying Squirrel, and much more. Many 7th graders thought they were so
much fun and wish they could do it again. We were also the first Yavneh 7th graders to have a
bonfire with plenty of songs, smores, and smiles. We hope that this will become a part of the
annual trip because it was so much fun. A seventh grader says that ͞The bonfire was warming
and nice and it really brought us together as a grade.͟ Bunk time was nice full of games, parties,
and teachers in their pajamas. Trust me; it͛s not as weird as it sounds. As many 7th graders say
͞We really wish we could come back next year.͟ We͛ll that͛s all for now and for the 6th grade
be prepared for cold weather and big surprises. Have so much fun!!!