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Continental Drift Theory

Presentation By: Sarath Babu.M.G Acknowledgement to : Asha Krishnan, Rojin Jacob and Sunu Manoharan

 In 1912, a German Scholar Alfred Lothar Wegener Proposed the Concept of “Continental Drift Theory ”  In 1924, the theory became popular in the scientific world  Wegener hypothesized that the continents were slowly drifting around the Earth.

Alfred Lothar Wegener

 The continents part sial floats on the oceanic part sima

 There was only one continent called, Pangea at the beginning

 It was surrounded by a large and deep ocean, Panthalassa.



Stages of Drifting

• At Later stage, certain portion of this landmass drifted towards north and west

Formation of Atlantic Ocean
• As a result, Atlantic Ocean were formed and in between Americas and EuropeAfrica.

 Indian Sub-continent drifted northwards results the formation of Himalayas  The Himalayas were formed by the converging of the Eurasian plate and the Indian plate.

• All the Southern lands broke apart the central part of it drifted towards south pole to form Antarctica


 Evidences of Jig-saw fit of Coastlines of western Europe & Western Africa on one side and North & South America on the other side

Evidences 1

Evidences 2
 Similarities of Fossils from the both sides of continents of Atlantic Ocean • Glossopteris • Cynognathus • Mesosaurus • Lystrosaurus

 Evidences left by the ice age in the continents during the Permian and Carboniferous period

Evidences 3

 Pattern of global distribution of fold mountains

Evidence 4


 The theory does not indicate any force bring about drift of the continents  This theory presupposes sima to be floating over it.  Several critics say that different continents can fit in the other to be a certain extend only.  Some questioned about the time and direction of the drift.


 Inspite of all criticism the resemblances between the continents, Wegner has uncovered are definite proofs that this solid land we stand on has been a good deal of a footloose wanderer in its time

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