Unity Rocket Football

Scott Hamilton
“Midline Option in the WingSlot Offense”

Developing the Offense: 1994: 1996: 1999: 2000: 2003: 2004: 2005: 2007: No TE.FB Belly Class 2A State Runner-Up Added Jersey Sweep No Huddle/2 Platoon Class 3A State Runner-Up Added Power Toss . Trap and Speed Added Midline Option Attack Added TE to the offense.Triple.

Signaled from Sideline Play Call.No Huddle Attack Formation.Coaches and QB’s with Signals 1 “HOT” and several “OFF” with signals Use of HOTS in No Huddle .

Basic Practice reps and time .No Huddle Strengths Control Tempo of game Limit substitutions for opponents Defensive alignments and stunts.

After 5 years Cadence Issues Fatigue 2 Platoon Formations and Motions Special Plays .No Huddle.

Base Offense.Run Plays Triple Option Midline Option FB Belly HB Power Rocket Toss .

Midline Option Midline C FS B E T T B SS C T E L R .

Step back at 45 and mesh with FB. Motion to pitch. Veer to LB Step backside and Double with OG. Step with playside foot. Turn out. LB to Safety. Turn out. Play Call Signal Hots Number Calls No Huddle Calls Michigan Hands Together None 200-299 . Stay on midline through the mesh. Fake Jersey. Backside Rule Seal the Corner. Read the first man over/outside the OG. Turn Out.POS WR TE OT OG C RB FB QB Notes Frontside Rule Stalk the Corner. Turn out. Double with Center. Wham block.

Midline Option .

Keys to Midline Success FB/QB Mesh QB footwork when keep read 2 on Inside LB .

Midline Footwork .

Midline Footwork .

Midline Option .

. PSHB will block OLB and motion back will turn up and lead on the MLB.C FS C B E B T B T B E L R NOTES: We can also tag a "Lead" call to the play.

Midline Lead .

All rules stay the same. . 33 Stack FS C B B N B C E T T E L R NOTES: Running midline vs 33 Stack.Midline vs. but the PST will veer up and to the OLB with the PSHB getting the outside of LB.

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