The plot follows a very basic nature when broken down.

Evil is about and has captured someone so the heroes must find something key to defeating the object and rescue the person, as Propp outlined as a typical story structure with typical roles. The initial equilibrium of the film would have been the hero and his friend sat on a bench talking; however due to timing constraints this was cut and instead the first real shot is of the zombie coming out of a door to attack the hero with medium to long shots to include the heroes running away from this evil zombie- throughout the film we chose to use close/medium shots of the zombie, especially towards the end, to show how close he was getting to defeating the hero and to convey the panic of the closing scenes of the film. However it could certainly have done more to show the initial equilibrium of the plot and how that was changed; also the contrast, the binary opposites could have been shown better by giving the zombie a much more menacing appearance. The final new equilibrium; the zombie is dead and the princess / prize has been rescued from some terrible fate. The sound elements within the actual film are mostly from the actual video footage captured with some added in later- i.e musical cues for when the zombie appears or when he awakens again at the end of the film. The sounds we used in the editing process where mostly to add to the suspense of the film or to enhance the shocking moments. We used cross cutting in a slightly comical manner in the edit of the film to show how far behind/ slow the zombie is in comparison to the hero. We did this by cutting up a scene of the hero running and then the zombie going down the stairs and then back to the hero running with no transactions. This also contributed to the suspense with very snappy cuts and only mild use of transactions. The target audience would probably be the late teens- early twenties with the slightly comical aspect to the film but with the horror elements included. It includes a hero who doesn t get the girl but another boy instead; flipping the traditional stereotype that hero should get a female prize.