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680 The Saturday Review. [June 4, 1864. gyi emi of ummer, de aes il end fl of yepous Should aay one take any epecil trouble got up to. brentho 82” Mr Ningloy cay he loves the cnet wind) and ‘enthosiae ‘erson-poots may love anything, but the ens wind fe oil wrote Bally biting and daagrecable. So, provesbs. and. popules wisdom ‘nag sey thn ther insothing ike a rasing wale bee bret but tho alr Se foggy and ‘chilling before breakfast dusiog mine ‘months in the yoayin opie of proverbs and popular wisdom. Nor, However fine the moming mmy'bey i i erie that exerci a the apa aie before ating’ beathy. Struts the, ehoap, Boe often doea not suit the weal; and persona wesk in consi- tution who tum out early and get a" heedache in onler to please proverb-malers who sero'anonyanons io thet Hfotime, nd who have been long sineo deni and boned, show shat Lieir weakness is uot merely e bodily ane. Wht if true is thet, or some fow pope, eanly Tsing is decidedly healthy. Strong eagle with no eadeey to huadchyox to deny of tho chat End throat, may banelt by going all the yrs round into the open tir beforo hey eall upon thete digestion fo undertake thelr break fast. Nine persoua'out of tem in. good health would benefit by & short walk before breakfast on a fine summer moming; and per fons who are vary busy in the day, end wie, if they take 0 fxoreao ot aly mitst fake it before their tne ia absorbed by rofecslone clan, naturally goin by geting wp to take exercise th them ie not that eat xising i healthy ta any apecil wey, Dut thet exereiao between seven and eight in the moming i vary spoch eter than no exerci at al," if Sn wd ha he limo gained by early ssing need ok bo spent ix exereise but may bby devoted to study, tho question arises whether this is © good distribution of time Or not, and there can ba no general answer, Something will dapend on the temperament of she in someting on his mean I Ho donno au om hile ot ‘ho can afford to have some special arrangement for lighting his xe, fo lage asspaco in English pouty, and above all in the postay of Aiton: I Tie oot, on dome Gegree it maybe eri tobe foolish, ‘o-wasto the beauties Gf tho euatny in umamer by vin in town, 0 its foolish to waoto the boats of the county ona sume? Inarwing by Ising in bod watt tho aan ia Bighim th acy. ‘hore fte many Desuties of tho country in sunstasr which can ony be fen in tha moraing, nd manny siost aoents thet can then only bo txjoyed, Those who delight Keenly in theeo tummcr pleasuces naturally wish to delight im thom for ao many hours es powsbloy did asi a the common tandency of ll mon Go upbraid others for Zot enjoying what they themstlvea enjoy, country eathuclasts ‘oly come fo think itm aoriows fult in thes fends that they ‘oo do not tam out at cunsice. ‘THE ‘ISM. IH Time’ Now York Corespoudent fds in ono of his Into Tetiers thnk in that ety, enim Engle, the mouth of May is onseeated in peculiar asnertomestings. Wat a May nieeiog {nebo country means wo all now. Te fe Sho fell-dny of some uanthropie or veligious society. "A New York May meeting is Fowething’of tho. sum or, bué the sngesious Ametiean nation Ins it of egonerio namo fr that whiek represents wh i snore vivid’ Sham anf cognate nglsh epithet” New Work May sigs open ha “Thor elo tho Wensate Rights Jem, Aboloniam, Teototaiam, and laally Spisituaian, whicly ns Our'osm Correspondent (who pene, by te way, to loo through a salerscope at. American faingy} informe ‘ty tora By fehinm betwesn the apirit who recogisemaeriage and those tho iduel, and | expire to Free Love. ‘There aro, uo doubt, other aect besides these, cach aapitng to at the world tao ole to rights upon a plat? form of ta wn, Kt fn well worth while to consider thee ‘Ials a ‘ho may do a great emountof work in the enly hour A Duke who | Lito, and to try to understand the funtion which they discharge died short Gino ago used to kesp.a cervant whose special and | in lds, hoy suggetsoveral perfotly dietinct questions, Why: ‘almost solo busiest it was to got up at four, aud niko everything | sre they so cancemptible fo one Section of the community | Why perfectly comfortable for the Duke by tive. ‘own fze, and perhaps to Iny it— which is searee; ‘This certainly | aro they so indispensable to: another section P sitigatad tho bore of gotting-up; but if people aro fo ight ther | any, and wha use to the world at lange voidable if they | ‘Aro they realy of ‘isnot very dificult to solve tho quostion why Tams ae hateful work in the same room at night and in the morning—and if they | and contemptible to a large section of the community. From the Trine leg Tite Wstiy rete oP aes | Sa Rael mS alan aay ‘themselves, they probably will not find jay have done very much | he does not eare for, up to the nation which is pronched at by a Dy the time that the reat of the family ie ready for breakfost, | pb i ‘Somothing; too, depends on the nature of the work. Ttis possible | bored ; inthropie. society, there is no one who does not ato to. bo ‘this is’ not merely. because the more wony ia ‘to do. some kinds of work early in the morning when it. is | vexatious, but because in many, perhaps in most cases, the oie ree see ae neg tren re sod Sah emg te colt co spies epee Sey lyf ge orn, Meg en fo somes de ana emt bam ely eee apa Sheena ee oka spe ony rt merle ole, Te a a ‘Bee tng weigh pe he is of any poo by flog hemor hang oe Set type SCSLMIE esti Gnd Goamiy trot oe rece hg ees ag ny a teapae oan might be ‘Quit elders mo, wh lave got up early for years, have been. mown to write to. friends, and Aa etre bs norma rae Geos a al mel eee cron ber ee CE SE aera Pease ates aia oe ne a nk eon ae eens ee oi ig an hn og ts i sit wa se ee fs ak see oa ae ee mre eee gee a he et ee en as ane ra A oe ee. See a ber cect satire er eat ee ieee rte in ae ene a ere cre secrete te ee ie as cae es rele ce cet Sek pee Bee Hee Sera oe Se, Sees nee os oat ene me So ed ole artis Gals ne me go Ss ey ae sete fee ge peer ete ee eee ee eee ene serene aa i reenact Treas, and cunsingly watched thelr “epetten, “AF they | eons Ao thei mutton chops Fcely, thoy erp ‘hey ate langualy, sisved the fut and so on, they were set down sat. This extllent man low theta yang soudent with an Obvious eajemem for chops could not have. bean very drunk the night before In he samo way, a young person who gua up ealy Jetelmog certain tobe «young poron who doesnot itp iat, ‘lw ne ot nk to poly when be cg ota bd foung laden, mgus, who got up, genealy get up t0 read oi Although 8 corona that Shey owid want tla extra Gime with fourlotn hore of perfect lena every dy ofthe yon, yo, es Shey alo getup to ead shows that they have moro energy and more Snullectdhan mont of Weir sx, and ao thelr older Trends ap Plaud the eet. Ia tho next pce, we may guoss that meh Of ib praise of eaiy rising forts ptt of thet general palo of the ‘country, and expectlly ofthe constsy in sinmes ih occupies down aa good Scott, indeed, wrote his | ayetomatio oro understands so” very litte the son who Er'iotee Ror inline testo goes pouating arr a Sear sundes abot te guastty of coe eabeel asl the nous fone id out Be We numberof pnd wis out Wedrowsed ake porter enufly contd Sn London, ang oor tsps of i one lind, pif fle wholo human sco sagt and SER ty bo deed its toe rules nod teem as ‘ee not an orerelliningmajenty af penple whe ps oege Tife without having very amc to" do with Tguoe Tony oy th oP anketane wer ant seoued olsen ately {Sat wanuns ce whoa ot onthe wie nay nse hee oe ery mech se of fn tnedg Sothern elghbodt tn ery ert lok 6 very en to ceo we tu aot arder tee eco tht ie alae meter ot setptetha hey aon fom i mel melee of ee Sy Meal {het Getiet naages dom en nasdee lek probly ma ‘be unintentional, but which is nevertheless real. Brokat may hrigenctt anda songt rn or ing tayo et plot apa ot of he Ne gra po THE The whe en tater task iobtonce fe thot a pon Teltdculy splayed in any comaon protean or revit peta? Sines ted Sint ids or tad betensesbentel wise eyinrwaek = # hie is passing his life, If he feels thet, on the whole, he ie about Mere eupbyed aro carsupeet (bg ne nil Toc the samed sear cl tben Ldap aa Laie tin gener! ed Spee the eupetuna thst tho Souimonvally of Li ay: coco wvaltat cleoaee’ "ns wo tea Proant crams Reve in‘a modified degree, what monusteries are in Roman Catholic countries, ‘They are in tho'ndturo of eddies and backwaters, - Ses bf hoe hevaec koa weuse the att oes We hire bbe cy ald milton vamoleeras wal tengsea aio autos wise ee Doursen tee duet of spend cticuts an tows hs Lye the soeeson His ef a to Peas a coves of hime’ pore entpoatea bewwes Tit cithcceete ier or mae theo ei uate res lus crtoes coe Gina bates be ta gmahnhe Sried doy of la Tham whe sem se coy ‘or anconscionaly, to enjoy the: process nying a light and easy (quitsent ia ful ofall demands upon ther energies We may not Sea uaa nou ropeeune aapemien ee oe nes By caaats aidly meepele caus We tucelauar ere Se ae ae Biggs casted een toes pease ee Suclay ance a tur coer bce se perm ee wet mata ne ured on the noremencolatiay ‘This i a soothing rofcotion to a man who has pase his day — hie is in tho habit of passing all his days~—aot, indeed, oF Aishonestly, bus monotouousy, and without any tasked dele Say amigaable benefit to the hua sace ekcape that which fcoruea to it from the addition of @ eorlain suall amount of ‘weil to the common stock, June 4, 1864.) 68% ‘Te requires an exertion of mind of which few people seem. to'bo aptble to undertand “that of the. good whit, most BoP door wis neighbours in! ¢ho come of a Iietime, Betip all ie dove in tho prosecution of thelr common busi- 2um¥ Od crithout tho’ lea velarence tthe sateretn of ny Blkce pareor than themtelves" Suppose, for lostance, an under- eehterPhaa passad many Yea ia insuring” whips, and eo Ste, ge yi ard, ta ae rng' nee msiod een natively ongegel ts t amemiber of tho Cormattes Erin eficint hospital. “When tho services which he hes ren- ased fo mmabind fomo to be reckoned up, can Ht be doubted het fp contabuting to the accu of nargnton, ot Tor eight hours Pijay tar tory yoary be ha done meh more ‘0. iotess the fone ef banian hip than ty sitting on. the Commition of Si George's Hospital, for an hous or two every fortoett? Nay, eis tet thong i fs not lfogether en obvious. ruth tae is ‘ont which ho bas provided. comfort for hinge eh for his lly ho and they fonhiag part of the huni race—Dave pdded fleta mucl Co hgman hgynots ap they wold hove nod if Aevame enunt of comfort had been divided rtebly aisongst fldhe fants of hospital, Soppow he and his own household favo eanatmed. twenty tone of anjeyment. ‘That would. give Mimewbore, shout forty-five, pouads to each of a. thousand sick ele, which might be a condble alleviation of theirmiseres, but Beototal quandtyenould incither ese be precisely the samo. Fowt reales hgwever, sv or at alleventa are ato ‘with tis hid of Peabecleace. The notion thet efforts which benoit themselves ns cal ns thee neighvoues ar in some wey infested with au orgial True aad thot they must be purfled by ome mixbure at lust of aulntrested exertion for thes neighbours, be it ever ste, goea deep down into human natu, end exorean « non, influence oeeb Alone ehaduct "And st ould be hand to say hat the sel stant whieh ie fnples is eltogether M-fouqled. Tes by 20 ‘en toatl tun poly for to ba ed oe “iho tomeelvas tat tey Go eng or otha aswell a themselves Should with to bestow somo other benets onthe word. a Inge {hy thow of which they themoaes get the principal hare, ‘Theoo epporto views as to the. natore of Tama give 0 good practical Ske for deciding upon thelr value. Ther are: good Bisson otter for liking of for dilidag’ them. hoy de- fore to bo Ikea if iiay aerely ait and. trot out tho enovclentfelingy an inthe cao of os ale chosity to tho tick or tnortmete, aid tho crn ta be cic thoy fy inthe fee of society at lrge wt Sinredie ta goueral ineisgions and. waya of proceeding. this fRowover, a5 doubt subject to fhe pousbiity that the ant may persue and eosaty af lige oeng. eis earons aud fastuckve {0 obbetve how very eam this a theese, and how newly Ht poy be lege foauienliy Bue a oven of Teng Hone pon a gener omdemontion of ay ein ‘etal thing, ero lust olwaysentirly wrong. They mny be, am » lng eet sa ory ut tay oo Son ary “pina tty one be, “Hla isa’ remedy Hey make a noise ude hubbuby aad they do no sorb of good, 0, a oat nome fo apek ok ‘The history of measly every agitation that cap be meitoned guna wtenting ofl Gonfss tio truth of th, ook, fine ‘Siento Petts Society. "No one doubts that was aaa evil—an Seligtenia then guy thor excep tho toleration of thea. which Shue yer fueiablo, but what use ben there been in agitaog Zgeines If Since tho invention of Quakeram atleast here has Hea estat een of rte gut wr, Thay ave cone ‘Eaupd with moro or lets energy fur abode fo hundred year, and Hare guncrally oon loudest ust before pasticuesly Woody and SEule em "Wet no dou rac have boon diminishing fa fe- Guetey.” They are by no mani s0 common aa they used to bo, thn aw ly ftig 1 ag aon ph ho tenons fo wagging. i dius.. Ale Doace Sosety ia. ie one of ihe fte nation not oe of i ea, 10 la Sane with ery one of the fue which are a, present prominent R"{malee Tho. Tenpersnee tovement es done ite: to dai Schermer ul sag ee sate mpldly bocoming alive to is evils ‘There probaly is Fe ee aaa ato veil ata Sogatependeneh » Pll paca ug.; Pui fours were les ear aod thls grands Filer daisy niente” Yet thee cla was ‘Tonpennoe lestnre: would address with ls chanco of succes. Teel be tho suo qth other esses Sn due time The advan’ 4agenof sobriety will be understood, th level of educalion wll be Echo tad drazkonnese wll coae fo bo attractive. ‘Tali aga, Hoquation of Women's Rights,” No doabt iti real grievance, fe fberas lt: goes chat tere shoul bo a0 much dilfealey a3 ee ie in edie: employment for wnptarsed women who arabe thy clu af dma erty dry od 8 fepeuced exponents, moans wil probaly. be. fouod’ to rt Tio sue, an certain number of employments wil be diorered appropani fr women of this cla, but tho Women's Slupite egtaton baa 20 tendezey, of uext 12 none to promote {Di ses. It-can only hold nacelings about Sho proces, and feream over ited f gous on. American AlbiGoniam id next fo 5iliag toward tho bolton of slavery tl She evar guvefvune Teun pporanin, Th cly corpo oh teen tocial agit ie fo bo fond ia hues where fiom the aatare of ‘eu nothing is wadted but a simple cbaogo ia the lw. Tho stolen Wel Indian very ost spa of the Guin op Gam, wend mattete which gould be mugen by oitaory, because ‘hey adn definite point to-airy in prosuing the enactment of a Mle: If tho eglaton bad oun! one which could be activa fuly by voluntary cr-eperstion, thoee ovho took part in it might Hee Ha ie vein tlio probing Sy po ibe rims NOTHING IN TH PAPER? FYVERYBODY is fan with Lage Mutation of short ‘Te \ictyue on tis topic botweca two gentanen ipa calleoe sea tiaee opt oe been ve enone es tea oo Sotho ther ad impetentiy welding do atudy 1 "Pivoaldl you like to lok Gt the apes shores bothing i i" tye tip pts nnd. Then nie ae fo keg EERE? Sheen with unsupposed sine the men wo bis octat ance buogering for sows and distracted from all other vet con by seta ead ering to newspaper I nd Ear vy oe had rey 3 aueglyenuststigging xd nanewenble one. Gone ympaty Se sER iy ith the Sermon who bas uflred what is 0 fe HBG rdyvent a gdevegce fou all in fur, All of ws) when fal out hold today's Zins nw pale ple, havo other arate iRdb which were loth to qu thor bec’ o by the eee atta engpael et of the foot” Time afer ind bas tach of us boon wound up to a piteh of weary irritation Tike that SP hnte in tho motind lange, bythe sesronoe of this Shall aigpnce, fr wel ip upon to Se coal eater Gene has each of ts: bom aekoned Tee aaveofietrus profer of tbo day. belreyotads ‘Hen hich we. kewl by. heart fqty-eigh hosts ago, OF of ine Tana ea weal jaan Sing wih nett Uptrotined tadooncn nal punt qua menus ood creaming of povic teal an iho ‘organ atthe gest Conner. oF lies par. Gur feelings Ur proper plltanse towards the Tian kelps the gowofaper i and ave bara red ato Rak ie gf aopetad nos f oppresion in thi indo ale. Shad ua wel, by small euanate doves of dlagast—tha wen TeEatbato lot eon and compact form tho wey aasent wo Tech (antl to wblaper under our heath ot th thought tau halt wa wry nt ooo ee ebatlon of to ai wlmimlstred fo th imaginary bu tpi HrBomageat the ding’ Wo recoeise the lente old ge TERS tn AlomyefeGuch oleh eetdion of the swing fsa” Wo fe at bin way Shou ta a aching Toor, byeomompanying the hep ley of facing what he han hopt go long aud wants no, eager wit saeeGanr ewecion thee teres ncthing in "ait weep sane etry more emai Gan corer ie Galiered ecr- ‘ MY spn gry gst alps ih examined, the statement thot there ionothiog a tho paper wil tusk per gre erparerecirn md Gig cd acre ray des Se Ee aa bet a eee Sr eee eee eae Ce crete rer ete arg tere GALES Ry apt apn eee we Sr eal Je lg tea eet SE ee ee ican se hee eset yen entero Se a ee eer ee Pear eee carpenter fay a eerie cee mere Te ET eae ara ee a ee Sel eae Doe ee ee el ener tte ee Jonding articles, composed by the most talented and best-informed a ee ee Oe aie ea a ae te ee Gy Sie Re cer arene trees soa tenet Ca ete ES‘ via of Landon and he ual, rons rah a anes und into al ubjocurthiawonder alse ae Seas hs teatanyo ciabd wor go eprefeniys hat en nergy {nlurlious fovelgner might almost Jearn the Tengah langage ot Erie iu ving book of two shoots wlith ine, Coben aaa Gautsins moro yaloablo reading any day of tho week than “All, Gecwous”. of Whuoydides ia thoro absolutely and. Literally nothing? Can any retsonatle being expeot to be believed whien Tanking an seriou o rod, ands Eanteny the epiat of the ese it were pomible to lage, our minds,and our memozita rom the suspicion and itation nabien-to the subject, wo might tye tempted om considaraon to modify cur eooelusions. Apart ‘rom the aggravating circumstance of the dbtenting of th jourial in {nconlores coflee-toon, where nobody hasaythtag to do altho hugo svallawed his tough teak and bis bed wine, but. to read fhe, paper, there is nothing iahutsan, inpmore, Zrolish or absurd, in i euler tno widat the Aero abe os WIMSE ici pad aletcleding Ths ata ly ee 2S oe ey oe Hie eee ete, ace Seer eee eran, eae Ware FeallySneant by this eoupendions ee good undetanding’ with exch other ie much as follo