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OUTLINE Definition History Features Architecture Security Applications .

DEFINITION  Based on Debian Linux distribution  developed by nokia for smart phones and internet tablets  uses the Matchbox window manager  Open source code .

Collaboration with many source projects such as the Linux Kernel. Debian. GNOME and many more .

HISTORY Fremantle Maemo 5 OS 2008 OS 2007 OS 2006 OS 2005 .

FEATURES Application Framework MAEM O Seamless Software Update Media support INTEGRATED BROWSE .

SOFTWARE PLATFORM Consists of the software stack from Linux Kernel to the maemo APIs and the Hildon UI framework .


KEY COMPONENTS  Linux Kernel  System Libraries  Debian Package Management  System Services  Maemo Launcher  Hildon UI Framework  Maemo SDK .

SECURITY Device Privacy Protection Access Control Integrity Protection Chipset Security .

APPLICATIONS Text Text Text Add Your Text Add Your Text Add Your Text .

. who have been working independently so far on open source mobile technologies. have decided to merge their two products (Maemo and Moblin. respectively) to design a new mobile operating system (OS) that is planned to be named as MeeGo.FUTURE SCOPE Nokia and Intel.

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