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Tune 6, 1868.] -The Saturday Review. fhe merle fr faulty. Public singin Tike someeainog; 1b he thn ene, whe gate my tn Sul By ie jaro soem loco at uy again, hore ato. 8 varcty 3 Tron oa fo ling. tha ge cain a ing ou mn eer totals, whieh to Hko the’ rales of perepect|ve—sadiepenrable, ‘hut priely preliminary, ‘Theve should be asadied. Bt, this dane, ‘the aim of the asatoitts hould be to expunge as completaly as poubie Som their minds the acting’ of aur public actors, if they Wish to make the Bost uso of thelr peculiar advaniages; snd, in short, fo givo themselves up entirely tp theit own gence of the part ‘hy wich to ach it ‘may, be discussed which is tho best oudionco -for_ the growth af the druma—the usual London audience of aac ay oguentm, ofthe rect uienoe which may be decid 4 tho ordinny spora-howss mudienca. It may be argued that the Iatter is thoroughly uncritical, and bent only upon “sensation.” On ‘the other aod, aldhough the popular elonient is eswential to the «drama, it may be maintained, we think fainly, that the true sense ‘of the comedy of ramnors'requires a delieato'poreeption of social fongrlty and Sneongraity, wiih natural throu a, we sy seale of society, A civilized man sois a thousand shedes of Jecling where a ravage gots sme; nnd i cant often happen that tho picaption of «Pech aro Jets doliento tian those of a coal- ‘haarer, inded, history proves, 0 far as his vee anything, Re in Ie Prete State tions, ‘The Athenian. stago ons cherished in reality by an Athenian aristocracy, if not alwava polities), at least inéellectul. ‘The eam may bo alirmed precjeally of the Roman stage, Tha French Monarehy eulminated with the French stage, Tas German atege burst into fleeting but glorious’ bloom under the influences of a German Const, Of tie English stage -no~ thing need ho sudyrbut thot Shakpeare wrote under, Bliexbeth, in the midst of the Cals, the Bacon, al the-Fealeighs. And he ease we tae to esas ately endeavoured to arya, that a central standand of comparison and a common find of mice per~ ‘options, togotler with the play of clas againat clade and character agua zi8 tho tue end meceseary souzen of tho dren. for ean we gonceive anything. more clase auch as thetwhich was chiefly represnted on Monday last at ‘the “Bijou” Thestre, and the tenia of actors raised above the frunmels of rotien tinditions, We need hardly oa thet the presence of the Princo and Princess of Wales added zest ond Point to the entertainment, acd overybody was pleased to see thom happy. ‘Tho epplause was coniial apd universal, ond they joined init hearty. fan have an infionco, it is. well din diminishing tho Provan, catduens ef Buglsh sodiensea, “Le talent a best do Stail, und uo talent is so dependout ig 8 the talon of the actor. y REVIEWS. . TMILMAN'S HISTORY OF ‘TIS sews" DE AIIMAN'S uiietion of « thin edjtion of ho Zion of tho devs would at any time requie notico, Just now it 8 intresting, not merely im a Nterary zit theological point of view, “put because 1¢ 12 an act of great cousogs on the part of e Church Giguitary, ab a moment when the dignitaries of the Ohirch are ‘tdlog oo litle for tho digalty of tho fhe nents of the theo douut that the tnd way in'whieh thoy are treated by oan in Sutuonty is lowering tho Unureh in pl ‘which fs fronds mut view with the deepest eonocra, ‘ino of thing, iti atstactory tosee thatthe one li rn a ng igh fora oh Engl divines should zeplish book, which, ety years ayo, Jorded as natural an intyootion to preferment ao welt mening Fguosuuee hus too often done in the present day. "In hie EP ett edn wa Dr lin tome in the plainest posible Imgunge, ave his ‘alo ao nruch soazo tho present genoration of Bishope res She cotrago to ow that’ bin opoions oo the “tho Bible ‘substantially the same as those’ of Tilowon. aad ‘Diumet—oplnions whic the jadgnent of Bg Oourt ok Axeles To aud and, {he Hay and ius rprely recaguiodet egaly ed i Ras, i conttovetsies ‘te honeaiy to say that he ednaiders many of “high, at present. Gurfy oo. many. aeulous but very " -Ghtitiino,voualy inclevent & the fyadamenta talty, howover interesting they mn “ce ladhoad Gf euch opiatons a not Ged gray at ey rope | CAEERNag that cher ir il on digned. engl clergyman. wo ay re a hd ga cy ae A lang ho he se i wold bo filly dante i plage 4a literatave ===: "4 wold aly ball a Yr Ness, al ods gi ng nal ae Ne pare of hs fost «vl ary Si sight to occupy=aot en he Napa Pevid axtn t Moarn "ine icly te give a new impulse Tike Bockdi sage ued tet lett pout afm esa nego the oyprobaton of Raya woul, march. Whatever aay bo questions now ab isaue, no. ons ean ‘estiination to a degree shelogiel of frst 2 | Hteratare. opinions on same: of jbation of oront express eatiataction | ite. and: merita of-n'work which’ hea been so bo’ supentiuous to any mich, ‘The ruitences of the present edition modestly aid truthe al ee an Meee ne rr an tally act Bangs Inthe hh rt erases ‘work univer, of erpetaiy, tense mankind 2 Mee ifs an tho histoiea, of Latin Chiitiasity chat Dr. Mom ‘wil bo Smown in English Literate. His Hidory of the Jew 's is loomed and let ripe, Te bones trooe of a daft hich Its act aligother ensy to dearribo ws once justly and Kindly. ‘Fo toy of the fiat vélaure thot it the Old Testament r0-Weitin in'ag etplo ofa prize canny would bo conaiderably too eovere, tndy = in yoloeaee fo gavficular parts, untruo} but thi is whet nS, erring on tho dde of aovetity, wound way with som plausiity, ‘The euth fo hes ‘ill-wo aativo at fisen when tore ane ante, rnatotnis for histry, ie de not possble to write history. "Till ‘mya lle pd ohn elite of Palen ae te eouoctad with Sion o the grost Gentle nasony a Bible with sensi nota i all that i worth having. AI! thet tq, or over can ‘or wll bo, known about Abraham i to bfound in eattain chnptorn ‘of the bock of Geneis, and not only do we gain nothing, but, wo toe petty ir ebro pty fy translating it into tiodemized Englih.” Iv is mt fortunate cident thatthe Jane fpiageot the auiorizd vorion in in wef an ercaia turn whieh, ENS entent suggests the ft thatthe ovens lated belong fo fiate of things uitany ‘remote from our own expertence. © Wo Bani thom “no nearer to, ourelven by. desedbing them. in ‘he ordinary style of ewwtained Haplohcomposiian, {fang ing ws foie them fate Ao tk A Bibs sopentk from tao thoriad version, with noted warsog ko Teadet what inteenen tdi fiom pecans the phscology andthe rermbgestent of the stay, and a moderate nombor of appendixes Speen i Sol a a ih en Ladepted. by Br. MBlona ea tho anost angelar ole, expel se Ranculous nate of toe maak he tomate fast Shin is ordinary ea Enmmoupec to what is aa exerl of fash Jbimadeino aden ond sardngo manner eo nelly to frease thy difcntin which may mggestsomtalo fo the seeder, ‘Tho, S22 Gaetance, sn esenloae Sonription = taken partly in De Staley ie ino th rly of the Joram of he ue bal ‘bouudlog the Pvonfsed Lond by eatrange nogoal enc te api Stn, aud tho adjoming aoutiys but hod al tks Bry inp cqauexion withthe rollng back of the stream, end tho ‘sree pasoge of tho Eeltey, tho sind seesres aang sect of shock.-“he diffcuty is of court, one of the imagination Saly. Leek ot neuf no moter of loon, Sie not mere ey fo nko the Jordan the tonne of such an eyent Shan she Thao: af ineet perplo would require fr more odenta eto thea a sto te ctr, : ‘Norithatnding ite defects, auch a2 they. are, De ‘ook i the only n,n th exeepion of Di Staley Zecarer or at Chaco aig Rare Sisto popaleraoonea of the Jowigh peoples and though Yo exe tate mbice won romgily would ie Ceceely tte thro in be me question thely hea exoeted J would consitito ‘bse Dt. Milman’s own prase—~"a worl of univereel, of te Inveress to meckod.” "Te intneet would, of enue, depead upon i -eyanoion with Toigons bat the history of the Testy thong Closely and vRally eooneced. wth. Chiidanty ony be viewed tert ftom spec. theolopel quesiens’ Sud qucatons afr fbr the not ry if rot ettely to, the rst part of th ee in Hosea rol eo peste Af tue own,” ‘Thay alae er and alorage ilo, boieve or dlsbelieved according to tho gentrel views of {aos who consider {ho auljoct horas frente of sed fa-whih thoy wil be soe ett ep fhe it he ay Ale th a, "Therein amor state of ala it whieh they wa Yo egureds2 inarpolatons ct antuibn; inh whichoper 6 he ‘it ia lee sho gener cour of the Ristry til romaine tho fhimy aul hs ato gurotl cksoratins arte Gpon te Eby feath of the gener servations, hich ange enc ulin ‘of he toy whieh ay tl xe mk work was Kilts re ented to the Mek pace hie they hold Laying one of the quasdon,t0 uonivd > dhceaon Tre, teas pests Sf the history at log oly al ton part of i which eeunot be ido the tabjck of eeius centreraty, Je &&, ujon the whole the mont wondesfal and“ ‘of tho. Watt hen bg wa, ”Gay of ho mt ame ans and: Lob the tribe : “the: Kings, and :their atate after. : ‘all diferent from: each “thon cad aaa nt and ‘the putely ao ae Biven, the purely ic pee ‘stands thus At a very romoto timo, whish | be wiry At a rary 20 38, whi Gandot racy were They dotted : WI ‘quored Polestine, and ancient inhabitaita. went day and La the tbs sean ‘nigosaivs stage in ll that we eal i ‘vith even proximate ‘te: avanaty of aha Jowith oad te “ysity of hielo} “730 The Saturday Review. [Sune ¢, 1868. mapas ene en, Ses aa civil and religions constitution. Th ing foreign eongueate to which, whon their malate were vnuaually ‘oppress half dependent monncvhies which tho TRomae Empire tat pro- tected and then annexed, much as wo dealt with some of Use mative Princes in India. The nation beveme rch, populous, educnted, nd, n'a word, civilized, toa high degree; bat the presoace of aad the religion of the. Romans frotéed and. galled the Jews til ‘hey broke into tho furions revolt which en 28 8 notion, aad left them to drag out a lingering and mesecnble existence dowa to the present tints rather as religions sect (ian 5 a nation. ‘Theo azo tho principal facts ia Jewish history, throna into ‘hois most compressed. form. OF coures, they ewve merely aa am ‘envelope to the religion trom whit they’ dovive their impartamc, ‘Viewing suena fa thet leit, andl leaving on one side the numerous controversies by which they. have hech yorplexed, it canoe be denied that tho tory is one of the most woeilerful. that ere to be Yound in tho annals of mankind. "Take say’ posible view of the apa lsiory of tho ation conn for tho ante oF extinct that the mimculous pavtof the story ia ol fubla or logon, hie the historical part ig eoufesed, porploved, trznapased amd flint £0 bones the marks of sovernt sugvussive zovisions—anl the ‘pact of tho narrative which neither fo or ean tis contested ia stilt mtraordinery in the highost degrae In. tho frst. place, i233 indisputable hat the Book of Genesis, at all events the chiet Dest off ie immensely ancient nr hn it 3a steel couse | ‘of zeal 8. On this point, Dr. Milman contrasts, with great effect, the Abraham of Genesjs with the Abraham of Persian, Asabing sad pepe ncinawutsioa, accoring tye he {wan the tenoher, “ot anoroly of weligiows ath, but of solu, sithmatio, mathomatis, and astronomy to tho” Reyne” It in equally certain that’ the coucaptious of tho Divine Natuze fzesibed 40 him havo ‘never 1a. hia day ‘been improved upon, ‘This boliok formed the eamer-stoua of tha whole Jewish history, she key-note of the whole of thew literatce, and She foundation of whbt at that time” was probally waessupledclsewhere—a ‘written lar binding’ upor tht whole nation rilese aad eubjacts ike. This leading fact may not otra the img nation nb trae sight like tho mfracles of Moses or Eiljeh ; bot when it is cone sed. attentively, twill nppoar tp bo to them what the stil small ‘ots ees othe sf and the eaetiguao, | Me is ao it in'the early history of any of the other ront Aetlous of the word. ‘The ecaattauoka of al the counties ef modem Europe have been the work of ages. Some of tican, indeed; “beve been town into @ éafinite “cold funut at a given moment, but they. havo alweys opmental ibe exyerionee of centuries, "Tie Constivition of the United Siutos could nover bave boea drawn up. ales its asthors had been able to resort for guidance to the history of the eclanies ‘and the blstory of England. . All modern expericsce shows that a “written constitutioual cade is one of the Intore products of civiliza- tion. However late « date may be assigned to the Pevtateuch as ‘weave lt thers can bo ao doubt that tho laewslitss lived andes ‘avritien constfutionel law for agen before the Babylowiah cap fivity,ot tint that lew wee founded upoa tat whieh ll tho greatest nations of the world have reengnised as the trae doting ge ghd bet anf of all sexte—ahe being and stttbuts of “No doubt are and his sucoessars, on the sotum fiom Babyton, ‘ovised the instlutinns of the eountty, but that they should have: ~ Invented them out of thols own heads is simply inereible. ened ‘th Shet, that: tho Jowich netion as a ody not aly. bolievod in the unity of God, Tut tived under laws expressly reterrmg to and. founded upon that belief is indisputable. Compare tuis Sal the - eoudition of any other péople in the sro, and te will be found to ‘be, @ fect standing alono, ~ In- almost al other enuntdon, «ay | approneh to a zeésonnble view of the Divine Nature yas ne highest _ Mistinetion of 1 select lazs of philceophers Ibis even doubtful _whathér tha most distinguished ‘of their miriber relly antoreained foush a beliet “ That the writero of the Psalms, of Deuteronomy, ‘of Exodus aad Genesis believed in ono God i past all question. + Whothor Aislotlo- Plate, or Cicero did; aid: what moaning they stale tothe olds is doubt) question. ‘The belief the jews was ok ‘Houbided on it broths home wbelisf me tothe hut of the paoplo. “Tho declaration with which tho ‘on Comnianéments open, and tho and, second of those oomamendments, have become so amiliar 4 . ve how, marvellous they sue. yet there ‘a baino doubt that, in-a very romste aitquity, they fatmed ‘he sof the nai au ye of lo of atone ad thing atttaative cbout H except ity reli es mont remade ings who eonvorted the country into ia © poral oot cts apt, ‘vith Bgypt on the’ ous sido aid Infia. os tho other Wveremast and intaenal divisions the whole country waa to confusion, anda long series of calamities ended in ah gaptivity. On their retuin from Babylouy all the ‘werg, 20 to apetk, seined and cor ‘ected and the ration at lage botame fanatlealy aached to their ‘tained it nobwithstand= v6, they ofleted the incst despetnte resistanea. At last a series of Yomatinblo men erected the country into one of those ‘the lowes in their destruction iene specilitive opinion. Tho “institutions | exdder not familia: names. Whether 4 will ever bp’ destsibod as it Suge 20 be, mo one ean tal During © cova Jerable pet Jnoco thaa tro contaries—thezo are mo miehorition ata, aa ho etry fs a mere blank. ‘Tho weolo folerval from. tbo rehumm from “Baliylon to the destruetion of Jerusalem otuprshends tho somo poviod as the history of Rome, from the time when it Gist begins to bo uithentis, down to tho’ rl of Vesposin, Tf its. soasets conid. bo 'disaterred, wo should Know how the canon of the Old ‘Tostamoat wad formed; how the sects of tho Phasiees nod Saddncees came to divide ete them all the educated pave of the auton; ow ‘he old. yeligion gradually hunlencd into and. was aupetecdea {ie Inulos inten! wich wotod of tha fons all ust of tho world; and Bow the bolit in « coming Beatith gtew {nto form, ond, concurently with other eaums paved the way | onthe, fount ovouts by hich tho hole. subsequent Hitog? | gf the han cs eon dept "fied "A thio ie is past aml gono beyond the Teich of reoovery, but tha £2 staal Dingo 10 wo ve reathoa ue Wo al of {terest One of the moat remarkable ofthese fa the history of the Suddiuccea. They would appear te havo booa ono of the moat ‘Soguls omoa thay ever ned a coxprate exstene, acd eoanoctad ‘villi the postosion of political pomex. Onshoone end, {hey wero fiom thoius. ‘They beloved. in God vwith the same. vodoubting faith as the reat of their nation; sad they obviously derived this Hoel fom tho books of Mons, for they dey from thom the | fivther inforence that ‘have was no-fntare Le for men. De, | afltnan says that ho focls no doub that the look of Boclesnatons [gps ther views aad wan wien by on of tai moar fertaiuly sous passe in it eategorics iony the immorialit of sho sol, ANT Shings eqinot bai tan, Ueentso tho oon ot ‘man is not immortal.” ** Weop for the dead, for he hath lot the Hight, and weep for the fol, for be wanteth aucerstanding ; mule ld’ weeping forthe doad, fr ho Sag tet but tho is of the foal isyerse thar doth,” ‘Thy whele took 1 well denied by Dr. ‘Milman aa full of “magnificent descriptions of lod's creative pe, of ha elboornding ppv, uf Bi caaioment Of untighteoumess, of his rewaals of zodlinese, the moat beautifal precepts of moral and social vintue, of worldly wisdom end ager tity, of cheatiy, isaporonesy justice, aud Denoleauce but of & life ‘fter death ot ono wont.” ‘Tho esiateneo of tic a eect ina strong, though, as it were, an inverted, proof of the energy with which the belief in God had ‘Goon iniphostd’ upon he ation of inngo by He prvvious history. ‘Tous, the conuoxion between a belief in God taid a a future life appeans to be oo aong that it moy bo quostionel, whether ony. cousideruble auusber of pamsons sopurte densa thelr ova tind ‘ead whethoy, 3f auch a separstion did take place) the belief ia Goa would txezino any prutiral infuse var’ tue eomtuct oF those who old ite Tndeed, it-sorna probable tha i modem times hellag in the separate existence of the. human sot 3s the ogi ot wbelief in Gad, Mteiaist and atbeist ate ueaely equiva. Tent terme, Wish the Sows, she beet im Ged would ape te uve camo fst. Todeed, it le pestctly clea, an. Watbuston proved exon a possibility of dati, tke inthe okdev eanenseal books of the Old esiansent tere are’ at ty very moi, only two oe Chea doubtful allusions to any life bayond ihe present, ‘The doctrine ‘st, im pant of fact there waa sual a if, pobebly etew up ducing ‘and aftce the Captivity, and may have been derived from Persian. tnd other sources, This fuct, renders the intense belief in God, ‘which wad tho catinguishin pestlinety of tho Jews ts all ages, SUN more wondeifal than" wold otferwise have bees the txidence seems to negarivevhé notion that they cbtid have reached thet belief by any of the chiumnels by which {t is zenched in these {Laps ad theetine-~ oyu foun the spee etertina of thee i tory —frvours tho opiuion Und, iu some way oF aches, if wna int pressed pon them from withont, aad thet by some tremendons ‘Steen ae, te ili of the Boddueea lo most ahr ‘educated of the Jews, sad the- most nithfsl to: the origin laws of the, nation, and. to “the books: in which they: tere wocovded is. a attading -momorial of this,’ They daserrn’ more attention than they have ever reesived, Boclosiasticaa ‘and. Hoclesinstes (which. is auch in the same. vain, whoever ‘wuote it) ave the to most pathetic ‘hooks that cver were written, ‘Pheis pioty, their Bourngeoua resiguation, and the profound under ‘ono of sadnoas sunning through shom~solievod, howeven, by a, vigorous ‘clieorlulness ‘as lo. the: ewrrenit evonts of ife—form a touching tomorial of the ‘sect of pela the Saviour ‘never: si ‘nything mom than, Ye do guoatly ern" ~The contract bobwean Bie iall wepof nd he gemeetoue demon or oe hypocrisy of vie Seribes aod Pharisees mi; ight. convay a lesson to '7 samy in Oho present day. Pee "Dro is, peels uy ovent ia history which, ox the whole is ‘ands nore. bwfad hai the ual Aispersion: of tans ‘and the destruchiou, of aheit national existence, by Vespusan aL aie cite maa hae of hs eso 4s terible enough, though a cousiderable deduction might p fo made on decent’ of the quetoanslo sincerity ood 180 aatioval ptoponsily to exoggereie aumbers which, dialgare the Distory of, Jesephas.” ‘The moral signitcanes of the vent ae, Showeter ag pester, Iu thblony aud, Sal! hlsony of the forme ‘au of the Roman Bnpte, we read perpovually of the sbeorption of ane proviges after auother tuto the grest. whole which le ‘glely comprtod. thew all; but in sui ono. instance we get tho ther wide of the story —the iow SVaiah the congested [toc of th tavcation ‘The roel of Paleting an te lat an Tune’6, 1863:] The’ Saturday ‘Review ‘one of the dlercest of all the long lst of ware of indopendonce hich wero wae againat Romes ond. Wan cared on by a Feo Tee MAU” eich vey’ ey at high a vel of tho pictur of the happy young fiends asi of the ; {ovo of ts young nly why tower sere depeted yt Innovletge he breher ben in Miva, and by io prea, ization in tht oyn way athe: Rorine Qhemzslves | of oe, cbousend yom oblkaed by the sharp prectioy of $a ligion and Ttarteo” xe ‘every way supeccr | pevlaie father “oi the ohare he ‘Charles ‘thoes of their conquerors; and thongh ‘theft Twa wero oes, | shot through tho heart, Austin delirious in Newgate, sud Eleanor tnd” ented exalsiely ter thei peetiar eccumatanees Hoy igi woe favsscable condition, Save. been grenly Soveloped, and. have supplied. to tho Ronen jurisprodesicomor ‘terse radedt wich erful ge upon oy Fason othe Stout Einpietnicls of fens vafeo Av fea Ail ise greta plonobs possessions wore trampled on capered rer totem aft torn re shreds and pts, Hosted of {uing precious fo tho whole imam ros hey beoume tho Dade Sina Sbcure end rere noty hari. by snreenting pens Exton foto misanthropy apt ret. Ta apecating om whet Siphe bere Beeny We ® stosatble not io Wink for 9 sooment of Ihe benehts arbich Jews’ and Chistonn would brew, ested vm tech ofner if fw Jowsh nation hind rem spared anf Ech eon grnfully, am in tv timo, converted ta Chratianity. Ips Tar a ye ead prpo'y aly fe tevring of fan Now TReatmpemt tp the parce people to whom Fas adres fat tae" beet “iuteic. lad sich an pplication it noe. ia fe lees Somat ich the belief ane fe enancisted eine Cite te wnicrenlun leral spplirson ite pales fo sea, wiethae of sobmietn The pital massa adreeed tho Sows res, Hate the bat of spoon to the Deft cel to ihose wp ee tia igh 0 Seles ken yom ero feed to Fens Cn fagn hat a Cd and ch fo BeoMipitto those lg of sich the form wes edapted the Rantleo of bene ef gow fvfathere—to tte pec cirumte Staacey aod temptations” Uf thi vice had hed aconptry, tha “Chile otory sf mind mpi ve been changed Paeaine ‘Bigat have fomed a eontnted and prospooon pas cf she Roman Taupo, eed might fe tine have lntened the what oie What hedowet ceed ofthe cedtine tl of hat ase tedy were we ‘ow rryimperedy, uss rita ene vr e Zioalty god epyrestotynndtheircarseqvencen. Eason nto the woeae’ dhe popatondoenyed, im foe borame it and tapt. Whalover fats the fens have Pad they have Dever fetes or cova 'n he thy svx bean eed Tutu up by goconat tien Tho ete, moyaity of trae and Be Prophet hes aivays been oqpestd amtougse them, Th fiove boon haaty, pros, Snusena, ad dndeoentens § tgautiey ent Ubder ovary pomible Saviety of ereumetances Gihen ue stoned Joneses nat capessd tho Josh non, Ye'itde thou ayat.inexhaustibi soured of weedy and Swen he wes diverting. fiom himself aud his auccesors, 1 the el ten ag fo Nt ns aetna {Team om tas grenst of all Jows to love thei neighbours their example might have read lessons of wisdom, of courezey| aod of temporenre to all tho’ subjects of Romo, Nor would this Jive been all, Zethe Jews had been Chriations, they would nover ‘have been monks. Notting eonrvets aseaticlart, 20 powerfully a8 the Od Testament ‘and. if tho sympathies of tho Tews hnd been- won to tho Ciivistan faith whey inight uve taught fts anost riinent profostrs leseons which woul’ have spared mankind the Tong contest hotween the Chureh ad the workd—a eomtest ia ‘which neither sido was wholly right or wholly wong, and whieh | has eonfeibuted many a dark pago to all subsequent history. usm ELLI0h* NEW reodécr will deny that this novel fills the Sat Wyo aeinsoret and anteen Tho vy rely ough ‘he ovonts end character it describes, end partly through the mote af doveipton, i efeetive aml nnpranive, , Tho plot, and fot very iniprobable, There have bean thogsaads of etovies fn jng on Willan who mint to shoot heroes in tga, and om tho ds: comafitize aad defeat whieh evel villainy ought to widerpa; but ong, probably, hove selected the aame caiastrophe. Tho frond of in dustin’ Faliol, Gabi tho duchy and the ero is 1 The: heroine, too, who of course "he cause ofthe war, Is also introduced’ in a new way. Se hos bother 'who it conch and Hf tho eowladgo if thy ore tn pia het Gn the Vlai's power She, end {ego ead bie feat havo wl ditinet aod wall-drawn eeraciey ‘aiited. ta tie. position in which they. find thomsslves, end: iuuvually drewing out eich other. 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