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| : 252 { sil tsce na conditions of ren, an ii right to confine tint ere Iter expenses in thn ras nncentdoprtments of jurtlons eciga a aul of than ny abr Ves ie ponte ai Ble aati, io other shuttle St hae con! fo. Cae Innlter of dome eet, ony on scoune os alvertanments AW ERFORM, "TERE terns in the Quoon's Specs to he aubjot of Law ‘Reform, snd tho removal of tho axsitament of was, render, itprobable tat the present Seaion wil soo sme efforts nao in tint direstion. ‘Tio teak to be performed iy so vast and 20 Yarioos tha it ie most insporiant tint it should be unrtaken Frit ufo dali notion of what itis desirable, and of what is possiblo, to elfaon Wo for that tho eause hrs autora ml from the 'ignortnco from which fow oven of tho: profomona Law Reformers are free, and more fiom the unconteeted, ad soetioy pret are o hnmanio ih hy ae Heunlly ndvocated. The populns notion, dasemtantell by eters Hike Dickon, is that tho Iew io a tase of erucl aleurite Snveatod by lawyers for their own ‘prot eid Ut all dhat fui dediious and atalatory enclinents bavo elec ‘has Jison to perplee very simple subject, On the otler baad, the ‘Reforma which veteran Tnsyors have devised for the renal of palpable ineonvenionces have too often een of wucl a eharscice 45 fo justify Mx. Milfs aarensic roma that te lave its been Zeforned ef you might reform a pair of ld haem, by culling Holes in tom’ wherever they pinched. We mut bea very cent headed man ‘who cout tell whit nro tho proce sitouiatences under which n bare tristoo is protacior of n eotlemnt, oF hove acl of tho old learning of Sontingentsemsindare has arrived ihe aad g Vis 1b ‘Those who nore tat, ender our Capra Shateres, lew rust be a very dffoul study, and the ems of maay hardelipe and-amuch injustiee—and who are at the samo time amare thee it ig at present much toore difielt to lena, and much sare Bnjush tla it need. be-y il be. equnly unsaahed eae ie Polish. popolay delesiabs upon the eubject, aad wih the aerely * practical” and neystomatic attempt. at rbot which hye of late yenrs been eo commog, “Such porous. genceliy assur that tient cobbling or pateling the eloting eystann ick will satisfy sither the pubis ox tho legal profeian thes at sre want ie 8 Codo—thut tho old law "boske and reports must bo distiled into portablo and intaligibie form, to that the ation at larga roay have somo conception of ita uighla and able Bilis, aad. tho lawyers some ence of undontmding. Gini prifession. Tn support of this position, they urge not only the Examples of Homo, ance, ind many of the ‘Waited. Stes oe America, but the monstroug ruomalics of our exi g system. They allogo that no one-hot the mes loomed of the lh Tudges ean protend to anything tore than a resp vague notion ofthe law applenble to any gigeh sate of hata heh ee et the ‘aw of England iw basod upon an _iaehuito omotiing sallod common law, reduood %4 vsiting by. certain cosas znd entirely unutorizon persons, whoso words, fom the more tigautastance of their anfguity, havo been by dogrees invented ‘with all the weight of legislation, go that the private opinion of Coke, Littoton or Sheppard, is of harily itecor fines tice of hiees, Lords, and Commons. ‘The opinions af these Seeote aay be," is allowed, to a cotlain.estont, ascertainable, but thotigh" they" fix. "the’ tradition ns far "an they. ae the decisions leave a vast ficld unoecupied—a Bela which has bees sesuouly clita for sever cenfnca ty the jules ot the three Superior Courts of eominon lay.’ Tho lohcussa tke latter havo prodused a rast erop of dections, the report of sil ily inuenYolunet anti a ae clog, luncortain, and. xoported with. vecy iferont degrees of aeoe, ey. Cour is opposed o court, judge to julge, and often Aodhsion ia pronounvel. diswntintidus some, ant dalstoncben ses. ‘Bren this however, is not all: ‘Tho judges, we ate told, aight lino legislated. riselys if thoy hud egttated recy: bok fhey ac legislators only aud modo. Tho fetan of law ig thet tcl judgments sre meely declarstory orintergrotattts. Wen, {horeore, they dotermino, for example, that they sather tively Dut ale not taro (Coleidgo, Jy eisentinte) Chat a anting rol Ti for tho maiious procurement of a breach af contiacy they do not meen hat suth is oir view of what sight tn Atl they inlino to tho opinion that, if thoes had been tole ne fhe aubject four or five enturis bach it would hove bees we Sat eect.” “Hy thin orrangoment, ts contended we Menke ‘lat the la i, uot with voftrene fo phot wodta be mek seas dient aoe, but by employing the best Itellocts avo ens Eads onjecturing what it ough t have been dador toe Pislageret ‘The pact of ts eystom which most stekingly dlestrtee Ceska, tity and originality for which it enema o much prac veto Ok critics, that which refera to crime, If alittle boy breaks a baker's window, and stcalsaroll, tween nine rats asdeme ae 3k in the discretion of the judge who tries him tofwprion neg for a week, oF transport iin for hfe. Two thi fndioted for picking a pooket, may, jn many” ease, by fn thelr challenges, secure the acquittal of one, beeause ps Docket is a felony. ‘Two bankers, charged with disposing ot soeuritcs Delouging 40 their cistomnera and worth thousand of Porn, hare'no mepng of enforcing their deunand for a separate The Saturday Review. [Feb. 2, 1856. Arial, beeauso they axe merely charged with misdemeanour tis some consolation ta them to remember ta for the sane reason, their property je unaleted by their cooviclion ; whilst he judgment of the Court transfers 18 ler ‘Majesty an indispue table iho the os gold cha ad ey nen win fom tho whole property of the alisinted swell motsman “Bue itis not alate ost ndefnite wont ale common lave that, these noeplical objections apaly. ‘they apply. Wil avual, if not with greater," foren to the equally adetnite something eallod equity.” Bquity once meant whaterer the Lord Chancellor thought right. Tenow meane that eourse of conduct hich islonst inconsistent, under the circumstances, with wbat ome or all of the Chantellors, Masters of the Rolls, View. Chancellors, and Lord Justices, have a orao timo or othor thous ed being lind, morcoves, tote rales of eomnot aw isiona of the House of Lords, eapocially when (as a been the ease) that noble body eonsisied of the bas someti Lord Chancellor, heating with judicial indifference appeals from Nimselt, Upon these solid. foundatior ay tho erties of out legal syste inzlaed anupersteustue of sates, cru cone tp each olters detciencas ‘the wadam and ie want of amy teers le pronto w peg ors that tity Foon, usenct very quays ecient in'overy pote nection. Ii" you wick to tadersand wing meant bg or. ly the your above nll carges™ ato na Out to eli of pobeatng tat amouse, sot ate rier’ etm et they aad'8 Wing 2 18 Gereee 9. Gh aud Ges Honry ye: g. Onebmscgy ese Actas he saps, tncuts and judgment fa Dass Bicker. (oz C2 Be) cn a ete tn quoted you aya stare tmeaning ofthe expression, "The atta anp out eysie Ro tar, aro lke ing ap ‘of loin utara boas, bi evn ane ao opi ntl, ba “al inrorn ap in arma togeee, ‘By sigaal post hae ‘may aid ole, and pitk your way aay er te hese eneoin manos but it youcare aol ery nel Gf pote, fomo treacorout‘slauss Wil givo way’ ast 90a uy ent et Into all sola of pills nd cdvorns jou my fal Rose neeas tovetatul, alltolehing, but oye meeting oe ame all Nene Aesorat is arested by cone autiquated wosument of malSeed ieglation, or by thounathonntlpsnjsterien of Ue common ea = Geraily vo sue oll, thts & wound aston whiee ets aman tho teaflonin-Tussion funds a lege batwen: foek ‘howls impeonmens unde 1 and. a8 Vie-6 oad hangings tang, ald quartringranded 9g BA g sy 0° ‘Tow tertain extent, we. think theo tho part in whieh they enuld ge0 tho elder Koan to tho greatest advantage, always recommended that of Rickard tha-Third. Tt vras not boeadse ethought tha theomntim gatherum which, wader Un ttl, did duty thisty yours ago for a Shakespearean dena a8 by any means the greatest, or oven the most ofletive, druina in te great Tragodian’s repertary—nor, indoed, ono in whieh a thea- {rical Aabifud would at all cave to co him or enybody else—Dut Toons it alforded Mr. Kean the best opportunity of exhibiting, in theese of ons representation, the greatest warty of Uke ‘elfests” to which his popularity was supposed, however unfairly, tobeaticibutable. Te tueatsietl pananco, "the part cootaingd alt that he Gould do." ‘The Miseollancous Cones, we take i, will prove to be Madame Goldschmiat's Ricker tie Third; for fore ean be Fitie dob that the serics of performances in which the i cow engaged will answer the end of shoring her ade anirers “all that io cou do” much better thea tho oratarios with ‘Usher late r-appenanee anon us wis maysirated, Publ curiosity will be moze. thoronghly” ea 5 pevformaneés frnnged especially and-avowedly” for the eslition of te frteut and vorioty of hex powers, than Dy tliose whieh, though really of « higher order, iavalve elaborate and expensive.sctonte estate wih oly fond to cope! them fom the eases ‘Th socond of Madame Goldachmidt’s miscsllancous concerts gf le Hanover Square Toone, wap uot ony welled fs eapecial purpose, ut proved an agreeable and intorestin tnteiament in itolf-an excellent specimen of ils class, Tp the programme ywere found, more thin once, the mimes of Moearr and. Weber," accompanied by those of Mendelssobi, Rossini, Helini, Spontini (2 name now-a-days of rare appenf- fanée), ‘De Beriot, and the lusband of the béugfciaire, Mp. Otto Goldschmidt. Any. fault to be found with so compact programme should be laid rathor on concerts Jn tho abstr ‘han on this particular sperimen. At the best, this kind catertaintont ie a plooo of palohivork, every item of whieh likely a8 not to put out what comes next to it, instead of, ae in a. wellconatructed oratorio or opers, leading up to it abd selling ib off to the best advantage, ‘Madame Goldschmidt's part in the performance bogan withl a Rondo (or voice and violin obliges) atiibptod. to. Mos Certain turns of méslodyandan exquisitely morae effect produced by te toration ofthe sate figure on muted stringed instruments, aire doubtless the invention oF auggestion of the great mas but the composition ws a whole exhibits liule of the constructira act in-whioh even te easiest works of Mozart axe never wantiqg, and must be regarded (in the absence of very strong evident) A gVecinono of wnampopriatod stray Chugh put toeler 1y Sistmayer, or aotic one of hie musieal seintants or exeoutofs. ieplays, hdwover, to great advantage tho Breadth of Madu Goldachinidt’s style, and that, control over each Sndividtal ‘Thich ip indispensable to the perfeation of aoslenuto si ‘hile the chief detest of the song—a multiplicity of el ‘Sate oceasion for the appropriate inteoduction’ of some ve clegint fioriture,” ‘The violin obligato hardly demanded, ibm its benuity or éificalty, the importation of Herr Deichmann— ‘respectable performes who, later in the evening, favoured the audiences with a very sober abd irrefraguble interpretation ot fone of those solos by De Boviot whieh, on other oveasions, Ye ‘ave thought lively. : ‘Tho great scene from Der Treischutz, “Wie nalde mir ‘Scilummer," 3s, peruape, of all existent ‘soprano solos, that which the gifts and accomplishments of Madame Goldschmidt ean be eshibited to tho greatest advantage. With the single exception of Madame Behroeder-Dorriont, no artiste in aur recollection, us ever got through this long and trying song without, such obvious signs of" fatigue as fo suggest, com: fratalation at the end being resched, rather than eompliniont 8 to the method of reaching it. Physical power would seem to be the last rather than tho frst quality. to be meationed in counesion with any performance of Madame Goldschrn, dts Dut the unflagging enerjy wilh which she completes {ue ‘most Inboriats torks—conslituting, as it does, ono of the charms and navel of hoe escent dus av suc to ell dreted industty"" ag, (o natural orgaulaalion, » Nor is the concoption Stworlhy of tho maguifcent physial powers, which are used to ive ik expressions ‘The & easton of wich it lias }eon the business of the composer fo Geseribo inthis Jong tolioquy, mst ‘havo, been vealeedy in Madame Gollschinid¢s singing and wing, by tho dallest and coldestamong her auditors,” To tis, ofcourse, the length of the Pees hiya wo Iai a a een tt ile :ciltyin ollice respects coninibates greatly. Motcoven, ov ices of socal use is most eicetve i tho. lougunge ToSphich toarar originally set ‘bo that lomguage what at may ad cory sage [oes oth, ene avantge Jn his native tongzu, bo his acoomplishihents na inguiat what they may. ‘Der fveaciutz is 2 German libretto, and Germtn, Ihongh not literally thenatic language of Madame Goldschinidy, ts nearer ain tf thag any other whieh sre eva hope to heat ier in murie-of tho highest-cass," No acquafatanea wth the Tanguage which ‘Wobet hus ""musried to immortal” musie ts vented to mike ler auditors appreciate in/auch a aong as Iie Iuthle mir der Schlummer; tue Biess of uke noles to the words, and the freedom with which she gives uiterange to hoth. Madame Goldschmidt's performance of Bollini’s Care Com- apne is mel more familiar than that of Weber's Beene, Toso ‘vio remember ier appenrunco on the opera stage need not be {old fine the part of Amina in Ja. Sonoda in that with which sho'is associnted in the minds of the largest number of her Rdmniters, Bellis aie, though itself less dcamaliy sofort more than Weber's froin its transplantation to the eoncett room. Darius the perforinaneeoftholatfer, the editor hes time and op- portunity to account for, and to enter int, tho eonfising exno- ions of thesinger. ‘The sovg, indeed, is an epitome of the drama torhich it belapgs. Butte former, seperated from ite unta- cedents, is sityply burst of joy on the part of one kuows not ‘vhomn, in elation ta, one Kuows not wit. IToldiag ia mush Gvead tho modern putin whieh would reduce sole singer to thelovel of a. ripoe violin we eannot bat think Madame Goidecimit's enbelishmenta of Belin air eupesnbundantond deed, they belong not ao such to the depart lishment ea to the higher rogion of composition in'whivh we should prefer ta keep eoispany with Belin, rathor than with oven AMadame Goldacinide. Tie bad enough to treat tie graceful solo viee parts of tho penultinato Talay school a9 moyg eauvaces for enprovery; -but our Seandinavian ‘ocalist rrould sour fo regord them ta nesklaces, of which the strings ‘pay ave fo be turned to aveoung, and upon whieh she ean thread Jovels of rent weight and intenser lustre on those she thrusts fom theif laces. We have. doubts ns to sho soundness of hor judgment i his matte. “Madame ‘Goldschmidt’ share in the concert was completed, by the performance of a Dird Song, by Tanberk, tad Herde: gas Kay, (onde & Swed, melody.) by Brg. Tho armor of these ‘was made np, for tho most park, of passages ot yorahaion itive of at of Wig” wh wre athoved. from the printed engl text, sang in the forest sar dew mat Tan “we donly shapes thet his useons iowh execution was yor diffrent fromthe Svedish Nightingale's © tinborate nition of and fat the feathered aongater would fave felt equally ausprised and fattened by the supposition that tore was-aay, Zesomlance between the fro, Like the song of ‘the " birding,” that of the *herdaman’” was cheracterized chiefly - by extraneous matter, imitatio it would sim, of» Hyperoorean “Dons der: Vachdes the nojtalen consisting tu thy ultermned: dno lies of vo wuecosnive shut nates, (art born-player ould tall thom} peeduead rth, such. dolency that tho ruah of gaa” {irongh the burmers in thoeroom might bo heard, and wastained to long as to try tho gravity of the auliogeo very soverdly. ‘he orl pvtrmange of Madsioe Goldschibrn, ren agreeably, rellered. by the pianoforteplaying. of her hmban SF Gute Goudechmiah vos Hoard in Mendelsolm’s. Coneero ts G stinon,and intro shuties of his. on eompoaition, “His style {is animated, and hia exooution, fugile auf! corteet. He possesses flo one of the rarest and best of sien gifte—a fine feeling for Times thers ean never Yo a moment's doubt as to" whet patt of hae Jes paying in.” Ho erems, however, wanting both 33 food aud ints comaitiv, deliney. Tu this reapect, howeves the Flunfat aco dopendat on his insieument aud Gea, tat a dat Fon on tens pots moy well wait for gnother hearing. ~ Sigoor F. Lablache stag to songs—Morar's Merdaming, aod sponta Large af Foetotunr songs hardly less remarkable for ‘holt epecial fitness for the stage than for the frequency ‘with. ‘whieh faey ave heard ia the concestfoom, “Tho orshoatsa numbered among its sixty performers all the varying emotiond the, ae- Dest of our instrumentalists who were not exgaged inthe Sacred