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‘ich is not meyely argumentative aud does not consist of snesusnoss to hia opponents thet they would bo wholly right if thay sere nat wholly wrong, whilo, [n'y higher sense, they are both SB ght and wiplly sing. Me. Cage adioeace to the Tidorg hes Tet his fom etage to eta ea) 3t bux Tanded him in thd Biography of Frodesiek tho Groat Dut the exuut re sults of a thecry ax often more easily tested whon we Tog a then ae Gey’ appear inthe of thos Yello are followors ratlier “tina Tenders in tho" fold, AD oo ‘or incompatent follower would bo m.very unfair spo- on to take. Bute fillower who ie himself w aan of origin holity ‘ead. power ony properly be geleotad a8 showing what ‘eout eateon to when it pubes to general se.” Deofessor Bibgaley has Tately vrition i Maomafinle Megesine w review of MpsFroude’s History of Wlizebeth, and in this voview the Per~ +0 ‘appears in its roost pronounced form. ‘This ofa @ oppmntanity of examining, however brletly, somo of the {kenctetintes alzaching to the thoory stelé ox € the ute prac ‘dally and nator mado of it apponss £2 wa to neta true thet eminent men-have a great infinenee over the destisiooof maubind,- ‘This always has beon «0, 204. almayo mill bo #0, for men uc largoly und. quickly swayed ‘by those whom they recognise to be thelr supeticr, wid dbtes- execs in the quality of meu are 82 obvious es the aun ut, nooudey. ‘Bis true that we mny fonco miuch of hie influence, and much of "voy ip which in shown, towhae we ksow or fancyare ita cantcs, aul wo may asaume thet there is eset of causee determining: {i hile of shane whichis olay gm y Ks infutry, although ecionco is as yot unogral to the task. Bui, «3 saties of fot greutnoss of mind and chesacter remains as yet a hing no alee aly whieh wo ae malig freeptibfe steps, ‘hose who hase lived on terms of intzancy with Kren nian are aware dat olthougl cach of his actions aypoass jerbly simple, and each thing he sayy is nat better then What af le uslgibours costa havo seid, Unere is an additional mething—an indication of possible cepéeityy a tone of ming. and onghyforooand a sitt—wbic felt bat camot be expres ‘Monare svoyod hy the truly (rout and yo mena a, ie inmost nature in explicable, ‘So for the Personal Theory 's, ‘we veujine to thinly indisptiablos aud wo. tay. also ventare pe say that’ the coulpesition of Matory ie sowie amt of a2 rdatice with thie theore is a hing that can never consi. Fur "s only throug gn appeal to the undying intexect which Jjoab men wud getions of conaplouons uoblenoss, ar Boctos, Gf sgniGeance xsi, thet those who are Tot accustomed, 20 feet con be mult) rend bisiory with please, Mr. Kingsley, iq the review of which wo have spoken, sccm to aa quite Jat when ho says that this ia the sacrot af tho popclesty, sch {Ei of Shalespoar's stories! plays, nid that tho uneducated ‘half-eduooted must have this pendual attraction in, onder that jy may bo induced to opea the page of the pat ‘The young, oy alae vgexd history tn its poseonal aapoct. They wwe Wioleat spirisans of the Greeks dr tha Trojane of Hannibel orthe Rouans, bf Charles L ot Cromwell. We oso with pleanaro that-Mr Kingsley fo undertaken to write «history of inglond for boys; for boys nest Team yada and lating, "pot by eang Heighing ovidonco; aad Mt, Kingwlgy pill wa have no doubt, apt enly amalen a rast amount dnrttn, or Seat Bo 1 people ho deaevibes, but will. ganesully awaken it justly. SAE Ehon wo come doven irom gensrels 29 pastealira hen Wo ss, gok our nee in nay pakent ‘en oly wank ‘ow what r ina" given casey we ome Toooon io cailirei histori “waftion. oxchesvely s ‘tho Peond ‘Theory. And the firsi rewson of ont 2 Hscust is tnt, ust. 49. wo sam appeal to om own experiencn rete ay When omega ck To influence not fo be antdysed,a0-w con elso ape to out fxperiance and S00 how eally anyone wovld ‘ho Hisiod who Explained a'wholo period of hissy and a whule alge of ocoty APP sy he te a ngs se et "Tou ho aight ohacea e> coseqitnta Ms ateston. Wa ad Tt, prec yeh into the ine, and Bh ht STifnones, eich grat mon yoruss: Their ‘ory yntues:oftsn {hi'thom ito potto hore, wn followed thet we eould ickly go any m-wriing moder history. Pew porns, for idramle wosd deny tha, each i his way, Ube Dale of Welling- ‘a and’Ds, mu Dalit an bist die hha wang hoof up San we ded maialy ky what hi could oan of ho lives and condact ‘pinion of tise eo ub, ho might wo lbw, Yey esl ula geve arom Ie wouldbe, re should tome, mesiteoy "Monn ifthe Reform movement swore eondermed becniee che DUK Yes ismezod wo hve oppo yan oul Yo mg f'a goncoptiog of Who daft tod salon of hedlogcal opines ony the uper Ce of ga wane oon Uy aah mt ianguige invwhleh Di. Anno) acbited bie kes and dsiven Sd yoe iis iy ni miins hard two. Mb nTutans hisoin, phous Pesaondl Thoocy with avidity ond eatetection, might "oc hoth thea mistaies, Wo Teel size anny zater tue iP ~ fit Garis had mado the Dao bis imo; he, would ere set 30 luis Ge sinsf. pleasant with ‘wich. would have aaburced the xaistanso Pf tie Duke to all project fr give Up RDS of eon) “eikontad Touldoesand. thelr bao tt Abd 3h to bund yous Hones iealogions Ao 0b ‘tually ‘chops ome theological star, and glorify ll “ho aud. Ge) and expla aad Jemly ll his rndom avotiong ond The Saturday Review. i dogs guoeees an if they wore catielas of Git, ths chonlo- fia of tla day wil he didtzent et fom those ioowa boar fae "Wig, again, olmst imposible dhat a zealous adkosiut of die Persoval “Theory of histry should not be mostured by bis om ,, and carried sway captivo wherever it znay lead him, Mx. TGngeley, eb acy sebey will Hol stand any ting wth tho thory. ‘te eaogot even comprokend how aay out, except fom hasrnow o¢ ‘gvoranee, en e00 pots inthe sun which has been et up 09 be Worskipped, Beoplo who ashy however huunbly, whether pote sre gpots.are dinnizeed under the opprobriows sasha of eptis.” Whan Me Froude setwe of leary VEIL. earoo. out in his iat So ‘yolumes, Mr. Kingsley tolle ‘ua that “the critics seoalciteated.”” ‘Ani goes on to explain the motive of this reealeitvetion—* If in hed been eo, wonld Chey noe lay nid ic Hhoolves Long ogo” ‘This a tho only eauao which Mo. lagstey can cones us havi Jol entice to exomino for Uieneelves, a2 pationtiy end. hooey a they could, whether the evidazos adduact by Xr. Froude bore fous hig enaedsons, Tu his ler volumes Mr. Froude bas tepted the chef peso of his stony os nual iy nore anced mis, end this ie yory painful to Str. Kingeley, Ho cannot bear his Gistarbeace of the pure and’ simple Personal Thoory. Mr Froude Lnds much ¥o whuire ond. much to blame in” Blin iethy, but. Mi TCingsley. is of opision that the. tuly Pro Aetakib aad Hingis thing €0 do a & apply the Patgonad Toor: ftvour af Elizabeth, an to baa har Shonghont. Nr. Frode, for extn incre pes apa ‘with some confidence that Elizabeth fone period Ronoatly wed to mayry Later fo Mary Stunt, ‘and shortly aftar suys that Elizabeth was “most, likely neting in good faith” This grain of hesitation is not at all to Mr. Kingsley's ote. ‘Wien tho eolouze are once nailed to tho Etizabzth hey mast be tuck to.” Chl bona?” aa he ase," eo whale tide later passoge” Ho himsef declares that than» sbi be Jia is sun, When she was besitating what to do about D ‘Mo, Kingalcy tells ws, Elizabeth * vagitlntod ana Tied til ele here xd England tiowiee, wns all mad with muapense” But hen,” 0 we are elsewhere told, “sho began on the wrong path, after, the ‘hien ofthe then wont hon everyone ais to ha Und over rials RD eagh tats Tt ah ain {ve Englan and honeele” Then, again, the Persona) Theory ia ondly Tagble’ to vaxiotiong. ‘The del of ono moa io the dofsotation of eateher, -Mx: Tingley, with a candour that dooa him qvedit, not only seea this, bat owns it Every one, he eaamsto think, will natwwully and properly work the Personal Thoory according’ to his provious prepoecessiqne. sy Motly fo exunplo bo pronounced ok pint tha, leah vent avaooun Sues charges may, Mie Kingeley thinks, the. ~ nite in e ropubligns Sabor but dp noe eno. woll i. Froude; who in oue place explained Elizabeth's pamimony ‘the desito {8 pay her sister's debla, and who ought to-heve to theexplanation. It gives us a curious notion of history dst i¢ should avawedly vary eccording to the form of governteat wader ‘which the writer lias been Brought up. Mr. Kingsley, how- Svar, doce “not recoil evon fiom thie exixemity. Jie maka ttiterion " of bistoical evidenga’ i ‘what.ja tho tly Eoglish view to take, “As Boglabmen axe Inga it is truly Eyglish to. interpret everything in. favbar heir great monarchs; and es tho Jeogllah @ro also inteneely Protestant, it is truly Engtish to oomnect tho greatuoss of theis monarchs with their Protestantism, Tlizubeth was'a Queen, iter considorable hesliation, and in view of immediate dethrone: tnopt if the hestated, was Tnduecd to sik er fortunes on the scuess af dhe Rand righ, ana therefore» go. glishmaan ‘Willewenr by her through thick and thin, A’ Ropubliesn, ‘aturaliys20 aula in her, bocanse he doos not care abont Queens; dnd a Catholie will jusitably suspect her of ime, ‘Deeanss she proftrred being @ hcetic, Quot fom tot Aidorict pi dimol prospect for rae and oe hat pa Ra “ft all, omothing may bo said in favour’ of the’ Gull plan see any candy tothe lane of erie, < AMiR-WEWMAN ON ‘THE SLAVE STATES. MO EES ie et ‘heater Union-aad Ein ss Fae ee OP chert Sites of anertle Tit papers, oa ‘ue itla-png,'éb bo letter to @° friend who, bad joied “ho: Fee ae atte ale tae t part see Re. ‘or ta that i ‘wht was ted by Die Sten aten Ht is in every way @ someale Fett at Simrvon fo bo eed by thos wht veh wow ia ie hte ri of tn Ne {Testy in Gner thet they may for som sort of eomesgUan of ho how whisk the Soutiomars aro Ukaly to take of them: Lt alee Cian vero xenon be own nan eed whieh clings erp mote intersting. : Fe Nie Nowanan bogie ty ging tat Boe “Deu lucragent fy eorparing the Slave Power Pocoere OMe be jaidon’ As to hs becaneesy, Noe ‘ves'that. all the Alibustoving expeditions undertaken’ orange ‘Toten by tho amerioon woro trged In the teres of the da (pray for hele 9f eaenaing avery for bic ain ne Southerners im goueiol ago wore than bueranesre.” Astor the Pigs" Boop vwne a tligious enmmiunity vee and absjable-Maanes, combined: cine fave re 1). pusible en apap, oa 12 dovtrine, tine they hn a diving sight to murder aad slender ovocont trees” “Svhich of wae hp ask ost not proer IRioguo mado wnt plonret Wo eng ete amp ta By na ‘Amncicay tor ashes elf 1 were 18 goon snnetatig ebay” poy Mn Newnna, oor ew woRl pronounce so 6 Hind eC rshes thnk) youll "hang ine Whe. more would it do to Thug?” Therefore ‘the Southerners ore Soro heaps “AS canal thar sein So tty it Churpaceon, with tae Slave Power, only rudy en lost oe" sent buctuiann Sls, Nownen thon prose with peal, Hol SChnwot be owned jutgabl, pings Hf opech fo dessa what Js ao obi she pert and os baton ature. of avery i Ruel wre Ho taly dosbes tho enoraiy of ors Shing hs own cldheay sat of olher rvalng dnetents of & ited wien toms hanjan beings ae chatale © Aten deine kin autjech nel on whet he dososie a ho Ht of tape psa owe enprontve than enet), brats Testing ha ‘do mone to arte with peste eases on these thingy, 1 ‘amot speak calmly, My heart often beenmes like a voleano” T Gonnot ge how fan be otherwire with any owes? mar rho Hows the aa le awa ae Dna gure mg under the whip,” and indignantly adds, “Aad thea, per Bete hicts Acne a ake TERR Hawgeeny you suppane my Judgment 29 be doer mad gieserens 200 oper my deme So much ioe Bi, Novimans visita. of the Sou. His tend, i would seem ak questioned Bi sight to his opinion th That the ovideen of a tuth waa ineaficon, Mss Raves aan, i roply, enitmerates various sources from which fyformatia ‘ight be obiained, . Weltethor his own improssions ou the aubjoct dnt causes the ‘choked and harried’ wordt, end tho cyes hat gleam with fieroeness,” aro derived from uo, impartial audy of the facts or from testimonies 30 selected. as to confirm, ‘@ sttong proviows opision may, be infonred fox a neo ke ine tee" wines: te whi. he. pes spree Gr yeupeet to the condition of tio planting Staten. ‘Tbe diet is “aft eny Bene a weneptznble any goncrins he told of hey own Nesuend im Roath, Canin,” “Phe seconde hedge. Wee of Geog, a ieftges driven out fa ho Déginning of the war for his attachment to the Union. Te + a: publely at tnt ho bas taken acta of mare than ive hundred rulers of coloured mot commitied within his own yy and #1 not one caso wos tho mundeter. brought int) Court" The «third witues. is Geverdl Benjamin Butler eho no one will accuse of mamhich'philsathaopy.” Gena Butler, wo are told, waa formerly a Humko” or. Pro-slaveiy * Datiocrat, aud n personel fiiend of Jefferson Davisy bub when. he “wont to Now Oriaus bis oyes wore opened, “(Te bad to make judicial decisions, aud. ho ‘discoveted: by the swom evidence of ‘ito mon tho eatual stato of things. Ho wae converted by the feta themselves, and hecame an Abolitionist.” "A Writer who coms before Bnglisb.zenders with tho admission bat, under ‘sy eiroumstances whatever, he gots toa excited, to © apoake ‘coolly, mikes himself abaurd if ha does ng also take este ‘Em post tinge ed wpe god go ong pesiona are repent oly whea they ee guided byw sone Ridgmont, aud what ds tobe thought of tho judgment of @ De vi ttc ay weight lk to ak sitios (Poel quostions? Mrs. Remble might prchaps be an tinexocption ‘thle vitnow on soma other ejecta; bat wise ar feelings 6 txcited, godche gots’ a-cktnee of saying amrgething umplensant ‘oongeting the eitato of hes owe husband,” itis difiett sot 42 feel thas {in repudiation of her bushiad’s tame is not the cort of step which ‘ehsitles her to ezodit when she apeakis of tho stato Gt ied ante” Aa fo Judgo Wintor=tho (panlomn who proves Jive huadred murders by a single sentence—Mr. Newman appears ie ak tat he fc thal fing from tho South apa ‘qinlifion him {> give on finportil acoount of the stato af. things. Guisting there. Pertiaps, howover,the moat astonishing witness is General Butler, - Whether he deserves: all oc ny considerable ak of tho obloguy'ho gots trom the South; wo do not now ae ae ee cel nt -oes_peening ih fy ao Hite to our tasto wherever they Snow thamssives. . Noy, wa _cnveplain seu repost fir peole tho thik and speak Sally ‘Sven vindot provocation, aud probably General Butler does Sopa! HOG ele iye' pp a” New sn, ‘Dut. who exb ballovd. uu, keviug. fr year been «Hunker or Pro-alavery Democrat, ho “was' feuDly. convorted by “thie swotn evidencs,of whites?” Gan. it bo day sin teninat chavity | fobaliove that ‘be sar thet the extreme party was. likely. ta be tho meneseil- one, and thet, he. went for tt aceacdingly 2. "The ‘which aot daly attaches imjoriance to the concern of sicty which ia coming into power, but. soppisey “REG raat ‘pablo of ugh stm gre the macs of “Nowiman’a’copaciey {0s prictcal iuguites, aad ensbles us j el woo fhe fc tha he voles Coed ani eg ees fry when ths of ho Suh S : ng fron the au is power of weighing evidenos dairy Semesr earn cr ry rosont the ale oie dispeaione’s, penfoetly cot and doliberata ‘opinion, Ua hie Soitthernete arb wores than buccaneers, cannibal, and Thugs. Of counis, Mz, Newnou, withthe natusal felingy of fentigmta, docs not ls to bo tuapoeted of calling manies, DiC it ass (5 disordit to'bo edoviotsd of inten pernnce ho convicted of wich abwstity ss the deliberate io opinien which bo cdvasees, Lt abeina absurd to ‘whi The Saturday Review. [January 2, 1864, ‘equi in enroet that sho Southeinors aro not won than Thug, isto, ood cannibals but neo Ms, Newnan saees the guseios Seriously it is duo to him to say a word on it. The objection to ‘ge and pate ht ty oe epg they a ment enon of a, oe te ope to he rum fcc, Now low aarery t hots bed oa you plceo, afi it dense cothat itn doubt nvolvesdteadha eva. Tt coxa Sceato in, putaloe are hessibl ond not 16. -bo”exensel o> Pallated; Wot Wough Mtr Newara’ may bo right in bis bet that Thay to docu, and though fr would be bara span too steely of thie nocay;no aver would over Shino formal asi Singh lly ook deny Shirase mld Catdeplorsitjant suggeetsohedier futile posbape ra iment fatiog nt wind saj*tosh ouch pmcteos ie meen and ne 50 ccna fy ho ated ct a the waning tat toot ‘may be inopertive. cz less aeive thea ie ahead bo. ‘Provably bata single man, exeopt, perhaps here aol Where a sccomplishet Southern gextomry highly edoated a atonely seomnlishat Souther goats, Meth stunt at nes voiew ancl ar olming With fozy and whow fiends ror apt to consider bi Judgment Glsordared kod fants, wosld be foard 4o eny that cuch things re oterually right because they aro cutie tolovory, ‘Tho gloat objection t Auenenn slavery, fin it undoublediy does gowrfally timp ike policane of ths cour fe acetcesrng ering hu doe ed he pple Coir to en alight alae on una land to neyard Sh fellow treaiuioo av tice iasthmntnts of plosewe oF proey it, Taupe Sd pies slope thope things asa ayatem which they jos. Says the Sang nee vr 1 rm eo lowe on 1, Pinay and we pledge ourelven to esi fiom ons Seon 1 Shall ba lowfat foe elk Eouthorn cizen to pactiso ‘Thugaoo in every pat of the Con- Bolsa Sings Seton's, Hhateegeoey bob cit, shall be tater ascontnly; Sect 4. Tn Sconldeation of "ap Sistos herelabeloc contained, slavery Se abolished. It Auch tn Act became lay, Hi Newnan woald be oud to contend Gab the "Southomets. nd muda a great slap in civiaation, fod ought tobe pralacd by Che ret of Sha woe fewer nok for ths ray in which st hao pleesed him to wrta, ie would. bo. em oval hls unerstonting Wo eek finn bother he thinks dat ler cuch a code te lot cf te oct ia genera, otha of ngroen in pail, gould bo het ion can tan pasos Tho fit ert - staid Inglis slay-tadlngy plus sreryofter sot of aeacrobey. ‘Tho second would, df couse! ens very sno extindsernih, OF fonvsh or to"d. wlatabr eg ho glossed by th hrvat of eat, snd, thu ified eltior of tat extreme eaalip oF acy noo itv Sh sy perth woul ope lion whether the Southerners woul be am shopheads aod bo conte. With “i's, all thet cull bo aid yond be sas thee fog fant “ME geting involved killing fr the ae Sy oang, ei howd sp dany that entnibaiom 0 derstood. wosld fovea agpiaration of the To of he slavgn dis duit be bonoup 62 ouch a pain, bus 1 Me, Nevis tally snus what Be Sipe he must edit tea our proposed Ack would lu a manure of ay fp Sn ig at vdbyeniat “Aboat ba of Me, Newnan’ pamplilsb. is porvaded Diya se tude none ot Bogle aed bog oat eit of hich Se that'e ctobatbsbroen out conduct towards Aden Ska our coker, towards tho Sepoy nutiner proves that“ the filing. classes of Tngingd Lao ono monly fo? themoclyes and tolls fr Geo coptitice” "What, askt should wo Bogle ite thought sf ib Americans had secogased ho. Gxt Me ni urueds dacaration of neutaiy? Rp doubt, “if pirates oF ‘tinoers bucame very powesfly we easnot shu our eyo to this alter of fal; and it we goto wor igh Shem, we anu eal {ean wad doe with hem by. the. laws of wa, which we tvininellyteiged ta do a. tigation ausiny.” He. adds Peleowkerg-'T'cannot.fngat thal the." en's“ Miaity Seer fom semgiang the Grat Nog ox the Pune Sr Oude ay tbellienen ths 6 toated tho formor as a 7aon, eed a ete ee eceat kad wiobed at 18s amd Narog boa shot ip old Moody woes ey Sa wihoob come Wisgh eatusted tuomtvaa to thy honowof an Paplsh ere They Hay however, done no Gach thing. With Dnt bese epwars ostritch i tho corral yell of hese wielodot, they cbeyed {ke ones whieh aa Impish offer ind the tot coteago to fascy ed they ware eos dead to ayo a tveam. You tannot doubt ie ald thet a frenzy of rage sos havo, sitet, through ‘Vautind if tio Ameciont’ Goverment hd declared tho Great “Mogul to be ballgeent-in the mmnéy of T8s7, and. thereby abled his agent's buy ems. aid ships at Nee York” He Taraher oberg thot it as. dishoport, conceal the fict that snoy ofthe Souham Ieades hed sara legion tb the United omstlersiy on the ts dampen x Irway algyer fs'no acon | Stats, as it woud’ havo bean’ to conceal tho fact thet the mati- tors in Tndin were under. ex oath of alleyatos to. Quen Viet © / Buttegathot, thesa ramarks-—whieh ard intiodueed by The way dante nap She Engh peopl. foe and pot che | preity morek stated ubaye my 20 due habits of. the govoming clases | Peiaay. bo fesolved into the following, propositions:=— 1. Phi ‘outheruess are tebels, heving”violated an oath of allegiance. 2. Too Americana hve tho suino rat to complaln of our prola= Tnniion: of meutrality 29 vo. should dove: had to comptainof a finilgy oue'in ths year 1867, m Tevots of the Grost Mog. ‘We were eZiinnl in rehulg "9 recogni tho Sepoy tine a aoany 2, 1864.] The Saturday Review. 13 fs Woligernia eatiled fo the wnges of war. Wh of thr |e a siglo actor a exiee of babitad ats ghroagh which the oppo ig amareiv dination wi | you: of nc chevy ox wins ase rene Fe eee i aad ‘write oa exhorts | ent of ais itera and putpoes bette hy tha conta a eee catoua"ts auch an estos to" et tor | mation of ll pute earthly slfsncricn Jn tho ering away of Tyee gleaming. Witt tary. Aw tothe. fnst-—doos nny” eeneble | Lip Stef, thom who witness it eanaot but admits, "h bravery of ‘an gpone “aie oat of lesionco ever als an antocedane | eps it at tho Foto. of every inviance,‘shich ennimasds the Rion olen we gt a sto sty ft rey | apr a a who cn wna gd in moreno geo rion te all ikee anlor {uo Unites States was bound | strong exthuslam, moulds and guides many en expition and g asp Jn enacienee not to secade.. It ft was wrong, tho fact that | rosolve by the force of its exemple, [oven by the imporfect moral Ewha le ty my oe, "Capos Wasi | ttf wt ge er ah pnt cee gt % Fad faken an cath of allegianen to George TH, aa Be probably | ey admirnblo and oaviable. Self-aacrifice, in th chy iso fiat qian he nareeg wpder Diraddock, wwosld that fact dotiack | vistuo to, bo proached and proctioed; andl there axe fow eltourae frown! hia fame? Te is tho great, mnyument.sgainet oat of | stances of exdinary life in which we etn spe it in-prcticg without ~ ‘lence tnt thy we wcll ent ate cor fr | Son very en Gos of cy nae, sea at alegancc ta which peopisalwayesweat? Ofccurse | ~ Web even asacritc ing Hol to which in powaible to ouri- itis fighiflalleciaace, and wh ba to any when allegiance, f, | feo too much, “Even the noblest of viriues mty sometimos, be eubmodn, [irightil? The eriae of the Sepoys aroao not fron: | exeteled. in hybexbole, There exe cauea in which, for any practical eie|eath’ bot from thels parsonat trachor;.” ‘They were our | welt in ad of the ebjeots for which tho sacrifice ns beun rand, Wididet porided bps withthe arns end Gece whieh, with | basigit jot aa wll mover boro boas sade at all "Thor are out otiea or warning, they frensherouay taco ‘ugninst tus, 12 | others in ‘which the benefit intended iwonly partially attained, and fy bat pot toes pry le cam wou he ben jst tad. | even he i tm many contra hy cope afore Tr hiEally polbabie Wat somo of the leon of the Seoeon | drwwback with which, im the actual working obt of event i 32 Be i bigs probably It some ofthe eee of EOE | Found in bu instantly combed. in sige goon ped Toh my Hote jase Biatsas bekplably’ boos uily of | eizeumetane, the aitimate hom done through w perfoly geaino Hane eetbigd tenon aguinet that Covomnment, anime | act of sel-merfica may even bo shown far-io overbulence the Ihung for it, nie, indeed, recession was lege) under theCovslitu- | immediate good. Every instaues youst be tried on ita own ments Hse question My no eam oe 9 f, Necro apps ta | before the proba dn of ean ax; an in mony cass the gonider f., Whe tconshery must in any event be reprobuted, aud character of the end is mainly affected by some element which, on Se roptobotod by every Englishinas who believes in the facts but | tho dist wiew, appeared. eo insignificant or irrelevant wo not to H's Garsal cence of somo of tbe leaders and docs not | rate tang into conddaration, ‘Tho most comniontions and ten eid Se ppg Ph Fa iy ti | oct pron oo a mee me SBOE, tobe Bung, hns Hothing whtaver to-do with the merits j and act upon thelr judgmonts ax if the dilemmas of the moment ra ig Rann pein of sw. 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