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Tannary 80, 1864.] The Saturday Review. 133 {he Kingdon dewrved (a thoy dg) too sony maid on the Zip holt of fie Contain esman it Squat den ot Cotto cemy onan the eco of eateins Aven fut uikome meal Daschle nat at te age tn tet mesk te extent of a Confedenaos “whch “neles ov of ca but otal" dhing fete bt by she sets ihe wn af enomelouriyg i mag be done,” Wo Fave tacte he dbp fy gael eden ts catpaag sett Ors fo pel tng wih sonctime anscesicd the pete ‘ut elaly not miata they thee Ha hal olan Joey of Gein Za ie hang mine tn A he yr gentinen wh ever har of Sarpy aad Rey hhavorbnsaly been soduced te such sanity for tee, ple weeny Bin hey bev eres thu at al abet ie) Yh walang at Oxford nd the hot springs ot Glastombury — wh Tast, we be- Bevo, aly do exiat-—"pafn fon a af ad ot ns cniighicaed, at eny rate crore inquiring, HQUAEETY BEWORE! ME LAV? Ihave snore they, once expreed, our opiaions 09 the ‘tee and heve no present infetion of staring to its but the view which wae tale OF 1 ta ite supped ccuioston + wah Wight ease aot only by the exowd thoy afer nab scvibing eal nptating tp obtain counmtaton Ue fhe Fenenee on, Waght,applouded iat on his eppetssnce on tbo seat, bul hy inaty atiae persons who mighk neve viewed the matte pose ecmbly augur" ao naar eoclsiayf9 fhe poynlnr way of thinking avd “fsling on ruck subjects, The fhets wore thet tw powins, « Mtchesterclovk oe ot Pita inure commiced nlater the are voor «39 lady to whom. ho wes eigegcd the othor apo his mieten, Hae way sunteneud fo denth-onis upon Ine own daliteras cosfeaton the citer afte ftir ig. "The Alanedester cles ante went fortunnte onbugh to bo yb ia tho way of gelding a cette ficate, vequived by nn obecure Act of Parliament, which, as tha Secretary of Stato considered, compelied hin to raepite tho -excorhion of te sentence, The labourer’ frei signed pottings ‘ont bugged is Ho as fio, whieh the Seorotany of Sate re ‘inc to grnty aa hal alo refused to assed to sit pitas in facout at Toalag, vs tha oho rian wae hang an toe dlker saved. Upon this th public deers tnt Thane ie ig lve for tha Hele dnd mother fr the poor, ant thas the exeype af Howwaley fo. wnghit escape, a0 thay pit tovade Te unjaat to hang ‘Waipne. “In abort. they repeal, without Reowing He fe eee ments of George IIT, who said that if Dodd was gardoned the Powoaus—ivo other persous thon lately excentad for the seine aflegeo—werw sterdesed. This impression suet bo very ant, for itis continually mao yp suck eontiate, but te sete on & shigulne confusion of thought, wat proves fat the opiniens of tec in gobs aoeguloe auth one by eeages th by ressoning. Ta the fir place, the view of the facta is em and aiztoted. "Towilay war eh fu notunidionsesea, “Mel ot Se Ings shone Kim roid fave anplicd thes sea meh ey regan ee wag, in n clerk out of place, entirely dependent on bis faintly, Su pocseoutd in ell vf come gb Gr 4h Te ie trao ho had Bion holtundlimdatosRiagetnce Batco tind Weght. Apunitontie ose ty sh expen eamncual wio pcton fon Wrgl’sbehale. he coun for to prosocuton posted st forthe uemont of his pores Magiteaina rd munbam of Sehas ‘ent sae evatysxotton in liso, "Tt wan net for eat ot fried or maney that he wao Ings buf fox wnat of a agp | Seelon inn outa horny Act of Preinmeat Meee wes | Rovep enought. py fhe detor's Wd, but ie was nat lade | in tho ght drangat“Lowntey's Blends que mie fo thule y thax Wrights but thao wae Decerset they ene Det | Sdvin not Bataure thoy paid a higher palo von io Warehe | line ela entity fiona, ena Bed eck seeuted aithout soy a alirtbeg made ‘to sive hin, no-one vould couglabantly a act | the rich-and-poor ‘topic who wes net. to, I Seng {n'commanta Lapel advion 3 bought en ald Mie dds dean ‘and man. wo is abio to-bup it ip im the samo pation wih ~-| eset a ag who tanya mina Who ty abe Ue nat | ei'Nadsion iota selation for ono who de oblgat pay a homo, When epost saan die” of conmunptiny whic lee | Relier_elehboar ‘vcide Ty “a winkar inf wae’ lina [e.veore elk ofan” tor | he Meer? "Pho igely the. eons whee: on0 nin "i hidag boats hs eatoretuhi to ay’ fevyer ta wl Rat | of the advantages ‘which the daw ‘gives him, Whilst. another | pane Bn he aug, “Ht the ew for dh io nut fs tha poor, ons At i monstons to young end in yreck "iy tha hate ong to be the ethno enyere “Che bios 5 AUS as eae goin he oe eae his eae © Dutcher andlor? n'a wer, oupht there toby a wgea | alvision of af te cpuventences of fife Between a xapiced it | not, where 4a the line to bo drawal? 1 ‘thts; hovrojer, iv only one sds’ of the eanfictou whlch appoare |_| tM thanyainda igen this eubjot,. Theva another ehiey eat Jess eiually worthy of nolien "Aer uit of plato. la sed Tay aly yo conus, A ious «Ms mistess an Kis evp toa of if and ie ang, _ of one law for'the rch and’ ancthot for the | forthe cmd neon tt sriih, dhe poor get the Test of 1, "The, sle and the poor ave Viewed ag tio distinct ent mato oF lees hose closes, dvd Welt fete! omc” B® Sine of eis woes fserpto Th murderer of the poor-woinan It punks fee soumge ‘way of dnvoning the eke Goch tory as 4he'eue salon eolsieston ely procacds upon the assay: ‘iow thet tho. adiministntin of ses fa & bed thing, that 1g rot ovible. Ch men show be ung Dr thal, wten a taan who Ty Taw opht to be ang ec sono his cacop in m favo the ease to wife he beleuge ‘Thatnoe thie eomiteed ho more appmnent wl amet the pubite, or that punt of ths uuosreeh cook om not ae al ead ho poor, ha fully an@Ucoraly sppava ofthe le ty had fie ine its atintanaton ecb bese pul begets sey woul iva bens eotoledactend et elug aggioved Ay Wilsiteasseuson, hey would hnveeat—Totatess eb tad 1s got of ol ab Sl events Wight hae Beon hung, Sangone that tho efse had been one in which tho benoit wes obtions fad ungietonals. An afer and weomuon soldier ee Feces ing befre w superior fovea tho enon. They defen thtssel se Iroteally. he whole army i intersted ia ale ty Telp ateves jut in fe to ava tho offer, but olin tine tava te site.” "Wand ang on mg theoretic tse, ‘ie wa tod ot might Any ono who Hoy wgula he cope tired the’ mote envloua and angeneows of mem, Wa. te aan dierent with regan folio aztanstton ob jetian Sey | SOME helices ee pects ante | Agee should be sensed, Ht peop wore alowed to ea saa | ures, and cotliee'y throats with impunity, cooiety woul be a! av-end. Tho gmoiting panie lest year sean. on finpreselvey, thongs certainly ot a dignified, proof of the Impovianee which people athe to the yrevention of exime, cu of the terror" with “which ‘thoy ‘view sny-roal ox ovas! any cuppoced” station. ia. the fletency of the exiadnel Tey.” Once let an iinpression. got abroad that munter was combig to enjoy enything appro {og ta fnponty, aud» penio would be cereal of yeh Datel. pastite fo lowe "amp aden, ‘Thie berng coy ie ought Sb gered aa pie ting hn yi ay ne ictal of a exise ehould ob aafler the pusidiment svaided by lewto arg onte. Now, tho papuion iy" whoat Wright tid ob deny tke jatco of Win rentenc, hor ide procosd upon Us pra ‘ple led capita pnishaent-ofght to He ousted. "ete had wor bin for ownley' can Wright's went probably have stented ‘yo atintion. Te is ele, therefore, that those who raised the ary cased Hite fo tho admtuttation ot juin They eeot hte egntded ics a postive benefit ed the law should bo casted Sa ey cane peal Hae al wea ako my ae fs posible If they” hed, thoy would hove fll-ane Frit". leat io. better tha no" breed, and” that heving ajuclly permitted one aise to escape fe-no amore 0 Feesoe fel unjully yeraitting the. cape, of wnother thea’ having unjusily executed one man’ fat yeaw for wojustly sexe. cals snothon. Did tho cemonstms. ever ask tieaslyon schove tiny ional to atop?” A gota olf afsy-—tneslare pardon, 1, soy abont the acre timo, justly ermdeumats Avot, 9 mont hence co pul om henley dae ee Th Eto, aioe to go on infedaitaly tir not, Where kre voto stp? ‘ ‘The annonce to foray, ould. have to be=Oro man as i ones wnjustly pardoned, therefore lot no men ever ho executed: etin. Why shoald nat this ply to imprieommar as veka 69 the puviedment of dosgh ?~ Ono nhan mas ance conupily selene feo to, theree taow pe tho due of ove} gt 1 se coaldcaio wiloily grove Sat i naomi to ‘how the nto ebout Waght dat Dovey into n eenurabe Shop aol fat he pope oie cena a aly fo ts meets wilh reference to tho ested ly of tho anda Silent alco folie cs. The aso arenes as ‘oye fstretio aul by no oa an itn Tao Te Showed how How the great Inlke ofancu ary, eof seat ‘en; to lea to lake a seasonal yoy of ites, Not one pret oa hiodaed,peslape not oo a.» thoucendy ot hime tbo fut Ma own tied nid eee int thoy rely oust ‘Ta thong, oo yas nny of the humm eo aghune to depend aio Ectiely wpon estan end. pmeton, —-Prolaly toy dow. af $e pet ner coc of Wight eeu eonsired hay Uso ble Lsterest ithe matin oan ‘Diay ll teu ty ve tele Ee enitones of & comtmat hick shocked their hnbitual ecsciae tionn ent woye of thought How 4» & sith mn (ov oot wl sh el), of ad «oot al of" Wo ay ele sti BS atten haan afoh “ant poi We ao, on ihe while, dapuned 10 Ne = Fel OE anh tea ete | ro it tn tho Doliom of ou hearta we Lavi alusking feeling | thee ings oe aoe eily aurea det Ue your get 8 rat dol tho wort of tho Borgnny et tho fa io ala a questionable anata a hatsheattor whoa weSeauae AC Wins bok who sees his pvr oles al vonlyy am | ‘hon’ thea fetings. me freed to tba mieace by may unieunly |! ‘vi consnat we exclu ogulct i, alihough<-alenos beemueee, © sar onlay prongs iconstnt ith tho ooeing sata of things, ‘The trowd ko a ert 0 be. pardone fat a5 Sucre gk naan Ae ba a i co 4 aelioe toon Gress aut by teaon ofthe halt holdey tey ot fewer lessons than they otherwise: would have got; "but they fin tet the sahestatee ql €0 tvekng” singh, oud. 134 The Saturday Review. [January 30, 1864. ‘once hey Tike to get a pall in tho othr diwetisa, Extra Socks ni Elon ary Siewod!in very diftyntiigts by parents eed ‘hrc bat if people to shar in lglating for geen nti {hey ought at Sess to underiaad the pren’s view of to subject. ‘Such cotapletnte ca those rade against Weights exeeutionare wally . seni fr he ert data of wie prt ae onc ‘conscious, hough they donot taually ace upon ie Hor praca pure pre anion ony ay hte ain ew of in a anngistote wore to aisiian Yok ‘Snith wid nectar | for’ Vutng drink nna dhonderiy, public. sentiment would Zot xegigo him > faa tho samme eave with Jones ca INOS tind ‘Thouagson.” He would he blamed for unwise Lentency 38 th | frst cas, But not for wht would be fle Yo bo necearyeuotsoes inthe senninder.Hvonyone fle that a oioy fellow aught to bo Toaved pd Ieus a Soy ok twee wgea “Cpt Posteo seo Wewad in thls ight, Hew muna 20 40 point of fact all resonable mands ought —dwall on is sxpetensy, a elely spprove ft inftion on tae ground. Uo mass of men view the Eph ith fo ajc of sents hv, an ieriag reason, an Toke uon the execttion of « smanderr | 9 something diftreat in-kind ‘om, a freaking Sue. They | 4 ‘not quite unow what to tion of iy and here they Ao na | Si ee ee a esc at oe | fentiment of another ne if hapgenay and potting oro Sonsests ‘hil could bp granted nly open pesnton which shoad wlio take shen have not tho leas intention of escting. IMPORTANT TO LADIES, A Sistis we got genera in the Debit of reading de lew reports in the mewrepapors, nay of theos sanyo he | foguainted with tha fell extent of the Tepe privileges of thei | Sei. Tho cass hoard in Chenesry ary for hho est pas, far mex | ‘olatelligthle nod drensy to tho iny reer of wither gonder than | foes ‘hesed i any other Court, ead. tersfore ie may bo assured | fine alate disedsion af eonsidembe publio intext bere the | onde fotos Ins penal etnetl a) eaentpoeing ion Gn, ‘Tho pigcigdo upon vwhich this discusion proceed wns, | fiae haebaad ad wibe Heeonte separated through the husband’ fault, he hash is Tiahlo for recesses supplied to tho witty nad | In the cacagory of necessnies tho la, unr carainclrcumisten, Rill clude Sooeedings hy tho nike ra ison Thre aes ‘cons In the Books of caiond suesontully Baoght mgt husbenls | Fy hictel-Keopen, jobanaters, talline an eth tradesien, fo | lege neressaries supplied to wives mbe bad quitied the mest | seal In sano th ae ce gueton wt whetor the | los myppliad wore ueeossaries; ia. chor tho. question was aa to ‘ne cisniznstqnces of the, coparation, Ta. ou cus, the “lle hud ole arles of pegs atst he ett The chject of tis ‘proceeding’ "being ‘protection from futuse vioe foheg, ites" held thet duel plottetion was 8 nooesany, ud Aercforo ‘the usbani was able t0 pay to bil of costs tf tho. ticmey employed. Uy tho seas "Tn another ‘ess, | ‘the wito hed pioceeed by intmane mgetast the husband, and | ete hs Court eo hat the td of an inlets fot protedion agate futur, but vengeane fox past violonens and! enfeencoy however geet e luzung mae batug ia’ bo opiigm af ‘ike Court « neoncary, 1 wag held th the hush was oe Liable 10 pes tho attorney's Hi. This caso, was by no means fee fram idles for it ves forcibly contended that paishent of ths | Jnisbao for post violeneo wild deter bikw fom offing Valence in futuze, ada therefive thet: w procooding by imdictveat. was. a4 veoch = aoorsary of ib 458 Iara Uy ately of pte, Tusnother case, Dich is pathes a cunosty than a presided, ho wife had eansteg, an a means of suppave aller separtion Fant har TWueland, to: Keehing-a house. Tory ioral purposes Dele - Sadlcted for the eluate of keeping ouch « houte, twas cousidored | dat dhe legal oxpearo of het delonco was'a hecosary foe whick | hue Wusbaad was bound to pay (Hee one fenture of all tess | caves hic nay pen > = [arian exticlasy—ognely, dt ‘ise foundation uf tho action Soa supposil authority given Hy the Ihurnd the wile to coutsact for aooeasties in bin naiie If ha Tiband tors the wile ont of bia house, ox” compels her by thretts-or: violened to. quit i6, tho-law consiilers thet be hier bio ogent to. suptly ‘hevals with the. menns of Tieing © fa pecco td aafoty faewhors eli By a further applet dof the sume princiley it the reject o maltzited. wife upcts age he Lupe few hats 16 eld Mao Wich the fvebard jahpe sont ta hia wteanet-powor foe Leon 230 far suthoviset hy in €5t0 mao lim liable fo pa wie’ costs | ‘of proseoating it. Tids is hooneally the doctilas of the Courts f Uoumon Law ood the Gout of Chascony, butts the Baca flastical Courts tho sane deetina teeivad proetical elect byw ule compelling the husbard fr time 1 take, net: sale aga a prose fo pay money euskal hi in at Tess nities es Gels coplad Wy ake Divo owe wine “inprovoniont hae eacin roRctent teaver tha while of the prom ‘pablo smouat of tho wife's esis ie reuited (9 bo pad in by toe un ong he sk agsat py tld into of faleinz it-socoting to We old plan, by instanients,” The Judge. ‘of the Divorce: Court lately slated tfint it was a court oper to all _yotsonss Sle mihi have added that wider cert cccumatnnces, induoements to resort it Jo: the case which hn elfonded « recent exemplification of the! shore-saled. pontiple al disputco and differences betmens Z fo biepuce, Ba way for the ‘consideeiion Le tl % Tiusband and wife nd booa freminatod yy the urbane death Zhe aliciog played ty ti wit elarmcd gine tho otto of ‘the lnsbind, who led. Been solicitor,, London his ftaraf cl fr juioawspartion, TAs tint Sxtato wos tng ttininistted by ibd Cout of Gbuncesy, tbe Lords Jundecs were Patol pen €2 deeds apon the vay oth cigs to Sider tofdncito ity tho question had to be consider whether fhore wes rensoncble pound. for imtitisag the. wifes. wit, Ses cepts Boge meine Os ae ceer tunes elouing ef Kathe or beahuos hd been ioptot tpeards tho wie exe ronfomed nocecary by oxime nln and neoovovientdetuioos whey nd ann, poses oFtcr utd, "Without eatering incon dicusdon ot tie elas suing cedenee inought fore inthe see iwi lena {ts Ton Festion eat men's stent et tho rou t Sivek Ke had arsed. By comederaion elite “Tho Inks Me THoapary! he ofa, Wecoms ty havo ean kan toot pully por: phony saved, alicted by bin wth whether the wad itor bb of hor sousss” "It apgeare fant ths ody entertained ether a Telit orm dclusion Chat il tho Indios im her cghboushood wore ela with hor for the allatons of bor Basbands At Aste, ‘whet, Me Ileoper ogy Uno 31 Saale Boe whither Tis’ wilds jedensy conpelled hig {o sempre at Avigoo0, ani Biker place witch Ho Rettol with hin wif ithe: cote of 8 tout thugvtakon in tho hop of mstoring to her that metal ial witch ho suppousd tbe dofiuat™et a thee pcos as hltsled the su dstesaingpiopmoiey tor Ucoper, to “huago hor nsband wth niques ib vty woman whole fy fnat’'Sbo open proexed to baieve hae hat abo eld the Acioa ging” wwe flowing Unon, in, tho ominontal fom, Ain "inpee Geaked hie ilo swith: Kndaods nd gonidor: fio, but on aoveal ‘ooasions be exprosed to a fen! is fear “thnt bo. cbowld be forced {0 late her under resto FMonegueute of her faswasing dilusous heat, domestic Chapple vas ostcal by tenet ings aa a Dae ser tess Nia Hooper, by. ie aivice of wiclor vamed Glas, puttat ber Tnsbands bows am commented proceedings fo The DNorce Cove for n judicial eopnstion on the growed fruity. In eonplisne wich tho sana protec the Coat, Me Hoop was comelld Ho deposit with he Rogistror the ein of 2yoE ns aepniy iris il cota “To. eqoo fino on for heaving, and an ogresment vas thexe- upon cotend int fora yoldatny sopeenion pon csi Teams “Daputes flere neon ss the mado of earaying atthe nyrehuect thas apieted int, ocd Nos Dopo as dane {lain env to peed ih th at notwiUintn ng the compro- hice, Thisfoone wey boworen fltaed hy the Ju, and afer Stepper! by the il Court” Detoroeaything fares coud Be ‘lone in the mester, My, Hooper died, aad the proonedings thns came to tonlanicn, Tieng eos Bly however, bao t2eunod bp Bfe. Clatke on behaif of -Alea, Hooper, for which sey 43 a ‘acd scons nat Ria "A. on lacing beon insted forthe aniston of Me: Monje’ xt, Ms Chaka brongt Jnr dan for bi conlyennusting bo 6 go, legge hoe ata Mero inoonsennss ™ properly supplied 46, Mix Llooper, for which, Hovkustoatsextite hay’ lighte, tadterwards appeal fat A CGlesue-nns ena to oasis fhe #50 hid ln been ya ato HE Dhonce Cou; so: dt ho els wilco sought & enfore Indio Court of Clrenopy bovine soluced to fol” Tt was aoe tend, iz opposition to lis uiaim, Oye althody tho pruetien of the-Dhrorea' Court lool a wilh to ale er husand wilh Fenty, tho pusiaplo of Ge: Cont of Chmuesty would not Avett give ony caistnes fo aud a proces “Tha, quetioh conndened by the Lona) Jotices waa, whsthor toe Sip reonas grouud for intuting Wo aul’ oud thay fans fv sho caucus thas cause was no} If they ad -con fo tho ome Coadasin, At. Chnky vould. bv eon aotied oie RM cangntsealved by, him on price thot eye advite eh tvistnoce given. to'h wide, wo bas guitod HE ausband's bente with euy ting Tike eno nme: pining: agatast: him comes under tho: head: of nocemarin” Witla’ tothe with by te, leband's gio. omer. lei iM atthe lw a ily ed Si expan, ‘inal every casa wire ranked sand ot anne, 4 elton who tates (he wits sda ts a9 1G gee ou he boy "peck ihe alo he, wie af Lis. proferinnebnegen feacting ix hot. Beln ln Ms ie etl shee sen enh A ‘Stabe at that a no erty -of nay Ha oa tho Boab are that when co ile elt hin abe di a without jstfiation, per rthoat exctsy Hf auc} an tht she aay eontderol as steve bye une woman conteablo id wore then Pitolous proceeding on her pant.” Tels AiDieule to aid anything follhe fats orelowacns Of {ls dewipion of = mult thontaghly pets both in ncoption-cnd pecs ‘Yat hl hw ae ot sault which the Court of Divarea encournges by secaring in advauce | fe cots of the aoellor who telat fly Sie Saan Wadd ayy be Cour of Divorce oan tho el eompecaeg pen Cats with fo Landon Jane dy it meee oad ot the Dinones Cou, siacot pout nel flan, 0 ase Sea he Sane sh th Faeilabon cue tof it He that, ab ‘comfoitable wuranes shat not Gacmaaives but thety husbands Sell hve the bil : z