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i100 ‘The proceedings at the lust reported mecting will show swhethet we have cavieatured the Guildiall veslzy. One of the items of business related to the much-vexed question of Sir Troas Wrisox and the enclose of Hampstead Heath On a former occasion, x majority of the Board bad refused to take the matter into consideration Certain honourable members thereupon proceeded to get up a little out-of«loor agitation, just as Mr. Baicnr, when defeated in the House of Commons, might iiave summoned a Peace mecting in ‘Manchester—orjustas Mr. Dismartr used o collecthisfarming friends to denounce free tude, Accordingly, St, Pancras mel, and boing partial to Sunday jaunts to the pleasant. heath, resolved to memorialize the Board to consider the propriety of purchasing it fora metropolitan playground, At the other ‘end of the metropolis, Newington mustored its fovees to protest agzinst the suggested extravagance. ‘The vival petitions were transmitted to the parochial delegates, and the business before the Board was to consider the propriety of receiving the’ docu ments, just as the Houseof Commons had reseived some seores of petilionson the same subject. An animated and charac teristic debate followed. An honourable member for anoréh- ern parish moved that the papers bé received. Mr. Tavton ‘opposed’ tho motion in a sareastic speceh. He would con- sent that the documents should lio on the table, or under the table (great sensation) ; but the resolution of St. Pancras bad expressed disapproval of the Board. ‘These indie ¥iduals must bo taught to approach the Boad as their masters—in s respectful manner, ‘Thore was Newington, now, quite respectful and sensible—what were St. Pancras and Marylebone, that they should suppose that they eoncen~ trated tho wisdom of the Metropolis? This burst of eloquence having been received with cries of “ Hear, hear,” the honourable member took a bolder flight, aud indulged iu Plapfl remarks about holeand-cormer mestings, “Suddenly, i remembered that he was trenching oa the privileges of his colleagues by attacking the two great_ constituent bodies in thie absence of their representatives. Tt was beautiful to see how the fiery indigaation of the orator waa subdued by the sense of the courtesy due to the members for Maryle- ‘boue and Pancras, ‘Tho parishes wore nothing —mre aggregates of disrespéstfal individuals—but tho fedlings of honourable members were privileged, and Mr. Ta¥zon gracefully sat down, after moving his amendment. But what was to be done? how was the Board to vindicate its dignity? Mote speeches wero made, without bringing ‘the matter néarer to a coudlusion. Ablast the President suggested a courso by which the Board migit -evade ‘the didiculty, There was urgent business to be attended to, Why should not the subject be dropped? But ‘this was out of the quostion. Drop the dignity of the Board? ‘Po that Mr. D'Teraxarn would never consent. He had the ‘greatest deference for the Paestozyr ; Dut the course sketched ‘out by the chair wabld let the bane go forth without the antidote, | Mr, Savats followed on the same side—he could uot allow the imputations of Mr. Taxzon to, remain unan- swered for a whole week.- Again’ the Prestpexr entreated ‘that the discussion should be stopped ; but. parochial honour forbad that Mr. Tavton's reflections on the great consti- ‘tuencies should remain without retractation or apology. At Jast, the Purliamentary mind of Mr, D'Trranasn solved the dificulty by frankly offering to make peace if Mr. Tavzon, would only withdraw the words “under the table.” ~ Mx, ‘Paxton, with equal courtesy, consented, and the, Board Mis allowed to. proceed to the next order of the day. ‘This was communication from the Board of Health, referring to instances of infection caused by the usb of ‘cabs for the eonveyauce of hospital patients, and requesting 46 know whether the Motropoliten Board would. under také the regulation of, epocial vehicles for hospital pur poses, if the necessary powers were inserted in an Act which the Board of Health were about to apply for. ~ The first thing to be considered was, whether thé letter was a sespeotful one. ‘The President thought it was, and the Board concurred. Tt. was accordingly taken into ode sideration, ‘when the Board roovod that it’ was so much occtipied with prossing business that it could not tundevtako the addivioonl duty. Who can. fall to admire ‘the conscientious scruples which forbid the honourable members for all London to spend, oven on an important duty, the time whioh ‘they are.abundautly able to bestow ‘on the sinallest points of form? Only one ‘thing more ia nieedful to save thein from becoming. utterly ridiculous—and ‘thst i, that, in ecordancs with ‘their President's advico, ‘they should drop thoir dignity and proceed to business. ‘Phe Saturday Review. | (May 81, 1836. (HE TRIAL OP, WIULIAME PAEAER. W8pare.tambers ade to tho mara od ‘of Palmior's ease, but the enormone length of the proceedings nay make some aeodun® of the evidence by while ehapye vre1 eatablished acceptable to our readers. (We doubs whether aero eae wag vere onary. Tee averwhchming thet uolese the prisoners position ju society, his tuodieal ski ie connexion. wilh tho turf, and. the hori cluaracter of tho other accusations againat him Had produeed aa Sinparalleled excitement™—and unless the cireuatances of Mis Tamiy had enabled him to bring into. eourk medienl mimnesres from al parte of the eountry—the ease would have presented few feutuves'of general interest. Tn a legal point of view, it in othermise, Amore remarkable tril, oF ome more cleulated to tito the character of tho English. sdmipisteasion of criminal justo, Lins we think, rarely occurred. We do not refer ao much {oe extetrdnary sty dnlayed by the Atorney- Genera reply ras in the opvaion of tose beat enitled to juge, fone of the noblest eombtnalfons of logie ond rhetorie to which the present generation ha listenad—sor 10 tho almost super dbuman sigout of the Judgo who, al-am ago when most meu hi oullived theit intellects, presided over the tral for ewolve. d and. sommied up the evidence for upwards of tivelve hours, Wille ont hesitation, without confusion, and without forgetting a singls Point, We rofbe eather tothe proof whieh the proveediage have MMbrded of the soundness of the Buglish rules of eridouce. 0a the ous laud, they admitted proof of wll the eircumntanoca necessary to establish the prisoners gull ia tho most cauelsive Inanner a onthe ober, they exeled frm ie conidia of the juty overptbing whieh could projadies them ayaius ‘an wilo as acchsed of no lees than tires murders, aod 8 preted of a great namber of forgeries and other’ frends, nay be doubted. whether any olber system of jurisprudence ‘would hays secured for the prisoner a perfectly impartial coust Aeration of tho qstin wittr od or ia ht ender Cok, vrilhout: ia anyway. warping. dhe inquiry by the questions ‘iether be murdered Ann Palmeror Walter Palmer, or whether To forged the acceptance of his mother, ‘The proof that Palmer murdered Cock depongs on threo pro: postions;—t. Tht he (Palmer) had e strony motive. to do's; 2. That the symploms of Cook's death were consistent with tho iigpotesis that it was enosed hy airgchnin; 3. That the circum slances which preceded, szended, and followed it leave no rea. fsonabie doubt tint Palmer did, in fact, admininter srychis to him. ‘In our judgment, each of these propositions was irresistibly aupported by the evidenes. That, Palmer was in desperate cit- unstaness is proved by the fect, that on the ath November he gare nehequc’ for reco! dated on the 28th Novomber, 2 Pay font of forged aseuplaneo of his mother's, upon which he had Talsed money, and on tlich, if he waa unablo totake itup before the rath of Bicmbe, he wi certain tobe tacts Slotly afer le pave this choque, hie Ualaaee ab hia bankes’s was only of. Gr ‘Av tie same time, the money-londer, Pratt, wes pressing tam for payment upon otier forged neceptanes of hia motler's; whilst Wit creditor: Svs at 1b of tao rer the we of is roperty, a8 collateral sceseity ta © third ect of acceptances—~ ont of them fonged~ amounting altogetier parma Gro.e00!, ‘As Pratt and Wright leld collateral aosuritin, Palmer's moet essing liability was the post-datod cheque for xeoet. which ko Bad given te Hospin, and for this it was absolutely necessary thie lie should, 3 potsble, provide funds at ouee.” Cook nd about bia ferson, soan altar Shrewabury r2oes, 700%. or Sool. in noteay and as alo euftied (0 receive rari Dela ab Taltereal's on the losing Monday, togetine wi te taken won by is tone, olestay.” The possesion of Us money auight posshly not on havo relieved Palfoer's immediate neceeies, but have encbled him to free himaelf altogether from’ considerable pars of them, in the eyout of hia ullim ¢ ly auoeveding in-enforeing his lam agtinst the ‘Prince of Wales Insurance Oliee for r3,c600. Nor Thual 15 be forgotien that he wae exposed, not only to evil ut also to criminal vonsequences, by having dealt with accoptaxces ‘which lo had cortaialy uttered knowing them to ‘be forged, Tether he was himsel tho original forger or not.” hese cone ideration establish, beyond all doubt;theproposition Wat toward ‘the middle of Norombes, Palmer waa in tho mast urgent want of toool, Bubvevwas contended, on tue partof the prisoner, thats was Zothisintarent to obtain that money’ by suring Cook inasmucl, faa Cook was the only person from ‘hom be lind any chasce of Sbtaining asistance and ay Conia death would render bimex- Glsively lisble to Bratt fora bill of gool, af whieh he was the Gramcrand Cook the seceptor.. This waa, however, disposed of by ihe consideration that Uoole hd no. property left except bis racecuorees, which were alreidy pledged to Pratt for go0l, and ‘winninge on the Shrewsbury races; snd that, if Palmer con trived fo porcess himself of then, ie would got all that Cook ould, and moh more then it wae at all probable that he would, five his. Te wan no doubé true that, By murdering Cook, ie would substitute the responsibility of aa wnaympathetio exce color for het of an asioeiate; Dut, onthe otlier bead, bo Srould enable hinself to take yp the goo! bil and to provide funds to mee the cheque which ho lind given’ to Hepin.” Sueh, svas'the motive suggosted for Cool’ smurder. As Lord Campbell ‘well obuorved, is existence was a more important queation than lis adequaoy,’ Ifeny motive will induce aman to commit murder, ite weight rll epend entively Gn the wiekedness of the man. ma Pe May 81, 1856.] Tae qui othe ole af the tes of ih Cook dial mg of greater deicney, nnd was discussed at och length {hat fo doubt whether most of those who vead the evidence did toe cee sight of the main point ir the infte, mass of deta ‘That Cook died of some form of tetanus scems to-be admitted on ind Some of tzwstnera step [eer ympinn taepilenegts but they filed to mention any ease in whic optleps te rrseP conde with « perfect atentoa of eonsiovness Lhe diy ofthe muscles, tus losking of do jaws, the arehing ofthe Sip, Uue leonvulatvo spasms, and the appearance. of the corpse, ‘ert a inutentie of tetany and were not consistent with ang Biber form of disease, Nowy telanus is of free kinds—tra. Sofie, or That whigh resulta from wounds—idiopetbiey on tut -BAleK results from natural encses other then wounds-and tio Tanna of steychoia. ‘Tetanus ip all its forms ts rave, ‘rite Hate Ttapus is the commonest! Ediopathie tetanus is alvost xnknow f hie couatry, abd of Uae which is. produced by 70 than fifteen oF twenty eases hve occurred, very of the poison. ‘That Cook did not die of singe the traumatic Fetanus seems to Be conclusively proved by the eireum- ance tht he hd no wounds on his body to actount for it Some of the medical witnesses for the defence attempted to soi fap atheony tae such m result might have ensued upon certain fare in his, theoa!s boy The pysiian wo. altended, him proved tint those leer wero not allzibulable to, the disease To which those who sintained. this “hypothesis had referred ‘hema hey were uagble to mention singe cw aw Heh cers prodvced ty that disease had eansed tr us Besides, tho symptoms of traumatic tetanus dif mate: ‘ally {rom thove which oovurred fp Cgok’s ease, Ttis n disease ‘high laste, not for hours bat for dys, and Which may oceasivn Tea fa ymptore, but nevoy tiely rons them ent the talint ether dios or recovers. his ie aso true of idiopathic Emon whieh however 0 rare inthis eountry, tha of the talon ja aed yt le athe pa of he prot sation. De Fodd bad sgea only tivo eases, and Mr. Danial of whilst’ Sif Benjamin Brodie, Mr. Curling, and Mr. Solly ha Serer aech ange opm fetans, moresren, cs noe appear aereeatsfeccciling ones ant no noch exiting eee cond Bi ih fopon a post norte examntion, in Cook's body ‘Tenunnic mi dopatho tetanus being bolls out of he que tion How gaure dt death rempineds except he tans of Jee Besand the symptoms copanponied 9 closely wih Use SESE potson poorest ithe human auhject-an Sher ans hae Sir Benfamin Brodie ni” Doctor odd fo their leonvccon that she -eymploms distinelly)swor ‘Aeseribed| were atteibutable to stryolnia, whilst Mr. Daniel and ‘Mr. Sollf swore that they woré not atlributable to asy known isense, “Phe evidence for the Crown would therefore seem to go ‘ong way fo prove thal Cook died ote poison of strychni find what the Crown left unproved, the medical evidence for the Pritoner ynquestionably suppliod., ‘The defenee on this point, Eumed ngon tro propositions Kiet, that the decessed did not dicot atzyelnia, Because, if he had it would have been discovered in his body; and secondly, that he did die of some othr disease ‘The fist proposition wea mipported by tho evidence of Mr.Nuune- ley, Mr. bethoby, and Mr. Terapath, who swore that they hind itcoverell strychnia, upon varigus occasions, and in very minute ‘quanttieg, ia the dead bodies of men and animals; but thei les Htioay srhs mot by te remair, that they did notexamine Cook's ody.” ‘he question was not whether the nonadiscovery of "sehuiaprovedl its absence, but whether its non-diseovery by Dr Taylor and Dr. eos proved its absence ; and as, ese ged tUsmen sore that hey applied to the bodies of animals which ‘hoy had themselves poitoned by stryclaia the sume tests whieh they applied to Cook's body, and with the same rosults, it might yell be that ‘thore might ho strychnia in Cook's body, which ey werd unable to Bad. If the prisoner's eounee! had succeeded in proving all that they ailompted to prove, they. would only have shofen that Mesaia. Lelboby. aud! Heripath were better chomists inn Dr. Taylor and Dr. Rees. We do not, however, {hnk that they’ established even. this; for they. only’ see voted injoxtracting atrychnia. in cages iv whicl deat hal been caused by a large dose, and Dr. ‘Taylor and Dz, Rees only filed freniradting Wewhors doath lind been eased by a stall dose . ‘The last-fuentioned. gentlomen found atryclmine in rabbits whieh had beon|put to denth by dosea of grin or upards; Dut dhe Eina'notestevt om those wie ad heen led by ogee Of hari, and i did nob appest that the wituensa fr the Alofoncoattemplad to do so. the tocory adsaneed by Dr. Ty. for ronddes this rerull, quite intelligible. “His viow, a8 well as at off other modes men, 1s iat sryeimia acts by eh onthe: Gs taken up from dhe stomach by th ebsorbentsy ‘inte aa thonee iato the blood and subsequent into the ‘issues—And that, a some unknown point in its progress through the body ease dea Hoc, oly gomucl as not absorbed found in the stomarh but if only a minimum dose is fared, tho whole would bo absorbed, and ‘uoue would re- ho atomach, According (0 the sumo theory, it would {be totally uncertain whothor any of the poi after desi in the blood, ina 12 ould bo found uo as it miuhit have passed before ‘oath info the tissues. “Lt is, besides, an opon question whether slrychrid dogs not altogether dissolve, ad tereloro cease, to aia tryin when i roaches tho bloat! Win vo that in Chok’'s eaze tho stomach would seem to have been sl + « The Saturday Review.: 101 Tilly Taadled, aod tt wad ip a wont unfavourable oats or a ana vncued De Waylon shal probaly aa AR ityonace to the fst tat oeycbita was ound ‘The goof of the second proposition maintained by the defences, uly dt Cook eledsoke other dnnwe tna te tama of Sapebnste Ret entengs an ndee, the medial witnmes foe {heen eoustuted a nach asthe for tho prosesutoa fo TAM he tones gulls: Mey sogested visions dieser ae oaietanar of CLs dente resample, gener conve Sa rein epics govrsltige wir tetens com plc eee een nanoous fea nner cromexemane oP espuptome: at any te, lay reesbled those of Fea et een an Mes Parades, Ale Wrightson, fnd Mr. Robinson, aduitted this with perfect cmudour and fair sate anes and ore yarteylari. Str. Ascdonadyfoopht tina te ‘coutucon mut telenendye ‘The lstmentoned Tr tase ne coy tet he Dov thers vas ame sine SPAS stn bag eeveral at ho doctors ko aC eanion looked To ieand thd ot seo ead tht murat Brin (ome oe ma Hg ee toe niga to, Ke other aia nen iat the Era Nasrosgestel, Tt was impossible not to see that « man‘who oUt Sau Segtlte to gunport a hypothens wae actng, nob Toute bu eae vote Mc Herpath slo wa od nen eat aa that Goat cao wat ene of to aim it Made Taylor did not know bow to Bad. Se Fee eala hy eld, be wot trom te: powapapers; But-he Tue bie uy howe thas what he hat send he ow Te ly ailbed om batho ard in Court Ie evidenetheraoye, upon this hed wand thos Serer rite eee ie iapen Sntacnce swear ponte at ey Freee ee ptt Cohave bey produced by tryna, list baller they me prafeeion agree in sti the oll emer Sn symyenof aiyelin, but amign olor nea hie ot youl eel pa ae Tecate cintoont doctors delared certain sesso to We small Pecan i four oliasseope ea ether omtcpox oe Bei is i Reece merc anyone dou ne ives smalpos Fee ey oan oferrs alt put ety own names frst aod dle nie of Themistocles eocond in the list of honour, no one ded who wa veal tho best nah. Thvevidence maybe ad, terefore, prove cone een Hany ratecepnctent wits yeh "jaca Cynon hat they wee incon wth am at sbi beng ao tere ean bo = i toe are ed fer Cooks seater tcc lene no nsonnble Gout that he had sea Simtsiteed snpeatine. Tin nae aby ne aa ee eiioeing GoaideraGions., rhe incontestable Piece aY pen ofthe pelon onthe night Cook's det, and Fae es ie tS chowrtht be had hough tres gran a ee eRe contadction or explanation way ora se eens shes arta except am ile and totally gree ce Tageeatok aut the poss poionion oh dog Tine gees given fe suppsing thet. he i ne et ad of te tras goa had perfor himaele Sse eho a drug tn geet wae edi imponsblo Since mas ane ee ale wanted fr any a ae meat cull aot be proved to bare exe Unwil purpne je no doubt thot eater adwianteced ant mony to Cook, Antimony was found in the dead man's body. Te was const i omiag before hs dent, and yet beer Mere arene bad ten preserved or bin, “Palmer, on Farrer wa ia gosta atta upon Cook, and he serie de beasen, son bros vie: produced Yomiting, south om 2052 aan i eaba Ailes OF chee et ok gly in Conk dom wee oftets, Thtdly, Play voan Foe ne ely Wefve Con’ lau and Cook waa ao efor ial, “After Cook's death none of tat in posts of Yogi Baler pid several lange ils, aad matey 206 Nea nies for gor ee Ho aan gota turd sae Uap patna, to ll ipa ha or Cook Feaen cet oF Eakogee Tor uptande ot soot 00 ers nT wearing in Me (Baier) frou, at Neate te ar eetuerbyet gan plained by thers to Sata a ot peed on Uo fi though prods. Palau ves ne olde gue Tater Co exgporato See eee eae utaforer Moreover alee Palmas tet trhooe Ghedire ater Conks dest to witness ae neprandan‘af ook desing that Se er coat teen aneeped ty Pala foe Cook's boyelit: olely. Me. alzo aulhorised w Mv. Herring to settle Cook's betting. nceount.n the place of hia uaial agent, Folios, anil told hin to pay to Pudlwiek (the elient of spin, to ‘Hugin Palmer iad given the pouledsted cheque) aso! dnd 4gok. {Bead hun disposing of the whale of Cooks wines for his Sen'parpasce, Not one word did Mr. Serjeant, Shee say, in hi Seer y of liege traeactions,thougt professed himse HaLa} ta meet and yelute the Attornay-Genordl on overy point of Tie ase "Phy seen (0. us to prove” to démoustration thi Patmer had mae n plot to anurder his ficnd, and to obtain possession, nok oly of his cash, but also of the amovals duc to report, live very’ th no litle bitterness on the deliaviour of ‘tose Prussian 102 bm a8 bots or staises, and to apply the whol to the wie of his vn fneumbrences "Rites ancl overshelming proof as this, it seems linedly nee dry tp aayare (othe oer ecournstanges of tks eases bik grea rll ll ead to the same conchaon. ‘The attempt to bribe Beno tach hath Cook inten were ced tho tampering With enronor—tho tampering with the Bosimaster te oles ‘nterforoneo which fee aroused tho Eigpicous of Ms, Stevens--thodvappearmceot thebostiny book tnd above aly tho files aconnte green to Tones, nl soot fo Suumford of the ire of Cook's ailments are aml ut weighty maltets, which all point to the same’ coneision. I, nder auch eirenmstances. he jury had consilered thi hte wa tng rearonable doubt in tho eas, they would assuredly avo heen doketent in tat courageons good sense whith i absolutely os Hal to th elleieney of teal by jory ‘Some of tho ineents of {tl are intoresting in ah pointoF view.” Tie proceedings convey t out tind sho strongest, root of ths proprcty of the course elopced by Bouts ts of Ribrmidiog Uy tentingony of acontiie witnesses fo he jury an Sontmased with tho Trench system of giving to such evidence fell ut conclsva characte The dyer ot wpe of Cours, te encouragement of parteauship, by lending a mote Milness to Decome, infact medien eounseh But tha ral has Conclusvely shown that tho right of erorscxamanatonenalso peculiar, wo Deliove, to Engl law the bet posi means freon ignore, reap, or gary apie: whe te Ililty to alake resily wie honest extinony in equal shown by the total Tulluco on the pure of the counsel forthe Dreonerio make the jury doubt or “nisnaderand the evidence BEDe Taylors Tha. that geatieman may. fave. sown some Sninoreton i Ine conversations with pesuons eomtveted wit the newspaper press; and in his comintnention to the Zaace, inst bo admitted ut iis equally true thatthe serutiny to ‘hich ho ws subnntied entirely fle to shake testa foinjare his high profesional sation, 1? De. Taslorhed hy Bot a witaens, Buda ole ofthe Cont pronouns at opin Shing on the jury, dere can be no dout Hae the public would Fino ben far feng Saiafied with the sor han they! aw. “Knother subject which requites notice i the declaration of Er Scrjennt liveth he baiewed tm th innoconer of the pao We cannot protest fo strongly against such comic, We make aviinpulaldn agains lr, Sejennt‘Shors an re-do not doubt tines meant what io aids But we wisi thn ind considered before making the statement, thay ite over wsfemds adother fnte of the same kind, the absence of rush a declaration can {tardy fail to b,vemereed iy the juny #0 the disadvantaxe of Iiveents It should alwago bv boro i tmind that the: postion hich’ barrister hae to ntiutaiy iy aioe that hs clea is ne ocenb bat that seis nol proved that bs gal Pa the mbole, we eannok but express the strongest eaisfiction 4b the manner i which fa caso it been eonucied.-We have Hheard go muck of lay roform that we ace rather apt to fonget hat the lay ot Bngland has. grent_eseelioaess as wells great defect, and thet, f Bnglish Ineyers bare mol to learn, they hhave also much to teach, We do ot tink Unt anyother county ould shor ao exedlont’h vpecinen of perfect lngie and freedoms fiom al prejadice as thin ense his alloc. RUSSEL, WW Bit essson nt anny weeks ag, to remind ou readers ‘tat even that party in Prussia which has, daring the recont struggle, shown ‘itself most opposed. to Enylish viows and interests, is now prepared, Ly a closer alliance with this country, ‘to guard. against dangers whi seem to impend in the not very distant future. ‘The ties which aro likely s00n to connect. the Courts of Berlin and St. James's will naturally tend to fwdilitate this very desirable object; aud as we cannot take too much pains tocome fo un accurate widerstanding of the cireumstances of a country ‘which is, ere loug, to be knit so closely with our owa, ‘we propose to offer a few remarks on the present political eon dition aad prospects of the great kingdom of Novth German ‘Thore are Ustoo great parties in Prussia, - Wiss we havo the Reaeliontties, who ling fo the principles af the Holy Alliance, ‘and consider that the mission of their country is to upliold the Sntercsis of Protestant Christianity in strict winlon wilt Austria and'Russia—the one a5 represoating the Catholie, the, other, the ancient Hastorn Chiveelt.All.minov jealousics and dislikes are merged by theao politicians in their xtreme. hatied of Liberalism, of the Revolution, aud of France. Next, there are ‘tho Constitationulist, who look to England as affording the best model of political institutions, and ssho hate Russiash a bitter. ‘ness of which wo, who know the insolenco of the Ozars only: by. fille idea, They are accustomed to comment Oficers who permitied themselves io bo told by the Buperor ‘Nichol, silen at Berlin, hat they vere the Vanguard of his forces. ‘Whey have often’ in their months the saying of Fre erick the Great, that if ussia were ones in. Constantinople, suo ‘would orelong be ii Kiniusberes and they drink in with avidity ery report oC disalleeion oF disturbanee withia the dominions etic Car. ltuein hey say. is Brus nis powerful wig. our, ‘Their frontier is. wide in extent and illstovended—their Zpopulation’amouots to sixtgen mali, wile tat of Tisai i The ‘Saturday Review. {May 31, 1856: Bee aera ce rea ciety ee Paes a ih eg of Heng be dt seni San ih sil in ron cng, ng. eS esate France for any aquisition he might make fa the Bast by Tawi era eave of Basin less bitterly opposed to Teasia han hese, But difri iy in la viovs of nveual polity, isthe Denoume pare cl eovaituten by far tno must numerous eéeGon of te eo my a wel Tiana or Soci from conviction, we shoul have before u doubt woe) tielderrbio ray + ud at gices tea importan to the denote py i Uh Je tompretionds the aa foning muro of tie Drplotarint. “The uimons excesses of 1848 showod how formidable these masses were, and how little they were. Silherndevetood or eonirollad by tir nominal leaders, tis ‘ilancholy, Dan undeniable fe that the established setigion in rcs olor sally aed eating with (our TeRp send cadon a hehe of an dk Adirected-efloeta of the niost zealous portion of the elefay a6 hit with the derisive answer Sp, you rant to make n9 8 inc" Wo no, of egurte,ovesiook or depres TiugeAZtuion but ie proceedings are not alwaye very julicios. 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