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"Rp the subject nnnowneed. March 27, 1858.) The Saturd: sei mon game of ie cold bm mov ten ny eee a et lhe ry erent’ sepsible yACHs PASSIONSATTSTK, sri ycam gov lide mono an known in Bagand of THREE Sra tho the sony wit he septa of ie ert ets vous pice om hi tier ora irk ae eal amnce iy Reg pvared ef nue ee "pfiedusens cnet Hae i Si fe sens of eee of herons works he ott sie ree yt wore aoa contrporty,Sbaan ste ears (o wenn were tone of ane TReGg nentonel is gis ny the dla of egen see ars an sls compete been RP eps theo andl and by thse ‘tn ga Eno ont abou, laced epen higher a8 master of hig art, Bach was born in 1485, the same yeor as Houel ; be died in 1750, Handel in-r75p... Like Handel he was Heat et mused reco an oa vena oF age, fad LEI? CA ete ont elder rather engan ne (oo easy for‘hia aspiving genius. AL the axe of eighteen,,he | teams 63 dan at filling Ream Chyee MEasieran nt Weitary nnd a tetiyea oF importance, ho was at length, #9723, 8p Wart Dizcetor at Lipsis, whore lo romsined tll ide death indry ted Handel lived a bachelor, but Bach marvied dnd was the father of | P Bente dilitn, soveral of whovn became among the most dis- Reuhedonsicansottcirtine, Tn composition he semato have {a etatgabl, and tothe presen day he numberof is ror pen seesetly Keown, mang. yet lying, hid in- momuserit in it Mle alleeons. ‘Continental! rnicans, atleast those oP Farelfntechoal, spear of lie works aa without exeeption menial se eatioal eae the: mort faiting "among them. ful to Euan aomotling rule. we before ue a calle. Sots log ety shod call pint, ih ve, ocdletly vesinustile mine for the student3n compotion, wR oF the most singular and. beaut combinations. He wore elaborate vocal works abound certainly ia dieulties, ‘habvendes dem repulsive (0 singers, ‘They requive a eertsint Sfascenio which isnot easily efained by therany ; for Bash Gated thovolee like a jstrutment, and requires the sume indo: ‘lee aad precision in alzaling a note asin expec from a Bilin Lesa erry however, (0 suppoee that learning and niry ere bis ony, ox ince, recommendation, Ho is navar Fefetent in mecning and expression, although his mélodien have Satheightnera and freedom ybieke Handel attained, possibly Tyrac with the schools of Italy. Bach's drargatie power, Eis wot inferior to that of Hasdel, js more habitually wader Te ialinee ofa devotional and seclesastielTeliog- ‘o itrodgen a knowledge of tho works ofthis grest genius is tun abject of the Bach: Society, faatituted im. 1849, wader the ios ot Protesaor Sternislo’ Bennett, ‘The soeicey does not Men iatesto to have mide, much viele way. A performanee tlie Pasion Musik ned or fobe yenrgago, vaathonext thing tea lure, “That which 1obkplgce'on Tustday ovening, at BE tin Hall, was bh moro suceesafulj and it may bo hoped « ttl tlt of the, Suny wit nok tp ha, hy Pon {pespeces of tomponition which sprung up among the German rans ‘athe aictoenth eontgry” and was the preenrece of the, str. SE won u 4iud of ceceslasticall ervic, epproprinted to. God Hilayy the thems boing. the last incidents" inthe if of ite Reviour, One of the erggelieal narratives wad taken ttle busty and this was deliezed by a solo yee, bymas Gr ‘horeles” being. inirodused| from. time fo" time, rome Shit in tio hrenter of the. Gheeke chorus. Gradually these Eoupections aasumed moto of a draratie character, by. tin ‘prion of dialogues {slierd fut cocuneed in the narrative) {Diddle voiees, of € masses of voice, an tho cate might ba ‘ht bey povor toswned tho pnrely dramatic form attained by the Groek tragedy, the narrative oslal being retained fi. the, Int. Hash compeged five Postion, whieh, were the most por. {tap wall tno. Jot_of thee nnee,” "Taree of them ony - tee kooen tobe aow in exstencg, and 9° ise threo only to ftepriniad. ‘These uo ave tol Passion according #0 Bt Jo, ‘tie Pacsion aceorting fo Ste lMutthew, ‘i liter in sid t6 -bethe greater work of th two, and indeed, the greatest work of galt et fa io whch nas peronied oad jg wi doubly choos, drevng a come. "Th ia clroas formal txordium, ‘someling: lke tho begining” of Cremer with Salen’ of ta subjed lta Sato tees “Tila followed by mcouple of verses of, nimrative, rected

, | atisos's mistozy or siezord SHE sven hulky volume of Alino's ivory of urope Tee er ey Tame orate ie wee jwciheo for, unlem tp wort Bed commanded eslery and parehwosra 1 Truat long sing lave mived ate sompalsry coneisions The on Re mae of cena unity cons one {ements of popularity, although they may be|datetfol to sete sul pen ntalogt "Geary ae wily socom axpiolixityswbieh takes “nothing for-granted, as graminiyoroux tints aot the Duk of their fod s equally Indinponanble frlt He nutzlous propertice. Bir Azcibald Alison ino desler in the ‘concebtratel! casence of thought, but be. is fluent and enay ; 80 thutaf Lia sentences are sometimes confused, tho general eS ‘The earliest. known specimen “is of the date 1973. | bearing ‘of ‘hig paragraphs-can always be suiliciently ascertained. a not perhays iis foul tbat a history ofthe period from 18r Ne tteat renamiiog. tat at's las masks ewepupér, it teririag:reeollectiny which, are Al once fame line and obygete. No human being ie known (0 have read the Annual Repieler of any current year, although that useful iileation gait valuable materials forthe ues of poslesty. tho present fork is more ambitious and voluminous attempt io nntlipita the task of history bofore experience has shown tho relate Hipostanes and the tltimate-sigoifennce of events, Tn walking gir tue hot ashes of reeint. confit, the writer his eadearouredh viot without eogaiderable’ suopeas to maintain a fonoof.calmjapss and impartiality and the-tifOMe haw been ren dered ensieatly the conviction which pervades lis work, that hho is seoonig-the inevitable: decline of the British moire: ‘ho ranime@Uet tho: Reformers snd tho treachory of eel may alarm or irn§fte superficial obseryors, the worat ey ean only bave ed the operation of « general law. Prov dence, whickgluring: the French war is have been on fio ldo oRho. Tories” ecems in those latter ‘yeugs (0 jee. {nterfered ‘BEL: scldom,'and, except in the instance of the iscorerits, “nly for purposes of punishment.and destruction. The Tal tay iia bors degree striated to tis exceptional Suilischynecious:peeee rlac ta cksedieed ail Another narrative in nine verses. succeeds, allotted, -as is the | | 318 The Saturday | Review. (Mareti 7, 1858, retallie eurreney. ‘The suggestion that the monetary crisis of yy tia altrbuiable to ho convertibility of bunkenotes is by no fuesns paradosieal or neve; bnt it hae not been ge Known tut the results extended fo Californin, to Australia, and to the Crimea.“ Poe's-bill Pecl,” aa Cobbett, called him, has rote to anawer for tian the Bonaparte wlio terrified our fathers. Who nahy the quran ad Luge?” elo ile the butchers stops wits ange Se Bos? Wie! eae YY, after aly io nosionsbullicy, ike che spear of Achilles, ulntety eared the Wound wel fe bad afte Sack vasthe re untary ert of 947 havnt allt sot Sat niepe Bee ie day ary tcnt See Re et eit ag tt nthe ci ees Oe es la fret aed ne sae the'agency of supremo wisdott in educing lating gosd out vf transitory evil See ee rel a akiey eee nema in Eee chabert lace aad oneaerig cormape Government of Louie PidGppe; the suapeasion of credit, want. of se gc und cage tac neg tft noben of Pe eee Bet td oie nS BE: pera vgn sep ct gan i ateny Fe iy the ne by etd a gat lo prod nd Wosge San teh reat nens wick hs ceded eg as Sree Cs bem the Chote oe Emer Ine fo te taste Hues itn teupurnice sey al uray te a Beta by eins ior bic bel bo hg eter in ret Oe Galan tal evens by shee nn EES tebe of Setar StF Oy Hpi botnet tgs he cee Helio Feng cent ter rafaed eo han ihe ace f pow in Soper fepela Mile ‘ho tse ces of Stal ion, Bo a Se antes ue tages af er Wee aguas ‘Berl oie rine. Fis, kee tis fe Wes Heist hteg tere tly lene ret te whic ‘Sogeiea it foseol he United Stats into on he spenn of Pring Ui our ten aere Calpe Hom tho ny band the ELUTE sip whom it ttecnes hal uataavre fos Crochet sean piotienalge srk ora ener eat see ee ibarlis mirc te lion WenesotAastlas Sa pron DDemnsent’ aad. booedeilinpuls (0 the fuatyy of tha whole weld by sree earey saga to is acceing Kanter tot tense WeeeE nce oeaghe gut into Keucacet "Test impossible forthe histovin of 1845 aid 1846 to apoid {ug elten-debated question wether Sir Robert Peel was a patiat ra trallory aud Go this point Sir Ardkibald Alison seems to criibiean amiable incousistency.” Usable to aequt, aud anwll fag to condemn, he intimates tnt the Mjuistes, i the deepest wefdgy, brought forvard a measure wiih, israpidly nedoting [seouniry to astate of avin; but ho ebodidly admits tate hs motives were. pesfelly dsiatereated, ant leis by no mheine poved to alaibute thb introduction’ of reo Trade to any las Wapeotable eso than the operation of ayuniverel law coord Jp to tho ‘Aisonian pilogopiy, nto fike individual, contain Ee cements of Uieir grawth thorulthoate seods of thetr dis: solution Healthy progress inageieulloshandin general industry fends, trong th Reetmulatonaf weal and the dorclopmedt Gf olvilaation, to tho expansion and. aggrandizenent of great Shins” Tho towa populallous desire ebeap ood, tothe detzsnont tio producers} aud as thelr eemparntira, power is constantly Slorenabyy, thoy ulltnately snccoed ii opening tho port, By 8 ecesary consequenea,ealivation dedineas\amwble lands axe brow to pastures and he hey lara of the sol leering tho desert dels crowd into tho towns; which aro. apn an gun denigoated onthe grave of che uaa race, This offets oFraleve ebour in Tialy'undes the Empire, combinod with the {raluitous ilstibution Of foreign corn to tho citizens of Rom, Gre repeatedly quoted as warnings against the approschisg dan: dere of Kogland, or rither asilfuatations of ax imminatl and {feevoidablo catasirople, ‘The terifed readex, overwhelmed by {is copious cloquonco of his prophet toler sanvely vontures fousk Mims@lt Chetlicr all the wheat lands of Kagland are réally Jnid down with gras neede, and aequitages inthe conclusion that the: tenoairfaraers of Liicolnshive ifye been. supplanted by biti with gangs of slaves—wrondoriag, at. tho smo timo, wether theie ie daily detibution. of Gort ab Chaving-cros, Tataro tho. your at. eich: the "Adelphi" and, Lyeawa “aro pened fo ils mltin at_ tho exphuso ofthe State, In ke prescnce of such mistortnes fow) wil edre to inverigao, the nora of an individual eateeman, Is only tho moralst “Mo lise ins do regret that we have flloa into uch days, a8 Thove, whon a Alarborough was devated to tho hight of groat Sees by betraying one Sovereign, and Noy aulfred tho death of 1 teitoe (oy atompting to betsy anothor." ‘hero are, omover, {riflers who, amid tho wreck of empires) still busy themselvoy ‘yuk queatons of superiunus curiosity tl epao ay eak wnt Tomo ‘days wero in wal Afselborough and Ney soutompore, Sibtaly Speriencod ppaitefrtanon and boi axseuton of Uiproval Marsuel fey deserting fom Louis XVILE sesembies {tke promotion of-th English Cffcor 0 abandoned James 11. iVilyveliet to find, that although all pesties conoutred in tho heladeholy cOveusion whis hia boca] quoted, a eal soni: ation of ths caso faust in juice fo Sir Vabert Peay very Taaterlly modify lone Gpiiaps “Tho leat aniols para of ho work wil porkape be found ost nef, ‘Tho simmarien of ‘Paninmentary”defuten-which tre cluded in the fect aro drawuup wih earvaadimpecatiyy al meaaiizos seldom fornia putt of lbgitimato history. Those who bave witvessed tho aotual renults ean feel ut a faint 1e reasons put forward by the supporters ar opponents of | of interest i dicted by the event. Th is-intolorably’Liresome to in olice, or theaveit ‘of hostile Bliniatry. tegatoaa ka 'fite eh iv the fat tert wnts_by which they attempt to Influence: {- Nevertholéss, the pages liamaplary proceedings 1 wo 109 young to remember the. c ‘ago. (Sir Archibald Alison hintselt naust re cis{univereal ignorance of the great law of dest ywore) unconsciously helping to full, hhoae Free ot D Parl iistofine should sudulgo in Uho composi paraty portals, ‘The period, howev preednt volyme, included withia ity limits but one Tavedr- Sie Wobere Pec! aud Lord John Ttusvell uged upon tho ME Disraais gen eulogy thi oars info m fails hero hat spin Lard wiouthed ‘partisan. His eotmtenanos. may of purpose may still comimand respect; vies were iu power. oon] as'lisladmiror declares, a model. of manly b ely: bo described as a young man lend ‘yoterns in fhe Cornlayy struggle” ‘The statemes beenlfax luleo yours private seotbrary to Mz. Can: inaSey, might bave suggested tho eaxclsion that ‘The acquis revived’ ab fostaro yours in. 184s, Spores ater oolong ap itierval of seu ‘aly remarkablo'peculimity of his career. ‘The the it it whe found, tp. the Bonthaek poseased unequalled quilifeations fo ‘The nator tho contest was. exceptional, ina ‘was ppposed to reason, while th ‘cohpensafion for the obvious imponstbilily of s Aesivable at fo champion of the defeated cause ‘high petsoual ‘bearing with, a total absence rerupio whion thd inte Geotge Beitinck the performance of salfties i Uefects Which nible bf candour'to a ‘opponent, but cor sttaghmento ie nda wali oan a Toaspning, fu edept in alatnti although: ho no Tee tudtedets pt pale! eoonamg, the Piet combined the adutebess of an_altornéy and the fotubry with the resolute cbatin ‘is lieutenant and bio fextlruen ho siecede Ue lid of connexion, of personal popularity, ‘vit any afgglelaptials of the orocd whieh his folo but jtmay'be doubte whether the malcontents) lave rallied Pook "Ue ia'not surprising iat Si aschibald A a Ee Tightenment and degenettoy, chitaotet eaxigned 0 conleriporary rend ‘oiobess bapa froot porteuta gf quoctiouable f Tomrout marfiail rolerenoes to tho work of that rocont hifory anay be wniton without 4 esohdite tesedzoh, ‘Tho oycla of events. whicl fhe begining ¢F 1648 in oo. fmpostent. tobe reeoleetion aia ‘tnd of pamphlets, Toloronce ight po componed afore abitous Tubal antl would estate to quote a dary bby ced Palmerston to Lord Ponsouby from the {alot « writer mbo wis profenediy hostile to Inne Raleooniceo Lamsine's aesouot af het Say be ticug more azn, bb mara ore uc fecurl of Tietetug. te Ine Revol or telling the ouert aire, wigs tay peri by phowiig th conneaton bin the coon! conditions of ster but Align like Lara Derby belongs to the ont fie the glootylnbyrtiisof paper eotrenoy 0) inp fr is parvo tn ono Se teuipted to efpaiate ithe topions of Salut jots-vanity ‘which is to be fo jn of Bobrunry seem. to feuth or-of uttering their Yespet ta ep stumbles on a: physiological paradox which se} ilicr eluoidaidon, ‘The discovery iy Izod hashaterisie eloquenico om a sibject which be ‘omsidared. rallies tgoful than’ ornamental, 8! Tawkers ae solemnly ejaculated “| The prodietions which linve been vert ‘which Eord John Rustell anpporled xt arhen ened to ke ‘The motires of sate ssa from contrary atarnen torious at the time, and afterwards compar 9 devoted possibly Le urel este F| frama with a benevolent compassion, when he ae . ithade wereeareyisgout ther dey mission | Hioeations of personal charicter axe more ja iamontary soporte, and itis not surprising tha fs seek tt rth is 0 Tong beforos andl tho forrjl anlysis of tis reserved for 8 subsequent yolume. evoted to the memory of ah Gd AF hard fonserfative statesmen If thé party without - a prio of ‘all oon tal hope of early. x vis oF Hhetion” wera at ‘wore best suited ¢ a i of aa. 21d Ta pos poor fill mre rare tbe command of thelpaty, wi i under'a chief jsho shared ag hpartily in theit I projudices-as in, their. animosity against Sir, Robert or oats. reminded of In Teish Aras " oa or 4 is gin set ces i uetg iy a ai oat at vesting than. snorted rats ontene pre Shire poled. | hd bea inte | cli, | ge Bet, Sod and | cst are uly: bute abort -| ti a fog, ssn dad mun have | pn of pole nt Tedder ead "Lonl Gearge fe vacant pe chan felg | renge seunet cou lee ould cotibian f doliaty at take. Lo is task all te pa impervious to er toe | ote one fat | arty, witout ‘of ey ers profsely | fof 846 evil, | fon’ sb fel F modern ex: | tig ate, mua) caput ee contmencel al el beet rb ey cls forwardel repels al sly oa fotatign of 188 ee Tost sigue mad in pole ‘an tinluoky cirouistance that ndne of the ectow aval ett iro fotons i fot Ns Dost Se Archi icy obser ony he. story, uniil he ig 1 requie {d_ by a-pasonge allel bes hoo fia, pow [In thename of