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110 The Saturday Review. [January 23, 1864. de tghctnga emgatnn gp totgel bpm Sg hing mt hemo ph Toei ee Py aera eect ES as eieln coe ineioe i sete Mica bee ei ety Met ae tannin oe cH oot ie Toe ses a pl ‘mee Coney and in his love eonge amounts to litle acere. then seston coe he ee ae siemens le tnt ae re ELS ae et ame i er Na Sntocan iar tatatar A Mia ac Seek ed a le Che ge ou oe hese pi ae he ne See oh nae 7 GPidirenttefoung lew 5 Grdisa Nyy els cont and eee lbs wort ei ‘my eae of rk fgueng Of ry grat renown atl speaking, (UP wit ed comiorscny Ant ta imesr ev terveme ‘oes fis Use ito pean, OW; ee ie ae rating “allie nd each peond tng, — Agi inns ie ‘AN the ulee sot vo ing? Jy this volume wee sea the elements cut of whieh the composition ey whe ta “gh ns wg ce eg gl wal compete cific aleve wee meine dtd ine See eee ate etal tea ee RS ne all ey i Me rae sae ig fhe, cline whe ent fon sot poem oes, the ena epee See eet aa ee al ‘brilliancy that wasin bin. ‘Sometimes the fun whieh he offers ws Talent ma, Sti th on Ph he i emit we he ale in te of hed ‘& pootical desoription of s “Night on the éea-shore" to such @ onde ert of 5 Nit een alg Sompoyain 1 rps ty ot gn a Bosra were eos og Paceate is eran ese eee Be a omy, suas Free te peste sgt me ey mele he saree eee ot See eg aati eras AA wil gad llsing aye ae sheep Wee nite fence eco Sia nee Aete epetuons woh sie cet Wee tin ieee feta Sh ens in Me Fla one oo el Sey bl mes fg pe at eg a conf ae hea oe tl taal cana ee a rap pestis OF mite MATIOX JOR ot soqniataen Di, Comming ne pul cater litda eospective hbtory of the world, bot ating, very aaitonay tom prodetehe: Me cotter pe ies, Tigh dove ne fe fe feed wong cate ot ay a ee tis do our ver eat lege" Pret per 1869 or 1866 SH da Gator rah. Me may be rene Ae wit oak sk one” bhi eh gy ak a ues a nate “bouche, Un ‘abd nlf o Ge, the Tile hora, tho beet te, fke ppt: aod 22 alr lute or tee Abeer ad es Beeler ete ie pe ute oc sper ta GS ribs at sec pee outa ony sd ae SoU Weyl ming cen otha as Te pst elect tn DCm pn wh Be Tatts, bt ee can aed neenieeenee Ge amen BE peloton it (ic curendy iael esate an oe RS P aoe eta rae smi ental memroeaaay ‘alas of Kael, ‘ow shal fll upon the mountaina of, Teal, SEE el hy tnd ho Boole that pie dent? PR Jean, “aacondtng to Br. Cumedngs ant Tevela sto conquer Gcunafenle tod atte Pelesie, where ake vl Sade Scueaho"s ip ibewstine wil Karo hoon Sliredend wil itinmpe to conquer thin Tier aucass, however, i het nly.” flor enchiog: Balestinw fothed ith, nicny fy her Sein Having fongotio the tenon rod box fu bing forned beck ‘vit hos er’ jawy ah return fo her never-fegoion car dries, cleaves her thi Jerusalem, ood lls ith the weighty Anaya withthe yey at ng eminach, tnder'm opel Selo. Canning thinks fuk thet beeen $4 and 1806 thy Jowe wll be rotore, and Hasan destroyer ip ti tiempe to cnyucr ern.” Rome, too fs fo be despa Rot mores tho Hasyn fl but De’ Caoming send & think the ty iaelf wil be miznealously overtbrown. ‘Thora ie good dink of dioalty nb Kinase, which ib appears han & jnoptn estingy pet of whieh fs ine he BPD po tho Teale: comtry af Pafal ‘aropy sad the houls Goartory of some nf leat, posape tro, of ihe. Apocalypto {ees sich ny nut Sa fs Aol pe ruling ‘Tho thage habe @ bd det ef Engl. fpewas “SL ‘Pepe Htemnesny ant Si Goong Homey whose atvity Dr Cine Ny ree cvs pnttnntod pe Tesora ‘eo dacjmior tsps of He famag. Dr Calons i fhe youngest Eh aS i ics Wha en in ce ng. toss foge’ Goo ot rooney ape Renhagethe Fyenchmey be called upon to ovour that own chide, Te powny howores; on ti whole, thee sancti Wendl is $0 Sheen Oe nerve fe picepeta of Taplin ave ently slicing, Quen “Vietrd's the Queen of Shebe whieh mene lad her on Yer in tel which sayy tigt Testis etd bi young oes (ie ate tenes oP tie lino, hou sh Mh edt sod heb, shal gin Tots of burunes foe porpte tia ected und ls pou macros ooo wil cnty the dews buck" to Palestine mn thee Kone, Jide ar obvlolyaitdod toby the veaela of bulruahen Eng” Innd, moreover a Protestant taunt, pet ove of a veity ot comiliatone tous the ten hors of tha bee aualtagatbey in ‘2 xin pint of pew we are gp to hebia oF eat 1 ST Seg mts tho onto with eve el tt en all one enlours flying — Excess [ge Dn, Coming fn eal pi wna o9 pws {fog thocehutu tanger "elven tr anette ‘are ferrin let aon al ote ta Toned frogs ead tit sue ete ergy te een of ‘ie hornet grass an Mite Se GRctng He be sj ich mata OH Edna gory i va cl mala the lend of Gnu a sang Tete onious gone what wl bo dopo et ff ‘Thow arin ll proablity a chess @eolbotion of aval wilt ‘he fo sna are be fond in ay pt oF Banepa, not oa ‘Sho wad at lenge “To every thieh burgle, gamete. robber, and regio ‘you ike the gnome” odindngbel i ‘who. live by forging acceptances, who ean mange to. lira Into the. llleatumy to. ve -@ thonsand, year lesea of hhooven em “come” dey in 1867 ur 18607" It els to ‘ie ease, 1 will ccrtiily. bo, ‘the eddootarcmngemont that cean bo ‘counsel. Ht net, what aoaning ie-i0 pono. to bie to the special alvantages whlch De, Cuming’ claims for Fink of the vast numer of thovoughly eapetable in and of extragoota villain in. Landon, eb eo ita the poopeety’ of taking some 60,000,000 Russians a tha Seng dow 9 Foruntor to bo atten destroyed, whl alle cot ote Portind azo singing Hescana cd othscwiro fll Jnto he ght oF the milemal any” “This, or something Ike this, Dr. Cunning ead probable antara tnd theaor of vent ‘phic good pious mn would expoet (though he may not yenire fo predict te with absolutm carats), on tho prone’ of estan ely eal vn Hen of ke whe, by gg epondaly fg lw of guesses Tels at pone ‘5 Vania Lats stetbing it lten uetapnicl int a the ‘eaquind Twente Tent, tude, ho obabeeed. that the ime Peptanes of Hvigg oy tao the millenium i somewhat aie finiod by yawous iat which axe thavim out to-the oct That it J fo bo followed’ by a gonatl. restoration of: She ‘ations plot deed, or ai ts fT, in ‘or thereabouts and io then to, bo. duped, and ‘ahr better ‘than new fn 1868, hose fy ale ally Ailerenop Detweos hat wieed nation and our owt ean 1 De aut ‘at 60m ‘him probeble. Sposking of 1807, oF the beginning 6 1468, he | Dlewed and holy native land, St-is difleylt to euy whetbar this ape At sel tol. hy Wal ave ep Mrs fo ten | impivee De Chris se. neds madera Roranain shold le ox bo destroyed, ead tho aun aould sis | Mb wilt drprvenbleprephity of some of Teint of thom osneonal (ver nations wrecked Ut then peste tat in that shall one | aliupets of ui a es ppen to alight weno weet declension” In pln woe; tho voxtd ix is prhapa ong for ou ener xe me We cedar geet He ed 1 yt fe ha Seo ty expan dati ha ons taney Talore Ss werd comes #9 wa ond, varows: ations aru ta fal aha dentioy The proses of Me, oldy-enours, iv te ant oony Bieta weaved Steg eee parca thy fe (os inde Comer eat Goan ENTot big de indeatalannny tye ald Pout emoe hee. Some up from che nore. parts and wil Bring dice upon the momte GE Ta Dag of he Sons ok niet Prphy Dy We Re. “ omanlag Somes nec e wasae sey eae eal rae Ma aes strani neu acrata tail agate apts “Diet say that bs appears to Betather more eatefl with Ma lames SSFP ey tach at ioe aren galt He sly ae eee reid eta ea preceded oe creed doce Bora Som Waar i rear jon the Euphintes; and in process af time lio may possibly ese eis reed ates pees wart is ta Tannery 23, 1864.] The Saturday Review. Ti Lorde who bod olking paricalas to do with the Bagh. ‘he Otoman Take wh Eguorod Ghintantinpt sda eee dennexon with ts Arab Calphs who esablaied themtees ot Boelad This stnon ao Soak woeid dang is vote nat tha dhe eying apot the Ruphmtes tance the ll SP p "Furie empl) Hoo Dagted on the Tapheaes Mas the sartgepot’ ofthe, Taki powers at whee Dine te nh tay asus sendy td ea band. whit o"oae sao neluie’ wht’ tet fa tMls® Could aot ie fey Sins Sh ant arabla of Topas, eae or ‘any ad So {ek fer atoet beat, duke bad eg do hte Epsey Se pales te omeyan he Aram ad sk oe wih et? ‘Deeps ike most ewious ntetin which the. present cok anda “of in thors marvels gift ikon of" igoore fc ingudene is to be founl in Lig rorly tothe loon Gettin“ Honan Catlin he sys shang de Prats Scith want of sity oop, Thay any'Vou A eotefit cach Sih wioone ee allages, yt Dee Cum cally pin fh rman ies in dich adn deta [idan contovecgy'oo mort mooes eevee tho. the fllowig he evey beet nada! gnewer, wo are dtvidod into Caria etlog, hur on difrene tang about discipline, nat heat dctincs vo ball all sent doetdoee We 80 Ae ay, Cue at not the Chuteh of iss seo ffxanny i disci?” The is orgs th his old bad Lad. Ie a not Sia Uy to te ule fo petty acy of suai ome {Monk enone o olegently at farinae wath fet ae i shcouedabia ow ay bau elie enn babeve Kay not iene erate De Roge wien Canaan aneathsed to dishonor asl sell for thei sie, to the goaion oF EMSA a Seong ited il oe sre ata aa epi ad ree te SCE ener ee whi Seon me ee Bee ei See muah mah a Se oe Pais 2 Int oh Dan Ca et ‘whole army of scoifers could do to bring into discredit the book oo shkictae op eer cnine es EPR aibie ee el erie By caine int Patel ae pecan eter a ‘end of the poor old Pape—the infirenes would be, not that, the nice an ase re nore by some ono who had only che radest and most, barbarous notion Uy ie Bichne Chamecte, Mike Obasch of Hopland, with chasetars LEAR oe osetia Ehe rrths siete haat ‘any of it i zeae Sa church, and thove pasta whch are rend ave: oe meena wee Yas ivcgecontl ae ete es ie adoecea ga ieee ue oe ig ome oe ry iis tae a genau iets BAL" he Chacon religion may cary the Hook of Revelation, Tur ib io akogaties & Arent peapastion thatthe Book of pure Werte eee pied ei pare oer a Sok eves e erase! en ee ea Ske ee eee See erree dees Gestion ohn Homan Bei ot scout advent Obi Sone eas meet ites Soon s ca ee oh Satan Giese mats js ogetber ieee and. that for's fog ef ine ts Sere ces oat an da Sree arene Sous ness ee ‘hey nevee wero une, but tnt whoever made thom talked great y minchly past of Ds, Cximing's poplarty is the prot ohel is atinds clu rtemahly low nit a the Divine -Shvecer otevtained by his meng feedere ‘The fact of bis “eof fhe eo sity appoors to shor that there are 8 amber of people who Bike ootlbr neton of God oF Divine Peoviaeoce’ Wan tat ‘which ie put inte their Beate by auch bled guides a8 hee To 8 person wre kavers ovr ao lle of story, of wo even opens ie Epes und lose town on. the wonld a ich he Bes, al thi elancholy sabblck about Tora aud Tabish le eeply Iniolersble. ‘Hy atch @peson, af he believes in God and Pay denoe ae al, emece vo gooot that ll mations aad all eoads Innes an important puto ply in that wo wholo whieh fons the yovideatial weber for the government of mankind, ‘The Rosa Hatholic a well athe Prtentat faith na its apecil aes end deteota; the Hsien eoul aa il he epanel fa the ela ag thy glistinan othe Frencbonne. ‘ach bas ie owe choraster sod bison tea; ach ane hefp snd each may lem From tho Hs ‘We iny hoya eto nein em ae wi ao and ha ‘lon al gradu sup the state of tho world-wide eonsider- ip Snproved. "Tho. mirsonloue and. wetrary davecations Scie De Gunn wntelpatn, om the strength of few obscure text, as incnstient wh the Divine characte aa reveled {hep stn fhe rn he aco ilnsom which Lic your! one Se mculously to wip. up the roculons ‘oan wih the interval will have been pose St proswelng. EATER MANHEN [MAN sa Ds sagly antl he etn fs ‘vn eonunualty who eaanot albnd very generous appre” ciation to thane of people wh belong to mote Tho Protest, is instmes, sect "have seaskably good sean fr debebesing 1a heey fhe Pete ho adn the fue df Falior Mathew for no better reason than tne Mose eis! of fis Roman Choycl, "Oe matter, pemkeps, wo ought to sty tat ‘Father Mathew bolouged oxeltiely #0 no parkonlae Churel ‘Tess and soa), indeed e waa Rona, Thevliy twaddlo of & Sow omaniste ho daxbied bio pvandnées becatge ho wee not ‘cavin mg post af with. tho noityabbboleths ef Teator HA Hc sad i we eps ho a Homma tn soma yond beet el toul~evatthing vty epitzul—he was 6 eal eae inlngel to 20 ica ot Minton witevor bet popolat and pose phrase ay mano.” He Selonged to tho Dy of Christ on eat, whe pero 3 ousting about hich tho Vatican eal thé Coaventicle ke ‘Save sod desl tn lear. (OF te bone hore swe hava to say bryond ati isxerer- catly sod slbctonatly writes, and in the main is well done. Te ‘has its faults. ‘There is a little too much that remade we thet the ‘wrth tn oF 5s oiler of the Conk Eveoninar hero ao 0 fe Ttncas of fifbomian Buglch hore azd ue and for too oany of “Morisn's Pils snd’ needed paling. He ‘wants nothing nwt | Win one month a bi nto ‘rected fn the eity he Javed 0 Tatflly. I i 8 hagpy oot ‘ber baetho gape iy ‘urdh tine ia scion, ected: Mayor of the tits {othe intipion hoe stands at Sy bane Sn tha Sapo of he ~ sola = pATHien seATiNES Uf any addition can be desired, if fv the entire soblety’ of the Coeeninog ys the ocean, hey fades a vy Livy lin, Seine ce ie core ls ena But hie is perhaps more than enn be reasonably expected. Any-) Bet Ge tenene mag thm dp brevets crete Ao eee ete ae PRT aw wo fn iy as es ‘cliche Magn wos bo oft aly tnd Wale STS ay keh ete See See ae A re a aS ey sen ncn py a en of sl ge ye or, ig eh sg ie Ween earl ea ee Se Ce ee oe ne se a omcat tye nit ete end Nn ace By get ot sal oy sli tates ere Ne and courageous, and. thus escaped the usual fate of precostously. sre gins ge ey cee te a of Brey Soo oes Shem inte eee ies et cobra ar ars ace he Ape len eat i a heh be i el agen i fone el ng i es Be al See pec iis woe stent ae nee Snel oa Meise ie ee REE AES wort coh carne pe pee, eee ere eee Sm eee ey abe a Ses oe ee oe re ee Lee ee a Corti roe shag a ee els = Father Matian; @. John Viuneie Magaize, BPy ® “Asigor d's Remer i ule agk is Tatas” "Leadon Least eerie ee ee “‘eatimonials to character,” as if Father Mathow were a sort. ~ ‘ahd sro trast nothing will bo adod