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Jaly 4, 1863.] The Saturday Review. ‘ainment ainging, Dati i not usual fr the poe authorities of any country uascscrvedly to. accope 4 przopey’s catia of hia Sus Sobriey. Ms Ghtsio itself wdetn tnt vey entered ha, sentry. The. Tine etree Banioe ae Sneult Se, at the best of Tine, indistinel colin apb toe pavtiaden'y_ampercoptible Aer'dhimee, "Tat ell the tne offers desoryo the. Semele of die fact thet, 12 they dil-a6t Ino = ond of Portagueo, md {ho seqhy did aot Low a wont of toying else, mm only avo been Dy av. ulueky aceident dint they hit’ upon some dug thet sounded Whe the pleco whieh wounded tho aaasy’s ‘Suveplibities On tho other gwd, Uhe samo mntasl ineue Hate ct commiting af a iy wh Enooicers pasyrtely aoc chat the Thnians pctecly mew ‘who they wary the ne. Wales te unfrotannto offer whose Uisiniseal Lond Rosell demanded was aupernatirally assistnd 10 Clnipier dhe wonnibg of the niyatnfous wastount buns to which the midshiprann nveng that ho posted. without ceasing, there was Aboolotely wothing that could have gaggested iq hain that tho Damo of tho Tstish navy as being coinpromisot by dhe aest at ties, uproatious youngstina, “However, King Leupold peot- hnoally ebserves tah in way eat Che massities oreo not 3 the aot bound to ont b8 Bath esses thre mh who wane oe 4 ‘utiiform, merely because they asserted themsbtyes to be such. Ove. «hight as well eqpect a Blligpuest 0 vat prisoners of cr mon inh wove eight figitag td a opiinary clvilian's Grows 'Tho Yany qoxt morning affor the tanle af Chow ofloers hal eeu acer Taliod by comolomive tesimony, the Srudiion outhositise ot ‘hem at lange without Further queation, TRegrisals if the Power upon whom they aro exceted chooses to rene. then rey pracucaily, gn act of wer, hin offer, ersten whch covsdvod entirely ia treating aa if tiny, wore drank thsee tea who had certainly Ginod mad) werd desidedy Stoned not teeming tem. aa British oficos wen they bore 2 hess of tht csi their extant pearance, oe ot ‘ho two ollenson wie have moved Toe Rusa to conus em act et war, “Now iat ne ligow fom the watitnier's dociion. thot ‘he eat or fu etl, cadhollow an it fogs hi condust Becomsca Enespleblo, Te ailght have een netup. in an angry old aud, buen an expenunced-sintenoan Sb ip unitaliible THe has, horevon, bhueelf fomiehed an explanation of his conduct’ which sefoe to. ctuntstanace tau oastion date fo" is" that big wiotengo i rewenting the alleged. tueule tn the officers of the. Fone wee tily an exprescion of iho Sostation wbleh int een excemsladng fare lang time fn the mind. of the Seoretay of State ‘The Doariions have Yoon totbieome in. vations ways, Mf Layard complains thot rays who invees in Brnaiion securiies do not always find {Uotqeculsinn oo Sterative. oe the mate of facordst appeared jromiee, Tord Ruste couaplaine tot the Emperor's Government To not show a passiouato aetaebment to "berated Alifeoas”” who have been taken out-of ahavers and jusist the? they shell pas Hoagie pelisonry speed blo hoy ae fred ae pon the Soutsy, Tero complaints nny, or miny nod, be MEM ground, "Bus if Lowd Rossel thought thong worth Fanaa fis a plgy hw ait not put them forward as his 8 na rotnds Ho has aueely dsetticed iis cae. by Sema Alf ues diss folly ew Theve re ether esos so why this matter of #00 Forde way peculioaly i Fitted to firm the pretext of hostile action. The tenancy of our ountrysgn to fot into trouble with the salives of foreigh coun- fe twit poem to be rama, moles, Thew are fow pers of too, wostd in which instaseen of St do sett One the tit aminuts of the Fre Oe Tito extHente aglisimiga font te troubles into whieh pu Nagy oF eispleost peal his Ted) Gem Somesinen ft ea eligiow Englishman, with « misvon to- ofuud tho religious Teelogs of the natives At amatuer time, ibis a iero> pile Aician ubetiing o revoldionny or TencGouney conepimcy. AS fothor, Ean aug wns commonly, tie ¢ jovial Englshonen, efping’ the uetives hele offonrs, kod their laws, out of mero fpibty of heney and fom, a profoubd eguviesion uf the aupecoxity BPS own curions and lastitutons, So loog ns chia clas of men fedleve tt they wil bo upheld by the whole foree of Ragland, Sinha ago ple oer they iy ema hes wi Tesurad]y not iecn more docorous of a oro Zo Seay on Rue doe hs beat tec aot ‘insulting die police in Brazil apl insulting tho poiee it ‘Vonden are etbuces of a very diffrent dye; tnd that i precisely ‘ho hind of teaching of whicl Chey were not ig nocd. ‘COLONEL pidksows case. | OF ghee ses nd wesone inl that ove Ald sho dluigas oft aewepapas Sor anore than «weeks the. case ‘botween Colonel Dickson ‘and Lord Combermete, Land Wilton, ‘and Gencntl-Peal, is entitled to be vicwod as the auostwvearlome, ‘An ola prover nesorts that. Shore de luck iu odd mwonbers, and Colonel’ Dickow appears #0 havo thought ao; for aftr fsicoseding ip feo adoas avai onkof the strc set of taisactions, fio entered ihto Matton forthe thea imo, npparently wader Ghprasion ‘tint his conelading performance sould 008 fal to ‘eiwned with sucens. Tha) proceedings sesh” oub_10 Sronstrous lugt bul pen the Eat point a onroetad ora ig eaouoist so of matter given in Evidence, thoy a in dais cumpem The ls of fhe cow a shiny tteene : "The and Tower Hamlote Nita wes goto in Manh 185 Land ‘Wiltgn bog Colon, Colonsl Neots Liewteneon-Coloet Coun -Ditktn. bug Mon. Tn Agate Cale Dinko SRopeted Colonel: Nose hg pune, i ie June 4856 the Foinent es tisonbotteds Disputed sive to fhe cgi minal scons, and Coload Didieon, being tami wht Craptain Disony tho ors rasta, appied 20 Land Witon, by Seg ive ices were nppeintedy ip Nag 187, a0» Regia Thani 29 covet tho astm Tao Benet hopevtedn Jy, and skett ropirt ra untavontable to Colonel Dickson, wh Grow oka orngqded ty Lost Win a etal copy open thn Jee On Colonel Dichan's baht at owes afd fone Bowes at the iesimental. ord wor le, tat tnt and AVR mew that! they ere elo, andl the epee ost fie Bond myo" dovies “hy whiel janis oer Mio. wee iatensied in Coloui Dickson's dsuiesl were Eyoonssa to sit In suigmont pen hme To hit tes, Fo Feat tbo ond ‘ves appcie, no to at in judgment on lane Dichoony ot te invent the aepontnj te teas tppunted athe owe votes; thet no himself nase the ocr ot om it wos neconding to the cna cone of ine bo emporedy nd thay thou th reas of tnquien we pct Stand alcapes age Cons! Diekam, there was no prownetor teow tha route as conconpinted wen the Bow wee torent tance uazuenty whieh sve fo have brea bene oe tS thn eigenen pent coucisve vpn the weet. Ae hc Tal It rps Td, Wl canted chara ats tf the pote to Lard Gomermery the Nt Pinson the Tower Hamlets, Jy March 1s, Lord Come Tene mapiat tn Clvnet Dickson fo: nn esplonlion, 434 ih eal aes sued Lord Walon for expenses ich eld ought tube accounts ot the Yegonet hud beet i per Urey to igo foes delryat om fhe ess fad. vas lege that ty Uoittion couse by toe the soma whch gpd Tort Wilton withthe lneran to gets of Cane Disk 8 ‘HTevent aad by moun of files sa] taliclns chsges, "bo Shapes tbe ies inion vere thse which wore tradsja io sept of the Legtenta Hons anno aout they ire dagaved tr hie extent thay, 1 8$p, Colonel Disko Thoverelutagesagalge hard Wit, e022 bey etter Ce ued thas ey however covered aly damages ee Joceion ust ry can undonkand or the eitrger Woo te Soy men ly aa 10 {Rite ne grommd hntover for smputng arom Got Wills ethene oie sypoumeat Jn 1858, Layd Conbermere gud Lord Wilton want fo Geaerat orl tho Wat Ofte to emits about the eoure which waht ty be tien fot having. Couremarh Goute of Zoqusy on Batogl"Dickaon, on the mje uf tom charges General Pel fer thea nthe abject ‘tele uth matte, a tod so there gece venous technial i fiom tho Tact at the regatent Sian not thon, caboliely ho cot for ibe ond of she MUiie Boarment of the offs, Ms Marshall, who. gove Cham. the (Fnmtin ue) Sete siya. nd aymeas ty Bevt> oe a sple and anighforard = Revo? as can “prsity he ing. Lad WPceg wat tho alo of public efoe can bey Hf person Sinowlinne offen! positions hee not to teat 10 it for advioo on such oceasions 2s the one in question. - Ik was, however, Aeveribed by Colonel, Dickson aa a conspiracy, in which General Ea ko Bow sotking at ll oat hy cabinet with Td Gabsvncre end ord Wilton to erat hu by fae changes. he ont oousplrccy” ee bees pu to izange ule, but tie about Be easek ue en ait bo ovo Does pI fhe jy hd taken the view whioh Colonel Dickson wished them to-teke, they srould have made it dangsrous for aay two Clovoramént offiiala to Tove my suneretion teeter tho efect of whieh might be dite lvaitegoou fo to proton poison of ny tind eon, nth Sater ead of April 1858, Colonel Disko sont Lond Contisepars a vatameni dt aecoubt of which Loxd Combermet® Soe could mate neither head avs ta hut ho fh Same S258 Lord Conbaroro wots te Guneral Poel then Sesttary of SS Oa te ay ty hae hs ep ‘Bourd, and conclu saying — to forws ie various’ deers crn eect pha Eee owads nad; society T yet ay hey fly yo the foual hatte uf Lieutenont-Colonel Dien Zor the command of {he aad Tower Hamlets isa” Carauly there eppetyt fist eight, « couekderablo diserepracy between ‘his sid the etnde- ROME had Land Copbormecs oda enna nsf aed or al = ‘of Colone) Dickson's defence ; tind this was increased by the ae~" ‘count svaich Coloucl Dickeon give of an inlexview batween Lond Combermere and himself gomie little time before the date of the: Trelan On fat o2cason Lora Combeeme pressed bb to set, saying Se ie bend that ho ough to-do 0 a Lord Wilton hud eon gd Sot imental debts, aad that Lord Wilton wishoa it Tho planation of this, given oa the paxt of Lonl Combermare, as ai oy that he thought that the vegimental eflnirs hhad-boon -al- ° Jowud to fall into & highly disereditable stato, ints wine thoy. Sono lace ee aloe i fl fo Calon ad ie ‘od that this Way appureot por the pont : CEST cine tate nike ewe of tho accbuna, We think ‘| thet any one eho "will take the trouble to, wale rough tho © > 18 The Saturday Review. [July 4, 1868. Intermionblo reports of ch teal wil bo much dipoel © come to the sumo eonsleson, ceo cenidving Lert Comburmer’s nen, Grad Pu ‘upon Colouel Dickson to resiza. As herofused to do on 9 ‘Board. of Inguisy, appainted by tho Eloree Gucede, ant at cho War Office. "They pons their proceedings on tha 1ith of Anzust 1858) nad sport on sho 13 of Seplomber, Grates -wore indo of the seay in whiah thefe proveedings were enniciad s 4nd cortaimy, if tho Board war assumed to. ba a cour of last ed down to she common roles of judici provedse, something gh be said apninat them. Ie appeared, kowoves, from. the Avidlenea of eevena? snstary nutenitio, that their Juretions wana Sather thosa of a geand jury then of a eonst of Inw, and that thats uty was to soport and not to tey, However tia iaay ove been, the attempt to show that Genoral Bect woe iu wiy way eespone silo for then procesding, or thas ho oven knew anon 2m i ay special way, usterly fried, and the case opginst Nix was eckond= ingly given up aba vomparatively cathy persed ofthe iia. Attr the Beatd hed ported, and avter Colon Diesen isd givin iu is ‘ov version Of the case, the minntza and his explavationg were submitted successively to a variety of miliiry nushoritos, inelnd~ ing Lort Hardingo, tho politiel Cnder Seca, un Shr Posey Dovglna, sho Tasyector-Gouora of 2sbitie, ‘Ther teow ot opinion ‘hut Colonel Dickson ought to bo onied goo to novi, nau spo Bis epsatedly vofeing to do ao, he woo sunsnasihy remove soe anthony contaged. upon he Seber of Wae by an Nec Dain vent, Upon thie he broght actus rst agrinet Lag’ Won, for Uibot, fa adopting’ the changes pyefireed by tho aeativental Bonet of Eaquiny, sa which he obianell vordiot for gh in dio eacy past of 1859) aad uoxt auainst Cotovel Walce, hie sucedssor it eu aud of the reginout in 1860. This ction engi In a with dreval «f impstations, ani 9 vordiot for tho plaintit: Bose thi, bo sued Lont Wilton, dy woshel slandey ad ha acter ustion peoding against bia for breach of @ earapromiso relating to fe fourtéastion, : * ‘Thore ie, w.visiesy of the Inuman aso which in queity welt known to towyers and ie by so aneane saprohéable Xo ‘bem— perseuted med sgt with giovacees which aw conandy Hpening into. ell sosts of loqul prooevdings. Suck “macs pve ably lo not ot ileal justice Paine te then >oere, dino other members’ of the man ieee, and they are viewed by ‘tho psacoablo pict. of tho world with a inixiute of terror anit pity. There 18 something awfnl in the notio of passing five Fears in a constant auccesion of litigations wilitay wad ciily Jind it ia not allogethor easy to -bo suite impacting in citiciet ing @mau yeho ee bad tho hed ‘ae to ge through sucks sa texpetiaoee.. In this pavtioula: instance, however, wa ena lonliy i/o wrong in expressing an opinion this Colonsl Diesen he, 4 aay the least, takon pithor sitong meaeutve, AML the skill and eel of his counsel con ot present his cate. to tho jury even in a-modesntely plausible sbitpe, Ho cbarod. the defendents Has Jey ll «eins aad econ arly th 10 koteingly getting up ial charge to depsive him of Bae tom Toot. Saf shui atotanont of na girenabovoy tone 1 ‘prove thot cach off thoes elinnzee wae withont foundatioy, ‘Mess ‘ea, 70 daub, soxue calous for tha essortion thas Lact Wilton wes hose: to Coloasl Dickson, though It was’ no proves thas be dg. n single thing whici bo Would ‘aot Lieve dove if Ke fad. nora 49 littl of hier 04 Gencral Pool or Loni Gombermere du these ‘wos no ths famutos¢ reason to suppose that the Somzesay far Was ‘Of the Lard-Lieatenstt of the Tower Haarlets had so atieh as any fsozt of persanal Inioweledgo of the anim whom they wie sald Ihave eovpred to pomoewta, “A-veidict in Colonel Dickson's favour wild haverbean a pile calamity. Tt hes often ben seid, and with geact truth, thal tbe ‘ight to bring antions against public servants ‘or oficial missous AMCs ho nts hauctrbty end cay tho most upon of ol dhe canstitutionsl iborties of cu English eubject. ‘hexe io no. other country $0 Eurwpo in which “Colonel Dickson’ could. Mwave: appealed: ta cout of lity against tho decision of | prblic olicemo; al ibis Inghly sioportant thet the “power 40 do "so. shoul io’ stadionly presmvad and, ypkuowledged, | sebeatver the cccasion ails S08 its Te is, howsier, a power of welch tho abuso would be wbcolutaly ful ta all wuthouity. abe ‘aod could. sover take tho steps which the elisiency of tho public ~garvieo requltvs, if toy were hold to be libolles and eoneptcators ‘whencree they'damssbd public sorvans pon grouse les leax ‘than ‘lioes sthich would proente o conviction for'a crime at tho Old Dailey: "Hh is! quite a ampoctant thst Golonsis who low in Togiments, fo state should have the far of “dismissal etare theie gyes; ax thine, Ministry of dhe Grown euould ‘uot be shielded by thet rank fom the consequaden of Sign acts, Gi trove Gest ie Ss a-dnes oguely tac. ae oul by , ‘hin oharge. lrermpt ad tht oni ae lon af coniniat ‘Spllboat is etpreis perniadon Valuelay thers ar ie re? Suatanin cnealodon and tes only Rom tantrhich iets moose ‘fp conodn Cat some den of the secent a ecsiain tho ar, can Do areved at. ‘Tho acts of tho Federal ‘uthorise aha that at lenath thoy axe becoming asd tho apathy toy have crinosd wih ragana f tele omer ond ow Tate, ro tain cannes not for cong, bu for tie dfenco ot tho Bante Sian, Tho midits hove been called out in Dona syleanin, Nimylan, Ohio, and Wester Viginkn bet, as fs as vogands tho frst of those States—the only one where the onde has IestonTorend-—have chow ao sadiven io ohusteer Penaaylynaia fn boon divigat int two mien distiety and troops aed Det Lbunad fan New Wonk forthe foues of th line of tho Sues Tanga Tn onlorto ondorsand the eawsoo? tly mucdon Sarr tod sont wo aw ay eas he sa wa fon Tat {two orshteo oils an boon so sangiyekod ot fo fo pli, pase lyin coneovf the Gar lgutane of the Gera Wvemangton 0 rater of tap mevemeatsoF the Gontelceeie. Jadood the apunea ef thformation the pat of the Ledeind Grrl with eed tho eperlnan of SheHt oppanenie inant striking, end is Ee role pasly of the saimusity othe population Of thw cont tlic ithe sat sy tad pay ot thee oval ee ‘he -manmer of condting sveeuasiasasee. ‘This jguozuace Las wen chown duxing tho whole comea af taeweae “At Coninth, Goferal eauregaet was ale to setise with bis whole oreo without fwnking she stagione of his epost, Canora Halleck, At Yfsitown, Geneval Fohaatmno accamfiished 0 similar exploits and ney Genera Lee ba move lisse tzu dhe fase of General Noakes, wha apporns to heee roncived at Predgsielsbarg somo dogs aftec Hee had iach towels Gordons ‘On the 6th ofvfanc,argeomtiesee yea, doe, ma agross tho Rappahannock ae Gih Comps but with uoreeul, ‘hoGoutede” —f suid picquets were engaged —porhape even driven faba tha tenet)" was nop foreed 20 show bis sttengés, and, the Federal commandor aypears oven to havo failed tr astestait what comps veg oppesed iq him. Again, on the gth of dunoy the Eoderal eqvaley, ten tlousad strang, under Gone ‘oon, pushed forward s recoxmrissance asress the Rappalimnost in the divce= tion of Culpepper Gouct House. Here they cucountesed tie Gone ioeierato eavalsy, and, ving engaged them, dnove thun, accondioge to Northern ncebunts, six miles, or about hai the distusce hetwoon the Reypabuanoeis and Ompepres when, caming on the Confede= rate resooves, thy wore foxoed to retreat “Tho oli i that the Federal envairy vererepulseé. Tho reconraisseice completely failed ints object; no uforattion was collected, and, Sar bom xa chock liaving feos iaficted on the Confederates, tueit cavalsy i aekn0w= Toned, a fow days Totnn, #9 how nivaneet sie sata Donnssleeace, Oo the gamo day, viz. zho oth, Gonerel Lee's anay wns reported tohnve been ati at Fredericksburg, busily engaged in. thiowin tp onttesobments. "Whilt tho Feileral comeaaderawere eoonp {a these fatile reeamaissaners, General Lee appeats 10 have coti~ sngueed the execution of hisgeneza plan of eiaek. ‘nee tho bales of Chencotiorsvlle, his aay is voported to have been weinforeed, ‘ad to consist at prosans of dieea camps, xsbing a total strength of hom nincey to: eno Muudred thousand mod.” Getoral Hooker's ‘omy, on'tle contruy, seems to have rogalved no reinforcements, bout fatter to Live bean weakiued by the depacture of troops whose “orm, of eres has expire. Te ia fo ‘reparad to he ‘frently domoraized, wut 19 have no conlidenoe in tts come iggade::. Tn eoussquedce of the flank movement encculed, Generel ‘Lee, Gencral Hooker bas been fbread 0 feeye position “in thont of Trederioksburg and bis base of oporetions Ab Aqule Crovk, ud to xoarvh ip the dineation' of Taito and th! eld battlo ground -of Bull Ran. (Om the asth and 6th of Tune, tle position of his'army was as follows :—his ight rested on tbo Bite Wide Mountains, nem Asbby's apy is ssiyanced centre near Thoroughfare 'Gap, ob -the Bull Run Mountains, with the cavalry af Wavrouton Jasctionj hig. left thrown beck ial tho ditsetion of Cantrevilie, Fustex, “andthe SontiGicaions vows Alexandr, Thy dope ako roported ta have ‘fied tevevely ftom tho: heat: daring the march, many having ‘dicd troin the et of munetroka: Such boing’ the postion of the’ Fedexsls, Tet-as_sudeayour from tho-maeo ¢f oboicting runours to exit seo infogiee fon. guiding fhe movements of Canora Lee ia onder 9 onige tae ane ‘of tho Basior Slats, caso prevent svi Joroemmats trois being sent to Grenemnl Holter, a amalt fence was ncyed ints Pondéslvania, On tho gta of Jano, about two hon dhe end “iy, te eavalzy crossed tho Polimas av Poole ls aud cat 158 and ath, 6 gor fre, repo a our ‘toousnad), chisty coms cavalry, wmider tha comimand of Colonels Jenting ati: Eubaden, advanced. ase ‘oosupied tn tows ‘of Hagerstown, [Alaryland, adr die: Pesnisylvaiian fotitier Ino, Lavi credo Bobomis is Noles Ton, betweoh Hap’? Henry aid Pointlof Rooks. ‘This foro pushed foewad ad advanced ‘punrd as fer os Cllembencbting and Giencaats, on the railvvad which Nolsou. should huve-beed ale to Being Wis cots, eat | comes Hagerstown with Hanisiurg, end, after destroying tho EE Ree | rer te ne epee ‘hlerete, force" uppoura t0-lave entered. the. Shenandoah valley; ‘ad yolbear of the ‘Pederal Gonavnl Mizoy living been’ driven fiom’ "Winchester svith ‘tho oes of two. thensatd. man. aid, tones to: retreat on “Harper's Feny—of General Reynolds, luoving’ pen: repulsed ftom ‘Booryvil and. having 10 Bunker's Hil, oh the Blas Riggs Moubteins — avd of hp foxeo: meh eocupitt Altngbing, «nalts showed. an, | bore “Hn yy" paving retreated on that place. ‘On the 16th, tho Confedarwes invested Herpes's Faory aud oewupled: the: Movementa, which portend | wi, ut subecquontly-are ropotted to have otued fo Wiliane-