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z 434 The Saturday Review. [Apuil 9, 1864. THE LISBURN ELECTION COMMITTEE. HERE is alvoys something. provocative of langhter in "Tie fee ctor oft hoary cence to eta to the of virtue, All Ls dioplays ‘of sufocmation fil. 10 ide the act that bo. in not at bome in his now character, fo been. eter ala othe. inactive lg Sal fis necewary for him to extggertte hie demonstrations of piety in order avoid. the suspicion that be ix fling back info is former ays. And the, very” coneclouraens of er Daring ae san en 6 of Seavalive energy 0 his exestious to. prove that he is Fulrned, ‘Te Tous of Commons eppeas to be very mach this fame ef mind in relerenon #9 lecteral.cortuption Bin a very hardened. and bocty sinner in thie rorpct Pou ssany @ generation iz bas reseed all conversion. At Jas até Yo Ms exstonc, a conviction ‘of sin has come over i.e is not able, when temption presenta ell, to reas I fan obtaionnl relapse into ta ancand tenegraons; tt oom te weal pol, and tiesto extleate itself from the Shag of habit, Hrhas rushed, for example, into a rigid une inenling lew for the repulation of Bleton Comoe, aa a Gruakeed wishes fo take the. pledge. ‘That low i a Kad of rote! supine ts ov faltes,an ort to circumeent is own Teprevity e sber lotto delade ie danke self Into a mone Fopunble lie. Te went upon Qe pelucplo that abwtinence Potster than temperance. ‘Tho Acts regoisting Election Com= millers are famel with (be mort tgorour care to avoid, by Tho twos minute regulation, tho pesiility or the mere snspvion ff abuse. Legidition of'a mitch milder typo would have been sufviont fr the parpose. It would have, boon. ts ffectual, and far more convenient if alarger discretion a 0 the fime when Committees were to meeejand various other details fof arrangement had been lee to she regulation of he House fiself. But, ia s momont of exyuisteselfabasement and soll Alcrust the House resolved that nothing should be Jolin la town powet, All the abuses of aa older day Sn the deciion of Slee potions hd been cased by the anlimtted power of {Ge Heute, and therefore the poet of the Hones ‘int be pielenly pouttted, nam pemaco. aod satisfaction. for ie Eric ‘minse. AS Craven thrast his right. hand Sato the fey eaying “This hand hath done it 20 ‘he repentant’ Honse’ of Commong groahing under’ cene fries of onyrupton, oféed up! tha prvilager which had ocn tho invtraments of sin. AGit had boon in the days of 3a fly, roilens end wanton in tho assrtion of qriviegt, #0 ow thon very pvges show sulin. the Enrpaving action af an Act of Parliament, and sboold be Timed snd cuialed, and invaded. ‘Bly ike mest exhibitions of cathusati eal, hia passin accet of penitence has bad ite inconveniences’ Tele not Pouibio £2 an Act of Peniamont to feroseo il casin, and Eeeulo matter of rogulation hed betir bo kept owt of its rap. Tho Act hal novor contemplate. the powbilsy SEataiove tan ono of the members of the Cotnnlice aight be moribang, or at least aah bo incapacitated, at éxacly the came tine. It bad provided forthe aparate Wcapeciy ‘ee, ited onb wat en be ae the House adjournel while tho Commitiee wes” iting, nd it Tod als pointed “out what owas to be dono Sf one af the members fal il bile te Hloame was sling.» Butte Samets teem to have nover contemplated tho eontingeney that © the House might go into recess and one of tho membecs of ihe Comming be sized with « seriots ner exactly athe fame tine. At lay of cotrae, the: precios comineton of ‘Shrnces which the Act bad tt freseen did sexo to pa. ‘The E fiat suddenly found lel! withoot power to adjourn be © Qin of the het of Parliament, without power to obtain relief ‘rom ita incapaity because the’ Hous wa not sing, and un “Bolo; without eaking the Act, to defer itefurther action until _ Rie Hom bl resembled, ‘Thar of cura ere _ Greaadingly embarrassing, The Committee fad to obooce RENGr te Ginger: “hiner wey yore dates, ov they ere in ful activity + and nether eatisgeaey Where would Peper is seting on the opponite scanpton’ IF thoy Jt Gare they ongie Go banc gous on; they wotld be abla go di the: posalles Which the Act level at tmombors of Beton Cobtmiiten who fil to dlcharge Ser dutlen. 1, | Getke otier hand, Woy went on lia they ong to havo ete of they “wore ltble to all the taienown dangers Gr proceding. wituol-cuthoriey ina mailer ‘ley lol 2 the rights, aad" the ropatations “of their fllow= jet, | And the worst of tho” dilemma ae, that San no way oil of is, The Commies biota right ts wel have brought it bar th Se. Pancras Vestry, or the Eockdsiastical Commission; for the House of Commons ee no eatblaes af lutolicion over mattrs whieh de- ado ie eomeucton’ of an Ae of Patiamans The we poly but Remiy dvined’to havo anyiing 10 do wilh ie diealey; tod the Commis were bitte exape om leby ther ood unaided igang. Thay have come tho reo do nthing Heros andthe, Lndy: ning member ia left in posession of hia seat. ‘They never can now for eartain wllther they are night se wesig Wl fhe Titre deed ine ona of iy dot 42 there en barely tobe hop, fr their eas that. thoy nay romain In Srl ai en a The display of loge) ingenuity in the discussion upon ‘Tuesday night was very: irikiog; vat it would be more eatie~ Etory fo ave © taba which didnt equa beashd wrth minutg aad a anbaraasing a riglance, No dost Tho Howe of Gonmone knows seals We to- net pro, fre “to quustion Ws desiion” when. it lye down that n {Hbvoa! pons oue ef ts own boiy could be ised to deal wil such tubjoet without tis petrnaturaly Chopra pocantons Th éridenoe of Iowa. conteour- ‘ness is not to bo called in question. The members who Compote twa know ‘what iu they are made, au trial othe temptations $9 whieh. thay aro_modkinble Dobe Uday il us ha Gey cant stninstar par Josico without belgy ds watcel’ and feered, and et IF angle loophole of antpiion fb lel open wo tiem dey wo, certain to aval thomavco of ye woud be the beg of Speelenoe un the par ofthe ree of the coma) tp steve Wen Alor suai, cofon na ane saa raflamont to rex the gout of thee hes, Te wood bee trang a geodon who had eonfosed toa Lomi tidal mania to calls: Gop. Buri is easly worth toneidertion whether there is aay advantage Jn pong thi hay ain upoh Duman vitue, ‘elon sarap bbe fogid which would not need this sort of protection, Ts would be’ possible to discover judges who would administer juice witfoat us and withoud euxpcion, and who yet might betel to eile tha oma aya aod hows of ting igeah sedeuing "Nor ie thee any. reson to. That the nteets of juice woud ‘afer in gay: way by the -transference of- electoral causes from the: partisan chun ne iy te Hote ons to a more independent jurisdiction. ‘The prosent judges, in, spice jeu atpacie by wat tn one SGroinded ade-net wholly above espcin. There i ton the au avivead parla outween tho polite opinions fe majority Gummi andthe poll opitons of the Itigann bo wins his ene OF ooube eich events are Furey Soddtaaiy bus thy rv oid a perverse equensy Tinek would bring ue, Godt of Jui her ino odour. Tt would not be difficult to findanen outside the House of Commons wholly indifferent to political questions, aod owaged by pty fate a frou." 2 titel fo cedantand why chelscaaf Odors, pers a rtanig, ate ie om alla fusion which i nover il peels Te pllie Uat Mt con expr Fey nanoash as hate f whch it dalegeten Nt cab oe BS pene daintraiot Judges ‘Tho en aneverfo"auch equation To at such a ‘hangs would be ““unconstiational.” Belore thia word of pene a objection fide aay. fv has «opel inf whic no Togomena ena releh And othe rons f elution elions Seip meer to ova mothers the House of Commas rhe bt fein nar ay a ierery of peivgelijunicn. if were any ler af Hor Maisetrs suipecte who were fore to subtait-to have ‘their rights disposed of by a tribunal which hada direct - interest im the succues of one side or the ‘other, it is poseible’ ‘hat the system would Have come to'8a inglosiows ead somo ‘ime ago. Se somentoan musty, XE have always made it & inatior of principio to abstain from Roe ae ee clare sich inural Epping at ch maton ue Setanta onghiy Sem and there however, ae ‘etn em of ke pace iy ay cate psd oe hy Soren, ‘oly enue SesReenid TNS vow wo ule conbatzis edn ae Sige hen ree ant ropa nt atleast a ck tthe as fi ru eye la ak he tov coior shorty Sona remaris mate by tho oer onthe Sroulse whch the Archbishop of Canterbury or bin fiend thought ee "hana Sle, our “pele the Howe of Commons, but they eis tral & pat al yale, hetsine fom vel troversy, bat from April 9, 1864.] The! Saturday Review. 435, see wionpon fost nae anima on ch mbt fgg ae swap of pricey the se chases -reepecable a ‘elt powsttedegits anitnpechably serious, and Sombining a egal tr ts Inte of cedony tho wild anpaioiy to eabing like eaprtilonorpejiod in a manor whic no ther Jodesalban postin ope Suugio We eno, or onan, iat the wites ofthe Baxye and tse, De Cle and hers of ths mano shaves, eueltgeon nthe wrong, nt el apet= Into 'wl soon pat aay a be torgoten, md ne a ais fo dts the'Test puta ttn ut, fe hi hes ins beer unpliled with becoming tesiouness ints abodb a clam, anjunt cbeavntin tasted at the eo of che ele 10 213 az tut i igh perbepe bo as wel the clergy sould ow futher more coidence iu ther exe etentudtfe re Teta insist of tua eaten is dentugse hem Ou aboot cen weer het ls A Won Win, ‘nist improper They hav. oa a theis teeth tho word, oxposially tha cleo worl appreciatea he tat thang age the gene wot epic {AKC qeclations ough ey wore ented, om tatdensing {tem ut tho lebih, ite Absa eee i in ane fous Gut Ide lomky "The fe remaas* tht th gntenen In Eten hare wied the right to eidels che No oad hare Siubtinbed fs “Thee anbllptieos composions havo tn ada ie rity hich spelt thet ow snd bic nooner roaScoud opto nlate bat Sat Snw to ae they sl in comolohag which ft i pshape not alogeber uispeoed Seroyenaeat ttoupt to erie ‘The alle mined shone, om hho Cates tay fanon” altnial a good Hideto ofthe case, to SH Ege in apo Hh oma longed otek onthe Ascblahop's lol whic te ao What morcifully subind, not without dt” degeed of able Conlsccnien Waid carota Kindnstel specs mit Sntualy be expected: to extend 10 6 person to bor, Ia he Enel provid admoof hina Sfeorpontion ad on ESdyued “After pointing oat the Yarns caso which fil bo ung du oh of thon exonptona etareymes who Ulin Te desimble to know a lil bout Dib exten, toa apedting oh te cictonte'nhich ch acon prot ‘Eos igh uc ty sho tan cond bys fhe logy of dh tee pelle, aad pong aa to Wy the in'wiiel sey might “take the bay reveige on ie app roma of Wer ith.” “Theadeieatayip ata coatonery aad {ity to prowlyle gear people: ~ T re ary nha nt who sy oa ae Wak ef GEES at ota ea ay ode teak eo Shin tear ey acm ry ding an ‘RELA res fin Wont aa Sg ta ere es ap Be Seetene nl Ke san Satan Cults 7 they a eed SSE Sees erat als Se Se SUSI Rea uber aes amd or foe ts Tie alata east Sel af ous ate Bare ae SiS tale, PLEA eet le gaa acl the ea Teer Totlentln eens ond witaneiige lai" Sey rr 2 ane helt aati eee a SP AGUS eRe te ane iad a doen Rae Wins tan cg matlab Ms a, eae go is ems Sear ea gem ie mie Tenner cee Femi mere ESR LEN eee a ene celta Tor Pa enh eo, oe ih as in oth ee really mpposs or apponed wha. he wrote tho ated, that what Headed wl so tay ong al wep ov the ght ing to do, Tt in indesd, the sore of sorobe which joctable well-established people would either make) themsalres: Sipuliud inoGen Levu obeldr wit Waly “Evety ono who lowe eaythiag about fetching obght to now actregmosry to sag sea en ht to she a ovat ing all 9 iets non, ei, an Semel ral Me nutional whoa tho grow oui’ of extzonomy, 4 > girs ‘nailing enplanaion of oancegien ox Gomme py, ta tho prices of tho sone of tronomy nd. tne are perfec yell ondaatoot aad thorobghty fai, f not to tbo Teher aol at lost to fhoen om wom th fcr gts his ‘fpoviadge, “When tho Ptlemnle nyt, o hn syetamo Tycho- ‘my wish tel pels and epieyeloy were the seen sstene of mtfanoy,e wotld hve bon pcb to toch Tile hdr, bagawe tn. fadamoxta ‘act to mpertrly ered nb 0nd earn iter sein fn Sno be pa frst Aoy tac sign fiat, gro ag Senn Spt iso 16 my mousey inligeat cilt why es tay ff you fs 0 eng rouod your Sager to oud’ of tn gel wall oy fof tly part alow eho sas No‘ ona eld opin th So a Beilin say tho, fet thet he Biped gosy fon, hereby the arts and einen fo ty tho velos tras sions ileany catblished. "Now thet Sanecrt eandetstood it Ls easy te expen 13 waybody tho resemblances botwsan a pubes of swords fs rook, Latin, and Gorin, Tkniwn ces the hana ooo Soma tices i a cd a > foun non of ton general config omy te inept of Who ales if | intermediave, position which can he ressonehly an [no ansiot Rome hnd anything beyond tho vagwst and most Fea ee ee delete anyon of soy Sutter af ulna word tho entence of & lem dese roc edoney smmowirs or ibor inte fadapmntie condiog. Uitioul wit selafntary stamenfry fetching! canoe oie pn tary eubject. "The sypliation of thi to theslogy is sbviow, ‘Th lamer sy not rea acc fe on fron" Dut, the teaches Tiseutgucsfoubly do, Haile o tlk of eetzying the great Of the Goapel and ita work and example into every cotage in the ounry ifn the ane bret it raeedl at thw pa fats (Gee work and examnplo ae called ia queria, and’ that ako tts ae atau aint “Hay Bo mone ofan tec, Sige hen, ek” ges as Tales dhe. ergy ave fly. persuaded ine own od Be ae cel had tay have to Saachy ‘ig wl Sr the ak Sa aa By ge ene {optician by touching in Sunday Sehote ls Bo ying t gt SFUsatus about’ pola! economy Uy teaching Mss. Maveet’s Suesanh onthe edbjoet toa et of Gillen,” Bitar fri ealing EEGs yon chy tg sion iw hc 6 San tell exencs nor wildly helo your yen A. tah ie Cele etn od he OU Ahh so cllten, Tey tae bo. way Hai o Be aul be vey en forendng, if ke pataomones of Tao intelligent Zaie doesnot Fepeat Gait lthen ie Same true Pe the question oft SEND GE about Gye yor oll-pho, hing art toles of giant ant fairies, wanted. to know whether or not Samoon belonged to the fue falegry. perth i got peared to saya one © sar alony. “Auepurte se owed © aya gs Fe is ety feck chon gh et can yer {oF thos thang fe must have mde ap his znd oa the conror sss of te dey. “Th tah pon this ator a ml os 6 to wa alin pon he ata fl i ay ore in bie portion of teen can Gachneg tigi Cues ih autaice Hon to'tyematves is by aahing up th minds on, tbe rei of Meduestns st ste.” he bead question Te the ible acl fovtde of buen bookn of vaous dogrote of mont, oF wi & divine revelation complete intel? thera nay Cavs) Shsleat uttttaet? "On the queaton toate ay ncting lly DU seo ty any—ib ine Mrction uch cant be abled. very fun tho esl dench Me eigiboury oy chiles aust mae HiSaning "upon it and act ecomiogiy "To tk -what the ‘ner doscdon ea the hulle Gf teaching religion 0 ceymmon yopln tn children witout prjulics tothe qaeation Sweets tb you are eaching, ito ach in an ubworthy Tet oppardiy mines "Te is mee nonence and an thn € frais fo tale of the bumble cxigin” of the Chistian Oboreh, vee humble enon in-oneaonco~shat Safe began am sie of low dees; Wut ie thee, Kiet aigebt Chnistanty bollsved with the moat intense eames tes fant se founder Ses Gon Incarnate, who ot cone upon Stuth fr-tho expres purpose of teaching cert se of tu, Th eatoot De dled» nile ong Steg ie phew ong. {hat could ponteirhe cenosvedy aa howe who taght Chntianty viewed the doctrines which thoy taught x the most sublime {Eube, Ue cold be alered toto ata of men, ‘They woskd ive ha son ht tay ler opn te ‘question Mhther theif Wipion wus tus; nd contend merely th {f'vaneguod cor of hing for por pogo to bal Sur one couse’ hi Heong) ean fe wit eretit ad orkistneys nt tba ihe cours of iying Ut Chany i {ttm and et hey ox some of them ean rove Yo be tro, aad tat tater the oljestious brought guns! No doabt thins tho amision tat ite cobeinable thaé Christianity tory tot true a which at i must be guven uy but Gat addon ean bo ‘vollod only by thinning the wile ubjeet frost icon, by tu dchavng rel 2 oor of al tadisesoner met Of edad and powésal ind, tad radaaly over the homan oft eyeliner oie hom tide Gear, shoud wsdemiand hats proorion” ‘of. whatover. ecomes utterly worthless a 200n ait is placed. ‘epond tho vnc ef’ mpumont or pombie: conection, Tho ‘only propositens which cannot be Gontadicied mre those which ‘utd Waele ett Wile we oul bave ao Aneletgo AE sy, Behage»cild wil bora to-morrow ih eye ia the tual of leno” one enntnes na, bur ho pepsin Se ‘ally wordless If T say, © Such a child was bora lst eel wt sci plac pop Gsans ad gy be highly ne ora ba arnt gene lm Eh ‘heels ruth oan bo ested Soy if Tany, "fda ot afin ho eat ofthe Ghisteswlgem, bus wll treks be st por Soap thst crt Cn crmoning ny: pin te ‘tseaable, but i¢ te loo unmneaniig: