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Noy. 8, 1856.] The : Satur ‘day Review. 617 ‘he vont of pootry of which the elloying is aaumple, rom ome ansan eddromed to Calumbie by ‘Maotby Dwight, we extmcl fhe second and fourth:— ‘oconqus nl Gaghter at Baroy are ‘This le nal rap Se eos ‘ay heros the rights oman sal defend ‘2d tuys pote thet, a pry ston. Palsiotiom, the "leat refuge o sought to bo ineuloated in America, Here, verily, 3m Fabes--"conquost avd slaughter,” triumph end glory. ‘ray oflie, the pout presatly proceeds as fallows:— "othe: he al rage of itu design, Sit el ale ef tid, : ry, aldo heaney ith report sal ‘That Gceane, more fragrant then oloare of pring scoundrel, uk rat vi ‘We are able now to watch the experiment at work, snd see the incense aseending; and when wo remombor tho earlior effort of Romulus, who “opened an asylum,” fof having eaught exactly “"thb best of mankind,” the diflerence Debween them and the worst soome lesa eonsidorablo as measured By results, then, for human nature's eake, we might have hoped. of Geigrapig, Now ore. tippy toed Arerce posited, er thestetkion of tho four Continents to foe the tile-pge, ae ieee evage in tlenel and oct S.Secperrmicmed irs Mend nd moan, rh Burpee ber wpand ater “eae seal le A dommbncennt night hare eu 0 expat To nme and ingen angel Wo ect find at Joy page preted Signed dill length, the interpolation of ha Slars end Stripes, see tal only 12 to tho gertieman ia. the white waiseonh, EAS is en Tu eh io id fiesta li Cincinnalt famous? A. Cincinnati ae greatest pork. snaviat dhe world, Vor wnt is Kentucky noted? t. Foren tre 3 Wind wo Wesco faust Geet quanto of wer & Wins crow in Moxieo? a. Orage, gn, and lowons—Q. For Satta AS noted’ "Tor uaariae vlenaes and tori bunkes.—10, Wet does one ofthe voleusos seu fern? ae Geet quant Seater. Al this in probably correct; but we really did uot expest ¥ mudution of “Knowledge” abore quoted, to fad the fellowing ated as historical fact =~ @, Ho dil We Gress lve at est? 4, Tu ense an Dow ten and oS ss a cl pos Go geo Gee ae fe ada : . Soon flee we lave eatecigm on Napoleon Bonaparte, illus- tated with a viow of Westminster Abboy; ad, a few pages farther} one on Spain, auitably adorned with the familiar interior of the Thumes Tunnel, and edneluding ith the very practial {queatiog, * What dogre got frou Spain?” Theanawer, bowover, Soe yp" Cul.” 7 We Jase to whit should be.a dsr branch of seholasti por- auiis—tiy arilmetic; but thp muse of the. ropublicen schoo Foo dain tho to od iid form Sf nongs| outselven.” ‘Wo own ‘wa prefer suoh a close and bus ‘eae-Eelmanvel as ust of Colonso to tho. bulky and. pretentious Yolame of National Aridhmetie on the Inductive System, com Bining [tke dnatytic. and “Synthetic. Methods, by. Benjamin Greenies, ACME, Hoston. ‘The ook is, swollen with’ needless contents.” ‘There ave. all sorts of weights and measures, from oVcabie of Noa othe etl standard of John Quiney Adams, We havo also soon s treatise on. the subject SF pehng and reading, whi, ike tho former, in a maar ets of the eet of masking siinplo things complex, and eas Boor dr We allude to" Towa’ Spelling Hook, which "Dali [by Me. Town] to be the frst echoa-book for children fs work lc outer merc o's parol charaler, a laa to our tclve- for instance ayetom of marks resembling te Hebrow Sorel gous wht which Mix ‘Toma, or somo. ono ole, bas Tmbrotleredcrhngeephy: 8, Tat aod 8) aanear fo be Sipe We cannot prasuce tay what Yael rey anak het and when aftr Ofna pages of pol feel an slated es MC Jourdain when told, that ho hed. boon Aithiifouttoring prone withoat knowing it. To rlara, low ver, from ‘Mr. Town to Mr. Greenleal—wo sre amused at-tho ‘way’ inl whioh ‘a jdici slings tp the hard seionce of igure “tome of the problems which might almost a mne-third of the jor to . Fonntor fa ‘id not boast ‘Afver thia,itia euriona, in another sehoolbook (Youtl’s Manuat 38, waist stifation, with the declaration of his independence drawn sud ‘are not taken conneetedly; but rer published in which tho principle as to the arrangement of syaouyhous, dafiners was adopted. and carried throughout the uli work.” We are not prepared to dispato the claim, bat ie organs ie age ol lac introduced t2 tho aphbat, wo ‘pages farther, how stern is the morality jplied in the question— Bafa portman opende one nd of Li dne tn toking, one fourth ia gonsing, vo hour s-day in loafing, and ix ours in cating and dang and sleeping, how macltemsins for wae ~ ‘purposes ? egnvded sinply a’ achool-books, we ace nothing to covet in" tho forogcing samples and where works of higher grade are ‘eguired, we find that our old frends, Liddell and Seatea Lani Siith's Dictionary of Antigutien, and Arnold's Greek Prov Eroveiscrall probably. pirstod-aro the, sandard authorities Tn'none that we have seen of naliva growthy do we observe Una clear neat tonch of the subject wit a needles point which marks the best, elementary text books of our own tountry. And therein frothiness of atgle which, offensive every bere, begets areal loading im works of this Kind, “We lave glanced over Shs pes lh ne ing of ace eames We flelthat we havo iv hem the hey to-eome of the ealeavar gancet, of the Amerienn character, and wa sal be Teas cuily pursled in future atthe moral fimaces which it display ir ire are gine and natured in bash and yore religion is called in, in nurvery rhymes, 1 gre. an unction fo Tank, men eagnot chooas Dut ewagger, MTp tara, howorer, to 2 branck of the general subject more nearly touching oureelves=we find a legal provision ade in ome States, for “children proved to be growing up in truancy Srihout the Lenoft ofthe edueation provided for them by law.” Each children ave to be placed in educational or reformatory Tantalion at dh deren of oan of the eae, fre eriddaof tmee na (ef) they may judge. expedient.” "But, the Eston ta whch sacha th ‘Weatortda ‘ot its more exience {i the Matale-book, eat alove really indicate the progress of the stroggle between civilized society and its vagrantay Sool mterigi=the stock and plant of the intellectaal work * itll their tro companions hate but r4 bebrecn, them. ‘Ths ‘shop acoma to bao poinin wih the comaren lols ar sly Bylo of this book fs tueine, though ita matter i diconnecte ag and in thin eopost, {hey deserve imitation Tle fe of ti ook asic, hough mati Saconnetel | hou toni apple or Kopin nur enon Oe, sg preeas Le pcan Re uma am a a er a erat gr een femal more: a ea a iene te aoe alps Ae a et singe ofa erase ub cil ie paige we ane gaye sia of sig eee ig Ae, aly a pent of apt Ar ou Weer Remar img Foape poirot eta tay on ee eh Fei ein on of on OF rr mn Te EE ee a REVIEWS. ‘DHE NORTH-WEST PASSAGE ® PLES is one of the books which form part of the nation's doeds to groatnees. Tt commemorates the achievement of fone ofthe grandest exploits om record. Sir Robert MClure and” Ils crow were the first mon who ever passed from the Pacifle to ‘he Atlentio—thus solving a problom of neprly thes centuries Banding. Krom 1g76 to t8p4-the feat_xemnined, ia the words of Martin Frobisher, the Stet explorer, "a thing yot undone, Sthoreby a notable mind. might be vaede feraous and fortuna Captain SL-Clare’s nacratire, edited by one who himself werred fn tho Arotie regions with distinguished honour, may well take fie pleco by tho ide of the stories of the pious and gallant men ‘who, quite ax noble ns they, naviguted ia the days of Rlizabeth ‘ad James. * “Tite Entonprite under Ceptain Colliaaan; and the Tasetigator ‘under Captain McClure, were put into commission in the Winter ‘ct xB49-g0, with orders to seare for Sir John Franklin on the fido of Babring’s Strats, making their way to the easlyard. hoy left England on tho, aoth of January, 850. The Dnves- tigalor was a ship of joo tons burden, built like « forlifiation, Feb in somo places there vero no less thaa trenty-nine indbos of folid tober on her bow and stora, Sho was heavily rigged and ddeonly laden, having her decks crowdel with easks, slodges, ico neles ic0 sata, end tho erow'a nest for obsorration from the ‘asiehend.” Well fitted a8 theso preparations were for the spe- Gul vervice for which tho Znvestipator waa deabnod, they were Tittle exloulated to incseaso her speed It was not til thesat of uly tut the Twvecigator anchored, ater upwards of five onthe’ Yoytgo, off Honolela, in tho Sandwich fslands.” The Enter= prise baal atzeady passed thie station, and Captain M'Chure was fo anxious to rejoin his commander that he revietualled hie shi tnd sot sail for the Arotio Ocean. in treo days. Tn about sit days from’ tho time of learing’ Honolula, the eengon might fapected to close iu; and he therefore determined, with prac ent boldoees highly charastorstio of hit, (0 run stra edfving subjest for Bundny Sebo! Thus: Mary Bors notthward through tho Aldutian islands, instead of takidg the 7k ales PG ute we given vo tho Minsionsty Sosety, | = gor ay waver Pomags ae Se dhusf the remainder to tho Bible Sasiety—tow muck | e,te Dirgony fo Noreen Passe, 3, ACS Tooele, iad sha loft?" Another question turna on tho ostato of Juntos | Seltant Osboro: Author ct 3,15 oiled by Comoran of sehich ho gave tro-sovenths to the Scamon'e Socicty, | the Lip ant Yours of Capt AUChare. likwtaled by Comsaander ae good ministers’ A fot Geemysly RN. Lenon’ Longeann 1636. 618 ‘he Saturday Review. [Nov. 8, 1856. ‘oualcouso, which Hes Ars NW. to tho Aiatio cout, and then long ihe shore to the NE. ‘Thoogh tho course which was Hhatuocen an coaiderably shorter than the ordinary on, it tute ng omen hones ten hot Mroug sad fe wigs but when coe got suonge ho, ialands the as enveloped in fogs so donee that averal te binds, auch ts the Mile atk actu struck-apuinet the rigging widvout Slog i and fella the den, Vet, notwithstandiag the fom, Gayla Clare pressed on ith a rauch sal an the abipeookl bales "Once or ice ho got beatings of prominent bondiends, lich enabled mf ahoge his courte; Iu general speaking The hip drove on, the sce breaog into her Shannels, with not soore then twenty fathons of len, and acrom atopy ad ninown current, running at tives like tho races of Alderney tr Porlatay with such e foie thet you could not hear wit seas enid without grest vocal certo’ By the end of July, ewe dangers vera murmounted, and the Arete cielo was erosced., Shortly aternarda, tho Znvestigator fell ju with tho rover siationel as dopbt ship. a0 the north of Tshsing' Siete’ sod goon after wk her tendo he Horald.- Sho partod from this shpat the end of July, 18g, and for tro yoo and tight months from shat time da ene of the Dreetigator sae ‘55 angle oman belog besides each other, with sho exception ofa few Beguine. a tbo and of August, they fell iu with tho ice. TL was éovered with immense ora of alruse, and a un wat loaded Sith grape and canister to shoot some of them fut the exlaand Theis Snothers played together 00 aveUonataly, that the aol. hearted capita coud noffnd it 'hin heart dro,” Some of tise eroaaros weighed neatly tre tons and depressed the ico fn hich they ly st much ano feet. "On the gb of Auguat, Ge Tavestigntorounded Post Barco, the Northwest extremity of the Amériean contisent, and began io ser to uo eniward, beg the Beet ship that over aecomplihed Vat feat. "The region FUEL now lay befor them oa i gogmphial conformation, tne of tho sistogest pars ofthe gabe Detioy's Steninon tho We tod Dan's Sirus on tho Hai, ope into the rte Ocean and Bolla's Bay reapecurely. "Teo grnt, odes of ovo spuratd on cobs by animes clea, Threaded by sounds alts, stat, and bays ianuisernble be trond fost ofthis remarkable region may be nade itelgible bya very familia ization, I ie traversed by three paneage, Ctetlonlly Urauching out otodarge aa-osked bodies of malar ‘They may be compared to-the threo great lines of road whieh cross Landon frei. Weat to. demttthe New-voed, Oxforde trot, andthe Stsuad. ‘The norlheramost of thse passages ie Inhd down very clstinely in th exellent moap prpixed 10 Com ander Osborn’ boo, bu hasnerer, we)ehcr, been traversed ‘hoceutel ono~-heAreli Osfordatont—nibottbrough with (Copia M-Clure auoseeded in makiog hie ay ; and tho southern. fowl, which wo have compared fo. tho. Sirois that Sato srhich Captain Gllison penetrated to an exteuorinary distance Ih the Evterpise and intl oa now steno most probable, Sir Joim Frankii's oreve pejsed. ConGoing our ltention for fhe prewoit to tho central paseage, ta principal localities from ‘Weslo Bnat may bo desohibed somovbat as follows, - Bank's and, Bcrow tai and Melle land ney b cosine ae geuphingrespectvely te relative aniuonnot Liydespark, Oxtts ftroct aut Tybumia’ Beyond Bani’ Landlice lege land of tery irgqulle forms it has no caleedve nar -bi aiferest rl af hve been named Pines Albert Tong, Princo of aess Ean Wollston aad, and Victoria Landes sepa ated fom Banla's Land bys narrow ssi ssed after Too $rineo of Wala, and it oceugien, natively to Baska Cand, the ‘positon which the disses bstween Bogent-treet and Pariclate Secuplee relatively to Hyde-perk.” ‘The Brineo of Wales's Strat Bayi compre to Sancho. ‘the Now ef thn lng lsd ‘ion a" gues land looked. walr, called Maville Sous, Gn the Nomthok which are Melvle and CosnmallsTeands. Gatvle Sound gommunlentes at is eastern leirenity rah aneasior Sound‘and Lancaster Sound with Bali's Bay, Yexy much an Holbots commantetee mich tho efecis wert US Bony Olle, by Nongete-atroot and its continadtons, "Melee Sound had boen explored by. Sie Barry ad ently a8 2820p fl “tho att of hinge af the time of Capinis ME Ghurgo trpediton, may bo represented by supponing’ that the 20 through Oxtavdatrect, foi Mast to West bad been sale: faisol ca far es tho botion of Orebardaieeh which oats {fto'Portmenaguare, and thet some gue bad ea’ seat to Ken. fingion Ohare on ihe olber ido; bo so whpcher it wis aot Site to reach tho sumo pist bythe. Weat pd ‘Nosth, er by ‘outh ad Kast of Hydepack "The only chanca open to the explore of ahaking thee wo trom Cape Barrow. Belvillo Taland lay. in: following what & talled in the Aveie regions tho Ipniwater.” When the heavy {Elda of ice appronchwiikin» certain datane ot cho eout ey {Gone oni fo toizcoormeus aught wae) asd abet ahore aod the placa at mich the Se taka the ground, nan of waters ntervecss—-aometimer only x few yond, sometimes silea a, widih-=and even this namo pastago'e ereumbored Irth tray snany of ie rao dense and Heavy ther nuture aa Tocnine, Tho’ vontl to trembla n every tinbal whenever sbe wa Syl sack ny of then.” Tho nea worked ther way aloug tho landwaler, hav ie on thos lef ad te vst pin Sa ich ent bere tevuinaes on tbeic right. The wll in a dark bluo dag, ar it eboundg wilh oss, grat ad flowers, and inbroken ex ud there by fe ahesis aloe Many lange herde of seine Aver were observed in the nebghbourood. ‘The depth of the em srs dn an ain, the sip ne wae Through "erloue foge ninpy Dy sounditgs.” She eroed in dhe eatne to Three, and stood out till sho came tosis, fathoms, Se the rath of August, the anasual phenomenon of © thunder storia oviutredon tie ai the nudge of the landcare Mi covered with ioe the atthe ty paved the oat UP tie Msckenresirerswhencs they conticall to otke thei fray slong the cows ntl thoy reached Gaye Bathurst ae Tedaland® on tie Anamrcan above before the commencement of tieumlbamon of eine emage ough toe Aveo ae Pago. Heretioy fll in wilh sos Eoqutsens, of whom thoy Tad ate inquiries about, ie ‘ocean to ig mortar cling, however. ho murs antifucory anger than hit Was fone land of the White Boor." From thie pat they alric eros ta the Nerthr and tecched the southern cxtouily of Bistba‘Land, ‘Wulléwlropn deep opeting ir ib, Uaey fouad themuctvenatiength in wlat they suppbeod (6 bea etait which, fy cbeotvton; could ot bo more Min sty males Cast from hher water aliady explored from the West, tad which would fherfore, if ie contiiaed! complese the fong-ssugat North: Weat Passages’ Caplan Micha journal destbee is feelings tt tht ebiment ae anxious in ti extemer Theres someing wary noble ia the exremion hia ey founds onder ecu Sindeco which put ll thought of daplty or cant cut af the weston : Can it be that so bumble a. Tam will be permitted to yer Sipe anti win a tas rine shies tnessaar its sear iin to enc Hs el THhanr apes’ Hein of eee toate at ‘Tho eonjeciur ofthe explorers aa to tho naburo of the inlet in which thet Tanna therelves ws perfectly correct, hey had added the last link of the chain eo laboriously constracted’, bat before they could verify the fact, they had to undergo the m tarrile dagger, Belov the siddle f September, tho Zeest elon nab eopletlybetetand that not sea mbar, ba a 8 Sorrow itigin Pith tizong currents and westerly winds driving tice andthe ship together npon Toe shores and thar only sufeguard was # huge floe, whieh, drawing more water than the Shroud belt het and formed a Lind of navaral dks HPL of gent labour, and by watching for opportusiis, the, tigre, praially tuuled twelve indeed golts farther of seer tub the wep sulin the mda of the peck or eld of ‘broken ive, tho extremities of which were continually dashed by Thevaritcl fore of tho Sind ane Sen on for dark’ ify ski bounded the suait holding out to tho explorers a cevain pros best of belog intantly overrbelmed and ground fo powder {tho Tip should lake the feound before tho ie." On tho agth of Sep Phot the Wind eligged, andthe ce opened to a eerttn extent, tail Sop and igi i ahon laboured fo war te hip to Sovtmze“loeping and eareyng the haweers from pees to piece fies troting fois white gimper to age tee road aad seguro & footing.” Thus thoy deifted wloug “in a chursing see of ioe amidst darkness and snow storm,” until they were within thirty. face of dae middle of tga of whch we have epoken. Al Be tantalising sistance the ep eesed fo Grit Tt row became t question whothor ths Levestigafy shold atiempe fo etrace fieteouae to the southward; &¢ wise in the’ feck.” Captain Aol chase the latlor lteaativo—s proof of Sursge sighs lind aay men, cren of je own, profetiny hs or given {To wlates inthe pack had Veen, Govaidevol bythe gieteat ‘Aree unthoities eyivalnt to cartain destructiog, and Caplan Belay deep of whl hve! trough een nly wo opioa se of tog te aah a gong ten esd oa som, ooo pee speran OS Seth cy eet sate tod mae Hae Sf Sees ey ee ee ete Sin a oa wo a a al oy toe [ieefiatnce ook al cela nites dat deze me nother time, che whole pack, andthe ship with ty dxifted body on to tho cli of «aml nid in tho milo ofthe stat "Te Cl cove sheer out ofthe water tow height of jo foe and ihe ind, te, and ioe preamry sot her Hight upon ihe The crew stood to thelr work with the most thorougcbred indifor- Sits. dn tuo of Want Were coling towns ewe Senlaes ono eld,“ a's bad Job ie tines 2 ike ily. "th old ceil doula up ik en ld basket srhon’ sho este alongtide’ of Suen socks” When saiiy’ goo Yards of the dy "tho ico couchecled ber along Thoms” oa Usy pened in enfiy: "By deeect the snip acted down tie ack dootliated iusit; but oe undervontacvorpever “sip: hich strained overy jolat of every liner The erssbig, creaking, and straining,” wrote Capiain M'Clure, “is beyond deter ghey tnd tho oer tthe meets when epelang ts chiige tothe ayouth elo to wy en'ou serait te teatone ing Soe? ond yey with all tebe lrror, fake mit of etal 4 and Wandrods of ics Hom any Mees bong cope pocnpe some miserable Kequimneas, the sliors danced, ng, acted plays, Joughed “and joked as naturally and as heartily as if, they had ‘oom te home. ‘he uncalpropoations fran A¥eto winter ere io Nov. 8, 1856.] The Saturday Review. 619 rade; aod when the ice. wan mulfesily consolidated, elodge tes wore wnt out fa vagus direstions fo reuah for it Jl Taoidit, sod to make eaplorstions. “One of these wad eom. runded by Caplan MCHtehinell” Te eooseted of one elle ind siz men, mho Bad to drag a aeight of abot 1200, lop. ‘etren ther. Ta some places, the ono nd weighed Gown : rater, disrng nto it ove the top of tho fog, Indendere th surface atlas ud ‘No water fas to hed, fe iie wow ony ated tho mouth, ead ion Teenie cfthe party on Halting as 43 much ieicd seow Sa Wek allo thee fel wont sais Been pemmlan Inthe rening the mes Tay Uown in bags provid for the par find the. captain read thom all to sloop with story” ott Chambres Miscllony. After sixdnysof Ue work, they ruse on the evening of tHe 6thof October, a hendand waichfbver: Aosed Siow Sten dake Sanya tne completed it dncovery of tbeizroyage. ‘The exash alos of thet exploit mop, pesbape, be Best utderstood by reeuing to our former Llutzation. ‘Tf we wappose the wiole of fas entrance London iy Onfordcasee weal of tho Mare Ach, to have been to talnown-—and the entrance by way of Kensogion aad Ksighldeidge to ‘hare boon -knowa uly at a few wolted Dols tached by the sisecia iading noritrards from Chalsea eagle, MC's fost would Uo esacly” purl fo tet fa perfon who shoald drive fo the’ fret nb, through Kens SSogion aad’ Ieaightabridges and. halfway up Park lac, aod $i ake hin oy co fst otha Mave arc nd is ction dung the following year would be eaared by saying Ent being unablo to bring be eacringo through the upper pact of Pari-lane, ho went round Hyde Park, and attempted to reach, the Marble Asch fiom the weal by Ostord:Sirestfaling, how. ber, 2 go farther than the botfo of Stanhope place, and bung "ion ine obliged to complets his round of Tot, From 'Mouat Observation, as ehey named the headland from which the discovery had been made, the party returned to their Thip, whieh they ached on the iat of October. Ou the lant ‘ght of their absence, Captain Af Chure pushed on in advance of HE men, mised ia way, and hal to pand on th ie a night of dhisteon hours withont Are or arms, withthe thermometer at 1g” slow zo, and in the uelghbouthood of varie prowing bese Hrreaclod th ahi, however, next morsing wth sorious acon: ronionea When the ledge seturae, is Cargo weighed upwards sono htadred pounds more tian on its dopartue, as the ee fiat accamlated upon every article it omntained,” ‘Such had heen th fatigues af tho expedition that aight msn ad only con smedeghtoen pounds of pemntens, sty-one oundaof bes, fd io pounds of timed, in nino dye, ‘Tey bad beow too tied fo Gare for anything ‘but water” The Wwloter flowing med 4s voli winters’ urually” do, but in the spring’ et ering Basin ror sent out (8 look for de minting” shi eracpun pares om difeeat slips seem, by Gomimandes Osborn, fo havo ombraced ery nearly th whale of ie ‘Arolisahipelago; bul, uafortantely, Dr.’ discoveries have ove that Fraukln's cron oesspied' poston firming a com Sow ae to rich to expegiousappouched, ous ber ult Deetigtor tenn ih tho Reine of Wales Sta wughdus tho whole of te witer, and se following spying an summer, and did not Teare her berth in the iee tll the "Aug, 2853, when she noe to the aoulward, wit tho view of passing réand Banks's Land by the west and north. noice war encountered, But suddenly ai cane oo fot High, and Gascending sheet down into Test detp, ‘There ‘eas conaequcatly null ope of ihe ies |grounlingbfore onaling. the oils) ao thai, St {t : 7 ip woul ify be. dor ftoyed| The open epace of water tray but about 200 guns ‘Ts an every moment of progrem wa fll of tn mot foxeal Jn one oceaion, de sip wan moored to a huge mas of 4a, which waa struck by a moving floe with such forco that "the ‘Bc slofly reared all on is edge, clos othe sigs bors nt ie apode part was higher thon tho Ioreyando" ss. "Tho fe had bot fo topple overtosink her and hevsrew."” Happily ital Dice thf other way, ut iemodataly aferands Stas deiyon on the Ufa with mite free earring ues with i She ‘ra “nifped™ bolween twa berg, and though the seond broke ‘pat tht sjaht moment, vo closely waa sho beset that there was 3b zoos 00 drops lesdline sok the vomel, asd the copper ‘us banfing fom her bottom fa reds, or zlledup Ike. rows te, ble tne whey por onthe norte ratEtrmy ot ‘bt mde ‘Land, and wore. detained there for aourly a fortnight ; ely a south wind prong up, and drove tiem off inte the porte joes condition. - Captain M'Chure's diary flay notices the occurrence thus "Thus sre lauueh into ttn formidable fot sou pes mea th Det By ths of enormous charges of gunpowder, the ship was disembedded from fhe fee, bid enabled > make Her way along the sea fa fgghtful ener fo to wind luenod and pk gain le alony ‘the coat, pivoting upon the grounded preces, and threatene ‘edit pulverised, or throw masses of thirty or forty feet thick ‘high upjon the beach, or a-top of ono another, to ocension a like can t thee fut bark hrough the Tog dak hight sullen grinding of the moving pack, and the loud report ado by sake Hage sna of leo WH vain Under the pros, ‘boomed’ throngh the solitide ; and as the starlight glimmered : . ue over the wild secue to seaward, tho wién could juat detect the Pick rearing and rolling over by the allernats reflected lights fad hadows.” ‘Two days afterwarda they entered Barrows Stout from the westward, being the fiat crow tat ever achieved fat oxploiy and on tho 23rd of September they reached a bay hic they tafed Sersy Bay, and in which they determined to ‘The tations of the erew wore now reduced by one-third; bat, ront happily for them, the laad was found to abound in game, and indeed thoi expesience id not cons the eommou opts ofthe univeranl migration to the southwards of the animalerortd | gurng an Avoic winter, Hares, deer, wolves, and oceaioully usk oxen, visited them, and the season wore of aot unpleasant, Cheistmas-day was, passed with ils usnal festiityy and U abundauee of game kept tho men employed and amused. In the spring, Capinia MiClore nine a lege exurson ac and actually crossed tho track ofa party on the same errand from ‘one, of the’ ships exploring ffom the aide of Bafin's Bas, but vethoat meoting them,” As pring advanced, the length of aurvice nd the want of fresh vegetables began to tell upon the, crew, Six men ‘wore lad up ‘with seurey, and sixteen more showed symplome of ite approach; bat the ice held the ship aurelent- Many fate ase. "Wen ti ea wintee~at of s85arg~et in, sevontaen xen wero ob ue sik list and provisions voce unniog low, for ee dutovot tho alip poowentdd the hetiay: pur of the’ cow fom gto gene. Nerina, etd Chirstmas opt ehoorfuy and beavly" in the midst ef al thee pee valions—which tad spperotiy len prospect fhaa ever ef fer ‘inating hnpply--ise uu nell wrote ee, dre eects and alsa qheys) and thelr gallant lates dened hts Gooral foe tha yene with the wordéy "I cannot ‘bat feck Sp tha wife of Manoah did, if’ the "Lord were pleased io Kall us, Te would Bot ive show vs all theke tmoreoe Tee lirdy sailor's tat in God. prompted iw fo tis sist dpe Charge of kn ovn dies He dtchsned to dapat hae ha fr nip fia ay in Govt ind the aason ey Conspanys post senpetivaly, whist he wit te raeing ‘hizay stayed to pasa 1 fourth, Witer in tho ie, "A week wen traning 10 tho day ved forthe depatture of tho mos: wien tie frst death tool place. "Captaist E-Clure was walling’on the ico with the fra edlesantsdideusing tho sabjeevol te Faure shone gure wos sean appetaching thom, willy ehastng eed evioulaings and et ate, enger bntcnors-detingusted te ond,“ x Liutouant Py late te Beret, and ow athe Bote, Caplan Kalla w in her at Deal aed” Ee trae seller waa at und,” ‘Tho ereyr made ther'vay lancer ship? Thich Ind guaed w ptt at no great cata from ems at SRL a gine pr agape nance rom te Tay. Before quitting tho vastigaoy she was sarvepeds ead S80 Sapo of estieting her vetog ively Pecogineds ‘the men to whom she had so long been a home hoisted Ler colours. to the masthead.” ‘Te may. well be doubted whether. the unions totvee waved oar wt diglied by more tool an fadusing courage, Tho'wbole sly ato tho lst degree grand tnd nolle; and, adore’ wotimg fate and of naan OF Copia APChase's eonduet re San give no incre, warty Tiuetation thm is conveyed by on execs Bem the doopet ‘Hic he intended to send ome by Captain Tellin the vent ising eonsiren posable 6 hk ts spe eactes goer $3 he ie,“ After montining the place ao ehh Snforoetion oF ‘moremente might be expected, Le proceeds =~ Patino tot rng en mi a ces be ape dam i nnd hv bet he a at Sayre Re Sa tem regs ae Peek ir eb suns boene P hen pee OE irate Mchacane tts gmat har te etwas foot Nee ete dat apd Zalt eth, ae grt woolen for Reveal tay teeta tPeres apts need et atop oP gti oe eer atic a 1, daring tho laa pa, our navy had fw opportuitio for pe forming briliant achieyemonts, we mnoy console ourselves by the Tolleson tbat ne expo at say tale ean performed by Seen feamien, which neitiee Nelow nor nlitgeovd hea ecole. ‘Th moral grandour tod teafected arity oF the ventenees wre have qusted seo ta us nobler oven oan tho admonition to {he frvelbe pesing by Thermopyle tcl te Lacedementaes that their coustepiien ey ere a obedience to tel laws ‘THE GRANDS.1OURS OF AUVERGNEY | FURGHTER, afterwards Bishop of Nimes, attended the of the Grande-Jouts, held at Clermont in. Auvergne. ia the ‘Year 1663, He was tere a9 tutor ia ths fomily of Mi. do Cet: Imartin, the holder of the Royal sous, and dhe moat direct repre- seatative of tho Royal anthority in his tribayal.. ‘The earlier history of the GrandeJours ix involved in obsctrity ; but, ater the mbaarehy of France waseeabliaed ia its comple authori, they wore in tha nature of extraordinary commissions sent by he Saver fo inguin the Tavlow Condon of th fatal tb Ii. Whenever reports of violence and oppression on Of the nobles in any particifar provines Decame serious ind in ‘Tae Granii-Jours a Aucorme.' Put Tikcian, Deasitoe Bilton. Parkas s the ie, -