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March 7, 1857-] ,. Tho name Phascolotherivn (édoxahor, a leathern bag), § sea given fo another gents ot he Stoncetld marsupial Wind genus, of which remains bare been found at Stonce fei, at boon called Stercgnating (slid). Tt appears ol fo have been a marsupial, but more probably a small omni- ens hoofed quadruped: ‘The portion of tha jew, lowers, ia nteren rr iVindeed. Fonenish this inference is drav?, is very maa Stonenield slate ovens Tow dow ia tho olive f r Oolite of Burbeck, numerous Tos vonvalian in character, "Lave been fwd by. Als. ed olies, "Amongst Uae are te. Spalae ere, go called rom its presenting certain afluities with the Spalax, & ‘fustve ofthe mole {ribe found at the Cape of Good Hope~the Gppeiprgnnodon, hick dorives ils pene feow the resemblance ais teeth to those of dhe Hypsiprymnope, or Kangaroo-rat of Sfusralin ana the ‘riconodon, which is’ s0 ealled from the frp cones of ts teeth. Those whoknow the Geological Musonm in Jormyn-strect ave aware that that admirable collection is not very rich ia Mammn- fas pemnias. Drofessor Owen got over this dilfeally by ex. bing diagrams, enlarged with geeat care, from the Tosallv of tho British