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Design of Experiment: DOE

A scientific strategy to conduct investigations

1. 2. 3. 4.

Descriptive Statistics: Mean, STD, etc.. Histogram, Control Charts Simple and multiple regressions Hypothesis testing (When p is low, Ho must go)

Passive tools

5. ANOVA (1-way and 2-way) 6. DOE (3 or more factors)

Active tools

With DoE, we can determine what factors: - Shift the mean - Reduce variation - Or both - Or have no effect



DOE: Planning Strategy Traditional approach with typical 3-step process Screening DoE Refining DoE Optimizing DoE DoE Prerequisites: ‡ Process is in statistical control ‡ Measurement system is adequate (MSA) ‡ Understanding of process knowledge (reduces screening) TNT 2 .

4.Responses) Cont. Conveyor speed Product bed depth Travel distance to pkg.Reduces variation Or both .Have no effect 3 . 2. fall-off ? Output (Y¶s . ‡ ‡ 2. Tumbler thruput Thruput variance Surface oil % Surface temp. 6.e.Shifts the mean . data 1. 2 = 32 runs factors Fractional DoE: Test only What deemed relevant Full Factorial DoE: Test all input X¶s TNT Result in mathematical Model of the process Predicting what: . 7. data 1. 5. 8. regression No. 3.DOE An example of a possible DoE in determining Doritos seasoning fall-off Input (X¶s factors) Cont. Seas content: In-bag In-transit Seas efficiency Etc« Factor selection tools: Brainstorming SIPOC Process maps C&E diagram C&E matrix Multiple lin. of runs = Level 5 i. 3. Etc« DoE Goal: Which factors Impact Doritos seas.

e. Oil content.DOE DoE Checklist: Agree on purpose from all stakeholders Select response variables (i. surface oil level at 33% and 38%) Determine number of observations (i. Lot change?) Consider interactions (what interactions among my inputs? And do I care?) Determine design and randomize data collection (full DoE or partial DoE?) Data collection plan (Who? What? When? How?) Communicate test plan to DoE site(s) Collect and analyze data DoE Logistics Test samples containment: zip-loc.e. do I need to consider seas. conveyor speed) Select levels (i.e.. labels Lab support/sample runners Lunch/break coverage TNT 4 .e. in-bag seasoning content) Select factors (surf. collect 5 in-bag seas. jars. product temp. & average) Consider blocking (i.

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