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© Sane 13, 1863.] The Saturday Review. 749 sretion feels jt useless to join in the ‘mavemont, because, | fn spite of sopented efforts, Me. Datatism has not snenceded ia bringing on bia motion util the,seoond woek of June, A Sint avin has 1 soa for igh al ene that fevon In the strongest cruso it is vain to struggle against the estance of thovofca and quadiofcial clement on bob fides of the House, | eis nob surprising that the atiacl of zo, disjointed a free was peesiued by Loe Cuansce Paorr rth more than bis | aisual happy audacity. ‘The Commjttec of 1861, and its | idiculoas failure, was the weak point of his adversenie, | md Lord Cuansxe determined to make it the key of shin defonee. He could: seazerly. have forgotten all the | bistory of that gampaign—how rival motions were pitted against cach other, ad go mionipulated a3 to. make, the Coverniment master of the situstioa—how, by a frank | concession of tho neeesity of inquiry, che House wa aur { prised into the selection of a Committee which might as well Fave been composed of the Board of Admiralty ialf—and | hhow the javestigovion was eargiee on until all tho evidcaes an | tio official side oras exhanteted, and abandoned when tho one party had nothing wore to whh for, and the other had Wethdsavwn from what was felt to bo & mock investigation, (Ml this Tard Chineuce Pacer kneie as well ag any of his oppo rents, and it must have weeded sexo courage to appeal to the fovourable opinions of members of that Committeo 9 con~ usive proof thar the,Admizalty yas immaculate, and needed no raforin execpt the coustant [racess of improvement which Sv vas continually déveloping within ize | Perhaps no,Committce ever performed the anfy expected fom an escteally a6 that whieh terminated Hee ine ‘complete existence wien it had closed one-half, and, in the Goverumont views, the 2ight lil, of the inquiry which it xndertook. In what i did, and what it loft undond, it was desl wo hg ove, “Ie tute sxc to. the ofl cease by teaching the reforming party to despair of mactess Sy such machinery. Bub is merle went fae Boyond iia It fp true it did mob report an it would have heon eearstly decant to oxpress formal opinion aftar heaving Jitte moro ‘than an fe parte cose, ut what the Commuittea gid not vente to {o eallectively, some of its members, we are assured, have done on their own behalf. ‘These unnamed authorities ave, it appaars, impresel Lord Gharenes Pacer with * the ‘honest belief that the reasoa why no repock vas made Was, that the Committee did not discover any radical defvets ix “the administration of naval affairs which eallod for the “ interference of the House.” “It might perhaps scem stra ‘hat the fact of having arrived at conclusive opinion oa ti subject eubmitted to them should be aasigaed ao a zeason for not pronouncing jedyment and eaptious exities uesion’ the propity of 4 Comentiae Being in opinion afer heating only one side of the ques~ tion; but ib ip a sulicient answer to the assumption that the judgment of the Committes was favourable to. the Ad- rmirliy, to eay that the, read reason of the suspension of ita ‘proceedings may be gathered from Haxsaap. The vervieos of, the Committee did not even end here, for ie now appesis, on the atutemont of Lord Chatemce Passn, himself, that the Inbous of tho sbertive Commities of 1861 were the grand Instrument of his own conversion “from the Jders which he “hat once entertained as to the possible amelioration of the. constitution of that department.” It-is always interesting to eam the cceasion and. the cause of a genuine cos version ; “and it ja the. mgre. eb in. ehis inetines, beans it hasbeen the frequent 'prictiea, in thé Howe of Com mons, f° suggest an earlier date than 1861 for thé” change of spirit which Lord ‘Cragince Paci so, frankly confess. ‘Thus deiven, almost against his will 9 the eonclosion that tho’ Beard is exactly the reveres of what it was whed Lord Chiitexes PAGer was ite eblét opponent, she, Seonctaky of tho Amnieau ty. really deberves fuinite credit for the canidoite _ leh edela his anzity or Inquiry “not af eure, Doatae there is room far doubt, but mezely out of considera” ‘don far those-wwho hive wot wilt bist rough the. _ happy czsis of conversion.” Who can question the gemiine- ‘heen of his dese, wien ho finds this very Comimitiee of 1861 fppualed. ions proot o€ the datiea of te Coveenment toe Mia and fee” inguiy? : But i is idle to dwell on the meso werd fencing by which’ ‘he Gavemninent may voll Md eonseioisnes’ ‘Uiat they ae teh, ‘troug enough at procon to trigmph over the dlstinitd atta Gre who have die welt of cho Naty/at heat. IF is ‘Snly-t9 the Coumiteee of 1861 dhat the appeal is made. ie _Pivever put forward. Hes | tithes: thioke that Choy out to iaetouet and please mankind gone conelasionsof an oficial majority may bara bean mare or Tess backed tp by one-sided evidenco; lout no fir aro the pro- ceedings of that Committee from being 2 reason for resisting a real investigation, that ts appointment and ite failure prove at once the necemity for renewed inguizy by a Committee which, to use Br, Guanotax’s refined jon, ought to be | not duly composed of impartial members, but so constituted es to possess x corporate impartiality of ite own In ome censo.tis ne Gas io inquiy has been nearly cstitused by the Commission of which Mr. Datotis wa “nergete member, ‘Tho need of «raieat change in the sys st the Admialty bas been prove. to demonaration but the Drecine form which the alteration should tae has not been £0 Filly considered az to warrant immediate action without oko tnote effet sero tir investigation. Until some substitute for the Beard has been ageend upon, the Admiral will doubt- less hope to defy all the slorme that are raised around ity and it e mainly to aupply this rant, and unite the asian of he Booed in Sappore cf a ninglo dfinica project of rete, thee Ir. Davcuisl's Commitee i required HRN a convayancer draws a deed, he begins by cousidetng Wit cto cleanses’ f the cates, sod thar ate ‘unging and, deaotibing thom fo bio eotsfaton, ko comlatea tho Gia akg ta cee i pe ins ie conan applica to al cates, and of which «toro, du Inhaled, is kupe thal fa bundles tobe wsed ao oscaion roquives. "hla praities, ith ating apt nat wali i, Tho physi Tiss bie, ong the clengyman has his commonplaces, end Ris opaalcg bis portion, “le thee, not ony askarad et evisble the novelist sb ves peel metals of doing his ‘wos snd chould repent himsolf with veritiona, however, undoxbtelly tous dint 4 comauon-form novel exits Reeliige which exe ot exsited by other common-form daciimenta, ee stn wnt nrehe Ei, ene he world nt only ot bjest to tho polley oa the at it was Lke all others, ‘sept iy fimo tai ia te nun af th pre ad a ho uth aadtred, but. he wwould fac eurpicion at i #0 Bot. Yet the same men will fel a certain sense of the ridiculous ‘heh, im 040i & novel ho finds the eears which was beteajed Tip n turn of expression in the begiming of tho fret volume pinaded as ateomendonsdialosase tienda the midi of the third; Sr wg ened to geenan ith9er comoce tod dashing oye; in ciroumdtonces procietly aanlogons #0 thos Andie which Re bgcame acquainted only 4 woek before with ‘another gentleman ‘with desbing eyes and a stem countenknes, Gu the thar gy it fo th ee of the sca kd Ue bere at he ea tho etey. the dreary productions which the ‘raf nc on Lng igh only nor ery tha Seritiy domestic talo wth "no. stry, no chancton no. anything exedph more or lew shilfal copies of overy day fife, A man ‘oh ip aed to bo Fidienlous, and eannot ie ta Baiag subg, has nowbiviness to write novels. "It the eonimon fons ta novels a ft oneo sidiulods and indispensablo, whet ia tho teuo theory of ‘oxi? he nearer i that the great bulk f tho novels which are ‘writtin aze simply evils, and ought nat to be written at ally and ‘nd even those ‘which ae worth waiting contain an elanient of absuility whieh ought {0 prevent both nen and “women irom “aking €2 that prs, unless thay bolorg to & clase Bo emall that ‘es ving aiembers might at any giver isomeat be counted on the eft att emo fm in gunn ae sb oye chin by universal coment th, huson why thay eg BGksloss ts inoher mation “Ip os point of sie thay a aot sdienlous ab all, A man who fully and consciously adinite'to his Seatbints end hs shows by Ws ny ft A dot iiny he deal tat he-s‘cnghgol na uly enn SecA nmnicion, cath to Bo cision, Nova’ nugpt meptiawee watlag abel eter Nes iy de os foi eos enol cman thin et tb ost of {Dufay wis yn ao olan eo co sadam Go lsu b nnt his Soe ot oF n mcrey of ors, mnt ie ee amt mea ay thai: ‘be, is transferred from: ln to Tia gnome Neo one olan dicaler fr suppiig lnc 9h inlay, {iia flo ao-one cupid tolls amentibe Ms Pil Tass, Reale eo tren wo ght havo hon ptcieed” OF ‘uch bool the authors might say, in the wonls of the old wing -— Lc Wine ae ee “ “Gal denies ner Thi, iowvover, is a plea which the They fake 1 bigher view of their pictirni= ‘moss; ad. aansidor ten, not as Arico of eammaton made to torder, bab as works of ar produced fo come exteat, beoonse the NOVELISTS’ COMMON FORMS. ‘To these who arte sete inthis tmper, ta fa oe aE {ero lnngunge,- When's ty sees‘ fertiealar Laide wi hasidricl his hngy, and elaborates ato a the-rolum Bove); [on would aever have takea al this rouble Sf you dia ‘ot even nto’ one-volumne ‘novelatte, if is far to say to. him ¥ nt ness Of, novensts wound, «the saéred maxis: that godliness is greab gain, and haa. - there i lito opo of solving it. - dat the macat blessed Int on earth is taba avletaious) ~Tagetaan, Tei - jnventan for Get, 20 that The Saturday Review. - [June 13, 1863. 750 fot merely that thie Find of thing is calobl but that Ie ia Tine dngite of guoco’ nnd pretinets nut ie which aes He'Gacblo thos Se shoul eloabloy” tod. es tha fee fat itis tally sliculous end aot gisefuy i slovapt Tho that 'yarSoular comonfortas se bal conn, terefor, ‘howiug dae ‘wins they Mutt bo presonod t0"bave bond solected from the great mass of occurrences which the writer fina to ebzono Sons beonuse they iar. or Toes vagiely ind fale gone. abetting, or excite and grnify some ctineat, tho Gbttaoe ox atmtament so ulestol ce Slt feo or Snjius, A govel, ot beings anere excl of cormneee an nove bo cou: Sioned fue matefunatr of curity, Te says eer asearts dinates comeing or olen auf the sboundly or others Of the comon forms Snich noselts us pends yon the nalare of the astcren or husnuason, A Sew paul instance el Shake his dear ‘A cominen for has previed for a considerable sie emoncet novel witch was teed with considers cloct by Nie Dickens 1 Died Coppel and which na been work vary how nce tat Uno Bftuny ber writes The hero ie ivoodsond hese fnting bobwdon tre mises, ia ax a sotsran ro bundles cP Big Re mnes tho infrige mates of to. bv ell extemal beliey and sccomplabment, and tie ‘oeher sieody sobeta into fool. -woiks, sud nourishes o choplags posit! tr him, ‘Atior ting the it wile die Her count very oft, htc eras ie embers! of a fay a er fi conotation in pune tata] opie to olay wi te opis ‘ocsony anaches ber aflor ov more ee deccot Intervet hetertigatvantegoo of thie arangesent ae obeioee Yar got en allciing dauthbeds two ccutshige-one gov and lip cher Grave-tounted albetion and probably cleat fe fhvadeutp chosoued by amystestussetienons all by Bo. belp of provers whist sniblas tho hero to, have bis cao. and eat Bayete via i sn hae he a, iy a Gono this pro Yio Sle if they ike to hour it? Whats {ho Tagen piper innit bleby you fey, sucha plot cooveyet™ Pin answer iy tat indieety, aad all Geer etbcdirely ob thas account pies e lesson of fntense tin! eroniuiefuseldcawe Tels quitetaue thatthe writer dacs Tol in go woeay words price Bis lero, or tech people 0 Wok pound toe eacont Htamlago e03! ot of aot “unplensent remedy for the posibo miafosuncs of iho st but thal he Sibnidoy of yong ho man We_goee though such {Er egprinoe in at igeting etude, ond slowing. Bow be uot only kad the sxtisfuetion of Living with a pretty and athetive ‘Woh for oavais sime, but ow, when ue bud at tad of ho, or hed found eat hoe wed ada owas happily removed, sad Tetler cupplisd in hor pinoy the waiter widajem, ik a. sl, IS tine wantin anu lt Go he Sort of footing tint You may indelge your ney by bing © Rossy mate, that very Vbaly she wil bres down, and thon Fou fin ge aso sorvicebls animal ‘The anthers and aus: bo, Set afauty Pole br cacy s we heme Be veadoes wit a peosel thiog it fe for tho man. whom he {digits to honour id bare imo sivas one after te oie, he is ‘riug thou conos ond lls lasso, however Guentemay be ‘i eavalope ia which 1 ie onslow “k Toot writs on Ametis motors snofaer Mustradon of :be saine hing) ar less ffesvo, but eminently ehassotritio. ‘Dicey infra ts tut al tho popular novels a the Unived. States ave the sume plot A. goventess ium he North goes into ee Hotes of cl Suto platen prety wedowe, de ‘un tao plntor in convene roms belie in caren, and hopes. ‘wa due governs fo Uae Norby whet, eter omy olan even Ture, hotidochnprdy over afer.” Of entre a good eal of this fs yurely local wl trigi, but che eentent rauning throogh ff Bprlols ennagh. “Eee. you Sebald vista sowatded, Lor wba fa be go virions. ex” « Northen govesily of WAae sush Seward to her ao mariage wi a eafvertat Souberner? ay ‘asd to te od aide salmon nthe wate i the Shing mone SLOTS Etincn ef th. nym honed. Stree iv bom engedaliy tr mstimonth parpores, nets rsemblonc> ‘ocanecrk one; and thus the mora of ach stores would bo, Sasraionget Tecoglsien of her vsti fo the position vbr Hl ia coo Divi be conskated osu ates exposition of prone of this life well as tot waioh fe to coms. ‘heerlen fms aunts consis seperate nat 9 civious subjert ‘They are ably beeeuse they ate BAND EIGG? Why lg tall ante nation, bot ‘hould brown ‘trousers bo ‘omingner than (rey; oF nice seed? ‘These form may, however, be sagardod by the ouiside aod waxtechaical word with. on ‘exctseblo fodity..” 16 1 fer’ imatanes, really true, that, when men sake ory of shaciage they aye ay, Toke my hind athe bend of o-gentlcmnan’”# “Mr, Lvollope, i any one, ough 9 Joe, od many sage Hoa bis worl ght be quote ‘iho propolis, In one of hi reens orks there are iebdve ora oem of mariage nt each thon conning jer, son ‘ke Such forma as thaw ara perfetly a ‘adic, 4 ply hat tadal tates shoul tothe i peculiarities mit po aauouuced fn the afverdiannsivs.’ Te would not be a hard matter to produce ola by whi any number of mich bolt ot Gey Lat nvtanse, might be written by-any one’ who could’ hit ofthe rrlsed by the aay Ditolar tick of style, Tee giant rth knotnd muscles, and Foe aanaen Zor him to love of se with-aiternte between Inca ey an skoda saci Sartre ee Testeney andthe oft of bciog unnoctedand you have only got to change the names and vary the Greek quotations in order Santon nny revels as the public wil Wey. Te mast be a "vane enmtion for sho author 0 big om the stngo ib fed, or ake gina witb fisted woes, asd fo tell the seus forthe {tat tne In sort of comidenti sada Gt hn Gone aut bold Hin ap ts'a soda of vin wich his id fies and. er oni, Ste ‘eine must. ia te become «mrt of Fongkonateln, “Sito a mgt ony, chavo eld & oun 098 a8 ora ltl el aed ae Ne ont ote ng nigeg fon oy fEiafved eed eth pound cman bye had ul ha hayhetpaier cap Betweenny fags ints any of dah, fod ‘whee on earth om L todo now?" If his wrster wold of ‘could have the kinduoss ta tall him te. go to his own place ond satay there, would bo a sattlaction to his readers au himeli. EYEWITNESSES, AN tiger abe el nn hn St pie Wwupllcon Faiy fp which hes uoiual hy as sen all porte the eouutey, aed hax known Iu formany yous, He laa Best oven eyes! god sun al Kus of hoe eco Victor aaged Dstve Ming, He ln seen th pase fll of te ss yegt king ea at popula Rom ay me iyenty Sacthdd ye Bape tag mgeprsnied ad ‘lupe by wtf, eked meby who tend tht tho Hone ent ho talet 0 Fay. He Sop evry apni of Tetoteu oveson, tod dgaust wherever teal oP eke ited Peele hes bn fneod om asain poston by ae gout or hpabanmtes tuning, Thin oka seer neve Meer Lst, Wb elo heliee aah evdece abt bol tae Ae rexguing and eousin of Pigiaince who aa uot fd elon Ue now. dn dy etiou eve ating been thee execpt prays ture, On te eer band, a vey le to cutgetal rl te Chaldhnn Saati cos bls to caly tee ether vw of eemlicaa, he betbor sya Tiga ete ed as“ tekcinla baer ese nd hes greens, ga GHcdler, te sman cf uninpeachablo verity eid. thet he ware of ea tthe ons tra. Ung pon fone ‘agomo abun atwout Genie fom We eeu, bo eaia"ellove do howe’ ygrwtenss Tibet SN a a oat nk, xas ithea nade Senge, Sinpenig's doaey got ante) itso hy coo ak Soume sheh aegmcoges wll he th Unene Cae? Felgen haul ats Mataohetior Ue wuld sant i Gn chen nd ballet be Reef one of tne apparancer® ti, Wing elaeaiy¢ pon act acu to hea ine ag Popes tol Tape et gle whercer any putt heh top eycary ly Sally Sewn tnt be fol fy sot eee etaa et he Mom bly hopes’ Se Lindy bs of ae Sold geaally Mot out ef tivand tho anpreon tt ho hed Tean vcs bythe ‘gpotieds, bo saw” the dan polcan thinks that any eye-witness must be right. The writer in the, Cotas Wit ap accumulation of Gear orden eaghs ot Aaa Geary conviction Ht halter unipovtant noe unis ‘any fk hoy ft rae i “Talc palcien say ean ey Alpaoed ot. 12 onl seh oa nasa ak i pee Resorts SPs Kathe enone or aun eamet poly ave as Sally Oe they aro only entcusiona fiom a great any other Tl and afl too Sat tho induoin i Spits Ear, Sete thu the wlimee” He su br ecg fad the Mees poplin aly laos tho Pop fof ouge ho cant Webs mon ered wes of 188 Romeh ppalaon wy hen fern om ean number of Romans who aye tla hn at soy soe lem fool te Fe Spt Unc rub ios whom ho spoke ta hin OE Regie Tiny hg Sd anertluod too weuee of the Roman pepslaton, obyiowdy he“hes only ascertained the wishes of. parti pariarr tueitouns pepsin nity WHO ke hs ened wea a ore io aligch aby alu to Yeung ye sous Fe” ‘loth race a. ‘Arig’ apalony Uo poopls tu" prdy Sal soe ‘ll who lve thors it inight asl at geno tothe dtlinh use might pa him an dooney, feu dt thay he migit ony Fars pecraned the eondnes ee Fate Sc fgeer uae fey al gol one Feet gu wns Ray impraned ib the clvichon tet England SESS oy G'blaad Rebala ape end aight be hn Saville hal bohad wenson tog ndings ond the Gch $e" bem showy ead on the “Univ -onuaitan ‘Rolston be hol Sloorared i vary cob he bad met It bo {ol into ater set, he night think that England wes prepare 10 ea wi Bete Ml waa! foul woe magn or umighiy Lapse” Many of fhe ao ato By AEC Byoroiton Sin Fy ee an utp o ows axle tio A vile fr eau pladared oy ganda SEU, sxecgteun ws ar a woul ‘fist, aod very tmplodsent for him to doo. But then this'ia nob exnetly’the fact that Wa - ‘Wont Ur Fengland tp kage.» Thi abt of bagiidage ray be ons of | a cebosing oF dining wopie, and is meen every diertce Jy bappen that one person jonas