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750 The Saturd: jay. Review. | [December 12;, Wedi186a:’ i the gwusino pressure which the Minister seems to. have facial in Svour of-ecolomy, tere. ban been no tater ‘otrenchineht tinea his accent to odioe. The Eutenon, iin. {e, has abstained from great ware; bat Mexioo sind. Cochin Gait tao swallowed up some fon or twclvo milion saing, the extrvegant decoration of Paris hs not oe cheded, and mipplemeniary ceils, though anade. move regular in form, fave not. byen appreciably dimioidhed in amount. The expenditure of the county fan been, usfornly ib exoost of iit ovonain; and though th elaatiity of trade baa done much to All up tho gap, tho stato of the ficances at the present moment is ae threntening. a8 even, and, indeed, oven. more 40 ‘Mhen the eximustion of all exceptional resources ie taken ito-acoount. ‘There ts ampie sesso, theefre, to be rund fbr ths lon, without regarding it merely aa 9 device for fling tho Trenaury in eatiopaion of a wae with some aategonish, ‘too mlactt ea shetmtaoeas may suggest. Sl, tough the es ling pein of suena reat randed, the fact thit a oauntry like Brance thould: be systematically exccoding ite income in a time of ‘Baroy and under a AEnisker pledged, as. Bouty js, to all peosblorottonehman, ia vary egnifeant in iis come rote no less thon Sn ts political bearings. ‘Nor are oller dications wanting to show that a speedy esa to ony timos is eorealy to bo hoped fix. There ate diferent opinions as tothe entett to which the cotton specala= tions now so much in voguo will ba checked bythe high rice of money. in the Liverpool market, but az yet is does no appent to have acquired a permanent cha‘telar; and. oven thoogh sil gambling “operations sould cease at once, it satst tot bo forgotion thatthe Roating capital neeesarily embarked inthe Togiate tae in ction exoood at present prices, the mount inployed before the dearth, by some thingy ov forty fhiliond a year”. domand ofthis megaltude cannot but be > through every nerve and arcery of trade. And if we axtand car suey iti errr wo Tm aon all ‘he! apocilative: ality of yaa * Tullwny movenient in the ‘counfie to of Se Bons ob Gonsaone surpassing” anything tht hea boen witmesied since ‘the great manin-of 4046. Te may wll bo thee upland i strong enough now Zar ai that aha ie undrtaking, but excor, five etivioy mus ead to an eager deniand for money, aud pre= ine py yey rn the cman wish prevoded the pesent tringency of tho market, ‘Thera s nothing Towarrant the immodite conclusion that pociod of high alee Inuit end iu ers On the contrary, the vigour wilh which {he ft sagt of erly ba bn deal aorta ha Inte gd aiving ish meineonon of bat ‘hly for Gh immediato foto, buy ao far ae enn Ba jad or foul fue to come. Sill hoes afho are lage ensbanking fa ‘unde or speotilation. will be wise if th for the con ‘tingnoy of the continuance of high rates of discount and if | 18 ‘hey do so; they wil, in consulting their own intereat,foather bose of the country, and provent a: moderate and’ exsily- ‘sndured pressure for de taal into maces fora gna. ‘Tho'absanco ‘of tnredsoning alarm. at the rapid ‘ation of thé Baile, and the very genetal. appreciation of thé -eoonomieal lawa which govern the finchuations of: the market, ‘wacrint-the ‘expectation that, whatever the fubire courey of ets may be the symptoms willot ba aggrovated by my ‘gevundléss excitement or ill-timed éd excessive ‘spectilation., Hecurvence of octaainnal reasons of stringency may, indeed, “abe reckoned among tho most wholeeome influstees when they ‘ascustom the commercial community 16 regard an exceptional rico of money swith equaniiliy, and to. svouiiuodate thelr ‘ransctions'to-ib with Joresight. and pradeace. oe FRENCH THOS OF TH! UNIVERSE, NSO. soot ais tx ig as de Da Mel ta B Se ee | jiteenure The fn oer um MBs i fond 3 “Hustonquon” ‘Tha other is M. Betthelot’s answer to 31, Rena, tide “Lay Seleug Wae. ct Seeacs Pocitva Thess ‘ro tn al with gut bio poe ovr a rg ‘consldemtion of ecery tnt se is: ee even, dea ‘Same influence in this direotion has been visible | p | Afier lusting et Joogth this ‘onseioisneas 68 6 ‘heologichl questions which djvide diffeient, Obristnincotlicc bag weer edivas fas Gout dur duly ag fom one ieltatioseaae ‘oyon points like thoce raised by AL. Renaw and M. Bertholov amgioty ‘g eer utd neg wd lla ely ows with ise f elton Eine hen io daoumah ha ortinnry 6 shows tow tees awl OF lure i aay east of nad eH gl Ho dab“ fo employ upon usb topics azy quant ing bur wie“ ‘ountzin of lsetnticas have heen heaped up, and endlesroBne~_ sens in tbo way of argument bave been deviod, tho points af {Esuo relve chemist lea ato eomperaivaly lala questoze, thiol ro not beyond the reach of corto ncllutacy aod whic. Tis iupomtivay, ueausary for every one who sare to Live on." lndpl, aud uol al Bead, lo solve for bis oa praclcal i ® [. Ronan’s article is to the following ¢ifect. Whitst: speeding bin saminer near St Mido, Ie oeonred to in tha. he Rhys bclense worw lat cupeir fo th Hatori science,” Aw folie Ihe eonare we lngw someting worth ioowing of 2b Bi ‘he inet fer centien Wo ase ead acqtaiatad ith the leading ‘eu in sy tn eng nu of ha werd ee ‘hic chougt mitch Jong fe probly vary aor fo competion THO hah daut then cn yn oly che Ttngonges tod a comparison of to myth of eat enon, wo may na Saslber hace wad ny really seed aoe, cue Base newly of Os charts ant condition of tae ees which existed helora hist ‘This wa hava bean enabled cm Soper Peskooace i cap ame eee mee open ae | to, te toy paling Agyeny, the" comme camo of tie ‘Greeks, the Latins, the Germans, the Slaves, befu their dis- ceioe, wid more eleasouy aa that with, which 0 Remain entady eoing suon in. Ata and. Gone a™ ‘Bfom compurntivemyeogy, we go heck to golopy, whlch om Realy conto tiny Spectdiy we wpe slag A Ron calls ue best-odablaned "pring. of male piloophy = Sumy, tnt do developnas of tbo esd produ itioal ae fy ig ang Rae Anni eparicular olen” Geology, oa ths lspotess, gos tree ougney ant inden os Ga Swe hee the pout Bar fine bansued” of fiom mest whic’ pocedel i” Hove tutta ice api tito, und shows fo Sia sin way a9 ‘epouk,’ the parent of the carta. Upon this M, Renan males @ atl fad buteheretnatio ce Yes ren rachel he ef lining nt Ge cho pa an tie Abb tat fae ant saga ee eg percep eer hot mck a eo SSoucecmuey tr he pl Go of ur bc ‘Hor th explnston of tis singular obturation we mit resort to Sheminey.” Tt sone prover as heats ha roca anes ‘of almost everything, and, indeed, the equivalent of force ; snd the fir is te uve of heal’ “Ehna ets ant of pbgtedl at fae, beyond wich wo ia this Ute wond cannot go, tholgh fhcte ae) be ole euny ihe cones andyav fo speak the foal ‘Gods of Other ayatems. “Fron chemist, wover isnot tho ond ofall things, Mecha- seeds ca Ee ee rine Sel eae Je ‘e'nas bo in nid, sean egal are “Whether sucha otto of things over‘extted in fact, M. Ronan aril not undertake to say; but Ht did, wo-aro thor at ap ent. ‘Whether thoro srs engting before hi, the kusay mind. éamcot dort. Indeed, in Ytorones. to euch a sate of thingy, tho word ‘hefore” as litte or 1 aridved at the atomia period we aud on the Fimits of tha ualvaive "Horo our reason Jr swiilowed. up. All eclaeo stops. Anslogy Js. silont. The ‘lies of Beat aio up ks tmpesrble Berg" Poni Tpathematice may help us out. ‘Tho difbwostial ast into Calais ay or may mot Baw pee he atoms ad hneve.toade.theit way ores, under, or ie antivomies Ue cents? bat BC Hon don fot. ahk anode. bo ‘eset ofetng they sw in nla xegerin we deere vont of blng sn whe ‘iw senator ley a a hal exis, amsucing. chat 1 “io exst at all.” MIs g the olut of which M. Ronn intzoduos bis reign: ‘ffwo eloments-tin 4nd a tondensy t0 peogroce explain tho universe?” Something more than the ip (higyanauds) of Des- ‘artes ib wanted So account for the perfocions of tho wonkd >= * Worm ein So ves ti enki lands an “an intarion ney wimp gem. Ala fee trae te 3 eT Ther itty aba coaster te uve ‘Gace cb make ice we mig wide io power oligo b imicg & pae a Lore ae ee a hs Srond) will go om I at last, , soni ooloseal “ean sl $0 tn ‘the “iphert of single” plaiob, * reid verbena wi cmt fo eomaunicate ss sphensa—an_ exploit: which, ag = for an wo can Jide, ne neor yor bees, perused fn, way: pans of aK 12, 1868,] . ,The Saturday Review. WSL riod, xf secrets of | notice of his cariduct, and in somo: or other. punishiog or r0-— : seh deat ae | in Wael a aS Soe are ee NS gra eat ails 7g, copein Supe” ve hg | ep rs en LO ee ‘eatbecold nue ptmit? Hhon flops mpsoge | sch tae conde at aed hk who aging eta hp : mp gg eles apne | hn me sh aie ceaaiaet ; elie Mies a be is om ania lac mae, 4n. God, the opinion which absolute fustics' ns of hin, icy sneoeta | ge rane sich he nls Inthe tite Wonk, moh ise orld seirang ¢D “ty.” Go tg more Sian tal existence; he iat the wae ‘pe tho | Godin Lert, hs pare of fue Gener! conscouenen-— Me tre bas. ‘GL Mths Se teria hic ett rapt, aod ote | han aor tg of ac of na Bu ray on imo het gent ma, calle} tee bie pec fhe ah de livia rac of 8 gro bn | snrace toe thee acoting 0 the th asin Shi ae may ‘cotta, and the fue” Ths viewed, God fly Hod uatrvey Gey he's | nosunry ends Gsath fr tele ervey hich Ge tele art (-#0) in al ebd minutes, without program oe Deel Eee. ‘Thonaxt topie isthe future prospects of men. “Consciousness” | Sines God, secording to M. Renae, is the gum total -of Tena eal ak nts Spar | "gcents rom hanno, Kat Sonn hrngh eve hour “which tay proved.” Ton snl, However it | at Gar pose of genlepy to Leas Nopsloon ahi c= fe 2 » geal ore te goscionsace fhe sol iw ncwhere™ (hs | tupac, asdiog, aioget. ethers, Fiz "ait vod, sent topgacdy fermen ten eck mory tong ate istnce | gat tue dy pees te Aboot es aa ome Yeap thea io the place whew they Hea Th | tue noutoe adjective, api ol tare existanean of every dex ‘where i ucts, where 12 loves God being the iderl, | scription waxtremély hed to. underctand to whas Dheso frent jut af all Tove, Boa is msmeally ho pins ot sou | wet doy ater al, siden thamslnen, What Je Shy drones Hos, whoncop ane‘. tent kang Tenginge—"“Gol ta | Ewen anh paral ig wat eon people wold cotptd Mims" ll en wil lve ayia. What i permanent | ga do ma Heal and i ro bing“ par in the geal seal be ropsreted nil bas pace ee oda a | Sosa Pe Tht are te ue tag melded oat oe Soop itor cso ae of ngage, Tuan cls | a pte of in and hae cea hm ear oven heey the Icingdom of God. caflect to consider hinuseld, fn reflareuce fo all existence, afisobato po tia slgaleseonfsion of fth BL Borthalot, to whom it | au, pay pre aftr and than So esc oon lt is addeesod, replies by oa ettempt to waco tho distinetion between | to che {deal all, or ot tine?” Togo 8 maa ying 1 abe poise sad thal cecuss hy Tren etatogs he sows how | ive of Sima in seeresee 99 tho trent ele the ies fhe cng ond moa feoae fat tha tation wick | Grog al of Chen, both of wht rage pare ot Me Roars veh he be tn hy i ten eo | Gn hh iy ne wi crn baie a fous og. eoctl ath 1 other wal fet wo a wo tho ables an eae urpiagy son tne hatin pain sera altho plnotena wih whlch we. are acqlatnta ander t| onto mene araee, Se Leura Won sup ie el sraite of gusdal loemuigs which are te highes aUjctof our | go pon oet toa rotons of ckfrentexnnes, ui ka ay as Etowitdgo, Ths tn pave nmoy which icles mors and | fxeng Snoughovea iiay ta & sober tld, eelesmeng hall Mrulspyoks bed ngty andostoo. ‘Tha import femgy | paste thes as ing a bate-oye Yoo tlonn of agen hi aril i ag falows:— End boundless scala of enuee, hut when be guts to roplons whats, At tf resi pel oy uo gab won |e gut a at Chong hve fu iow we tnd foenia tama By ie ‘Fedoe), wonda esas to have mamning, it becomes ol tho ged “yl eller crass tan el Uhse went a ifs ‘pi ponknoa bo tar 3 ‘bill Ben be complete, the ward Ged is mato sateen Go url oh fe 7 pa gmke hime Bat ts sup tune would tw nv “rheateamee | clear tnt bo is talking “wi ole of le utguaes sprint oh Stayt Hah tg ng esa | abou comer On tp oie. Tana he eh god tasty hs taps fi whatnot tha tgreeces | aman ecence goes, there i ont harmuny, aid regu uccer- eosin uyserus a8 nase wip, co wins uve ode cae. | MOD Boo pefectiy true; Ho how does 3 fallow from thle seattle ns ea ad ye tule eugatng ny lgkingey | 26 ho ualvele isl, ana wholoy has conslousncr,, or ITE wii il ha nn dont aut douse preted to Candas | CHAE thoes pests. of Jt. which mo deeeiued 29 ruts TavaldessBarar at ace y icone’ a toroueentas” | mater re br any conse not brute matter? Is tere tho. lent Mdnd aloes M Betheet topes to ests ihe eaton $0 eupposo that a block of grit hes eho fenton oF most i fo met i ‘obscure sorb of cobecioumness-~ cushy for instance, aa ono’ inight ich men oro “‘dsiven to mako hy an itiperious nooowsity’' {0 | criba to a ata anemiano? If one block has not, why shoud a Consus & grr cry of he unten, "Te ny ho adds | faa ohtin dre any let en bo ego yom hn npn oe a ee ee from time to time ond from man to man. | M-Berthelot’s notion of | snocessive, geological. trata or. of St. Paul's Cathedral, the ‘deal eine abl valu ay be gather from, ‘Mires i ot thn he thing fel Tao Capon At comes : : sta dbacton trot otovipsoneata [oe Ei torte nwo Ke wil he Late aie ford nina | an ob os Sa ee diteiaoes lereltrins feel at tra roten | cru if sign amon ph el Nn mo Srpemligce mrueeeestvte mye rteragrae.afe| fen sng foo wih etme, inecigaie ‘Resto cent fa nn en a’ ei a we | I 8a oe Whe Rana ned ith Sates ate Ea ee i pis) el uy rn When os, ou BELGE race tir tony aot | mnt Sa Ms a aun aba roel semen teeter | ren ocean SS hse enc te ie tee | Rupa om pou Pes Seed he Sard ie ee Ries tend aes Be | Pena ae hana athe eee se ne Seen Ss Alle ae a ee eet) perisd. Human naire, and. even’ a moderetaly latge, section ° < = Ce ee Such is tho general "pt -of- these two remarkable articles, | to support’ the. inferemces . practic required for’ ‘Thay woptoreut pretty faithfoiy the wort of way in whieh mou | golatice of our minds and of four conduct} and’ Chis. oy Ta er MEE hla’ ast | Eas “te aatagtn on wih ee rene oa at [epee He en ene rey ce naa, and w/a, ip, lcunso tom he ay, tte ‘oonisy mae ‘villares eat abodes hearvely pesspetle adam on wun secs, ae the hs phe. Lavatory ‘what facie plese ise eta te screen ma Suna pera e eal ‘ature of God. and tha future stats fe | ti seine be said ‘of it -by those. sehose Jot. is ‘molecules and thei eenturies inésrost us aaly i and in #0. ‘thoy emuble us to understand ourselves better, who have, |to. trans * of, life,” sind: to. ‘then, iuman-natare os the ti whint do we ie 3 ato hoe Saint on Saute Ena rotated mi gre) ; wna edac a : | withous. thin’ me =| ei When. aoe cap nither bs resolved into something else nor fall, ee geen = sly ET ae Picea el do 79 conclusions free” thixasal 752 The Saturday Review. {December d2, 1863, “Ani iy aot some governing principio of action i abgoluly neoee= Utne conduc of ke jaa the next, tat the viable ov table jo hinge in ch ie ae So of al snl we 0 rncipla, Yo ony ond of average sensibility md deceney the Fete ftving Ho anton out day 6 day under tho pul Smitty Senta, Net aly woul mosey be Frpouble on lutaly intlezable. Not only would riety be impossible on Sieh mejstom, bit dio Woof ech indnideal would be a2 i= Shit how cn we escapo ftom this deynading slavery? jut how can 8 sm this degrading slavery? By rellecting, fe tay. be anid, om the. fates, and attending qo ie onlere ent existing: Sogulations, of aocieay a Tange, Mondis nave a bes of their own —nwuely, the geaeral good CE mnaskind—aud ace independent of enything more. This iy ‘bo doubt, trun as sega te tiny of moreigy. Iris perfectly possible to ticorend aor, coal pd poliest aystass with bub referring to ouything oyond them, bué why should 1 hey thot? ‘They aio range by men of ko prusiont to mys, fen for awhons 1 nv litte Segard; and Now can mer ks Ingeelt bind ancy xcept, indeod, ia ludicrously. imporfsot rannor esto «fot outward nats "‘Thay ean hang ee foe ure, ‘oraend mo to prison for thot, or blame me fo: disuonoarable con aces ee en ayo yea of mort cas eit ancy ov emorcine authority ovér to thoughts of iy hel, ‘ib enctd dsetion of ty Jelingy te ‘choico of my objects ip, tho regulation of my feations® Tf thoeo are governed meraly ‘ny my own pmo, Inman ach at sea as hefone. Te i8 esy ‘guall nates that [ein lad of ka adng, by lege o scl pennl= {i ommy oeghoa’ wien poe, stings pe thoughts of the heer, wad give hermony to that intoroml fe of ‘blah oubwan! nals ne but tho pelo ralleotin, except, some oxo ‘amily phe, belay , a. greter hn wom Teak “with ‘Jonge of ravaromes, feu, bopo, and cout~ {dates wad tho eons of this whieh as act thon all ges fo bevic the foctstops cf God in the world without end in the ros TSR, ee Boe hat they eam in tele"ovm Rees ‘ad-mula, in their files, in thole uations, in every relation cof life that apposls to Daman oympathy — and these things, Hhowgh not bigger, are latuitdy goctor nnd nobler than ‘udlions of arapey cnaterits and tilins of seneelese molecules, even Aor'thaor the dient wd fra acu int the bargin ed anon lem to so0k after God. To aay Goat tay 100 ‘rrcoasefl in vo toatl, nn Oneasit a6 wacoratal im lirica Sree oe lls th. mn rhich emul, ‘would ‘to micmnauestand ais cbjeek No. sation person” exec sich aiseas.— Whatavor physeal philoophers “my supp0s, Srvare not euch fools at to thnde that Giod is an old man siting ‘aiwtload sod wamotimes working. miracle, nor do thay eease delinvo in Goo bocanso runder ean be refined to sleet. ‘ThetGol to whom aoreest we of mason choouely pasts and ‘whom tic only language thet wo ekn oso moat ding niente, Bio! meconity suppmest by ws to be ove. Tho abares with 2a ar auc fn rhom. gn drivin hi rab gi ‘Ring, Ulougho) tens, edirideal cman, 1B Yom 1 comidesntion of the mndlaw dificulten end contra dictions ‘which the. play -of above Sooalties nad. ho, passions tumoreed Yo thasn geedngs Sf mo sh Baing seins to pivn thom Tanlty, aud of tho nermoey—quctial 0. dou and inti, but SCG harmony not quite too vast aud ‘"eakd — ‘Whioh, upon tho unpposition thet thore ie euch = Being, would ppentto pareadoitho wbols mera word dat wo eroded to believe AB Go, ato coe hn etn are nt ni ‘and ovr language a “stuennoring, «to old truths? at Unio wo and all our flings nad inumest aro oranda Datomiss:eonfusioa (whntever to, aiolesules nnd the strata may be), cose conte lip trol are no oly wantin, ‘itt acertam extent bypothotcal. o'epedk of God wa fash, fuer nae, or eetoydenodobt to mmetmpefect mec; bag atierows aa cur dapenfnioe OF sbonghs wad these uviaghore do pois towrrds. tho fala “whclwe ven ‘wich wo shave Teaaon:to beliovo te emit. ‘in -baving 08 ‘anne dor” the ,sam. total of -estaal xitenee ‘phe all cotisof neuter adjoctiven lls tbe ahbeslute and the-Cood 3¢ tr ote or act there ou a being ww ~ Raaas'sGoa? ‘Tha world.atlerge, end farnan beings in prticn!a, Gould Go justas welltsithoxt bya or $8... ‘The world, eoonding {o.ML Ronan, oquale- God minus tho'moubr adjectives en they eo sano phases, cd ibrales very dite seat difference whether “they are pat on onesie ofthe equation or tho other. = “Whaisver anay by tho weakiekeof thor oxmvent language on the sbjeod, ths ane point of etble At entrta thet thoro.s-a Being upon the aepamy “oly coaduchy using: dhataroud. in Ha xwidest = ble po AE thers. wach: Tease Hg tant ion. of sete Ateneo ean sponmit out cach io he the rica} etrata may be ular; itamaiy be porsible takow,: She pales teu menu rls kg revermee are to be found in the world, ani-what is thelr cheat renege te nd i a ee ae ma ee SEL A Schl ee omen marae ce petty bane Sou oatageied fm a lee gaovel about after beeBond mutton wid bebiesy whilst the eturdie, riper pus eat eae "a Te A ae Sea a pie fap epee ber mi Ee noua sey nes crane Fate, Tent Sow, Geter fee et oa a es att in time Jn drawing! 6 wea fang % Foiea FLUENCY. NEE protent system of bringing difirent eiateas into fiend elms wil ony otter ebugh io lin of pat fnstrucsion hag, smi Ste ney excellent poanta ams which oe Sepa a ghacisehi, Sie ensue Racer of ape sad fa as ean fr rey etree, Tho yong ma, JFouig squize, tho young raster, is encouraged to addres) Bi TMivtos oo eattow tant il infra naiaterest them, bat on fh tuedestending that ho isto bo aypertiid tht a must 0 br Demin toro heen eo ahold Income dep rccandite, and so tulle over tho heads of is simply ignorant sve Fess sgt ho to say. Zhe coon es his “hem ty, whieh Ja supposed to bo the eoly gif such pooalg feu understand. All this-our young exalt ie very willing to do Whothor aware of itor act, fie quite ona to his not to be doom, all ho Imowe of his eubjoct boinie Sta eommonglaecs buf this {EEetructod, he haa uo four of being dhalow, end, oven where om acicusty riost weak, bo belive ois only adopting bimclf to his Theoret. So, atong in his eondesoeucion, be gos along, wy his own sworsar aod kt fiend! nfiration in altel Rood of verbiage, Tt ig, indeed, astoniahing wht «eit, wha a great atean of swords obedient to" grammatical moh" mam exh attsin to 2 he only haxe anfliont conterpé for his @udienee ; and what {retilcation he derives fom he averse of this ‘power of Winey ene ad weedy vel rain." IF Be li reget {it hearem-if ho nd bern eolietous to give them the flower bis thoughts, and'4> pul thos sata words which should reeen- trend thew to discrunlaniiog minds if ho bad aimed at rigorous touureoy fooling done the wore litanere who could detact ‘yk in he moment wouhd probably have igor ome hrmble and digetited, with « ene of falls, con. ‘sous of many ® panos and sbamblo aad awlewerdagis of expres fon, Butnoq he ir eouplaent, and ready to bagin gern; fo, ator All it i bow we ave said our say, rather than tue force and sucet of what we havo sold) whisk iuupresses us, Ts ie how be, Thar aoquitied lansal® hat Bure ho har modo, which dweln on fe taka in ai acaligo ot Copano Sin Ard ey, of all things, gives tia conddanen. 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