Literacy – Subject Area

Writing An Opinion Piece


Write a SERIES OF PARAGRAPHS (a minimum of three) EXPRESSING AN OPINION on the topic below. Develop your main idea with supporting details.

Purpose and Audience: To convince the members of the city council that the Nashua River needs to be cleaned up. Topic: Cleaning the Nashua River - Speech Beginning: This contains the topic sentence, which tells your audience what the speech is about. It is helpful to open your paragraph with a statement of your opinion on the topic. Middle: This is the main part of your writing; it includes the supporting details which make up the body of the position. The sentences in the body make the subject interesting and clear. Choose a number of supporting details from your planning sheet and use them to support your opinion. Write the supporting details in the form of complete and interesting sentences. Organize your sentences into paragraphs. Ending: The concluding paragraph should remind the reader of what you have said. It is helpful to end your piece with a closing sentence that restates your opinion on the topic. OPINION

Literacy – Subject Area Writing An Opinion Piece .

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