Here Comes the Judge

GMS (Good Morning Sunshine)
Few are the friends, who lighten burdens; companions, who strengthen our spirits. We don¶t get to choose our cards, and we must play the cards dealt; -- of course, sometimes we are dealt the Sun. ³What a wonderful thing to be an amiable spirit« our hearts lightened and strengthened.´ 1 We bask in Sunshine¶s presence, gracious with us always in all ways: faithful, loving, and hopeful. Yes, Sunshine accommodates, pleasantly radiates joyousness with fervent, ceaseless kindness. Sunshine soothes the aching pain and attends to our all aloneness making time, creating space. With great care Sunshine is warm the one who shares endless energy without those cranky demands Let us not grow tired of doing good Her light that shines in our hearts makes us glow2

1 2

Father Judge Meditations p305: line 42 and 44 2 Corinthians 4: 6

October 30, 2009

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