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Factors Affecting Electrolysis of Aqueous Solution

Factors Affecting Electrolysis of Aqueous Solution

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Published by: Nurul Hidayah Abd Latip on Nov 05, 2010
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Factors Affecting Electrolysis There are three main factors that can affect the electrolysis products. there are: Position of ions in the electrochemical series Concentration of ions and Type of electrode .

Position of ions in the electrochemical series .

‡ The lower the ion in the electrochemical series. ‡ For example: Cu2+ easier to be discharged compare with H+ OH.is easier to be discharged compare with I-.‡ The ions at the top of the list is more difficult to be discharged. but as we go down the table. ‡ This series of ions is called the Electrochemical Series (ES). . they become easier to be discharged. the easier the ion to be discharged during electrolysis.

(aq). given off at the anode.---> H2 Equation: 4OH. SO42. or hydroxide OH. and each ion gains an electron to become a hydrogen atom. Two of these newly formed Hydroxide is easier to atoms then combine to form a discharge. the hydrogen. so oxygen gas is hydrogen gas molecule .Electrolysis of Aqueous Sulphuric Acid At the Cathode Here we have only one ion. Equation: 2H+ + 2e. At the Anode Here we have a choice of either sulphate.---> O2 + 2H2O + 4e- . H+ (aq).(aq) ions.

. it will be selected to be discharged even though it is higher in the electrochemical series compares with another ion present in the solution.Concentration of Ions ‡ If the concentration of a particular ion is high.

The chloride ions (OH-) are preferentially discharged because of their position in ES. At the Anode Both the chloride ions (Cl-) and the hydroxide ions (OH) migrate to the anode . Equation: 2Cl.Electrolysis Of Diluted Hydrochloric Acid At the Cathode The hydrogen ions move to the cathode .---> H2 .---> Cl2 + 2e- Equation: 2H+ + 2e. The hydrogen ions (H+) are discharged.

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