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name ㄴ n ㅎ h ㄱ g, k guess, king ㅋ k ㄷ d, t day, toy ㅌ t ㅂ b, p boon, pan ㅈ j, z jam, ㅅ s, t sigh, wet ㄹ r, l rock, ill ㅁ m
1. 2. 3. 4.

hello key tree pizza church ㄲ kk ㄸ tt ㅃ pp ㅉ jj ㅆ ss ㅇ ng* sing

ㅍ p ㅊ ch


*silent placeholder consonant in initial position
Syllable begins with consonant Syllable has at least 1 consonant & 1 vowel (c+v OR c+v+c) Consonants in second column are pronounced “aspirated” (with a puff of air after it) [x, y] x when followed by a vowel, y when followed by another consonant or form the final sound of a word

ㅏ a ㅓ eo ㅗ o ㅜ u ㅐ ae ㅔ e ㅡ eu ㅣ i
1. 2.


father lawn home moon pan ten put meet

ㅑ ya yacht ㅕ yeo yawn ㅛ yo ㅠ yu yolk you

ㅘ wa ㅚ oe

watt wet

ㅝ wo water ㅙ wae wear ㅞ we wet ㅢ ui ㅟ wi we

ㅒ yae yam ㅖ ye yes

Vertical vowels (ㅏ) go on right of consonant Horizontal vowels (ㅗ) go under first consonant