The Clever Fox A lion, a fox and a donkey become good friends.

One day they went together for hunting. They were lucky. They caught a lot of animals. The lion asked the donkey to divide what they had caught. The donkey did as he was told. “Let’s take our share, my friend. Each gets an equal share,” said the donkey. The lion got very angry. He did not like the equal share. He wants more share than others. So he attacked and killed his friend, the poor donkey. Then lion looked at the fox and asked her to divide what they had caught. The fox thought for a while. Then she picked the best and biggest pieces and gave them to the lion. She took the smallest pieces for herself. Now the lion was very happy, “Hmm, you are very clever, my friend. How did you know to divide our shares so well?” the lion asked the fox. “Oh, I learned it fast. After what happened to the Donkey, I know what to do,” said the clever fox.


Wise people learn from the other people’s lesson Fox ‘10 AIZUDDIN Donkey

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