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mission driven by an Entrepreneur.......... Vision Effort Determination Challenging Attitude
Success FactorsNeed Identification Key Market Identification Appropriate Alliance Right People Learning from Mistakes

Problem Statement Industry Analysis
Threat of New EntrancesLucrative market, Huge size, Segmented customer

Intense RivalryInnovation by the competitors Quality of the Competitors Close Competitors

Problem Statement Industry Analysis
Supplier¶s Bargaining PowerScarce raw material Latest technological threats Increase in price Transportation accuracy

Buyer¶s Bargaining PowerPeople¶s awareness to Quality Price Emotion Demographic change

New Market Expansion Competitions New Products Increase in Expenditure Maintaining Shareholders trust Resource Allocation Product line upgradation and modification

Recommendations and Implementations Recommendation

New Technology Training of HR Improved Raw Materials Supplier Network Outside Manufacturing Media Fashion Show Social Responsibility Environmental Factors

New Alliance

New Way of Promotion

Recommendations and Implementations Recommendation Implementation
Target new Markets Geographic Expansion New cultural Context Product Innovation Environmental Factors New Lifestyle Identification Quality Upgradation Concrete capital Structure Pay regular dividend Inconsistent income should be mitigate


Wealth Maximization

Recommendations and Implementations Recommendation
Product Expansion

Dental & Saving etc.

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