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30 11 09 Referendum

30 11 09 Referendum

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Published by: donald1745 on Nov 05, 2010
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A National Conversation – YOUR SCOTLAND, YOUR VOICE

3.4 With independence Scotland would
have full responsibility for promoting
economic growth and improving
Scotland’s long-term competitiveness,

• designing a tax system to make
Scotland a more attractive place for
business growth and investment
• choosing a macroeconomic
framework, including the operation
of fiscal policy, best suited to the
characteristics of the Scottish
• encouraging research and investment
to spur growth in key sectors where
Scotland has comparative
advantages, for example in energy,
food and drink, life sciences,
financial services, creative industries
and sustainable tourism

• borrowing responsibly for investment
in key long-term projects, such as
the Forth Road Bridge
• representing Scottish interests
internationally: for example fishing
policy in the European Union; duties
on whisky in the World Trade
• establishing a distinct population
strategy, addressing the
demographic and skills challenges
that face the nation


What steps are being taken to mitigate
Scotland, in particular against the effects
of resource depletion? We are so dependent in
every way now, that huge changes are needed
to empower and re-skill future generations to
create a resilient, sustainable community with
confident, capable people able to meet the very
challenging times they will face.

(Oban National Conversation event, 5 October 2009)

A National Conversation – YOUR SCOTLAND, YOUR VOICE

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