UP Reading - Fall II 2010 - L.


y This is Thomas Edison,

the Great American Inventor.
y What is he holding in

his right hand? y Why is this object considered one of his most important inventions? y How has this invention changed the way that Americans lived?


PRE-READING (cont d)
y Here is another one of

Edison s inventions. What is it? y Look at page 59
y How is the couple in the

illustration responding to this invention? y What opinion do you think they might have had of the inventor?


y SURVEY y Get an overview of contents and organization
y y y

Titles/subheadings Pictures/captions Intro/Concluding paragraphs

y QUESTION y Turn titles/subheadings into questions y What do I already know about this subject?

y Read pgs 54-61 y Reading Comprehension pg 62-63 y Vocabulary pg 64-65

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