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Salesforce.com Winter11 Release Notes

Salesforce.com Winter11 Release Notes

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Published by Cloud Gofer
Salesforce.com force.com winter11 release notes
Salesforce.com force.com winter11 release notes

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Published by: Cloud Gofer on Nov 05, 2010
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With Winter '11, you can upload a fle to My Files so you can store, preview, download, search for, and share the fle.When
you upload a fle to My Files, it's added as private, not shared with anyone, and you are the fle owner.Private fles are indicated
by the word Private and a lock icon on the fle's detail page, and by a lock icon on fle lists.You can search for your
private fles in Chatter and on the Files tab, and share them by attaching them to a feed on the Home tab,Chatter tab, a
profle, a group, or a record. On a feed, click File and Select a fle from Salesforce. Search for your fle from the Select a File
to Attach list, click Attach, and then click Share.When you share a private fle, it's no longer private.

Add Chatter Topics to Posts and Comments

In Winter '11, when you post an update in Chatter, you can associate your update with all other posts and comments on the
same topic by adding a topic link. A topic link is a way to tag and categorize your update so other people can fnd it more
easily.Topic links are similar to hashtags used in other social networking sites.


Chatter the Collaboration Cloud

Chatter Feeds Enhancements

For example, if you post an update that you're working on a sales presentation for your customer Universal Paper, you might
want to add the topic link #UniversalPaper in your update. If your coworkers use the same topic link in their updates, anyone
can click the topic link to view all related comments and posts.Topic links become more valuable as more people use them.

To create a topic link in an update:

1.Enter # followed by any word. Spaces, tabs, and new lines automatically end a topic link, as well as the special characters

noted below.

Topic links aren't case-sensitive, so #UniversalPaper is the same as #universalpaper.

2.Post your update.

The word you entered after # becomes a link that others can click on to view all posts and comments that use the same
topic link.

Once you post an update, the only way to delete a topic link is to delete the entire post or comment.Chatter administrators
can't restrict which topic links are used.

The following characters can't be included in a topic link. For example, if you enter #Sales.Report in your update, only
#Sales becomes a topic link.

•. (period)
•, (comma)
•; (semi-colon)
•: (colon)
•( ) (left and right parenthesis)
•& (ampersand)
•! (exclamation point)
“” (beginning and ending quotes)
•' (apostrophe)
•/ \ (back and forward slashes)
•| (pipe)
•# (hash)
•@ (at sign)
•% (per cent)
•+ (plus)
•= (equals)
•$ (dollar)
•^ (caret)
•~ (tilde)
•[ ] (left and right square bracket)
•{ } (open and close curly brace)
•< > (left and right angle bracket)
•* (asterisk)

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