Mark Anthony A.


bscrim 4

The fourth year criminology student of CENTRAL MENDANAO COLLEGES, KIDAPAWAN CITY. Had its educational fieldtrip as part of the requirement in DRUGS EDUCATION and VICE CONTROL CDI-5. The agreed place they visited was the BABISTA DRUG REHABILITATION CENTER in Lanang, Davao City on 18august 2010 from 8:3011:30 in the morning, This activity was designed and planned to meet the following objectives; to meet the needs in preparation for higher education concerning the social problem on drug education; To include in the academic curriculum a program on drug education; to comply with the educational approach in dealing with the globally acclaimed drug problem; To achieve the ultimate goal of drugs abuse prevention program; To become knowledgeable about the effect of drugs esp. dangerous drugs and its related vices; And to enhance the knowledge about drug education and vice control;

Student learned many things and realized that drugs should not be used in abusive ways. Kinds of prohibited drugs Submitted to: Villarosa Elizabeth Mundog . They were explained step by step how drugs work within human cell and how it becomes dangerous.The students were taught many information regarding drugs and its effects.

Submitted by: Mark Anthony Arandia Abutyap .

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