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ZCBI newsletter 2nd edition

ZCBI newsletter 2nd edition


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zensar center for business innovation's News letter volume-2
zensar center for business innovation's News letter volume-2

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Published by: saurabh_cookie on Jul 27, 2008
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Zensar Center for Business Innovation

JULY 2008 Volume I / Edition II




Chasing Rainbows


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Zensar Center for Business Innovation

The Pointers

www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

First of all on behalf of Chasing Rainbows team I would like to pay my gratitude to all the readers of this newsletter. The response, suggestions and feedbacks given by you all after reading the first edition of “Chasing Rainbow” incited us to do better. Thanks for all the support. Cheers!!! Form now on the newsletter will be section based. Each edition hence-forth will have sections like brand of the month, ZCBIan of the month, book of the month, article of the month. Other then this it would have quizzes and latest news and events sections as well. Please keep sending in your suggestions for improving upon the subsequent editions of the Newsletter.

In this Issue of Chasing Rainbows

Gyan Section This section has article contributed by ZCBI’s management or the faculty. Dr.Nikhil Agarwal is the contributor, this month Brands & Profiles This section in each edition will talk about one brand or a corporate profile. We start with showcasing “Landmark Group” Article of the month Need we say more? In this edition “Sub-prime crisis” article contributed by Mr. Ajay Shaha is article of the month Zcbian of the month This section is introduced to showcase an individual from ZCBI for his/her zeal to make a difference in this world. This month’s ZCBIan is Mr. Ravi Parasrampuria Book of the month This section will provide book reviews. The book reviewed here is “The World is flat”

Article from the class This section has articles contributed by ZCBI students. Our contributor this month is Mr. Satya Brahmachari, he has given an insight on Business Plan Life @ ZCBI A walk through life at ZCBI Tickle your Brain Let your brain think on a business quiz

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

Gyan Section

Director’s View


– Fuel, Food and Finance crisis is

keeping thinkers busy around the world. 2008 is considered to be quite eventful year; be it Olympic or global crisis. My students ask questions on pattern of the crisis, as a professor of business management, I found it very difficult to answer. All the theories & concepts of economies have gone wired which are framing the basis of the world economy. Academicians & thinkers are burning midnight oil across the continents to concentrate on areas which might need broader attention and deeper thinking to survive economic slowdown. For example: One of them is demographic studies; D K Matai in his recent note said “Nothing less than fundamental re-design of our political processes will even begin to allow us to deal with issues that require a generational attention span. Most notable among these is manifest overpopulation, failure on which will at the very best severely handicap all other efforts. Among the many planetary scale problems, demographics is perhaps the most neglected.” The Asian economies and financial Institutions are more-or-less untouched by the financial turmoil in west, may be due to strong domestic market. However, we can feel the shadow of the slowdown in different forms, like the rising fuel prices; have shattered the confidence of people leading to high inflation.

As a student of business transformation, it is essential to do diagnostic of the bigger problem and translate them at the organization level. I invite you to participate actively in the global debate of 3F crisis and share your thoughts. Moreover, I congratulate the participations of PGPBT for taking the initiative for the newsletter. This is an important gateway to express views on different issues. Lets us create a thinking community.

- By Dr. Nikhil Agarwal Director ZCBI, Pune

Something more to it: Dr. Nikhil Agarwal, Director, ZCBI is an international expert on ICT, Internet Governance and Policy. He has lectured around the world on IT Strategy, e-commerce, e-governance and Technology Policy. He is serving as High-Level-Advisor to UN GAID and member of numerous editorial board/review panels. He is also serving as Editor-in-chief for prestigious “Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce”

Brands & Profiles

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

Landmark Group


he Landmark Group, founded in 1973

with a single shop in Bahrain has grown into one of the largest retail organizations in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and is expanding rapidly in India. It currently operates over 550 stores across the region and has recently started operations in Jordan. In addition to its retail sector, the Group has also diversified into leisure, food, hotels and electronics and has created a comprehensive infrastructure including its own logistics and distribution division, to support its retail operations and other businesses. Key Facts about Landmark: • Chairman: Mr. Micky Jagtiani • LMG has 35 Years of retail experience • Turnover in excess of US$2.5bn • Total retail space over 10 million sq ft. • Retail Presence across 12 countries: Bahrain, China, India, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Spain, UAE, Pakistan & Egypt. • Operates over 825 stores. Key Strengths: • Large and diversified retail formats with anchor stores in major shopping malls. • Ability to handle diverse products and market segments. • Efficient supply chain management with well-established logistical infrastructure. • State-of-the-art IT systems and solutions. • Multi-national, multi-cultural work force with professional skills. • Consistent CAGR of 35% over the past 3 years.

Business and Global Presence: Presence across the retail categories of: • Fashion, clothing and garments. • Kids-wear toys and baby needs. • Home furniture and furnishings. • Cosmetics, accessories and lifestyle products. • Footwear, leather and accessories. • Electronics. • Hospitality covering food, entertainment and hotels. • Books stores The Landmark Group has affiliate retail entities in India, Spain and China. Stores in India include Lifestyle, Landmark International, Home Centre, Max Retail, SPAR Hypermarkets, Fun City and Food Universe. Currently Shoe Mart operates in the Spain market. Passion for excellence and delivery to customer needs in changing market are making Landmark a fast growing group in today’s business community.

Source: http://www.cplmg.com/company/aboutlandmarkgroup/4/4/index.html

By Rajiv Jain Participant @ ZCBI

Global presence of Landmark
Baby shop India UAE KSA Kuwait Bahrain Qatar Shoe Mart Splash 1 19 38 7 3 2 Life Style 16 16 44 7 3 2 Home Centre 7 13 22 5 2 4 MAX 22 13 47 5 4 2

17 52 8 5 3

23 38 7 4 2

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

Article of the Month

Sub-Prime Crisis
band exchange regime, as it could have dampened its export oriented growth put pressure on Fed Reserve to start raising the interest rate. From 2004, there was a steady increase of interest rate which affected the housing demand. The housing supply side reacted but with a lag thus creating a pile up housing inventory. Also because of rising interest rate the adjustable rate mortgages started getting reset at higher level which the Sub-Prime borrowers ill-afford to pay. Suddenly, such borrowers realized they that the cost of their Mortgages has increased substantially. Reset at higher rates and stagnant housing prices led to increase in defaults leading to massive foreclosures. Effects of Crisis: The Credit norms were suddenly tightened which lead to severe liquidity crisis. The liquidity from the market vanished so rapidly that it has put US on the brink of recession. Many big financial institutions and banks like Citibank, UBS have to write down losses because of heavy exposures to Sub-Prime lending. Bear Stearns one of the active players in the space became virtually bankrupt and was taken over by JP Morgan Chase and Co. at substantial discount to value which it commanded before the crisis broke out. There was sudden emphasis on cost cutting and many financial institutions started resorting to job cuts. The falling value of houses led to negative equity which means that houses value dropped below the mortgage amounts. So even prime borrowers started defaulting as they did not see any incentive to service mortgage which was more than what the actual prevailing value of house was.


ub-Prime came into light in August, 2007

and created a snowballing effect in Global Markets and shook the entire financial world. Yes I am talking about Sub-Prime Crisis and its ripple effects not only on US economy but economies world over. What is Sub-Prime Lending? Sub-Prime Lending means lending to people having a little or no creditworthiness or to the people who have a poor credit history. In context of US housing markets, such lending was possible because of manic house buying, fraudulent lending practices and very little oversight by regulator. How it all started: It all started with the dot com burst of 20002001. The US stock markets were down and languishing. The then prevalent benign interest rate ensured lot of liquidity in the hands of US investors and institutions. The only attractive investment avenue available then was housing. The demand for housing started increasing due to two reasons one being that rising prices led to speculation and second being the fear among the masses that they won’t be able to buy houses if the prices kept on increasing in secular trend. The size of US mortgage industry in late 2007 was approximately of $10.74 trillion out of which the Sub-prime mortgage were of the size $1.30 trillion and in 2006 alone $600 billion of Sub-prime mortgages were originated. The Crisis: The housing demand led to a construction boom and helped US economy to remain afloat. But due to rising trade deficit and China’s (US had a huge trade deficit with China) reluctance to abandon its fixed Conclusion:

There are many other adverse effects like global slowdown, reverse flight of capital invested in emerging economies and depreciation of dollar against major currencies etc. It is said that the crisis seen so far is only a tip of iceberg. There are many more skeletons to fall. Central Banks across the world are doing all efforts to tight the credit norms and tide over the crisis.
- By Ajay Shaha, Participant @ ZCBI

ZCBIan of the month

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

Meet the Zeal

The will within This section is introduced to showcase an individual from ZCBI for his/her zeal to make this world a better place. The individual who are all charged up to go beyond the usual and create a difference in their own live and lives of the people surrounding them. One such Individual is Mr. Ravi Parasrampuria. He hales from Rajasthan. Prior to coming for ZCBI he has done Bachelors in Engineering and has worked for Wipro technology for couple of years. Apart from this he is Founder President of Rotaract Club of Pune's YUVA (2006).So far in his journey of ZCBI he has taken many initiatives like “Ehsaasthe social club” and “Lifeunits”. Ehsaas – The Social Club According to him today's youth has a major role to play in development of the country. There are many people who want to work for society but don’t find an opportunity to get themselves involved. Ehsaas aims at providing a platform for the students of ZCBI to work towards social cause. Ehsaas was inaugurated by Mr. Ranjit Gadgil, one of the Lead India Finalists. Ehsaas so far has participated in cycle rally against global warming and has visited the Akansha Education center. Their future plans include: organizing blood donation camps and visits to old age homes.

Lifeunits Lifeunits.com is an online voluntary blood donor database. Currently India requires around 10 million units of blood every year and only 6 million is made available. Lifeunits aims at bridging this gap. This website will act as an interface between the blood banks and the donors. Mr. Parasrampuria wants to create a culture where every individual takes blood donation as his/her moral responsibility. The Zeal Force behind all these initiatives is his zeal to do something for society. He is currently heading the Event committee at ZCBI and is responsible for organizing in-house and outbound events for ZCBIan. He is also a part of Second life team, which is making a dedicated effort to build ZCBI’s Global Online campus.

Hip Hip Hurray!!! Ravi Parasrampuria along with few other ZCBIans recently represented ZCBI at SPJain Nimitt, Mumbai and brought laurels to ZCBI after winning the Elevator Pitch Contest. This shows that our learning is not restricted to classrooms only; we have the capability to excel on any given podium. Good Job

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

Book of the Month

It also shares some of the earlier volume's excitement (mirroring Rajesh Rao's) and hesitations about whether we're still living in an era dominated by old-fashioned states or in a post-modern, globalized era where states matter far less and the principal engine of change is a levelled playing field for international trade. What complicates this further is, of course, 9/11. If the idea of globalization filled a conceptual void in the formless 1990s -- the editors of Foreign Affairs magazine wrote in 1997 that "the overall theme of the 1990s is that there is no overall theme to the 1990s" -- the shock of al Qaeda's assault yanked early-21st-century geopolitics back to worries about security. In The World Is Flat, Friedman rejoins the debate over what's really driving world politics, but he does not come out where readers of his eloquent columns on the challenges of defeating bin Ladenism might expect; instead, he argues that "the most important force shaping global economics and politics in the early twenty-first century" is not the admittedly important war on terrorism but a "triple convergence - of new players, on a new playing field, developing new processes and habits for horizontal collaboration."

THE WORLD IS FLAT - A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century Author: Thomas L. Friedman Reviewed by Warren Bass Theme of the Book: On a modern-day passage to India, Thomas L. Friedman, the foreign affairs columnist for the New York Times, found himself chatting in Bangalore with a young, slight, mustachioed videogame-company CEO named Rajesh Rao. "India is going to be a superpower," Rao said, gushing about a new economic era that makes the globe into one massive marketplace, "and we are going to rule." But rule whom? Friedman asked. Rao laughed. "It's not about ruling anybody," he admitted. "That's the point. There is nobody to rule anymore." Rao's enthusiasm about the changing rules of international commerce and politics today -about whether there's anything left to rule in a brave new world of globalization -underscores the virtues and vices of Friedman's captivating and sometimes frustrating new book. Like its predecessor, this book showcases Friedman's gift for lucid dissections of abstruse economic phenomena, his teacher's head, his preacher's heart, his genius for trend-spotting and his sometimes maddening inability to take himself out of the frame.

About the Reviewer Warren Bass is a senior editor at Book World and a former member of the 9/11 Commission staff. He is the author of "Support Any Friend: Kennedy's Middle East and the Making of the U.S.-Israel Alliance," which was recently released in paperback.

Article from the class

Business Plan

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

“An idea is a great one” only when you can come up with “A great business plan”


Business Plan is a Strategy document

which covers mission, vision, values, differentiation and financial aspects of starting or expanding your business. It boils down to the micro level details which include the sources of income, your investments, your expenses and the profit and loss projections. We often hear enthusiastic colleagues saying, ‘I have a great idea’. Instead you have to be able to say, ‘I have written a great business plan and I believe in it.’ That is when people begin to take you seriously. It sounds clichéd, but you will be surprised that for every 100 people who have a great idea, only 10 then can convert the idea into a business plan. Of these, only 3 honestly believe in what they have written down and of them, probably only one may succeed. It is really shocking to hear that people give up their entrepreneurial spirit the moment you ask them to go and write down a business plan. It may not sound encouraging, but the trick is to sit down and write the great idea as a great business plan. Purpose: Why Write a Business Plan? Helps You Get Money – Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Private Equity and people.

Qualitative terms of the Business Plan: • Mission and Vision of the Organization? • Is the idea, a Product or a Service? • How will it evolve as a family of products or services? • Do a SWOT analysis of 5C- Customers, Company, Competitors, Collaborators & Context • What will be my marketing and business strategy? • Who are the major Competitors – leading, challenging, niche, and upcoming players? • Value proposition of my product or service • Focus on the 4P – Product, Pricing, Promotions and Place • Highlight on PSTLE – Political, Social, Technological Legal ,Ecological • What organizational structure I need? • What Capital expenditure and Revenue expenditure will be needed and why? • Find out the five years cash flow to the company • Funding Plan in terms of how much from venture capital, how much from venture funding and what portion from loans? • What is the manufacturing and Distribution plans? • What are the various risks involved and how to mitigate them in building the organization?

• • •

Helps You Decide to proceed or Stop Actions, flaws, Strengths, Weakness etc Lets You Improve Your Business Concept – Increase Profits, Other Goals Improves Your Odds of Success Estimation Helps You Keep on Track –Decision making easier, Future course of action

The business plan is a much secured document and should not be disclosed to anybody as per NDA (non-disclosure agreement). After all as well said…. “A stitch in time saves nine.” - Always write a Sensible Business Plan when you have a great idea
- By Satya Brahmachari Participant @ ZCBI

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

Our home ground

Life @ ZCBI

Meet the Founder Call it the first destination or the beginning of a journey, on 10 June 2008, ZCBIans were enriched and enlightened by none other but the founder of this Concept ZCBI, the Mastermind behind this Epitome of Innovation, Dr Ganesh Natarajan. Fun at heart, follower of intuitions and passionate about enjoying every moment at work, Dr Natarajan believes in listening to his heart. He is a sailor in this sea of life and hates wasting fuel going against the stream. Probably, he is a strong believer of the ‘Law of least Efforts’ which says that you achieve utmost success when you seem to apply the least efforts, the enjoyment in the journey is so extreme that it overwhelms the burden of the efforts! The Big day started with the celebrations of the first 50 days of ZCBI. ZCBIans presented the journey so far to Dr Natarajan who was highly impressed by the ‘Ehsaas’ Social initiative and the advent of ZCBI on Secondlife, an online Virtual World, as well! There is something at ZCBI which compels its visitors to follow the Mantra of Success – Doing things differently and Dr Natarajan was no exception. To everyone’s surprise Chairman of NASSCOM started his lecture not by speaking about IT, US, Europe or AsiaPacific but by speaking about Rural India. In his session he spoke about NASSCOM and purpose of its existence. He explained that the prime purpose of any big coalition is to share and comprehend the best practices with each other and NASSCOM does the same. It is a platform for the IT & BPO Industries to Learn, Share, Enrich and Grow together. Some of the beautiful learning from his session will always remain with us. He proved the fact that if one believes in himself and follows his heart, he surely can mould toughest jobs into the easiest ones. Next he insisted on applying common sense to every hurdle one faces in his/her life. With these kind of profound guru-mantras and teaching each ZCBIan feels blessed and equipped for any kind of future endeavors.

By Abhinav Baloni Participant @ ZCBI

The Force Dr Ganesh Natarajan is Chairman NASSCOM & CEO, Zensar Technologies. He is an alumnus of IIT Bombay and the Harvard Business School, and a Gold Medallist in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. He has a PhD in Knowledge Management from IIT Bombay. He was named 'CEO of the Year' by the Asia Pacific HR Conference in 1999 and received the Asia HRD Congress Award for Contributions to the Organisation through HR in 2005. He was also the finalist at the Ernst & Young 2005 Award where he was recognized for exceptional entrepreneurship.

Life @ ZCBI

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

The Catalysts
ZCBI has strong industry-academia interface, which catalysis the process of learning. Every week we have management gurus visiting us from different industries. These Sessions not only help us in our day to day lives but train us for time to come. Visitors for the month include:

Mr. Pradipto Mohapatra Director, RPG Mr. Pradipto Mohapatra is the personality behind the success of retail business of RPG. He understands retail business from its core, he taught us retailing concepts by giving example of different retailers like Mark and Spencer’s, Body-shop, Tesco to name a few. We all got involved listening to his research work on different retail stores present across the globe. He brought to light many aspects of retail business and the way how companies plan for their marketing.

Mr. Lucose Eralil Director, Credit Suisse Mr. Lucose Eralil is a finance guru; he took his first power packed, energetic session on Banking and Technology. He spoke to us on daily trading and order management. He also briefed us about how Credit Suisse is working in development of user friendly financial products. Mr. Eralil interacted with students over different financial terminology and trends and he promised to be back to have couple of more sessions with us.

Mr. Anil Dhanker VP HR, Bajaj Finance If one wants to know, importance of the HR department? One should attend the session by Mr. Anil Dhanker. During his visit to our campus, he shared his views on what HR people seek while selecting an individual. He also spoke to us on Finance Industry and gave an insight over how companies are moving towards consumer durable financial schemes. His session showed us the vital importance of HR and Finance departments for an organization.

ZCBI @ Nimitt Students from ZCBI participated in Nimitt at SPJain, Mumbai and won all the three positions in Elevator Pitch Contest. The students who participated are Ravi P., Gautam Patel, Vineet Jethani, Devasis Mohanty, Arindum Mandal, Ashish Thakur, and Ravi Vallur. Keep it up buddies!!!

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

Life @ ZCBI

Mother Nature
Cycling against Global Warming

Conquering the Fort


n tight schedule of management


t was a cloudy day in the midst of the

week, and the ZCBI adventure club was all geared up to trek the inviting slopes of Sinhgad. The huge fort perched on top of the mountain looked more formidable when we approached it early morning. The strenuous trek up the mountainside took close to 90 minutes and we were exhausted by the time we reached the entrance, but a nimbu-paani was all it took to get us refreshed again. We toured the echo point, the wind point and the kalyan darwaaja with a light drizzle and the thin mountain air for company. The experience provided a welcome break in our schedule, and we were thoroughly refreshed after the trek. The adventure club plans to have such treks once a fortnight.
By Jui Mehendaley Participant @ ZCBI

learning, a group of around 30 Students from ZCBI enthusiastically participated in “Cycle Rally” organized by Zensar Technologies in Pune city. Purpose of this rally was to make people aware about global warming. NASSCOM President Mr. Ganesh Natarajan was himself present in the rally and he named this initiative as “Hariyali Aur Rasta” and requested every one to go the low Carbon way. School children, Professional from different IT companies and Pune Municipal Corporation participated in the event.

By Rajiv Jain Participant @ ZCBI

ZCBI @ Second Life Second Life, a free virtual environment on the Internet where users create avatars, move around; interact with other users’ avatars. 3D virtual environment gives a very interactive platform to learn and share knowledge. Moving with the new trend of online education Zensar Center for Business Innovation is the first and the only Indian institute to have presence on Second Life.

Life @ ZCBI

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

Cry for Cry
Visit to Akansha Education center


hsaas - Introspection organized a visit

to Akansha Education center at Chandan Nagar locality. The visit was organized with the aim of giving a first hand experience to the students at ZCBI to understand the social initiative at Zensar Technologies. Akansha education Center at Chandan Nagar is run by Zensar Technologies to provide an opportunity to underprivileged kids to learn computer and nuances of English along with value education. Around 20 students went with the aim of imparting some knowledge to the kids but returned themselves enriched with lot of knowledge from the kids. ZCBIans began their interaction by singing few songs with the kids. The kids were really happy to see the ZCBIans singing song. This was followed by an introduction of the kids. It was really great to see the kids being so eloquent and focused about their goals in life. Introduction over, we conducted a small quiz related to India.

The kids showcased a deep understanding of the Indian facts. They not only showed their vast knowledge base, but also a deep interest to learn and inculcate. Some of the students, who were studying for their last term, had studied for a project on the Netherlands. The amount of knowledge they had about the subject astounded us, and at the end of the session we ended up learning a lot about the Scandinavian country. The students' conduct showed a great deal of discipline and they were genuinely happy at the end of the session. Overall, it was a very good experience and we intend to continue with this initiative in larger numbers in future. As part of EHSAAS the students plan to visit the center regularly on a monthly basis.

By Ravi Parasrampuria Participant @ ZCBI

Ehsaas – The introspection It is the social club by ZCBIans, which aims at making world a better place for living. Ehsaas so far has made students from ZCBI participate in different social awareness events. Ehsaas also has joined hands with Zensar’s social club for its future operations.

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com

Tickle you Brain

6). His first book, "The End of the Economic Man" was published in 1939. (a) Peter Drucker (b) F.W. Taylor (c) Michael Porter (d) Philip Crosby

1). Featured here is a picture of the Pillsbury's icon, the lovable Pillsbury Doughboy. What is the icon's name? (a) Timmy Tubbs (b) Poppin Fresh (c) Al Doughster (d) Merry Simon

2.) Which company’s mobile phones are marketed with the slogan - Big inside. Small Outside (a) Nokia (c) Samsung (b) Sony (d) Motorola

7.) NSDL stands for (a) Network of Securities Depository Limited (b) Network of Stocks Directory Listing (c) National Stock Directory Limited (d) National Securities Depository Limited

3.) Which Indian Enterprise used the slogan – “Improving the quality of Life”. (a) Reliance (c) Birla (b) TATA (d) ITC

8.) AMFI stands for (a) Association of Mutual Funds in India (b) Arbitrated Mutual Funds India (c) Arbitrated Monetary Funds India (d) Associated Mega Finance of India

4.) Which network marketing company sells with the slogan - Better Ideas- Better Life (a) Amway (c) HLL (b) SkyBiz (d) Nirma

9.) NASDAQ is acronym for (a) North American Share Dealers Association Quotes (b) National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (c) National All Stocks Dealers Automated Quotations (d) Network of Acquired Securities Distribution Application Quotations
By Ankit Gupta Participant @ ZCBI

5.) What is the name of the BPO arm of IT major Satyam Computer Services Limited? (a) Nipura (c) Progen (b) Naipunya (d) Prosoft

Tickle you Brain!!! This section will have a business quiz in each edition and the answers to questions will be given in the next edition. Business Quiz will be focused on different areas like IT, finance, marketing and general management.

Vote of Thanks for

Zensar Center for Business Innovation www.zcbi.org http://zcbi2008.blogspot.com


So, here we conclude the second edition of Chasing Rainbows and would like to thank following people for the contributions made by them.

Dr. Nikhil Agarwal for writing an article on Fuel, Food and Finance Mr. Ajay Shaha for writing an article on Sub-prime crisis Mr. Rajiv Jain for providing articles on Landmark group and cycle rally Mr. Satya Brahmachari for writing an article on Business Plan Mr. Abhinav Baloni for writing an article on Dr. Natarajan’s visit to ZCBI Miss Jui Mehendaley for writing article on the Trek to Sinhgad Mr. Ravi Parasrampuria for writing article on Visit to Akansha Education center
Mr. Ankit Gupta for providing the Business Quiz

Thank you
- Chasing Rainbows
Rajan Saini | rs01081054@zcbi.org | rajan.here@gmail.com Editor/Designer Rajiv Jain | rj01081055@zcbi.org Co-Editor
Note: Information and facts presented above has been extracted from different resources like internet and books, chasing rainbows team is not responsible for any discrepancy in information, if any found later.

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